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Retribution – The Grandparents Turn

Zoe is asked to spank her Grandpa, but it doesn’t work out as planned

Zoe phoned her close friend Hannah. “Guess what, Grandma and Grandpa are coming for lunch and Grandma has asked me to find a reason to spank Grandpa.”

“ No kid,” Hannah exclaimed. “How will you work it Zoe?”

“ Grandma is a wily so and so and I guess she will give me all the ammo I will need.”

“ You gotta come over later and tell me all about it. We’ll have the house to ourselves.”

“ Great. I’ll give you a call first.”

Zoe’s Grandparents arrived for lunch and for once her parents, Marty and Susie, were on best behaviour, both knowing if they stepped out of line they were sure to be spanked in front of the Grandparents.

Grandma had even asked some pretty straight questions, like when was the last time the two parents were spanked by their 21-year-old daughter.

Susie had admitted their last spanking was just the day before last, and when pressed described what she had done wrong and what punishment Zoe had given her.

Marty was forced to do the same, even explaining why he had been spanked a second time.

Zoe could see her parents were quite humiliated by having to tell how they are spanked by their own daughter, but she was rather interested in the reaction of her Grandparents. Grandma had asked if she could find a reason to spank her Grandpa, and now she knew why. As the discussion progressed he got up to get something from the sideboard and Zoe could easily see the bulge in his trousers. So it was true. Grandma had said when they watched her spank her Dad the other week they had had the best sex for years, so this was a kind of foreplay.

She noticed her Grandma was getting excited by the conversation as well. Her voice was more intense that usual with a higher pitch.

Zoe was enjoying herself. When she first spanked her Dad and then her Mum she explained how this was a type of revenge for all the times they had spanked her. She wasn’t sure though how she felt about spanking her Grandpa, as he is 62 years old and although active was still so much older than herself.

There was a break in the conversation after her Dad had finished his explanation, both Zoe’s Mum and Dad looking at the table, blushing, as though they had just admitted the most dreadful thing to their parents and were about to be spanked. Only this time they had been spanked by their daughter already.

Grandma sighed, then said, “Why don’t you three go to the shops, maybe buy something nice for dinner?”

That relieved the tension and Susie, Marty and Grandpa left the house together leaving Zoe and Grandma to tidy up the lunch things.

Grandma soon brought the conversation back to spanking.

“ Well Zoe, I must say your parents are much better behaved than usual. Spanking them must do them good.”

“ Yes Grandma, I reckon so. Mind you I did read them the riot act before you came, so they knew if they got me cross they would get a spanking.”

“ Yes dear, in fact I was rather expecting one of them to deserve one before the meal was over.”

A strange comment Zoe thought, or maybe not. She remembered how turned on Grandpa was during the conversation, and she was sure Grandma getting aroused as well.

“ So Grandma, you don’t spank Grandpa then?”

Zoe was joking, but Grandma turned to her looking serious and said, “Well, I really should do. He has been so awful recently.”

“ How?” Zoe asked.

“ He is doing some funny things, like he suggested last week we go to a nudist beach. When I asked him why he said so he could see lots of bare bottoms.”

“ Oh,” Zoe said surprised.

“ Yes. He has also started giving my bottom a slap whenever he walks behind me, particularly if I’m naked.”

“ Really?” Zoe said, sounding equally surprised.

“ Yes, and you saw how aroused he was when Susie and Marty were explaining how you spanked them the other day.”

“ Yes I did,” Zoe admitted.

“ Yes Zoe, so I was wondering, well, I think if you had it out with him, he would see he is acting all strange and maybe a good spanking would see him straight.”

“ You want me to spank him Grandma?”

“ Well would you Zoe? He wouldn’t let me I know, but he might let you, as he knows you spank both your parents.”

Zoe thought for a moment. Something didn’t sound right, but she didn’t know what.

“ Tell me Grandma, if I did spank Grandpa, what should I use?”

“ Well dear, I thought a few switches would do the trick.”

“ Really, what he should go and pick them and then get them ready?”

“ I don’t think we should wait for that dear. If you agree, why don’t I go and get them ready?”

“ Hey Grandma, good idea. Better make it four or five, in case they break.”

“ OK dear.”

Zoe watched as her Grandma went out to the garden, humming as she went. Still there was something not quite right. Grandpa had phoned her a few days ago and said Grandma was acting strange, even smacked his bottom a few times. On further questioning it seems it did turn them both on, at least that is what Zoe reckoned form the sideways explanation Grandpa gave, and to be fair she didn’t want to press too hard in case she got some unwanted details about her Grandparents sex life. It still never ceased to amaze her how aroused her parents got when one or both were spanked. Was the same the case with her Grandparents she wondered?

What was unclear though was just who was smacking the others bottom.

Zoe wandered out to the garden and found her Grandma had already cut three switches. Zoe picked one up and swished it.

“ That’s a good one Grandma. Once you have shaved it off it is really going to hurt.”

“ Thank you dear. I have picked switches before you know.”

Zoe did know. She remembered when she was sixteen. She was staying with her Grandparents. They had friends over and all Zoe did was spill a drink on the table. A total accident, but Grandma flew off the handle, made her face the wall for 10 minutes whilst she went in to her garden, cut two switches, then made Zoe remover her skirt and knickers before using both switches on her bare bottom, with all her Grandparents friends watching. It was embarrassing at first, but very soon Zoe forgot who was watching. She was struggling too much with the pain.

Zoe had been in tears even before the first switch broke, and when she did eventually look at her bottom in the bathroom mirror she could not believe how many red weal’s crisscrossed her bottom. She remembered how she could not sit down for two days.

On the day Zoe’s parents arrived to take her home Grandma took Zoe to one side and said she was sorry for punishing her. She just saw red and nothing could stop her once she got in to a rage. She hoped Zoe would forgive her and asked her not to tell her parents about it.

Zoe hugged her Grandma and said it would stay a secret. Zoe never told anyone about it.

Five years on and the memories of that spanking came flooding back. At the same time she wasn’t sure which of her Grandparents was telling the truth. Which one was smacking the others bottom?

Zoe decided to find out. Grandma collected the five newly cut switches and brought them in to the house. She started removing the twigs and leaves and smoothed them all down. Zoe chatted away as though it was the most normal of things. Finally Grandma was finished and she handed them over to Zoe.

“ I am sure a spanking with these will do your Grandpa good,” she said.

Zoe took the switches in to the lounge and put them on the table. She looked at her watch and knew her parents and Grandpa will be back soon. Grandma was walking over to her when Zoe dropped her tissue and bent down to pick it up.

As Grandma got to her so Zoe received a slap on her bottom. Zoe shot up and glared at her Grandma who let out a gasp and covered her mouth with her hand.

“ So Grandma, it was you who did the bottom smacking wasn’t it?” Zoe demanded.

Grandma bit her lip, stammered a few words of denial then stopped, looked at her Granddaughter, and nodded.

“ So why was I supposed to spank Grandpa then?” Zoe demanded to know.

Her Grandma shrugged her shoulders, not knowing what to say, but understanding she had been caught out by her Granddaughter.

“ Well Grandma, I won’t have it. Not at all. You were trying to use me weren’t you?”

Grandma could see how cross Zoe was, and just then the door opened. Susie Marty and Grandpa had returned.

“ We have dinner,” Susie said triumphantly.

Then she saw the tension in the room.

Zoe turned to them and said, “Grandma has been trying to get me to spank Grandpa.”

All three looked bewildered.

“ Really?” Grandpa said.

“ Yes, for acting strangely, and because you kept smacking her bottom Grandpa,” Zoe announced.

Grandpa looked bewildered. “But,” he stammered.

“ It’s ok Grandpa, I know it was Grandma smacking your bottom.”

Grandpa blushed. Susie’s mouth dropped open. Marty gawked at his Mother.

Zoe said, pointing at the switches, “Grandma even cut these for me to use on you Grandpa.”

Again Grandpa blushed, the said quietly, “Well she did ask to spank me and I said no. Then she suggested you spank me Zoe, and I said maybe you do spank your parents but only when they are naughty, not just because you want to.”

“ Exactly Grandpa, which is why I won’t be spanking you.”

Zoe glared at her Grandma, and the others turned to stare at her as well. She bit her lip to stop it trembling but realisation spread across her face.

“ Yes Grandma, you have lied to me. I hate lying.”

Grandma looked at her Granddaughter and said with tears in her eyes, “Please Zoe, don’t, I don’t want to be spanked. I am sorry.”

“ Don’t want to be spanked?” Zoe almost spat out sarcastically. “I don’t think it matters what you want Grandma. It’s what you deserve that matters.”

Zoe looked at her parents and Grandpa daring anyone to speak. They didn’t. They knew better than that. Zoe was in control, and Zoe would decide what was going to happen.

Zoe had decided.

“ Right Grandma, these switches are not going to go to waste.”

Again Grandma put her hand to her mouth, but could not prevent the quite audible groan.

“ Yes Grandma, exactly. Now, take your skirt off, and be quick about it.”

Grandma looked around at the others her eyes begging for help. She saw no help was coming. She looked back at her Granddaughter. 61 years old and about to be spanked by her 21 year old Granddaughter. Her first spanking ever. She had never been spanked herself. Sure she had handed out plenty of spankings in her time. To her own son here, as well as her two daughters, and had spanked each of her Grandchildren on plenty of occasions. She just couldn’t take bad behaviour. Not from anyone, so if anyone in the family did something bad she spanked them.

Now she was going to find out how it felt herself. She slowly unzipped her skirt, and once Zoe was happy she was being obeyed she pulled an armless dining chair in to the room and stood by it.

Grandma now had her skirt off. She had reasonably slim legs, the result of lots of walking. Still, Zoe wasn’t satisfied.

“ And your knickers Grandma,” she insisted.

Grandma groaned as she slid her knickers down and stepped out of them. Zoe pondered the sight of her Grandma naked below the waist.

“ Grandpa, Grandma said you wanted to go to a nudist beach. Is that right?”

Grandpa looked at his wife first, then at Zoe, and said,” Well no Zoe, Grandma was the one to suggest that.”

“ Really?” Zoe said, somehow not very surprised.

“ OK then Grandma, let’s try that shall we?”

Grandma looked at her granddaughter Wide-eyed. Surely she hadn’t heard right. Not with her son and daughter-in-law watching.

Zoe gave her Grandma a wicked smile. “That’s right Grandma. Take your top and bra off as well.”

Grandma moaned and watched as Zoe went to the table and picked up one of the switches. She walked over to her Grandma, tapped her outer thigh a couple of times, and when her Grandma put her hand out she said firmly,

“ Don’t.”

Grandma took her hand away.

“ Put them on your head Grandma,” Zoe commanded and smiled as the two hands shot up and grasped themselves on top of her head.”

Zoe said, “That’s better. Now, do as I say quickly, because this is what you get if you don’t.”

Zoe stepped behind her Grandma, pulled the switch back, and with a firm flick of her wrist the switch hissed down on Grandma’s bare bottom.

“ Oowww,” Grandma squealed.

Zoe smiled.

Grandma knew what it was like to be hit. She didn’t like it.

“ Top and bra off now Grandma.”

This time Grandma started to undo the buttons of her top and pulled it over her head. She didn’t even try to plead about her bra. She reached behind, unclipped the bra, and slid it down her arms, catching it and placing it on top of her other clothes on the table.

“ Turn and look at the others Grandma, with your hands on your head.”

Grandma blushed a deep red. She cannot ever remember being so humiliated.

“ Say what you did Grandma,” Zoe said.

“ I lied Zoe, I’m so sorry, and ashamed of myself.”

“ Why did you lie Grandma?” Zoe persisted.

Grandma blushed even deeper, if that was possible, looked at the floor, and said, “Because I thought watching Grandpa being spanked would be such a turn on and I thought if you spanked him he would be more inclined to let me spank him in future. The sex was so good last time Zoe, so good.”

“ Really?” Zoe asked.

“ Yes Zoe, when we watched you spank Marty we got home and we were both so aroused.”

Zoe was almost sorry she had asked, trying not to picture the two of them bed together.

Zoe said, “I would have spanked you if you had asked me Grandma.”

Grandma replied, “I didn’t want to be spanked. I wanted to watch you spanking Grandpa. As he wouldn’t let me spank him.” She then glared at Grandpa and blurted out fiercely, “Would you?”

Grandpa took a deep breath and said an almost reluctant, “No, I don’t want to be spanked dear.”

“ See,” Grandma said as though winning a point.

Zoe looked at her and said, “Well it isn’t Grandpa standing naked and about to be spanked is it Grandma?”

Grandma blushed again, looked at the floor, and nodded, facing up to the very unusual experience of being wrong footed.

“ Grab the chair Grandma,” Zoe instructed.

Grandma turned, bent over and grabbed the chair, her breasts now dangling beneath her.

“ Legs apart Grandma,” Zoe said, helping her by flicking the switch between her Grandma’s thighs.

Satisfied her legs were far enough apart Zoe stepped in to position. She tapped the bare bottom a couple of times, looked at the three adults watching, saw her Mum and Dad were holding hands, which was novel, and that her Grandpa had a huge bulge in the front of his trousers, but for herself felt only that she was going to punish her Grandma because she lied.

Zoe pulled the switch back, saw where the first light stroke had been, and brought the switch down hard just above it. Grandma squealed again. The three watching each gasped as the red line appeared so close to the first one.

Grandma kept her position, so Zoe was satisfied she would stay there for her punishment, and set about giving her Grandma stroke after stroke, each one resulting in her naked Grandma squealing, bending her legs, or shaking her bottom, as the pain spread across it.

The first switch broke, and Zoe quickly picked up the next one, soon bringing it down hard on her Grandma’s striped bottom. When the second broke she was glad she had suggested so many were prepared.

Zoe used three in all, leaving two unused. Her Grandma was crying freely, her bottom had red weal’s crisscrossing it and Zoe reminded herself that was just as she had had when her Grandma gave her a switching five years ago. Revenge was sweet she thought. Retribution in fact.

“ Get up Grandma,” Zoe instructed the still crying 61 year old. Grandma didn’t wait to be told, her hands flew to her burning bottom and she was rubbing like mad, not caring or even thinking about her bare breasts wobbling as she did, nor that her pussy was fully on show as she hopped from one foot to the other. Nor did she ask when she went over to Grandpa and threw her arms around him, still sobbing, and saying how sorry she was. She felt his penis though, rock solid, erect, pressing in to her

Zoe said, “Take her upstairs Grandpa, there is some cold cream in the bathroom cabinet.”

The two Grandparents left the room, Grandma still naked, Grandpa holding her clothes, following behind, knowing he was going to get a tongue lashing.

Marty and Susie were still holding hands. Susie said, “That’s made us tired Zoe, I think we’ll go to bed for a while.”

Zoe almost laughed. Sure, turned on and likely to go hammer and tongs she reckoned if she knew her parents, and she did.

Zoe was left alone. She sat in the armchair and pondered the afternoon. She had been so annoyed at her Grandma for lying but was now calmer. She realised she and her Grandma were alike, in that respect at least.

Up in the bathroom Grandpa rubbed cream in to his wife’s bottom.

“ It looked like it hurt dear,” he said.

“ You think?” she replied aggressively.

“ I didn’t know you were going to get Zoe to spank me did I dear?”

“ I know, but I thought if I told you first you would resist. I didn’t reckon on Zoe seeing through me so easily.” Grandma rubbed her bottom and then added sullenly, “I hated it.”

“ I got a hard on watching though.”

“ I felt it. Well that’s the last time though for Zoe. I don’t want to be spanked ever again.”

“ But I need you to deal with this,” Grandpa said, indicating his erection.

“ Well I don’t feel like doing anything. My bottom is stinging, that’s all I know.”

Grandpa asked, “Is there anything I can do to, you know, get you in the mood?”

“ Yes, you can let me spank you when we get home.”

Grandpa said, “I can’t dear. I just don’t like the thought of the pain dear.”

Grandma looked pointedly at his erection and said flatly, “Well then that is that then. Sort it out yourself.”

Grandma got dressed, but decided against knickers as it hurt when she tried to put them on. Grandpa put them in his pocket. It had been a long time since he had done that.

Zoe was still in the lounge when they got back downstairs.

“ You OK Grandma?” she said then added, “Maybe I shouldn’t have been so mad with you but lying is lying.”

“ Yes dear, but you know very well why you were young lady, because of five years ago.”

“ What happened then?” Grandpa enquired.

“ I’ll tell you in the car,” she said still looking at Zoe.

Zoe laughed. “Got me,” she said with a grin.

Grandma let out a huff, trying to at least still look in control, and announced “We are going to go Zoe,” swallowed when she saw Zoe’s stare harden, and quickly added quietly, “If that’s OK?”

“ Sure.” Zoe looked to Grandpa and said with a smile, “Grandpa, I guess Grandma will need some more cream when she gets home.”

“ I’ve taken the tube, if you don’t mind Zoe?” Grandpa still wasn’t sure whether he he was going to need it as much as Grandma before the day was out, but was going to resist to the end.

“ Take it Grandpa, I’ve got plenty in the cupboard.”

Grandma’s bottom was stinging and she didn’t even try to hide her foul mood.

“ I need to get home dear,” she said to Grandpa scowling.

She wasn’t prepared to be rude to Zoe though. She said far more respectfully,

“ Good-bye Zoe, erm, and I’m sorry again my dear.”

Zoe looked at her Grandma and replied candidly. “That’s Ok Grandma, but don’t forget the second and third spankings normally follow on quickly so you be good when I’m around. Right?”

Grandma looked at her Granddaughter knowing exactly what she meant, and knew she didn’t ever want to be spanked again. However she ceded authority to Zoe when she accepted her spanking and realised she could easily find herself having to take her knickers off again for her Granddaughter.

Grandma lent forward to give Zoe a good-bye kiss on the cheek and used the closeness to say as quietly as she could, “Yes dear, of course I will be good in future so you won’t need to spank me again.”

Zoe said equally as quietly, “I’m pleased Grandma, I don’t enjoy spanking naughty bottoms but I won’t hesitate to spank you again if I need to and the next time you will be starting across my lap.”

Grandma blushed, grimaced, but nodded, her worst fears realised. She knew her Granddaughter would be quick to spank her again, just as she had been so quick to spank Zoe when she was naughty. Without realising she put her hand on her bottom and rubbed, picturing herself across her Granddaughter’s lap having her bare bottom spanked. A horrible picture she thought and with a grimace leaned close to her Granddaughter and said with a now shaking voice, “Yes dear, I quite understand.” Grandma gave Zoe a kiss on the cheek.

Zoe smiled knowing she now had disciplinary control over her Grandma.

Grandpa watched the initial surprise in his wife’s face which turned to acceptance and guessed what the two women had whispered to each other and that Zoe had made her Grandma finally grasp the probability she will get spanked again. He knew the drive home was going to be very frosty. Still, he had faced her abrasiveness in the past and was at least pleased it wasn’t his bottom at risk of being spanked by their Granddaughter, although he was sure she would try.

“ Say goodbye to Mum and Dad will you?” Grandpa said as he turned to follow his wife.

“ Sure thing,” Zoe said smiling as she walked her Grandparents to the front door and watched her Grandma walk away still rubbing her bottom, at least she did until a neighbour she knew shouted hullo and asked if she was alright. Grandma frowned, nodded, and tried to walk faster and without rubbing, both of which it was clear she found difficult. The neighbour returned Zoe’s smile and wave before going back inside, quite used to hearing the noise of a spanking coming from the house, not thinking for a second the person being spanked today was the Grandma.

Zoe went in the and made a mental note that she would use a switch on each of her parents sometime, as it seems to be rather effective, then picked up the phone and dialled Hannah.

“ Guess what Hannah, guess who I just spanked?”

“ Your Grandpa. Durrhh. You did tell me you know.” Hannah said petulantly.

“ No!” Zoe replied emphatically. She knew Hannah enjoyed being spanked and of course had been across Zoe’s lap many a time, normally ending up with the two of them in bed together.

“ Who then?” Hannah demanded to know.

“ Grandma,” Zoe said with glee.

“ No way you liar,” Hannah exclaimed.

“ Yes, and I will be spanking her again if I need to,” Zoe retorted. After a moment she continued in a stricter tone, “and you just called me a very rude name young missy.”

“ Sorry,” replied a more respectful Hannah.

Zoe was enjoying the banter. There was only one person she got aroused with by spanking, and that was Hannah.

“ Are you still alone? Can I come over?”

“ I’m here all alone, “Hannah retorted.

Zoe allowed a moment then returned to her very strict tone, “Good, I’ll tell you all about it, at least I will straight after I tan your hide for being so rude to me.”

“ Oh, yes, right Zoe, I didn’t mean to be rude,” Hannah said quietly her pussy already wet thinking about being put across her girlfriends lap, then added more brightly “Can you bring your double ended dildo Zoe?”

“ Already thought of that,” she replied and smiled as she clicked off her phone.

When Zoe clicked off the phone Hannah caught her breath in anticipation of a very sore bottom and then being taken to bed by her adorable Zoe.

Zoe picked up the two unused switches and collected the double ended dildo from her bedroom putting them in to a sports bag where she had already put the wooden backed paddle hairbrush and a change of clothes for tomorrow. She walked past her parent’s bedroom and knew they would be in bed but even so knocked on their door, waited a moment and giggled when she heard the muffled, “shush,” from Mum, then shouted,

“ I’m going to Hannah’s, and will probably sleep over. You both be good, OK?”

She laughed as her Mum shouted in a breathless even flustered voice,” OK dear, yes we’ll be good.”

Zoe didn’t know her Mum was breathless because when she knocked on the door she had her Dad’s erect hot throbbing penis in her mouth with her tongue curled around it licking the cum leaking out, nor that once she heard Zoe’s footsteps disappear she eagerly put it back in her mouth.

She left the house and walked to Hannah’s. She pictured what was going to happen as she walked. She will instruct Hannah to get fully undressed for her spanking which will be given with her girlfriend bent across her lap, legs apart so she gets a good view of her pussy which would get wetter and wetter as the spanking continued.

Her pussy was already delightfully wet and aching for Hannah’s tongue, although that would be after she gave her friend a long hard spanking. Zoe knew this was going to round her day off just so well.

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