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Ryan's Barter

Ryan is spanked by his Mum, then the neighbours come over, and he gets spanked again

“Ryan, down here now” his Mum exploded.



16-year-old Ryan knew he had been found out but entered the kitchen hoping to brazen it out. A sore bottom, his to be precise, was at stake.


“What’s up Mum?” he asked looking without a care in the world.


“I’ll tell you what’s up. I baked this cake for tea this afternoon for when the neighbours, my friend Sally is coming over with her daughter Karen?”


Ryan remembered alright and didn’t need to be reminded who Karen is. He fancied Karen something rotten. 17 years old, slim, long hair, long legs, a real beauty, with a very sharp tongue to boot and he was looking forward to seeing her.


“Yes Mum, I know they are coming over” he said nonchalantly.


“So how come two pieces of cake are missing?” she snapped.


“Looks all there to me Mum” he said, eyeing the cake and seeing where he had pushed the two ends together after cutting two slices. He only intended taking one slice but it was so nice he couldn’t help himself.


“Really?” Audrey said, exasperated, pointing directly at the cut



“So it wasn’t you then?”


“No Mum” Ryan said sounding indignant.


“Well who else could it have been? No one else has been here have they?”


That was a good point thought Ryan and was a bit of a flaw in his argument. Quite a large flaw actually. He really hadn’t thought that bit through. He stayed silent.


“Ryan?” Audrey said, now looking menacing.


Ryan caved in.


“I only meant to take one piece, but you do bake a great cake Mum” before adding “sorry.”


Audrey’s eyes glared and her nostrils flared. She was livid.


“I knew it” she said triumphantly. “Right my lad, go to the wall and stand there until I am ready to deal with you.”


“Please Mum” Ryan tried.


“No Ryan. Taking the cake was one thing, but you denied it was you. That’s lying isn’t it?”


Ryan knew he had been caught out and had exacerbated his crime. He bowed his head.


“Face the wall and take down your trousers and pants. Hands on your head. Now” she said forcefully before adding “Sally and Karen will be here in a couple of hours and you know I won’t hesitate to spank you in front of them if I have to.”


Ryan was worried now. Not so much because of the spanking but because he was nervous Karen will find out.


“Please Mum spank me after they’ve gone. Please Mum.”


“Why should I? You’ve been naughty now.”


“Because I won’t be able to sit at the table and I’ll be sore and Karen will know.”


“Really Ryan, that isn’t my problem. You were naughty and I need to teach you a lesson. That’s final. Now face the wall or I’ll take something more than the hairbrush to your bottom.”


Ryan was defeated and knew his Mum was fuming. He groaned then went to face the wall, undid his trousers and pushed them down to his ankles quickly followed by his pants. He put his nose to the wall, his hands on his head, and waited. A few moments later his Mum stood behind him and lifted the back of his shirt up. He knew she was going to give him some smacks and sure enough they rained down on his bare bottom, 6 on each bottom cheek, each followed by his own gasp.

“Stay there until I call you over” his Mum said sharply.


Ryan sniffed a couple of times, felt very sorry for himself, and waited.


Audrey seemed to take ages before calling her 16 year old son over.


“OK Ryan, it’s time to teach you your lesson.”


Ryan spun around to see his Mum already on the chair holding the hairbrush. He scrunched his face up as he knew this was going to be painful but just wanted it over with. He had been looking forward to Karen coming over and it was bad enough he was going to be sore, but he hoped he would be able to keep this from her. Ryan stood by his Mum and as soon as she tapped her thigh he bent down and went across her lap, almost anxious to get started. Audrey smiled when she realised Ryan was much stiller than usual and even had his bottom stuck right up, as she likes it, and she knew Ryan was eager for her to start. She decided she had made him wait long enough so after rubbing his bottom only a couple of times she raised her hand and brought it down hard on his left bottom cheek.


The spanking continued with some relish, Audrey getting her rhythm quickly and Ryan’s bottom cheeks bounced to her clapping tune. He was breathing heavily, trying not to squirm to encourage his Mum to finish quickly. He had misjudged though as she was surprised he was taking his spanking so well. Audrey first spanked harder than usual, then spanked several times on the same spot until Ryan gasped audibly and the squirming started a pace. Audrey now felt she was getting through to him.


The more often she spanked him the longer she was able to hand spank him before her hand hurt. This time she managed a full 15 minutes of hand spanks before reaching for the hairbrush and thrashing the wooden back on to her sons already reddened bare bottom. She certainly liked this part of the spanking. No pain in her own hand and plenty of pain spreading across her son’s bare bottom. She didn’t stop spanking him but glanced at the side of his face and nodded in satisfaction when she saw the tears streaming down his face.


Ryan was no longer thinking about Karen. Now he was just thinking about spank after spank hitting his bare bottom and knew his chances of sitting down on anything other than a thick cushion when Karen and Sally were there were ever so slim. Karen will know what has happened and his chances of going out with her also dwindled.


Thankfully his Mum stopped after what seemed to Ryan like forever, but Audrey knew she gave him only a couple of hundred spanks with the hairbrush, far fewer than when she was really mad with her son.


“OK Ryan, up you get” she ordered, satisfied he regretted stealing the cake.


Ryan stood in front of his Mum knowing she will ask the usual question.


“Well Ryan, why did I have to spank you?”


“For taking the cake Mum” he answered, relieved the punishment was over.


Ryan missed his Mum pull her hand back and the blur as it crashed down on the outside of his leg. He gasped, his eyes open wide as he saw the inevitable blur of the second hand spank strike his leg. It really stung.


“And” his Mum demanded to know. For a moment he was flummoxed then as the hand was pulled back a third time he remembered.


“And for lying Mum, I am so sorry.”


Audrey looked him in the eye, nodded, and said


“That’s better.”


Ryan knew though once her hand was pulled back his Mum always finished off and sure enough her hand came flying towards his leg and again the stinging spank hit the outside of his leg.”


Satisfied Audrey said with a soft smile


“OK, give me a hug then go and wash.”


Audrey stood up and held out her arms for a sobbing 16 year old Ryan to fall in to them and they hugged, his Mum kissing him on the cheek and calming him down, as she always did. She loved this time when her son showed his love for her, hugging her close, only letting go when he was told to, letting the motherly hug soothe him in the meantime. A few moments later and Ryan was in the bathroom washing his face, drying away the tears, albeit his eyes remained red for rather longer.


Ryan went to his room to get changed for when Sally and Karen arrived. He spent his time picking his clothes, checking his eyes from time to time, happy at least that the redness had gone by the time the mother and daughter arrived.


Ryan noticed his Mum had changed as well. He didn’t know but Audrey saw the stain on her skirt after Ryan went to the bathroom and as usual didn’t make a fuss. Luckily for Ryan his Mum did not consider this masturbating because whilst she knew he masturbated it was a definite rule that if she discovered he had then he got spanked for it. Hard. He had to be careful. This time she just changed her skirt, decided to change her top as well, and finished off preparing the tea.


Sally and Karen arrived soon afterwards and the atmosphere was very relaxed, Ryan was sore so stood all the time but no one noticed. At least he thought no one had noticed. He didn’t hear Sally ask his Mum why he was standing, nor did he hear his Mum explain it was because she had spanked him earlier. Ryan guessed when Sally came in to the room, saw him still standing and tried not to smile. Ryan went to the kitchen and asked his Mum


“Did you tell Sally you spanked me Mum?”


Audrey looked at her son and said


“We tell each other everything Ryan, so yes I told her. Karen doesn’t know though.”


Happier Ryan went back in to the living room. Everyone was relaxed again and Ryan, without thinking, got a cushion, put it on a chair, and sat down. Karen eyed him and asked


“Why do you need the cushion Ryan?


Ryan blushed, Karen’s mouth dropped open, she looked at her Mum, then at Audrey, then at Ryan, and said laughing


“Did you have your bottom spanked Ryan. Did you?”


Ryan blushed even deeper and decided he was too humiliated to stay in the room.


“I’m going upstairs” he said and stood up.


Karen said “oh don’t be soppy Ryan my brothers get spanked all the time.”


“Well I’m still going upstairs” he huffed.


“Can I come?” Karen asked.


“If you like” Ryan just about said and went off by himself, upstairs, and in to his bedroom


Karen followed Ryan to his room and entered without knocking. Ryan didn’t complain as he liked her, but he wasn’t expecting her next comment


“Come on, let’s see your bottom. How red is it?”


Karen giggled and put her hand over her mouth. Ryan blushed but didn’t move.


“Oh go on, let’s see it” Karen said in her sexy voice.


She walked over to Ryan, put one hand behind his neck and cuddled in, leaning forward to be kissed. Ryan pressed his lips against hers and even got excited when he realised Karen was sliding her hand inside the front of his trousers, and couldn’t believe it when she slid her hand inside his pants. He kissed harder then gasped when Karen took his balls in her hand and squeezed hard.


“I said show me” she scowled. Ryan looked at her eyes which were inches from his and could see she meant business so he quickly undid his trousers and yanked them down to his knees followed by his pants.


“Good boy” she said kindly as she tugged him and guided him to turn around, without any resistance from Ryan who was only too aware she was still squeezing his balls.

“Nice colour” Karen said almost with a whistle.


Ryan turned back to face Karen who kept hold of his balls mind, smiled and leant forward and kissed her on the lips. Karen didn’t resist, let go of his balls, put both arms around his neck, and kissed him hard. Ryan kissed her back harder, putting pressure on her lips so she opened her mouth and let his tongue enter her mouth and their tongues intertwined for several moments before pulling back her head, looking Ryan straight in the eye, and asked smiling


“Can I spank you?”


“What?” Ryan stammered, quite shocked by the request.


“I really want to spank you. I so want to.” She gave him a sly smile, teasing almost, daring him, which made him more confident.


Here he was with the most beautiful girl whose eyes sparkled and her smile filled the room. So even though his bottom stung he still asked


“What do I get?” Ryan asked.


“You can touch my boobs” Karen said with a furtive smile.


Ryan thought for a second, immediately forgot he had already been spanked today, and realised his penis was standing erect.


Karen looked down at his penis and said


“I guess that could be a yes then?”


Ryan nodded and lent back in to kiss Karen. They kissed for several minutes, and Karen again encircled his balls with her hand. Ryan undid the top couple of buttons of Karen’s shirt and slipped his hand behind her and unclipped her bra. Seconds later his hand cupped her breast as he continued to kiss her. He had never touched a girl’s breast before.


Karen let go of his balls again and had both hands holding his warm bottom cheeks but Ryan kept caressing Karen’s breasts. That was until suddenly the door flew open and Audrey came in followed by Sally.


“Ryan “Audrey said sharply.


Karen looked the picture of innocence whilst Ryan blushed deep red.


“How dare you Ryan” Audrey continued. Ryan was shocked and didn’t realise he was still holding Karen’s bare breasts.


“What is going on?” Audrey asked, even more sharply now.


“It’s OK” Karen said and continued “I said he could touch my boobs if he let me spank him.”


“I see” Audrey said, quite bemused.


“Ah, I see” Sally said to Audrey. “Karen keeps asking me to let her spank her brothers but I have said no.”


Audrey thought a moment then turned to Ryan and asked


“Is this true Ryan, did you agree to let Karen spank you if you fondled her breasts?”


Ryan blushed, looked at the floor, and said “Yes Mum.”


“I see. Well you have had your side of the bargain then” Audrey said, looking at Ryan’s hands still firmly holding Karen’s breasts.


“Oh” Ryan said, and released them.


Audrey and Sally looked at each other then Audrey looked at Ryan and said


“So I guess you need to keep to your side of the bargain.”


“What Mum, no” Ryan pleaded.


“Don’t be silly Ryan” his Mum said. “You fondled Karen’s breasts so she gets to spank you. It’s what you agreed.”


Ryan was silent. He had agreed to it of course.


Audrey saw Ryan’s trousers and pants were lowered to just above his knees and ordered


“Right Ryan, push your trousers and pants right down to your ankles now and put your hands on your head.”


Ryan obeyed as he looked from woman to woman.


Audrey said “Karen, you can use the desk chair. I often use it to spank Ryan.”


Karen said “great.”


Audrey said happily “I’ll go and get the hairbrush” then turned to Sally and asked “Do you want a glass of wine maybe whilst we watch?”


“Sounds good” Sally responded, also getting in to the spirit of things. She was upset with her daughter for making such a ridiculous deal but knew Karen actually fancied Ryan anyway.


Ryan on the other hand could not believe his Mum was making him do this, and getting ready to watch as well, and with a glass of wine as though it was a spectacle. Audrey left the room and Karen turned the chair in to the room and sat down. She ran her hands through her long hair and contemplated the spanking she was about to give Ryan. Her Mum was right. She had wanted to spank one of her brothers for ages and so wasn’t going to give this opportunity up. She looked at her Mum and wasn’t sure if she was going to give her a piece of her mind for allowing Ryan to touch her boobs, but when her Mum gave her a broad smile Karen relaxed and got ready to enjoy herself. She was set to spank 16 year old Ryan.


A few moments later and Audrey came back in to the room holding a bottle of wine and two glasses in one hand, and the wooden backed hairbrush in the other. She sat on the bed and Sally sat next to her taking the glasses from Audrey. A few seconds later and Audrey took the top off and poured wine in to each glass. She turned to Karen and asked


“Do you know what to do sweetie?”


“I reckon so. I’ve watched Mum enough times.”


“OK then” and Audrey turned to Ryan and said


“Over Karen’s lap Ryan, sharpish” with a broad smile.


Ryan groaned, turned to Karen, looked down at her lap and realised her skirt had risen right up so when he bent over her lap his penis would be against her bare skin. He couldn’t worry about that right now though and bent down and lay across the 17 year olds lap. He immediately noticed the difference between Karen’s lap and his Mum’s. Karen’s thighs were slimmer but her legs longer so he felt as though his bottom was sticking up much higher, as though Karen was presented with an even less protected bare bottom.


Audrey said “I like to rub his bottom a few times sweetie, so feel free.”


Ryan looked across at the two Mum’s who smiled back at him. He felt Karen’s cool hand on his bottom and really wondered whether he had got a fair deal. As he looked back at the carpet which was so familiar to him although slightly further away from his face as Karen was taller than his Mum he realised even more that he hadn’t got himself a fair deal at all when he heard his Mum say


“I usually spank him for as long as I can with my hand then give him between 100 and 200 with the brush. Does that sound OK sweetie?” Audrey said.


Ryan was about to tell his Mum that was too much for one grope of Karen’s boobs but thought better of it. A second later and the first spank hit home followed by several more on the same bottom cheek.


His Mum watched the first couple of dozen spanks then decided to offer some more helpful advice.


“You can spank much harder than that sweetie.”


“OK” Karen replied and used more power than before. After a couple of dozen more spanks Audrey said


“Really sweetie you can spank much harder than that as well.”


Sally added “why not think as though you are spanking one of your brothers who has just spilt a drink over your favourite dress.”


Audrey gave her friend a look with a smile and Sally said


“That happened to me two days ago and one very unhappy boy is still rubbing his bottom after the spanking I gave him.”


Audrey laughed.


Karen was now spanking Ryan really hard now.”


“That’s more like it sweetie, but if you can go harder then that’s ok. Try spanking on alternate cheeks as well Karen, start at the top of his right bottom cheek with a good hard spank, cross over to the top of his left bottom cheek for another hard spank, then back to the right just a fraction lower than the first spank. That criss crossing makes his bottom red and really stings. It’s even better when you use the hairbrush like that.”


“OK thanks” Karen said and even Ryan could feel the enthusiasm in her voice.


The spanking continued until Ryan was squirming around in painful reaction to the constant spanking. He squirmed even more when Karen stopped using her hand and picked up the hairbrush. She criss-crossed his bottom using the hard wood and it really hurt. He was squirming groaning grunting and crying.


When Karen realised the tears were flowing down his cheeks she sounded concerned and asked


“Shall I stop?”


Audrey laughed and said “Don’t be silly sweetie. It’s a spanking and the way to make sure he learns his lesson is to spank long and hard and make sure he remembers it.”


“Oh right” Karen said and started pounding Ryan’s bottom again, delighting in turning it the deep red it had become.


Ryan had no choice but to take every spank from the girl he fancied so much and wanted to go out with. Well she won’t be going out with him now, not when she has humiliated him so easily. He couldn’t stop himself squirming on her lap, conscious his penis was rubbing against her bare thighs, knowing he mustn’t try to get up or cover his bottom as his Mum will give him a second spanking for that. He was conscious of Karen scolding him, telling him he is only getting what he agreed to, and somehow he found the tone of her voice arousing and was conscious that even with the constant spanking with the hairbrush the sound of her voice caused a stiffer erection.


When the spanking was over and Karen told him to get up all three women saw the erection. Karen smiled and looked at her Mum, mouthing how amazing she thought spanking him was.


Meanwhile Ryan bounced from foot to foot whilst rubbing his bottom.


Audrey felt the spanking Karen had given her son was reasonably hard but she wanted to also teach him he had done wrong in the first place. She resolved to put him across her lap as soon as the two visitors had gone and have a very serious chat with him about what she saw as a childish game.


They went in to the lounge and sat down, this time Ryan was not worried about sitting on the cushion. They chatted for a while, Ryan even joking as he recovered quickly, albeit his stinging bottom was always a good reminder to mind his p’s and q’s. He wasn’t yet aware of his Mum’s decision to give him another spanking.


Karen was still turning over in her mind the spanking she gave Ryan and couldn’t quite get it out of her head so when there was a gap in the conversation she asked Audrey


“So how often do you need to spank Ryan?”


Audrey gave the 17 year old a sharp glare, not thinking it was really the subject for the afternoon’s chat but replied


“Whenever he needs to be disciplined” then reconsidered and thought maybe Karen was just getting used to the idea she had just spanked someone for the first time so added more gently


“Well sweetie he tends to earn a spanking once or twice a week actually.”


“Really?” Karen asked surprised that it was so often.


Ryan turned to look at his Mother and was going to tell her not to discuss her spanking him but didn’t expect her face to be so stern. Audrey turned to Karen and Sally with almost a forced smile and said


“Well it’s been a rather entertaining afternoon don’t you think?”


Sally understood the meaning of Audrey’s look and said to her daughter


“Yes it has Audrey” then turned to Karen.


“Right I think it’s time to say goodbye and go home” then added “and maybe Karen we can discuss you giving your brothers a spanking next time they earn one.”


“Really Mum? That would be great. Can I decide when?”


“Slow down, slow down, I’ll do the deciding, well to begin with anyway, but I doubt you will be waiting very long.”


“Cool Mum.”


Ryan watched Karen and wanted to say something nice, he fancied her so, and again looked with sexy admiration at her lovely face and long hair, big eyes, beautiful bare arms and long bare legs, but while he was ogling her the two women moved towards the door and the moment was lost.


Karen turned to Ryan, smiled when she saw his red eyes and his hands still rubbing his bottom.


“I’ll see you out” Audrey said, then when the visitors were out of earshot turned to Ryan and said sternly “I haven’t finished with you yet young man. Go and face the wall and take your trousers and pants down again, oh and put your hands on your head.”


Ryan was about to argue but thought better of it, at least not with Karen in the house.


Audrey had decided one or two dozen more spanks of her own were called for. A few moments later Audrey returned to find Ryan facing the door and well away from the wall although he had left his trousers and pants down around his ankles.


“How dare you disobey me” she snapped at her son.


“Please Mum, it’s not fair” he stammered.


Audrey glared at the 16 year old and said


“Not fair? Really? I know Karen spanked you but that was what you agreed to. I’m talking about what you did was naughty and you need to know your little game was wrong with some good hard spanks from me. Touching her breasts for goodness sake. What were you thinking of?”


“Mum, please, I mean” Ryan started, but knew his Mum was right.


“Stop it Ryan. I won’t have it from you. So instead of a just couple of dozen more spanks it will be several dozen, with my hand and hairbrush” she snapped.


Ryan couldn’t help himself and stamped his foot but turned and waddled over to the wall, putting his nose against it and his hands on his head. Audrey looked at him before going over to him, lifting his top clear of his bottom, and said


“That’s enough attitude young man” before landing twelve spanks on alternate bottom cheeks.


“Five minutes then I’ll call you over. Think about how naughty you have been.”


Ryan didn’t think about anything naughty. Instead he spent the time thinking about Karen so when the time was up he had quite an erection.


Audrey commanded “OK Ryan, over here now.”


Ryan turned to find his Mum sitting on the chair with the hairbrush in one hand. Her mouth dropped open slightly at the sight of his erection. Ryan groaned as he waddled over and as he saw his Mum tap her thigh he bent straight across her lap.


“So Ryan, you were thinking about Karen I suppose when you should have been thinking about how naughty you have been.”


Ryan said a very quiet “sorry Mum.”


“Hhmm” Audrey said as she looked at his bottom and realised that in fact Ryan’s bottom was far redder than she first thought so maybe Karen had spanked him hard enough after all. Still, he was neatly across her lap and thought there was no need to waste the bare red bottom staring up at her so even though she now readily accepted Karen was a very able spanker she decided she will still give him a good spanking because of his poor attitude, and raised her hand ready to start.


Ryan unexpectedly said “it's still unfair Mum you know.”


Audrey was enraged more than ever with that.


“Really” she said sharply, “well let’s make it very unfair shall we as you have just earned yourself a full discipline spanking young man.”


Still fuming she landed the first spank which caused Ryan to arch his back, not expecting such a hard spank. Equally he didn’t expect the next few equally hard spanks. Ryan was gasping, knowing there was a major difference in the power of the spanks being given now compared to the spanking given by Karen. Audrey was pursing her lips, intent on teaching her son that respect is important and feeling she was getting through to him judging by his extended gasps and arching back.


Just then Jeff entered the room having just got back from work.


“Ah Jeff, good timing. Have a seat and watch” his wife said.


“Oh dear” Jeff said as he sat opposite his wife, glancing at his son as he looked across the room at him, his eyes already wet.


“He has been very naughty Jeff, I cannot tell how much” Audrey said as she started to spank the 16 year old again and again.


Jeff watched, as always in wonderment of his wife, her serious face with her pursed lips, showing her intent on giving their son a good hard spanking. He watched as her hand lifted up and crashed down again and again on Ryan’s bottom, the picture of a woman who expected others to do as she wanted, forceful, powerful, demanding obedience. As usual he soon became aroused as he watched his wife, and the telling bulge soon appeared in his trousers, large enough for Audrey to see when she looked across, and as she saw it so her face softened ever so slightly, again as usual, and leant over and picked up the hairbrush She glanced again at her husband and they smiled at each other as the wooden backed paddle brush was lifted above her head and brought down hard on their son’s bottom.


Audrey often wondered at how her husband got an erection when watching her spank Ryan. She had never asked why, but knew that he always wanted sex afterwards and because for her the spanking gave her an adrenalin rush she was willing to oblige, as a thank you to Jeff for watching as she requested him to do. She also knew sex was always better after he watched her discipline Ryan. From Audrey’s point of view certainly spanking her son was only a matter of discipline to her, not sexual, and a feeling of having control over her often disobedient son. She had learnt the benefit of giving her son a good hard spanking and knew the next few days were likely to be peaceful and the 16 year old would once again be obedient, so if her son was disciplined and her husband gave her great sex afterwards then what did it matter? That is how she had always thought about it. Ever since her sister first introduced her to spanking that is.


She was totally unaware in fact that her husband secretly hankered being spanked by his wife but had never had the courage to ask. Maybe one day he would, but not yet.


Ryan was squirming around on her lap as the hairbrush did its work, very effectively in fact. The tears were streaming down his face, his bottom was a deep shade of red and Audrey knew would be sore for quite a while and tomorrow was likely to be bruised. A good reminder for his disrespect today she thought.


When eventually Audrey decided she had punished her son enough Ryan was gasping and crying louder than any of them could remember. Audrey glanced across at Jeff who was breathing deeply and still had a huge erection as he looked at his wife, still enamoured by her strength.


Ryan was told to get up and immediately rubbed his stinging bottom, bouncing from foot to foot.


Audrey said “let that be a lesson my lad” before turning to Jeff and saying quietly “let’s leave him alone for a while shall we?”


Audrey and Jeff left the room closing the door behind them leaving a sobbing Ryan still rubbing his bottom. They went to their bedroom and closed the door behind themselves. They faced each other and Audrey said with a smile


“That’s some erection Jeff, shall we get rid of it for you?”


Jeff laughed, nodded his head, clasped his wife and kissed her, knowing he was ready to make love and Audrey was happy to indulge.


Ryan meanwhile was recovering but still lay on his bed on his stomach rubbing his bottom, his crying changing to regular sniffs and sobs as he rubbed his bottom well aware that as always his Mum could get on with things whilst he struggled to recover from the hard spanking she had given him. Slowly though as he did recover his thoughts turned again to Karen and the spanking she had given him. He so fancied the 17 year old, and as he thought about her so he got an erection, one he encouraged in himself as he imagined her undressed, his hands on her breasts caressing them as she had her hands inside his pants squeezing his balls and stroking his penis. He was now smiling as he put his hands under his body and encircled his throbbing penis, rubbing faster and faster as his breathing became deeper and deeper.


Audrey and Jeff were naked on their bed, Jeff licking Audrey’s very wet and pulsating pussy, her gasps getting louder and louder as she came closer to orgasm.


“Now” she said breathlessly and Jeff lay on his back as his assertive wife lay on top of him, her legs wide apart and with one hand guided his erect throbbing penis inside her. They gyrated in time together, Jeff waiting for the long gasps that will tell him Audrey has come, and as he heard them he knew that was his signal to relax and focus on his own orgasm that followed a few moments later.


Audrey lay spooning with Jeff, his now almost floppy penis nestling in her bottom crack as they rested, his hands cupping her breasts, gently squeezing her nipples.


In his room Ryan was rubbing his penis madly and felt it pulsating with the rush of his cum running up his shaft and let go expecting it to flow across his chest and stomach as usual. Too late he remembered he was still on his stomach and all the cum flowed instead on to his duvet. He sat up and saw the huge stain and with an intake of breath knew he was in trouble. His Mum had an absolute rule. If he masturbates he must make sure she doesn’t know but she will find out for sure. She will be changing his bed the following morning and will be sure to see the stain. He knew the second she saw it he will be told to face the wall and bare his bottom, soon followed by a dozen spanks, the humiliation of being made to face the wall and then the inevitable trip across her maternal lap for her hand spanking and her dreaded hairbrush. He was distraught as he knew his bottom will still be very sore in the morning.


He tried to forget about the inevitable punishment. He forced his mind to wander towards thoughts of Karen and as he did so his erection returned. His hand encircled his penis again, and this time although his bottom was sore he made sure he was lying on his back, wallowing in the thought of the 17 year old, the sexy beautiful Karen, until again he came, this time splattering over his stomach.


Ryan fell in and out of sleep afterwards, but when awake lay there occasionally groaning as he thought about his Mum discovering he had masturbated. His bottom was still stinging so badly and his last thoughts before finally falling asleep were of the very hard spanking he will get soon after waking up in the morning.

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