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Ryan and His dad Get Spanked

Ryan gets spanked by his Mum and his girlfriend spanks his Dad

“Hullo Mrs Grant.” Audrey liked Ryan’s new girlfriend Sonia, 24 years old holding down a good manager’s position at her office, and Ryan was better behaved as well, through Sonia’s influence she suspected. She had to admit that even she felt a flutter between her legs when she eyed the young lady, slim, a good figure, long flowing hair, dressed in a figure hugging sleeveless t shirt that showed off a bare flat midriff and a very short skirt revealing slim long bare legs. Audrey took a breath and said


“Hullo Sonia, you wanted to see me, although Ryan’s not here you know.”


“Yes Mrs Grant, it’s about Ryan.” Audrey was all ears. Sonia continued, “Yes, the night before last he and I were, well, you know, making out and”


Audrey jumped in with


“I’m not sure I need to know about that Sonia” smiling but feeling a little uncomfortable.


“Oh no, that’s not the point of this” Sonia said, also smiling before continuing “No, you see when we were making out, well I saw his bottom, well obviously I did, but you see, well,”


Audrey now understood. This could be awkward she thought and said


“It was red wasn’t it.”


“Yes Mrs Grant, so I asked Ryan and he told me, well after a while that is.”


“He did?” Audrey asked, amazed, and added




“Well we discussed it and I said I thought it was a good thing, being spanked when he earns it.”


“Oh good” Audrey said evenly, not sure where this was going.


“Yes, and anyway I watch my Mum spank my brothers and my Dad.”


“Really?” Audrey was somehow not shocked Sonia’s Mum had the same authority over the men in the household that she did. Sonia had a sharp tongue when she wanted to and maybe she got that from her Mum.


“Yes, and she spanks them really hard and normally I watch as it enforces the fact they are bent across her lap looking at the floor whilst I am seated comfortably and watching. So I did say to Ryan I thought as his girlfriend I should watch him being spanked next time.”


Audrey still managed to keep a straight face but was surprised. She asked


“What did Ryan say to that?”


“He agreed.”


That was a turn up Audrey thought. Then she remembered something else and wondered if Sonia already knew.


“Did he also tell you then he is getting spanked tonight because he left his room in such a mess?”


Sonia laughed “Yes, that’s why I’ve come over.” Then she looked seriously at Audrey and asked


“Is that OK Mrs Grant? Can I stay and watch?”


Audrey laughed and said


“Of course you can Sonia, Ryan can have anyone he wants over to watch. You know his Dad will be watching as well don’t you?”


“Yes, Ryan said.”


“So I guess you will be staying for dinner?”


“That would be great, thanks.”


Audrey and Sonia chatted for a few minutes and then Ryan came home. He entered the kitchen, looking seriously at Sonia then looking relieved when Sonia nodded at him, looked at his Mum and said


"Hi Mum, so you are cool with this then?”


Audrey turned to look at her son smiled and said  


“I’m cool if you are, but don’t expect me to go easy on you just because Sonia is here.”


Sonia jumped in with “that’s not the idea Mrs Grant. You must spank him as hard as you want to.”


“Thank you Audrey. I prefer to think of it as being as hard as he needs to be actually. It is discipline and not for my gratification.”   Audrey looked seriously at Sonia, wondering if there was more to this than she was being told. She took spanking Ryan seriously, as discipline, not something for anyone to see as enjoyment after all.


“Sorry Mrs Grant” Sonia said blushing. Audrey opted not to tell Sonia how she got aroused when spanking her husband Jeff though. That was quite different. Jeff wanted to be spanked from time to time, not just when he earned one, and they invariably made love afterwards.


Just then Jeff came home. He came in to the kitchen, saw Ryan, and announced “I came home especially because of your spanking Ryan, so missed a night out with the lads at the office.”


He seemed annoyed but Audrey knew he was joking as he knew he would be having sex afterwards as Audrey had phoned him especially to say she was looking forward to it. She smiled as she knew just how much she enjoyed dominating her husband, making him bend to her will, and how he enjoyed accepting her authority, and being spanked by her. Fair do’s the spanking occurred only when his wife wanted to, but that only meant he had to stay on his toes. Still, he knew he would be having sex. He wasn’t yet sure if he was going to be spanked himself.


“Please Jeff, we have a guest” Audrey said, pointing out Sonia.


Jeff’s attitude changed when he saw Sonia. “Oh, hullo Sonia.”


“Hullo Mr Grant, nice to see you.”


“And you Sonia” he responded. Audrey noticed Jeff eying Sonia, knowing he found her attractive particularly in her vest top and short skirt. Well she supposed any red bloodied male would find the young lady desirable, but she would make a point of telling Jeff she was annoyed with him for ogling her the next time he is across her lap being spanked. Jeff was not hoping he wouldn’t get a spanking, not with Sonia there to watch.


In the meantime she stayed calm and announced “Well, now everyone is here let’s go in to the lounge so I can deal with Ryan.”


They all followed Audrey in to the lounge to find the chair already turned in to the room and the hairbrush sitting on the seat. Audrey walked over to the chair and sat down and Ryan stood in front of her.


“Remove your trousers and pants please Ryan” Audrey snapped becoming business like, and certainly strict.


Ryan did as he was told, knowing any friendly chatter about Sonia had ended, obediently folded his clothes neatly, and just as he was going to put them on the table Sonia took them from him saying “I’ll look after these Ryan.”


Audrey thought it strange but let it go. She was thinking more about the lesson she was about to teach her 22 year old son.


“Why did you leave your room in such a mess Ryan?” Audrey demanded to know and there followed the normal question and answer session so that Ryan would know for certain why he was being spanked. Audrey smiled when Ryan got his normal erection as he stood there, naked waiting to be soundly spanked.


She didn’t waver, but wondered if Sonia noticed it as well. The questions were finally answered and Audrey gave the instruction for Ryan to bend across her lap. Ryan glanced at Sonia who pursed her lips but gave him a supportive half smile.


Jeff was watching passively, ever conscious of how often he had found himself in the same position with Ryan watching as his wife turned his own bottom red. He looked across at Sonia and wondered whether next time he would have the added indignity of having her watch. He double took when he saw that Sonia had picked up Ryan’s underpants and was sniffing them.


Audrey followed his gaze and was equally stunned, to the point of her hand freezing as she rubbed Ryan’s bottom preparing for the first spank. She decided not to say anything right then, but made a mental note to ask Sonia about it afterwards. Audrey lifted her hand and brought it down hard on Ryan’s bottom and the spanking began. The room echoed with the sound of hand on bare bottom as Audrey set about turning her son’s bottom pink, and it wasn’t long before Ryan was squirming on his Mum’s lap, his erection long gone, the stinging increasing as she pounded his backside, obviously making no allowances for the fact Sonia was there, spanking even harder than usual if anything.


Jeff noticed Sonia holding Ryan’s underpants to her face again, and found the sight erotic. Audrey kept spanking Ryan but looked up to see Jeff’s reaction, and even reckoned she saw his trousers bulge. Audrey looked across at Sonia and saw sniffing her son’s underpants again and glared at Jeff. He looked embarrassed but shrugged his shoulders. Audrey increased the intensity of her spanks as she got more and more annoyed, with her husband in fact more than with Sonia. Eventually Audrey got so annoyed she stopped spanking Ryan and looked angrily at Jeff.


“Please get up Ryan” she ordered.


Ryan got up and looked at his Mum. “Sorry about the room Mum” he said reckoning she had forgotten to use the hairbrush.


Audrey gave him a look that told him to be quiet and said “I’m not finished with you it’s your father I’m annoyed with.”


Audrey looked at Jeff and said sarcastically


“Like what Sonia is doing eh Jeff?”


She knew he was embarrassed and was enjoying herself. She didn’t actually mind seeing Sonia smell her son’s used underpants and decided to press Jeff.


“I tell you what Jeff, just so you don’t feel put out you can smell mine” and with that pulled her knickers down and stepped out of them, not worrying that Jeff and Sonia could see her pussy from their seated position. Audrey checked her knickers and saw they were already damp as she had also found the thought of Sonia smelling used underpants strangely erotic. She told Jeff to come and get them and smiled when he blushed as he got up from the chair.


“Go on Jeff, give them a sniff” she demanded and watched as he held her knickers to his nose and breathed in.


“Like it Jeff?”


She smiled although still slightly bemused when he answered “Yes.”


She said sternly “pardon Jeff, speak louder” and smirked as an embarrassed Jeff said louder


“Yes Audrey I do” glancing at Sonia who was trying hard not to laugh as Jeff blushed.


Wow, so erotic thought Audrey. She wanted to take Jeff upstairs right there and then, but knew she had to deal properly with Ryan first. Still, she was so aroused what with spanking Ryan, having very sexy thoughts about the gorgeous Sonia, and thinking about what she was going to do with Jeff afterwards. In fact, she decided there and then to raise the stakes. She thought giving Jeff a spanking will get her even more aroused. It was a shame for Jeff that he will be crying soon but she knew she will find the lovemaking even more erotic. She looked at Jeff seriously and said


“Well by the way Jeff, that get’s you a spanking straight after I’ve finished dealing with Ryan. Dinner can wait. You can take your trousers and pants off Jeff now.”


Jeff looked across at Sonia and winced, knowing she was going to see him spanked rather sooner than he wanted. Sombrely he undressed and put his clothes on the table, waiting for his turn to be put across his wife’s lap. A few seconds later and the inevitable erection appeared, unable to stop it even though his son’s girlfriend had a perfect view of it. In fact the more he looked at her the stronger the erection, the more Audrey got annoyed, and he realised the harder the spanking was going to be.


Audrey enjoyed watching her husband’s quandary and even decided she would have some more fun by saying to Sonia “do you want Jeff’s underpants Sonia?”


Sonia double took and answered


  “No thank you Mrs Grant, its Ryan’s I like.” She then looked again at Audrey and asked “you don’t mind me smelling them do you Mrs Grant, I find his smell so erotic” she said with a wicked smile which was not lost on Audrey before adding “and he likes to smell mine as well.”


“That’s fine Sonia” she just said then turned to Jeff and said “hands on your head Jeff” as that so turned her on, seeing her husband follow her every command, even when she knew he hated it. Power was far more erotic to her than dirty underwear, but now she knew others would prefer the dirty underwear route.


Anyway that answered that one Audrey thought. Smelly underwear erotic? She was about to say something then thought, well why not. If you like someone’s smell then it can only be intensified in their used underwear. Still, she would have to watch Sonia. Closely. She gave the young lady a wry smile but let her eyes linger a bit longer on the attractive young lady. Strange she thought but whilst she was Ryan’s girlfriend, Jeff was obviously taken by her, and even she had erotic thoughts just looking at her. Not bad for a 24 year old she thought.  


Audrey sat down again and tapped her lap. Ryan bent back across his Mum’s lap,


Ryan bent back across his Mum’s lap and as she started to spank him again she looked up and saw Sonia glancing across at Jeff, and she guessed in particular at his penis, and Jeff trying hard to look at the floor, obviously feeling embarrassed at having his son’s girlfriend staring straight at his naked body, and with such an erection.


Once the spanking started properly Sonia looked back at Ryan as his bottom once again bounced around and the room was filled with the spanking sound each time followed by a gasp and occasionally, then more regularly, a sob. Audrey picked up the hairbrush and once again looked at Jeff and Sonia, both now gazing at the wooden backed hairbrush, Jeff licking his lips knowing it will soon be used on his own bottom and Sonia looking in awe at what she saw as an implement bound to cause her boyfriend some serious pain.


Sure enough once Audrey had applied the first dozen or so spanks with the hairbrush Ryan was squirming around on his Mum’s lap sobbing and then freely crying as the pain intensified. Audrey continued the spanking whilst looking up from time to time. Jeff was subdued. Sonia on the other hand had one hand between her thighs and Audrey knew was rubbing her pussy. This girlfriend of Ryan’s wasn’t afraid to show her feelings as she smiled whilst her boyfriend was being soundly spanked by his Mum, and his Dad was watching. Audrey decided Sonia had a future with her son.


Audrey eventually after several dozen spanks with the hairbrush decided Ryan had been punished enough and in any case wanted to save some aggression for her husband.


“Up you get Ryan” Audrey instructed and a bawling Ryan got up and she said solemnly


“Go and stand next to Sonia but with your hands on your head so no rubbing.”


Ryan walked over and Sonia stood up and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “No rubbing his bottom for him Sonia” Audrey said sternly ready to deal severely with the young lady, but Sonia just hugged him for a moment and released him, looking more than a little concerned that Audrey might decide her own bottom needed some attention.


Ryan turned around and it was Audrey’s turn to be surprised when she saw Ryan had an erection now even though he was still sobbing. He really did have a thing for this girl. Satisfied anyway Ryan’s bottom had not been rubbed by either of them she snapped at her husband


“Right Jeff, your turn.   Get over here quickly.”


Jeff blushed and tried “please Audrey, not with Sonia watching.”


Audrey feigned concern and said


“Oh dear Jeff, worried about having Sonia watch you” as she walked over to him, walked behind him, pulled back her hand and landed a sharp smack to the back of his leg and enjoyed the gasp.


“Sorry Audrey” he said quickly.


Audrey decided he needed to be taught a lesson so walked back in front of him, and snarled


“Hands back on your head” and when he did she grabbed his ear and said sternly


“Now follow me to the chair so I can spank you” and pulled sharply knowing Jeff would follow because they both knew if he continued to argue she would grab his penis and pull that.


Audrey held on to Jeff’s ear as she got to the chair, sat down, and manhandled him across her lap. Jeff’s eyes were watering but he could see enough to look up and see Sonia smiling back at him, whilst standing with his hands on his head was Ryan. Jeff looked at the floor now all too aware he was across his wife’s lap, her hand was rubbing his bare bottom, his son was watching him and as though that wasn’t enough humiliation his son’s girlfriend was also looking on. Next moment the first spank hit home quickly followed by a non stop pounding of his bottom from a wife who was making him fully aware how annoyed she was.


After what seemed forever Jeff struggled with the spanking and was squirming around on his wife’s lap as usual when Audrey started to ask Sonia some questions whilst still spanking Jeff. He was wondering how his wife could be so dismissive of his suffering, whilst at the same time feeling aroused by the fact she was spanking so hard and holding a discussion at the same time.


“So what happens in your house Sonia?” she asked, reckoning spanking will be involved.


“Oh Mrs Grant, my brothers and Dad get their bottoms spanked. That is usual in our family, like it is here” and she added “which is one of the reasons I like Ryan.”


Audrey smiled back and still spanking Jeff said


“So like this huh?” and spanked even harder.


Sonia said


“Well if someone is really naughty then they get their legs smacked first in a really painful way as well.”


Audrey’s ears perked up


“How is that done then?”


“Well, he has to sit on the chair, his hands behind him, and his legs wide open.”


“Embarrassing eh?” Audrey said.


“Well yes, because his penis is there for all to see, but the worst is the pain. They scream before very long and that really teaches them a lesson. Shall I show you Mrs Grant?”


Audrey thought a second and then said


“Have you spanked anyone before then?”


“Oh yes my brother.”


“Because he was naughty?”


“No, he asked me to spank him. He enjoys it and Mum gets fed up sometimes when he is just naughty on purpose, so I spank him two or three times a month and leave him on his bed to masturbate.” Sonia said matter of factly and smiled before adding


“But I am sure disciplining someone for real when they don’t want to be spanked must be much more satisfying.”


Audrey considered for a moment. She had still to use the hairbrush on Jeff, but maybe this will be more erotic. She smiled and then said


“Ok then Sonia, show me what you mean” and said to Jeff “Up you get and follow Sonia’s instructions.”


Jeff slowly got up and looked at Audrey with large wet eyes and said “Please Audrey, she’s so young and”


In a flash Audrey swung her hand and caught Jeff full on the face with a loud slap which took the wind out of him as he rubbed his face to soothe the pain.


“You were saying Jeff?” Audrey demanded.


Jeff made no reply and Audrey smirked, so enjoying how she controlled her husband. She was getting wetter by the second and said a curt


“Sit” and Jeff accepted the inevitable.


Sonia walked over to Jeff gave him a cynical smile and stood right in front of him. Slowly she edged his legs apart, still in the seated position, until his legs were splayed wide open. She moved to one side and started to rub his inner thigh, Jeff’s breathing became shallow not sure what was going to happen, Audrey became suspicious because Jeff was starting to get an erection as the rubbing continued, Jeff closed his eyes which was exactly what Sonia was waiting for when quick as a flash her arm came back and thrashed down sharply on his inner leg. Jeff shrieked and his penis shrivelled. Sonia rubbed his leg again and to Audrey’s surprise, but apparently not surprising Sonia at all, Jeff’s erection returned at least until the next smack.


Half a dozen times Sonia rubbed, Jeff’s erection returned, Sonia smacked his leg hard and the erection subsided. Each spank was followed by a shriek and Jeff soon realised this wasn’t fun, not at all. The problem was he had this fantastically attractive young woman stroking his leg, he felt her warmth, and the stroking was soothing, at least until the spank hit home.


Sonia changed legs and repeated the process. After a dozen spanks on each inner thigh Sonia upped the tempo, and both of Jeff’s inner thighs were turning red when she smacked time after time, no gaps, up and down his leg and Jeff cried, and as Sonia had said at the beginning, soon enough Jeff was shrieking. Sonia was spanking harder and harder and Jeff was crying louder and louder, with tears streaming down his face and still his hands were behind him. Audrey was impressed just hard she was able to spank and how she ignored the shrieking and made sure Jeff felt every spank.   She thought how sweet a young lady she looked but how tough she was when she wanted to be. Sexy as well as Audrey was still feeling all tingly between her legs just watching the beautiful young lady, and of course watching her husband demolished by her spanking him so hard.


Sonia stopped eventually although Jeff kept crying. Audrey looked across at Ryan and was now not surprised to find he had an erection from just watching his girlfriend being so dominant. Then as Jeff recovered what really surprised Audrey was that Jeff was getting an erection, his penis sticking up between two very red thighs. She considered putting Jeff back across her lap to finish his spanking and in particular the hairbrush but thought maybe she will use his erection instead.


Audrey looked at Sonia, and realised she could play up to the two men who found her so attractive. She said


“Well done Sonia that is quite a spanking you gave Jeff. Come and give me a hug.”


Sonia walked over to Audrey and they both winked at each other, and both knew the intention was to arouse the two men sitting watching them, having just been spanked and still feeling very sore. Two women who at that time were equals, both the dominant partner in their relationship. The unspoken question was who was more dominant of the two women. It was not addressed then but both women knew the answer. Audrey without a doubt.


Sonia and allowed herself to be pulled in close to the older woman, putting her arms around her neck and feeling quite aroused being held so closely. Audrey intended just giving the 24 year old a hug but Sonia suddenly moved her face in front of Audrey’s, smiled, then kissed her full on the lips, after a few moments opening her mouth inviting Audrey’s tongue to fill it, which Audrey did, their tongues now intertwined. Audrey moved her hand down Sonia’s back and under her skirt, cupping her bare bottom in her hand, squeezing it, then ran her finger down the 24 year olds bottom crack and when she felt her bum hole pressed her finger on it to be rewarded by a loud sex filled groan and Sonia pressing herself hard against Audrey.


They kept kissing and Audrey ran her hand to the front of Sonia’s legs, between her thighs, and ran her finger along the whole length of the younger woman’s wet pussy and knew she was aroused.


Audrey knew who else would be aroused. The two women parted, smiling at each other, not blushing, in control of their feelings, and looked across at the two men who had their hands on their heads but their mouths wide open and the hardest erections they had ever had. The sight of two women clinching and kissing had the expected result. Audrey smiled warmly at Sonia who smiled as warmly back, then said


  “And that is some bottom you have Sonia. Has your Mum ever had to spank it?”


“No Mrs Grant, but then I have never earned a spanking. I hope I won’t earn one from you” she said still smiling, but coyly, as though she may not actually object if she was spanked.


Audrey deliberately chose to keep the subject open so didn’t answer although both women knew Audrey had imposed her superiority over Sonia who had accepted her position immediately. Audrey gave Sonia a final friendly smile before turning to her son and saying


“OK Ryan, your punishment is over. Sonia, you can help him recover whilst I take Jeff upstairs. He is in need of some cream I think.” Then she added


“Of course Mrs Grant” Sonia replied obediently and went over to Ryan and took him by the arm enforcing her control over him.


“Come on Jeff, maybe if you are a good boy now I won’t give you the hairbrush” Audrey said and led him by the arm out of the room, still naked below the waist, but still sobbing, upstairs and in to the bedroom.


“Lie on the bed Jeff” she ordered as she went in to the bathroom and came out with a tin of cold cream. She took a dollop and rubbed it in to his bottom.


“Turn over and legs apart Jeff” she said and he flipped over, and he gasped as the cold cream was rubbed in to his thighs, moaning as he realised how soothing it was, his erection hardening very quickly. Audrey lent down and kissed Jeff whilst still rubbing the cream in before standing and removing her skirt, and having no knickers to remove as she had given her knickers to Jeff earlier to smell so Jeff watched and his erection got ever stiffer.


Audrey got on the bed and sat on top of Jeff, one leg on either side, and Jeff undid the buttons of her shirt, pushing it off her shoulders and on to the floor, and as Audrey bent down to kiss him again he undid her bra. Once naked she had Jeff sat up and she unbuttoned and slid off his shirt leaving them both naked, enjoying each others bodies, Jeff kissing his wife’s breasts, sucking her nipples, as she held him close.


Audrey lay on her back taking Jeff with her, his fingers caressing her breasts, her stomach, his mouth following, kissing each breast, his tongue licking her stomach making his way down to her pussy where his tongue licked her whole vagina before edging inside her. He nearly exploded when Audrey took his penis inside her mouth but held on making sure she was brought to the edge of her orgasm when he kissed his way up to her mouth again, getting on top of her, his penis right at Audrey’s pussy and she slipped her hand down and guided him inside her. He heard her gasps of delight get louder and louder, longer and longer, until Audrey came with a long lasting gasp. He knew that was his signal to cum and soon enough he pounded in to her and came, his cum flooding in to her.


Audrey smiled at her husband and rubbed his bottom. She knew it would bring back memories of the spanking and knew it would help his erection return as he was still inside her.


“So, you were spanked by Sonia. How was that?” she asked and felt him harden immediately, unable to prevent it.” Audrey gave her husband a hard spank and snapped although still smiling


“Right, so you enjoyed it did you?”


Jeff tried to say he didn’t but his penis stiffened further. Of course Audrey knew it was the spanking more than the person that was turning her husband on again. He was always erect again very quickly after a spanking when she started reminding him of it. Audrey was turned on by the power of it, and knew when they went to bed tonight they would make serious love again.


Now though she knew they had better get back downstairs to Sonia and Ryan. Audrey got dressed and Jeff put his shirt back on and found some trousers from his cupboard and they both went downstairs. Sonia and Ryan were in the lounge cuddled up on the sofa, Sonia removing her hand from inside the front of Ryan’s trousers as they entered. Audrey thought he had a self satisfied look on his face, like a cat that has just had the cream, and suspected Sonia had done something nice to him.


“So Ryan, Sonia certainly packs a hard spank doesn’t she?”


Ryan blushed and replied “looks that way Mum.”


Jeff cleared his throat in embarrassment and Audrey said


“Oh yes of course Jeff you know first hand” and smiled.  She then looked at her son and said


“So Ryan, I think you should agree that Sonia has the right to spank you, discipline you in fact, if you disobey her. Good idea huh?”


Audrey looked at Sonia who said “good idea Mrs Grant.”


“That’s agreed then” and when Ryan was about to say something his Mum said first


“Don’t take this the wrong way Ryan but it wasn’t a question, I was saying that will happen.” After a pause Audrey continued


“I rather think you turning up tonight a few minutes after Sonia was a set up, so Sonia would watch you being spanked and so I would agree to her spanking you in future. Well it worked. Although I don’t like being set up in that way young man so bear in mind Sonia spanks you as well as me, not instead of, and make no mistake about that.”


Ryan acted annoyed but wasn’t totally upset. His Mum had worked out it was intentional, but he was quite happy to have Sonia spank him. He had hoped his Mum would agree to stop spanking him and allow Sonia full control but he accepted that wasn’t going to happen. Still, his Mum didn’t know of course that Sonia had already spanked him in front of her own parents the other day, and today like then had given him a blow job of blow jobs when his parents went upstairs. Ryan knew in Sonia he got the stick and the carrot. He just had to behave when with his Mum otherwise he was going to get spanked rather more often than he wanted.


Which is exactly what Audrey intended as she fully planned teaching her22 year old son not to play her the very next time he earned a spanking. She then glanced at Sonia, bare arms, her slim body, long legs, and wondered again what it might be like to have the pretty young lady across her lap as she turned her bottom red. Would seeing her tears run down her face be exciting? Maybe one day she will find out, she thought, maybe one day not so far away?


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