Ryan gets a spanking

By sassycheergirl

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Ryan gets a spanking.
I pulled up to the house in my little car and saw that the grass wasn't cut or the weeds pulled from the flower beds like they were supposed to. What the hell did Ryan do all day I wondered. I got out of the car and walked into the house. Stuff was laying around and I had cleaned the house before leaving. "Damn it!" I thought to myself. I asked him to pick up after himself today. We were supposed to be having a party here tonight and now I was going to have to clean again and make food and clean the outside. Damn him!

I walked through the house and didn't see him anywhere. I wonder where he could be. I looked out the back door and saw the light on in our shed. He must be in there. I walked to the back porch and out in to our jungle of a yard. I opened the door of the shed and seen him working on the new paddle he was making for me.

"Ryan what the hell have you been doing all damn day? I asked that you could cut the yard and weed the flower bed for tonight's party. And to not mess up the damn house so all I had to do when I got home was make food for the party. What the hell?" I asked him.

"Oh my God. Amanda I am so sorry I just wanted to get this done for you," Ryan said turning around and showing me the wooden paddle that would soon be making my ass red.

"Well guess what?" I said walking over to him.

"What?" he asked me looking very worried now.

"I'm not going to be the first that the paddle gives a red ass to. You will be. Take your pants and boxers off and lean over your table," I said taking the paddle from his hand.

Ryan pushed his pants and boxers down to his feet and bent over the table. I looked at the paddle and gave a little smirk. I swung the paddle back and hit his ass hard.

"Shit!!! Amanda!!!" Ryan yelled.

"There is going to be more. I think 10 is a good number," I said swinging the paddle again. It made a loud smack on his ass.I took the paddle and swung it again even harder.

"Damn!" Ryan yelled again putting his hand over his ass.

"Ryan move your hand now!" I said. He moved his hand just as I swung the paddle and it connected with his ass again. It was slightly turning red now. I smiled to myself and swung again for the fifth time watching the red come out even more.

"5 more times Ryan," I said, swinging the paddle again.

"I promise I will get things done when I'm told Amanda," Ryan said as I smacked his ass again even harder.

"I know you will because next time there will be more then just ten," I said swinging the paddle hard again and again.

"Two more," I said looking at the bright red spots on his ass. I swung the paddle hard hitting him fully on his ass. Then smacked it one last time the hardest that I could.

"FUCK!" Ryan cried out. I placed the paddle next to him on his work table and gently rubbed his ass feeling the heat from the paddle.

Ryan pushed himself off the table and turned around. I could see that his cock had gotten totally hard from his spanking.

"Wow baby your hard as hell!" I said. "Since you took those spanking so well maybe I should give you a little reward." I dropped to my knees and took his cock into my hands lightly caressing his long dick. I licked the tip tasting his precum. I started to suck on his cock. He started moaning as I sucked and pulled on his balls with my hand. I looked up into his eyes.

"Damn Amanda. You sure give a great reward," he said putting his hand in my hair. He pushed my head down further on his cock and fucked my mouth.

"Fuck I can't hold it any longer!" he moaned. His cum began to squirt deep into my mouth sliding down my throat. I made sure to swallow every drop.I got up from my knees and my lips met his.

"Why don't we hurry and get the chores done and maybe after the party I can try the new paddle on your little ass?" Ryan winced as the fabric touched his well warmed ass.

"Maybe," I said, giggling. We walked out of the shed and began to clean the yard and house. Ryan helped me make the food and thankfully everything was done before our guest came.