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Retribution Part 6

Madge and Zoe are in charge, and Hannah and Susie suffer their wrath

Madge gave the order “right Hannah, you may not enjoy spanking your father but let’s see if you enjoy me spanking you. Susie, I warned you at the airport, you are due a thrashing and Zoe is going to give you one, here and now.”

I gasped. Susie is going to be spanked?

I knew I would get spanked again but I had to ask. I spun around and asked “how come Susie?”

Zoe went to the wall and took the cane off the picture hook and came over to me. She was about to give me a stroke with the cane but Susie said, “Zoe, can I ask a favour? I know I don’t deserve it, but please. Let me explain it to your Father, and then we will accept your punishment. I promise.”

Zoe looked at Susie, thought a moment, and said “OK Mum, but you get three with this afterwards.”

Susie gulped as she eyed the cane in her daughters hand but nodded her head. “OK Susie, erm, thank you.”

There was something so strange, having my wife apologise to her own daughter, having to accept some strokes of the cane, and yet Zoe could have refused and given her the cane or even six or twelve strokes, but she thought about it and decided what she thought was fair.

Susie stayed where she was, still naked, still with her hands on her head, her hair mound glistening even more than before.

“It happened on holiday Marty. Madge said she was going to have to be the one to discipline Jeff when we got back, but Zoe will still discipline you. Madge also said she reckoned Hannah would want to be spanked so where did that leave me?

I thought for a second and, well, I asked whether I could be spanked. I just said it Marty, not really thinking, but as I said it I wondered if that was what I really wanted. Well Madge and I had had a few drinks, she said she was up for it and so was I. Next thing we go in to my bedroom and Madge spanks the living daylights out of me. I was crying, shaking, begging her to stop, but when she did I told her I didn’t mean it. When she was finished I was so wet Marty. I mean really soaking.”

I was concentrating on what Susie was saying not realising that all the time my erection was returning.

Zoe said “Dad, do you have to? Well maybe this will stop it before you go across my lap” and she came over to me, spun me around, and I heard her say, “this will be six Dad.”

I gasped, heard the whoosh splat and my yelp. The next stroke followed immediately, and the next four straight afterwards. Rat a tat tat the strokes fell, not full force ones I reckoned, but certainly hard enough to hurt, a lot.

“Now Dad, you can watch but don’t speak, at all. Understood?” Zoe snapped as she pointed the cane at me. I nodded as fast as I could.

“Right Hannah, get across your Mum’s lap. Mum, you get across mine. These will both be discipline spankings so will hurt.”

I wanted to ask whether Susie and Madge had gone to bed together but the spankings took over, and the threat of the cane still hung over me so the question went unasked.

I watched as Hannah went to her mother and was guided across her lap. Madge and Zoe had not put their skirts back on, which I thought was strange, but then having a daughter who has already spanked me and now has her mother across her lap is strange enough anyway.

Madge started first, bringing the palm of her hand down on Hannah’s bare bottom, and Hannah reacted with low gasps particularly when Madge hit her sit spot, which she seemed to do with increasing regularity.

My attention was diverted to Zoe, who had taken Susie’s arm and was guiding her Mother across her lap. I saw Susie almost lose her balance as she went across her daughters lap and as she put out her hands as they hit the floor to steady herself Susie’s beautiful ample breasts rocked backwards and forwards. How I wanted to caress those breasts right now. I knew I shouldn’t have thought about Susie quite so, particularly when my erection returned.

I looked at the floor and knew I was blushing. I stayed looking at the floor until the stereo sounds of palm on bare bottom resounded around the room. It was quite a sight. Two women spanking two other women. Two mothers and two daughters, except whilst one mother was spanking her daughter, on the other chair was a daughter spanking her own mother, and the mother wasn’t resisting. In fact it was noticeable how Susie would raise her bottom as Zoe raised her hand, so the hand powering down was met by the bottom rising up, and the spank was of course rewarded with a gasp, a shaking bottom, a beautiful shaking bottom I thought, and then the hand rising again for the next spank.

I watched as Zoe spanked Susie’s bottom until it was a bright pink. Susie seemed to be taking the spanking well. She didn’t tense her bottom and so when Zoe’s hand landed on her bottom it bounced around freely, Susie just lay there, waiting for, maybe even welcoming, the next spank. Zoe spanked all over her mother’s bottom as well as the tops of her legs, and all the time Susie didn’t complain or ask her to stop.

The sound of both spankings filled the air. I looked across at Madge and saw that Hannah’s bottom was now a shade redder than Susie’s. Hannah had spread her legs apart and this allowed Madge to spank her inner thighs. I knew how much that hurt but still Hannah didn’t close her legs. It was then it struck me. I was looking at two women who actually enjoyed being spanked. I hated it because of both the pain and the humiliation of being across someone else’s knee. Susie and Hannah seemed to be revelling in it though.

I looked across at Jeff who was wide eyed. He seemed to be focussing more on Susie’s bare bottom than Madge spanking his daughter, but he didn’t have an erection. How come I wondered? Was it because he also hated being spanked. But if that was the case how come I got an erection?

My thoughts were broken by Madge saying “Zoe, I think we should move on. I’ll use the strap.”

“OK Madge, I think I’ll use the hairbrush then.”

Madge smiled. I saw Susie shuffle slightly on Zoe’s lap as though she was getting herself ready.

Madge started spanking Hannah with the strap and soon the sound of strap on bottom was joined by the gasp Hannah made as the strap bit in to her bare sore reddened bottom.

The next moment I caught out of the corner of my eye the hairbrush being raised above Zoe’s head and arc down, crashing in to Susie’s bottom, burying itself in her bottom cheek. Susie’s face scrunched up, she was obviously hurting and let out a loud gasp, I could see her body arc slightly, and then relax, waiting for the next spank which sure enough came. Zoe and Madge didn’t let up. Bearing in mind both Susie and Hannah asked to be spanked rather than earning it it seemed even stranger. They were being given as hard a spanking as I had ever been given and whilst I would be in agony, desperate for the spanking to stop, Susie and Hannah seemed quite happy to have the thrashing continue. Yes their faces showed pain, but no resistance.

I looked across at Jeff again and this time he did have an erection. Crikey, that is rare for him when watching a spanking although I suppose the only person he has previously watched being spanked is me, and here he was watching two women spanking two other women. I wondered if that was it?

The noise in the room stopped. The spankings had ended. Zoe was rubbing her mother’s bottom and Madge was rubbing her daughters bottom. They all seemed to be enjoying it.

The two women got up and Zoe hugged Susie who said “thank you Zoe.”

“My pleasure Mum.”

“So you will discipline me for 6 months then?

“No problem Mum. You might even be spanked with Dad.”

Susie laughed “oh that’s alright dear.”

Madge was hugging Hannah.

Then Zoe said something I thought was impossible. “So Mum, you still need those three strokes of the cane.”

Susie looked at her daughter and said “of course. I wanted to try it anyway Susie.”

I was staggered. Try it? Try it? It’s the cane girl. It isn’t a toy. It hurts.

“Bend over then” Zoe ordered, and Susie cool as anything went over to a chair and bent over, grabbing its sides. Zoe took the cane, stood by her mother, and tapped her bottom a couple of times.

“Of course Mum three strokes isn’t really much of a try, so why don’t I just give you six.”

Susie scrunched her face up. Maybe three strokes sounded easy, but I sure knew six was something else. I kept wanting to say to Susie to beg Zoe not to cane her, to tell her you’re sorry, tell her you just made a mistake. But she didn’t.

Zoe raised the cane, focussed on her mother’s bottom, and gave her a sharp stroke that must have been as hard at least as the ones I get. Susie gasped, rose on to her toes, but didn’t let go of the chair. She settled back down and waited for her daughter to give her the next stroke. And she did, stroke after stroke, each one seeming to be slightly harder than the one before, and although Susie cried out in pain, bent her legs, rose on tip toes, in fact made all sorts of movements, she never let go of the chair, never begged her daughter to stop, but took all six strokes.

“Well taken” Zoe said to her mother as she gave her a hug.

That was so sexy I thought. I had such a hard on which I couldn’t even begin to hide as I was stark naked. But so what? They seemed to enjoy it as well.

Then Zoe and Susie parted, and Hannah went over to Zoe and said, “I feel so alive. The pain has given me feelings I have never had before.”

“What, like pain?” asked a smiling Zoe.

Hannah laughed and threw her arms around Zoe’s neck, and Zoe pulled her in close with her arms around her waist. They hugged, but somehow differently to the way they hugged before. Zoe was rubbing Hannah’s bottom and Hannah was hugging Zoe hard, smiling. They looked at each other and kissed on the lips. A short peck but it seemed to mean so much more.

“Come on, I’ll put some cream on that bottom of yours “ Zoe said to Hannah and they held arms and went out of the lounge and up the stairs.

Madge went across to Jeff and put her arms around his neck. “Look here mister, I need some loving. Are you up for it?”

Jeff looked like he couldn’t believe what had just been said. He never has sex after a discipline spanking. “Sure” he said, leaning forward and kissing his wife.

“Let’s leave them to it Marty, we’ll go upstairs, that is if you feel like it?”

“Of course I do Susie.”

Susie laughed and we climbed the stairs. I stopped outside Zoe’s room. There was giggling from inside and it certainly sounded as though they had got passed the cream rubbing stage.

“They are young Marty, and experimenting. Hannah likes the toughness in Zoe and Zoe looks on Hannah as someone she can protect. Leave them alone.”

We walked on in to our bedroom.

“Susie, what did you mean about having Zoe discipline you for six months?”

Susie laughed. “Well, when I discovered on holiday that I enjoyed being spanked and I knew Zoe was very good at disciplining you,” Susie smiled and purposefully left a gap in case I wanted to say something but I chose not to, “I thought why not go the whole way. If Zoe can discipline me if she says I deserve to be then it won’t just be a spanking when I choose. There will be the element of surprise, even objection if she is too strict, but still so much more than just asking her to spank me. It might even be a turn on.”

The last comment didn’t pass me by, but I was focussing on still being spanked myself. “But that means our daughter will have spanking rights over both of us for six months.”

“I know, and maybe longer if she and I both agree.”

“So will she stop spanking me after six months?”

Susie let out a loud laugh, the old Susie I always remembered. “No, you only stop being spanked when your behaviour improves. That could be tomorrow, or never.”

Susie let out another laugh as she saw how downhearted I looked. I supposed I couldn’t have expected any different. Still, it was certainly going to be strange, having our daughter have full spanking rights over both her parents, even if it was only for six months. If I knew Susie she would find a way to extend that. She tended to get what she wants after all.

I just thought what a turnaround. A few weeks ago only my wife disciplined me. Then my 21 year old daughter took over responsibility and has spanked me regularly since. Now my daughter has full spanking rights over both me and her mother for at least six months.

I was sure it would not be long before the two of us stood in front of our daughter, one watching the other being spanked through tear filled eyes and with tear stained cheeks having just been across our daughters lap, knowing the other was now suffering that same excruciating humiliating pain.

Then my mind was diverted by Susie who threw her arms around my neck and clinched hard, kissing me, opening her mouth to welcome in my tongue. Heaven.

She lowered her hand and in a slow but deliberate movement took my balls and penis in one hand.

I was worried for a moment but her smiling eyes told me I was worrying for nothing. Still I asked mischievously “You’re not going to spank me are you Susie?”

Susie laughed. “No Marty, not now, but I reckon I’ll get back in to it in a few months. No, right now I have other plans as all this talk about being spanked is so turning me on” as she led me to the bed and made me lie down. She got on the bed and lowered her head on to my penis, taking it fully in to her mouth.

I tried to get my head between her legs but she said sternly “no Marty, lie back and enjoy. There is plenty of time for me.”

I lay back as Susie enveloped my whole penis, sucking in and out, making it stiffer and stiffer until I was lost in the sheer joy of having my wife suck me off. When I came Susie still sucked and licked me, swallowing my cum with a smile and a laugh.

“OK Marty, my turn.”

“Yes Susie” I said, eager to return the gesture, remembering the days we both did this as foreplay to hours of beautiful love making. Well being spanked had certainly put my wife into the mood for love making and there will be at least six months of it. Heaven.

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