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Retribution Part 2

21 year old Zoe gets spanking rights over her father

Part Two  

My bottom was still sore from 21 year old Hannah’s spanking but the lovemaking with Susie, my wife, had been great.


Susie sat up and looked at me seriously. “About Zoe” she said “When Madge and I go away on our holiday I can’t leave Zoe open to your nonsense. You know that don’t you. She gets full spanking rights over you Marty. I really don’t want a discussion about it. 21 is old enough” Susie said, looking very serious now.


My mouth dropped open but I couldn’t speak.


“Hannah spanked you so what’s the difference? They are both 21. Both mature. Both far better behaved than you.”


“It just seems different.”


“That doesn’t make sense. Anyway, there’s another reason.   I reckon I have gone soft on you.   I sometimes even give you playful spankings, and when I give you the discipline ones well they just aren’t hard enough. Zoe spotted it a while ago.”


“Well they feel like they hurt a lot still” I moaned, but I had to admit Susie’s spankings were easier to handle recently.


“Well, Zoe will only be giving you full discipline spankings when you have misbehaved. She’s old enough to know what’s acceptable behaviour and what isn’t and earns you a spanking.   I can’t deny her the right to discipline you. If I don’t give her the right then I won’t feel easy about going away and you know how much I have looked forward to it. It’s only right.   She has grown up and you haven’t. That’s not her fault, it’s yours. If she decides you have been naughty then you will have to go across her knee.”


“Please Susie, she’s my daughter.”


“No Marty, that’s why Zoe gets spanking rights. Because she is family.”


“No” I said firmly.


Susie looked at me with a grin.   “Are you seriously questioning me?” she asked, and next moment she had a hairbrush in her hand.  


I recoiled, but Susie smiled and I relaxed a bit.   Defiantly I asked “is it because you got turned on watching Hannah spank me?”


“Or maybe it was watching Zoe spank Jeff?” she replied with her cheeky smirk that I loved to see on her face. Then she said more seriously “either way Marty, one last time, Zoe gets full spanking rights over you.”


I looked at my wife.   I knew I would have to accept it. Once I accepted the spanking from Hannah it didn’t make sense to deny Zoe and in fact Zoe spanking me made more sense really. So I knew that sooner or later try as I might to be good I will do something silly and Zoe will order me to go across her knee and she will give me the painful and no doubt educational spanking she just gave Jeff. I guess I had to accept my daughter was all grown up and was ready to take on that responsibility.


“It’s not all bad Marty. When I’m back I’ll make sure she tells me if she is about to spank you. I want to watch, and then I want to play like we have just done.”


I smiled.   So not all bad news then. Then it struck me.   The way she was talking it was like Zoe would be the one to always spank me. Susie saw the realisation in my face and said “that’s right Marty, Zoe gives you all your spankings from now on.”  


I was dumbfounded.   Of course I didn’t realise that Susie had come to that conclusion when watching Hannah and Zoe spank me and Jeff. She knew then just how aroused she became when watching me and Jeff being spanked.


Susie let the decision sink in then instructed “Come on Marty, we better get back downstairs before Zoe gets home.”


Sure enough as we got to the lounge Zoe came home.   She looked serious but broke the silence by saying “Madge said it was time for Jeff’s second spanking and said Hannah should give it, so I thought I would come back and see what you guys have decided.”


Susie said “Madge is a stickler isn’t she” and laughed.


Zoe said all too seriously for my liking “what’s the use of threatening and not carrying through, don’t you think?” she said looking first at her Mother then at me.


Susie said “it’s OK Zoe, I’ve discussed it with your father and he agrees you will have full spanking rights whilst I am away.” The little matter of spanking rights afterwards seemed to be left out I noticed but I kept quiet.


Zoe shrieked with delight, ran over to Susie and gave her a hug saying “thanks Mum, that’s great news. I was so worried I wouldn’t have any sway over Dad when you are away.”


Zoe then came over to me, hugged me as well, and then said trying to comfort me “I’ll only spank you when you earn it Dad, so it’s up to you really!”


Very comforting I thought.


Then another bombshell from Susie.   “Just to get us all into the way things will be Zoe will be spanking you from now on so she is fully used to it by the time I go away.”


I gaped.


“No use looking like that Marty.   If you need to be spanked you will face the wall like usual and I will call Zoe. Your spanking will take place just as soon as she gets back.   It will give you something extra to think about before you are naughty next time, don’t you think?”


I didn’t think. Which brings me back to today.   I am standing facing the wall, bare bottom showing.   I had played a joke on Susie that backfired. I thought it was a funny thing to do and would get a laugh. Susie was coming in to the lounge and I jumped out and caught her by surprise. She jumped.   I didn’t notice the sandwich on the plate.   Not until it was thrown up in the air and arced in to the middle of the room and on to the floor.


“Whoops” I said.   Susie was beside herself. Fuming.


“You naughty naughty man, how could you? Against the wall Marty and get ready.   I’m going to phone Zoe.”


I was shaking. I took my trousers and underpants off and stood facing the wall with my hands on my head as it hit home like a thunderbolt. Zoe will be giving me my spanking.   Shoot. I heard Susie speak on the phone.   “That’s right dear. Do you agree he earns a spanking for that? …   yes of course I agree dear, I just wanted you to say so …   yes I know you will be a lot tougher on him than I have been lately. So, how long will you be? 15 minutes? Perfect.”


Susie came back in to the lounge. “Stay put Marty. Don’t even think of moving” she snapped. “Zoe is coming home and has promised you a very hard spanking.”


“I’m really sorry Susie” I said, getting myself used to idea that my 21 year old daughter is about to spank me.


“You will be Marty, but it’s too late to apologise isn’t it. You should have thought about that before.”


It seemed an age but wasn’t.   I heard the door open and Zoe said to her Mother “hi Mum, I got here as quickly as I could.”  


They both walked in to the lounge. Susie said “I’ve got the chair out and put the strap on it. You take it from here dear. I’ll watch if that’s ok.”


Zoe walked over to me and I felt her arm go around my front and her hand grab my balls and penis. She pulled firmly.


“Follow me Dad. When will you learn?”


I didn’t answer. I didn’t need to.   In fact my breath was quite taken away by the firmness of Zoe’s grip.   She led me over to the spanking chair. “Stay there” she ordered as she unhooked her skirt.


“Nice knickers Zoe” I heard Susie say.   I could not believe my wife was thinking about my daughters clothing whilst I was standing there naked below the waist, my hands still on my head, waiting to be put across her knee.


“Thanks Mum” Zoe answered however, “I got them yesterday at that new shop.”


Zoe was certainly cheerful enough but her tone changed when she looked across at me and said “I don’t want my clothes being crumpled Dad” as she stood there in her shorty vest, knickers, and nothing else.


One thing I was happy about. No erection and when Zoe sat down and pointed to her lap I almost dived across her grateful I didn’t have the same reaction as with Hannah.


Zoe is slimmer than Susie, and Hannah for that matter, so it felt a bit strange at first although not as strange as realising I was now actually across my 21 year old daughters knee about to be comprehensively spanked.


She had her legs apart so my legs didn’t touch the floor although my hands did, and my penis fell in the gap between her thighs, which I was grateful for, until I squirmed around a bit and she closed her legs firmly catching my penis in a grip between her cools legs and she said tersely “settle down Dad before I get cross.”


I stopped moving immediately and she moved her legs apart again with a condescending “that’s better Dad”


She is being very strict but I supposed she is just enforcing her authority over me, and I had to admit it worked. I will remember I have to follow her instructions to the letter.


I looked across at Susie who looked back and smiled, in sympathy I thought, but she also knew how hard Zoe spanks. I mind was diverted to the thrashing I was about to get as soon as Zoe’s hand started to rub my bottom, round and round in circle’s, scolding me in the same tone her Mother uses, before she gave me several spanks, which I have to say stung, whilst continuing to scold me and spank me at the same time.


“So you had a laugh did you Dad, making Mum spill her sandwich on the floor?” she said without any break in the spanking.


“Sorry Zoe” I found myself saying. Flippancy didn’t seem very appropriate, or clever. Zoe’s spanking was already hurting and whilst I knew I was really in for it I didn’t want to aggravate her any more than she already was.


“Sorry indeed” she spat, giving me a series of harder spanks whilst continuing her scolding. She landed regular firm spanks, all around my bottom, no gaps, just spank after spank. This was a spanking being given very seriously. Within just a few moments I wasn’t giving any thought to how old Zoe was nor that she was my daughter. I was just trying to cope with the onslaught. My bottom was stinging. Zoe regularly caught the tops of my legs and those spanks were extra stingy, drawing a gasp from me as I struggled to handle what I realised was quickly becoming a thoroughly uncomfortable spanking. I knew tears were filling my eyes and felt the dryness in my throat as I started to sob.


Zoe was spanking me unabated, as though her hand never got sore, until after what must have been several minutes there was a gap in the constant rain of spanks when she rubbed my bottom.   I was crying. Zoe kept rubbing my bottom and then asked “am I getting through to you yet Dad?”


I tried to answer but I was crying too much. As the rubbing continued I calmed down a bit, at least enough to hear Susie say “I’ll just be a few minutes Zoe, you keep going.”


I saw through my wet eyes Susie leave the room and remembered what she said about when Hannah and Zoe were spanking me and Jeff. How she and Madge went to the kitchen to masturbate. I reckoned Susie was just as aroused again, already wet in her knickers and was more than likely going to masturbate now. Great I thought. My daughter is thrashing me so hard I am crying my eyes out and my wife is sexually aroused.


Zoe said “Sure thing Mum. Don’t worry, he will be one very sorry man when I’m finished with him.”


Zoe started spanking me again and I started crying again. I wasn’t conscious of Susie returning to the lounge and sitting down again to watch until there was a break in the rain of spanks, Zoe was rubbing my bottom, and I heard her ask “you OK Mum?”


“Fine” was the reply. “Nice colour Zoe” she added presumably referring to my bottom.


Zoe resumed spanking me and then directed her next comment to me saying sternly “you better get used to this Dad.   Mum has gone easy on you recently but I won’t.”


Zoe hurt when she spanked, and she knew it and I knew I had to get used to it because Susie had decided this is how it has to be.


The spanking lasted for what seemed a lifetime and I was sobbing freely when Zoe told me to stand up. I made to go to the wall but she called me back.   I stood in front of her and watched as her hand swung around and hit me hard on the side of the leg. I screamed out just as the second one landed and I screamed again.


“Wait for my instructions Dad. OK?” Zoe snapped, leaving me under no misconception that my daughter was totally intolerant to me doing anything other than what she has directly instructed me to do. I nodded, unable to speak. Zoe looked at me, knowing she had literally thrashed me into submission.


Zoe wagged her finger at me and said “Now listen Dad, listen carefully. Are you listening?”


I nodded, calming down but not yet ready to say anything.


“OK Dad, now this is important. You know the rules Mum has set you, and if you break any up until now that has been why you have been spanked?”


I nodded again and said quietly “yes Zoe.”


Zoe continued “well I am going to do things differently.   I am not setting any rules Dad.”


I jumped in with “really, no rules, that sounds good doesn’t it Zoe?” Suddenly I was happier.


“No Dad, I told you you mustn’t interrupt” and I watched again as she smacked me hard again twice on my legs. I gasped out loud and told myself not to interrupt ever again.


Zoe waited for my eyes to open again after the stinging stopped before continuing “Like I said Dad, I’m not setting any specific rules. You just have to behave and if I decide you are naughty, for whatever reason, you will be sent quickly as anything to face the wall and then go across my knee.   And it will hurt Dad, really really hurt. So you need to behave all the time Dad, Understood?”


I nodded again. I realised it wasn’t good after all. I wouldn’t know what Zoe thought was bad behaviour until after she told me I was naughty. That’s how I would learn. Across her knee. It meant more spankings not less.


“I’m glad you understand Dad. Right then get back across my knee for the second half.”


My mouth dropped open. Second half. The first half was already longer than Susie spanked me for.  


  Zoe could see the question in my eyes, and smiled as she picked up the strap. “I told you Dad you have got away too lightly recently. My spankings will be longer and harder, and just maybe they will teach you a lesson. That would be good wouldn’t it Dad?” she added in a very serious business like tone.


It hadn’t struck me that none of the spanking so far had been with the strap but just her hand. I glanced at Susie who had her legs firmly held together, and she smiled what might have been a supportive smile but I wasn’t sure.


I lingered a moment too long. “Hey Dad, do you like having your legs smacked” I heard Zoe ask just as her hand crashed against my leg, then a second third and fourth time.


I quickly bent back across my daughters lap. The stinging of my bottom and tops of legs started again as Zoe thrashed me with the strap. My sobbing and tears quickly followed. Me thinking I really have to improve my behaviour was something I decided I really had to think about. This is a seriously painful spanking and one thing I knew for sure was my 21-year-old daughter will be spanking my 45-year-old backside time and time again unless my behaviour improved, and as I lay there taking spank after spank I really hoped somehow I would be able to change.


“You see Mum I reckon by spending more time now making sure the spanking is longer and harder it might save time later on if his behaviour improves.” Great I thought. Well this one is certainly the hardest spanking I have ever had, and from my 21-year-old daughter no less.


I am not sure how long the spanking took, but eventually my daughter stopped.   She gave me a few moments to get back my composure before saying sternly “right Dad, face the wall until I tell you.”


I heard Susie say “well I shall go upstairs Zoe. You seem to have everything under control. Please will you bring him to my bedroom when you decide he has faced the wall enough.”


“Sure Mum” a happy sounding Zoe replied. I heard rather than saw Susie leave the room and go upstairs.


I gave this all a lot of thought as I stood there, my eyes fixed on that same black mark I always stared at. I would have to change or be faced taking lots more spankings like this from my daughter.


It was 15 minutes later when Zoe came up behind me gave me a light smack on my bottom.


“Come on, times up” she said.


I turned around and saw Zoe smiling at me, and she asked “have you learnt your lesson Dad?”


I sniffed, blushed at being scolded by my daughter, knowing I had to answer her or risk her saying I was being disobedient, and so answered quietly “yes Zoe, I have.”


  “Good” she said brightly, and led me out of the lounge, up the stairs, and in to my bedroom.   At least she had put her skirt back on as I followed her up the stairs. I saw Susie who opened her arms and I fell in to them, my eyes watering again with the memory. “Now now Marty, it was just a spanking.”


I looked at her aghast “just a spanking? No it wasn’t. It was a thrashing like you never gave me. It really hurt.”


“So does that mean you might behave better in future Marty?” Susie asked with a smile.


I looked back and realised what she was getting at. “I suppose so” I admitted.  


“Good, then it worked, maybe. If you are better behaved in future that is.”  


I heard Zoe say from behind me “That’s what I said Mum, spend more time now and maybe it will mean less spankings later on. Anyway, you better be behaved Dad because otherwise you will be getting one very sore backside as often as it takes” before laughing and closing the door.


Susie looked at me and with a more sombre tone said “she is very serious about this Marty. I know she is trying to show me she is responsible enough to keep the spanking rights after I am back. I haven’t told her yet that I have decided that is what is going to happen.”


I didn’t say anything but just nodded.   She was right. I hated Zoe spanking me because it hurt so much, and that very thought means she is the right person to be responsible for my discipline. Anyway, now the first spanking was done it won’t be such a big deal in the future.


Susie saw me concede, gave me a lovely smile and a hug, and as we held each other close she took hold of my hand and let me slip it into her knickers. She was very wet between her legs, really turned on.


“It’s better this way Marty, you’ll see. At least you will know where you stand. Zoe will be the one who spanks you and I will be the one to make love to you” Susie whispered.


I looked at Susie and suddenly realised what had happened. “I’ve been set up haven’t I? Set up so I now get spanked by my 21 year old daughter.”


“Well, sort of” then added laughing “well yes but don’t forget you only get spanked when you are naughty or childish so you needn’t be spanked forever.”


Susie smiled and continued “Zoe showed the other day how she really knows how to spank hard. Jeff will testify to that won’t he,” she added smiling before continuing “I wasn’t seeing much improvement in your behaviour which to be honest I found frustrating. I discussed it with Zoe and she reckoned she could make you behave better so we hatched the plan together. Still, I reckon you will get used to it soon enough. It’s better this way really as I am too soft on you. Maybe because I love you so much.”


Susie waited a moment then added with a happy skip to her voice “Come on, let me rub some cream on that bottom of yours and see if that cheers you up, eh? I need some serious loving Marty.”


Susie got up and came back with the cream and rubbed the cool cream in gently.   I was feeling relaxed by her tender rubbing and the cool cream, and somehow the knowledge I was now only going to be spanked by Zoe wasn’t so bad anymore.

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