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Ryan's First Spanking

Ryan is spanked for the first time by his Aunt, then his Mum is told about it

This starts the story at the beginning, that is how Ryan was spanked for the very first time by his Aunt when he was 16 years old, and his Mum had to decide if she was going to continue spanking him when he returned home –


“Hi Sis, how has my Ryan been?” asked Audrey.


Ryan, Audrey’s 16-year-old son, had been staying at his Aunt Lizzie for four weeks whilst Audrey and Jeff were away on a break.


“Hi Audrey, he’s been fine” then after a gap added in an apologetic ton “but I suppose I should have told you before that I did spank him a few times.”


Audrey double took her sister and asked,


“What do you mean spank him Lizzie, he’s 16 years old and I have never spanked him.”


“I know Audrey, but it just happened.”


“Go on then, tell me, I know he is extremely trying at times and deserved one often enough” Audrey said with a sigh, wondering just how come her constantly disobedient son got himself spanked.


“Well, I got home from the shops, the queues were horrendous, I was in a pretty poor mood, and found the two boys fighting. I stormed in and saw they had broken my favourite vase. Billy just said it was an accident as though that was Ok, until I said to him I was going to spank him and ordered him to the spare room, telling Ryan to follow. I told them both off then had them face the wall with their hands on their heads. I usually smack Billy’s bottom a dozen or so times to give him a taster of what is to come but as Ryan was there I didn’t, at least not that time.”


Audrey looked at her sister when she realised the comment meant her son was naughty more than once. No surprise there she thought.


“After 10 minutes I told Billy to take down his trousers and pants, put him across my lap and gave him a very thorough spanking. Ryan watched still with his hands on his head.”


Audrey smiled at that as she had watched her sister spank Billy lots of times.


“Anyway” Lizzie continued “I kept looking up at Ryan as I spanked Billy telling him he was naughty. I knew you didn’t spank him but thought at least I should tell him off. I got Billy’s bottom really red and he was bawling his eyes out before I let him get up and stand in front of me with his hands on his head. Then it happened.”


  Lizzie smiled and Audrey pressed her to continue. “Go on” she said, actually now interested to know just how it happened.


“Well I looked at Ryan and said” at which point Lizzie winked, smiled, then continued


“You deserve one of those as well you know.”


Lizzie smiled and continued


“All of a sudden he nodded and started to undo his trousers. I was going to tell him I didn’t mean I was actually going to spank him but you know I was still pretty annoyed so I just let him pull his trousers down, and he then followed that with taking his pants down. I put my hands on my hips and kept staring at him and just tapped my thigh, and lo and behold the fella just bent down across my lap. I moved him a few inches so he was just in the right position and thought well why not, and gave him a real good spanking. His bottom was a lovely deep shade of red just like I did to Billy’s bottom, though I guess it has never ever been that colour before, eh Audrey?”


Audrey had to agree then remembered Lizzie had said several spankings. “And the others?” she asked.


“Well, both boys behaved really well for several days, as Billy always does after a spanking. They were a real joy to have around and we had some laughs. Then, also as usual, boys will be boys and they went off the rails. I told them three times to stop playing on the computer and you know I mean it, so if I ask three times it means a red bottom.”


Lizzie took a breath remembering the scene in her mind and continued


“I shouted out, right if you don’t want to go to bed you can go across my lap, so get your trousers down. Well, Billy took his down straight away, well after the usual groans and pleading which he knows never gets him anywhere other than a harder spanking. Well, Ryan looked at him, then at me, and followed. I few moments later they were both butt bare below the waist and had their hands on their head. I looked at both boys and thought I better deal with Ryan first. It was my favourite vase after all.”


“With Billy watching?”


“Sure, I always prefer someone to watch. A   bit of humiliation does the boys good you know. Anyway, Ryan went over my lap and a few minutes later he was squirming and kicking and his bottom was red. I used the hairbrush this time and I know he felt the difference. I turned his bottom a beautiful deep red and he was even though he squirming around on my lap like crazy he didn’t try to get up. When he stood up and watched me spank Billy his eyes were gushing out water like you wouldn’t believe, huge sobs, loud sniffs, you know.”


Audrey was now hanging on to every one of her sister’s words, picturing her 16-year-old son across her lap having his bottom turned red and standing their watching his cousin being spanked still sobbing and his face wet with his own tears.


Lizzie continued


  “Another time the boy next door and his Mum were over. The three boys were a nightmare and before we knew it we said all three were going to be spanked.”


“By just the two Mum’s?” Audrey asked.


“Well no, they have an au pair next door, Carla, a 20 year old who looked like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. She spanked Ryan which wasn’t all that fair as she spanks harder than us two Mum’s” Lizzie said laughing. “Mind you Ryan was quite smitten by her.”


“I bet he was” Audrey said


“Yes, well, anyway we had all three lined up facing the wall with their hands on their heads and their trousers and pants around their ankles whilst Carla came across.”


“So, facing the wall is part of the punishment?”


“Yes. I like them facing the wall before if possible as it gives them time to mull over what they did wrong and to think about something not very nice to look forward to. Oh yes, and right away I give them a dozen spanks with my hand when they are standing there so they know what to expect.”


“Ouch” Audrey said with a painful look.


“So Carla came over and I arranged three chairs. We each sat on one and took one of the boys across each of our laps. Ryan got Carla as I said. The room just filled with the sound of the three boys bare bottoms being spanked and their gasps as their bottoms were turned bright red. The tears flowed and all the boys kept promising to be good but we still had them a full 15 minutes across our laps being spanked split between our hands and hairbrushes.”


“Another good lesson huh and I suppose another few quiet days?” Audrey asked.


“Yes, then Billy was at camp for four days, remember I said?”


“Yes” Audrey said.


“Well on the very first morning I had a couple of friends over and one had her 16 year old daughter, Melissa, who I expected Ryan to entertain. Ryan was a pain, I mean a real pain. It got too much and I shouted at him only to find him looking smirking at my friends as I told him off. Well I was so livid I ordered him to face the wall and drop his trousers and pants to his ankles. He started to say something and then decided against it. Well as soon as he turned away I smiled at my friends, followed him, waited for him to bare his bottom, and told him to stand still whilst I gave him a dozen hard spanks.”


“Just like that?”


“Yup, like I said I do it with Billy to get him, and me, in to the mood for a good spanking.”


“Then what?”


“He stood facing the wall fro 5 minutes. I had already got my hairbrush, so sat on the chair and called him over. He shuffled over and stood in front of me whilst I told him off again. Blow me down he got an erection.”


“No” Audrey exclaimed.


“Yes, I think it was young Melissa being there as she was smiling at him as he stood there waiting to be spanked, anyway so I told him to get across my lap which he did quickly enough. I rubbed his bottom a few times and said I hoped this will teach him not to be naughty again and to my surprise Ryan answered yes”


“Really?” Audrey laughed.


“Yes, so I said I hope so, raised my hand, and started to spank him. He looked across at my friends and then back at the floor. He was really embarrassed by being watched but I think it did him good. I gave him a couple of hundred spanks with my hand and another hundred or so with the hairbrush. He was bawling by the end.”


“I bet he was.”


“Anyway, when I finished I told him to stand up and he threw his arms around me and told me how sorry he was. It was quite moving really.”


“How sweet” Audrey said.


“Mind you, Melissa followed him to his room and I heard she rubbed cream in for him.”


“In to his bottom?” Audrey exclaimed, seeing the funny side and breaking out in to a surprised smile.


“Yes, but I think they got up to some hanky panky. I think she rubbed his penis until he came because I stood outside his room a few minutes and he sounded like he was having fun.”


“No way” Audrey said.


Lizzie said “Yes, I think Melissa enjoyed watching me spank him, like it turned her on, and only 16 years old herself. Still, no harm done I suppose.


Audrey smiled and asked “Was it another few peaceful days then?”


“Yes, we had another few great days. Billy was still at camp. It was great for three days in fact but then Ryan got bored and started bothering me to play some computer game. I said no and next thing I know he has gone out and I had no idea where he was. Three hours later he got home and I was livid. I told him I wanted to know where he had been but we were going to have the discussion with him over my lap. He begged me, I mean really begged, but I insisted. I already had the hairbrush ready. He gave in, dropped his trousers and pants, and when he was over my lap I saw his bottom was glowing red, like he had been spanked already. He told me he went to see Carla, she had two friends with her, and he had groped one of them in a mad moment, so Carla insisted all three of them got to spank his bare butt. He told me he knew he deserved it. His bottom was burning when I rubbed it.”


“So you let him off?” Audrey asked.


Lizzie smirked and said “No way, I was furious, I’d been beside myself with worry so there was no way he was going to get out of a spanking from me for going AWOL. I made him face the wall for 10 minutes and right away gave him a dozen hard spanks as a taster, then after the 10 minutes were up and I can tell you stood absolutely still I took him across my lap and gave him a very sound spanking. I was still livid and actually quite fired up. He was bawling his eyes out by the time I let him up and was skipping from foot to foot rubbing his bottom. I wasn’t sure what to expect that time but sure enough when he stopped crying he came over to me gave me a big hug and told me he was sorry. I even felt sorry for him so remembering what happened the previous time I had him go back across my lap so I could rub cream in to him.”


“That was nice of you sis” Audrey said still getting over the fact Ryan said he was sorry after being spanked. That was a side of him she had never seen. He would sulk for ages just for being told off, and never apologise. Audrey would just be glad he started talking to her again and the dark cloud lifted over the household.


Audrey was shaken out of her thoughts by what her sister said next.


“Well it was only afterwards I saw the stain on my skirt” Lizzie said.


“No way, yeurk, too much information sis” and both Mum’s laughed.


“Don’t worry Audrey, I asked him how come the stain and he said he was thinking about Melissa again as I rubbed the cream in. He looked really worried I was going to tan his bottom again, but then I just smiled at him and he relaxed then went downstairs to let him recover his composure. You know he looks real cute when he has red eyes.”


“I’ll have to take your word for that sis. Anyway, so he doesn’t have a crush on you then?” Audrey asked almost laughing.


“No, I reckon Melissa is a bit of a tyrant with her boyfriends and Ryan is attracted to strong women” Lizzie replied.


“How was he afterwards sis?” Audrey asked.


Lizzie said


“He was fine, in fact he gave me a big hug and said he was sorry and would tell me where he was going next time.”


“I would have been less surprised if Ryan had sulked for several days” Audrey stated.


“None of that Audrey, he was laughing inside the hour and again a dream to have around.”


“So where is he?”


“Upstairs” and with that Lizzie shouted out to Ryan that his Mum was here. A few moments later Ryan and Billy came in to the room laughing and buzzing still.


“Slow down soldier” Audrey said to her son. “Had a good time?”


“Great Mum, really great” he answered to her surprise.


“Want to come again?” she asked.


“Sure Mum, any time” then looked at her Aunt and said “can I Aunt Lizzie?”


Lizzie answered, “Anytime Ryan, especially as we know you can be so well behaved.”


Ryan blushed and said “oh yes, that.”


Audrey told her son to take his bag out to the car. Lizzie left the room and came back a moment later with a paper bag, handed it to her sister, smiled and said,


“You might want to take this home, as a present.”


Audrey looked in the bag and saw the wooden backed hairbrush. Her eyes opened wide, she looked at Lizzie who explained,


“He knows it is the one I use on him.”


“I see” Audrey said smiling then asked “So Ryan was ok with it.”


Lizzie said enthusiastically


“Sure really sis, it was almost a game. Sometimes I only had to show them the hairbrush. They saw it and calmed down, so it was only if they got carried away again, like if they pushed my buttons still, that one or both ended up across my lap being spanked. Really, you’ll notice the difference just by showing it to him and it creates far less tension as in half an hour he has faced the wall and been soundly spanked, and no sulking or bad mouthing you” then she added “And the best is he’s better behaved.”


Audrey nodded, saying, “Well it worked for you huh?”


“Exactly. Who knows and you might, well, get to use it” Lizzie said with a teasing smile.


“I’m not sure Lizzie, but look I’ll take it with me and decide later.”


In the car Ryan didn’t stop saying how much he enjoyed the stay and when Audrey asked whether the spankings hurt Ryan said


“Yes, Auntie Lizzie sure spanks hard but they were ok I guess.”


“Did you deserve them?” his Mum pressed.


“I suppose so Mum.”


“What was the worst bit?” she asked expecting him to say the hairbrush.


“Being watched Mum. Do you know how embarrassing that is?”


“I suppose it must be” Audrey said, wondering how that could possibly be the worst bit, but if that’s what he thought she will remember he said it because if she does end up spanking him it means she will have Jeff watch when she spanks him, and then maybe some others could watch as well. Audrey realised she was actually thinking that maybe she will spank him when she gets him home, when he is naughty of course.


“I heard Melissa spanked you as well”


“Oh yes, well she did.”


“And her two friends” Audrey persisted.


  “Yes Mum, all three spanked me very hard, and I cried. It was my fault though,” he admitted truthfully.


“Yes it was”


Audrey looked at her son who was blushing.


“Did you fancy Melissa then?” she asked casually.


“Sure I did Mum, she is a tough cookie” he said wistfully.


“And Aunty Lizzie spanked you again when you got back she said.”


“Yes Mum, now that really was my fault. I should have told her where I was going.”


“I guess though if you learn a lesson from it then that’s not so bad is it?”


Audrey changed the subject, deciding she had lodged the thought in his mind. Soon Ryan was gushing with some of the good times he had had at his Aunts.


Two days later he wasn’t gushing quite so much. He went out early afternoon and said he would be back by 8 o’clock. He got back at 10 o’clock. Audrey was livid. She had made a few phone calls to his friends but none of the Mum’s had seen Ryan since they left to go to the park to play football. She was getting worried, and annoyed. Almost absentmindedly she wandered in to her bedroom, found the bag with the hairbrush in, took it out, smacked her hand a couple of times with it, and decided that just maybe it was worth a try. Just then Ryan came home so she slipped the hairbrush in to a pocket and went to have it put with her son.


“Oh come on Mum, I was busy” he exclaimed looking innocent.


“Really” and then came the big one “so tell me what would Aunt Lizzie have done?”


Ryan stalled, looked at his Mum, licked his lips and said


“She spanked me Mum.”


“Yes she did Ryan, and I seem to recall you saying in the car you really deserved to be spanked for that. Well you have done exactly the same again so maybe you need another lesson.” She was really getting serious she knew, but had now decided a spanking was really necessary.


“Please Mum.” Ryan was begging now and Audrey could feel the panic in his voice. She was nervous as well as she had never spanked him before. She remained resolute.


“I don’t think so Ryan” she said as she showed him the hairbrush. He looked at it and blanched white.


  “Trousers down my lad” she said firmly.


“Please Mum I promise I won’t be naughty e ver again if you let me off.”


“Really?” Audrey said but before Ryan could say anything she continued, “I tell you what, I have a much better idea. I will give you a spanking now, a hard one mind, and then if you are never naughty again you won’t ever get spanked again. Now I think that is a much better idea, don’t you?”


Ryan still didn’t move, until Audrey took the hairbrush and slapped her hand with it. He scrunched his face up and slowly undid his trousers. Audrey wasn’t too worried about how long he took so long as he kept going, and sure enough his trousers dropped to his ankles quickly followed by his pants.


“Face the wall for 5 minutes, you know, with your hands on your head young man.”


Ryan sidled over to the wall and put his hands on his head. Audrey stood behind him and said


“Think about what you have done.”


Audrey lifted his shirt up his back and she heard her son groan as he clearly knew what was going to happen. She realised that Ryan was of course much more experienced than her at this because he had been spanked so many times by his Aunt.


“Aunt Lizzie gave you 12 spanks I think to give you something to think about, didn’t she?”


Ryan groaned again and said a weak “yes Mum.”


“Thought so.”


Audrey pulled her hand back and landed a hard spank on her son’s bottom, followed by 11 more alternating between bottom cheeks. Ryan didn’t attempt to move away although edged forward in to the wall to try to avoid each spank, a fruitless attempt of course but a natural one.


Audrey smiled as she looked at her handiwork which had turned her 16-year-old son’s bottom pink then said sharply


“Now stay there until I tell you to get across my lap.”


Audrey went and sat down at the table and whilst she tried to read the newspaper she just couldn’t focus, anxious for the 5 minutes to be up and so she kept glancing across at her son as he stood with his hands on his head. She wanted to get started as it was still going to be the first time she had spanked her son, but she waited for the full 5 minutes to pass. Audrey then said


“Ryan, over here please.”


Unbelievably she thought Ryan trudged over to her and stood by her side. Ryan was looking at his Mum’s lap and licked his lips, breathing deeply.


“Take your trousers and pants right off please” she said sternly and again watched as her son reluctantly stooped down and removed his clothes. She got a bit of a shock when she saw he had an erection but ignored it, as did Ryan, who quickly lowered himself across his Mum’s lap. When he was fully across and resting on her thighs and she saw his bare bottom staring up at her she realised that after all this time she was actually going to spank her son. Her 16-year-old son. Her heart pounded at the thought of it. The adrenalin flowed. She rubbed his bottom with her palm and when Ryan didn’t move she lifted her hand and brought it down hard on his bottom, and again and again, alternating between bottom cheeks, gaining in confidence the longer she spanked him and he didn’t try to get up. Just like Lizzie had said. She was enjoying the sense of control, not exactly revenge, more a feeling of retribution, of her teaching her son he had pushed her too far and he was the one to suffer. All the time she continued spanking his bare bottom, sometimes the tops of his legs, ever conscious her son was squirming on her lap but never tried to get up admitting to her he was accepting her authority.


After what she reckoned was at least two hundred hand spanks her hand was starting to hurt. She looked at his bottom and how it was staring to glow, then at the palm of her hand and was surprised how red that was as well. It was time for the hairbrush her sister had given to her.


She picked up the hairbrush and continued spanking her son with it, the loud smacks unsettling her at first but as Ryan cried and squirmed so she spanked him harder, enjoying now turning his bottom a deep blushing red. This was so much better than just telling him off. Much more satisfying. For her anyway, and of course there were no awkward arguments and unlikely to be any sulking afterwards. Ryan was gasping and groaning and squirming and crying whilst she was smiling , revelling in his punishment, knowing it was doing him good, and doing her lots of good. The adrenalin was flowing so she kept spanking her son not felling tired at all.


As the spanking continued so Audrey felt the feeling of power transferring to her. Spank after spank was met by a groan or gasp or cry as Ryan’s bottom bounced to the beat of her hairbrush. She looked down at his bright red bottom and knew he would be sore for quite a while, maybe it will still tingle tomorrow, a painful lingering memory of the spanking, a reminder not to be naughty again. Maybe a very good reminder indeed and the reason to be so good for several days at least after being spanked hard. She smiled again as she saw the side of Ryan’s face, wet with tears, scrunched up in pain. She was in control. A wonderful experience for her.


“OK Ryan, that’s it, now stand up in front of me. No rubbing, and put your hands on your head”


She remembered promising this would be his one and only spanking from her if he was well behaved from then on. Would he be well behaved she wondered?


Ryan stood in front of his Mum, his hands on his head, not concerned that his penis was on show and getting more erect by the second particularly as his Mum asked him questions. He was giving her his full attention, and a new found respect. Just as he had with his Aunt Lizzie. He discovered his Mum was far tougher than he thought, and knew he will have to be much better behaved in future or suffer the indignity of being put across her lap again. He knew he hated being spanked, really hated having to bend across his Mum’s lap and have her spank his bottom. He never wanted to be spanked again. He looked at his Mum, her face stern, her manner demanding his obedience. He so wanted to be obedient but knew he was unlikely to be. That she will spank him again. Many times probably.


“Why did I spank you Ryan?” she demanded.


“Because I didn’t get home when I said I would Mum” came the sorry reply.


“Will you be late again Ryan?”


“Oh no Mum, really I won’t.”


Audrey bit her lip so she didn’t smile as she saw her son’s penis now standing very erect, which she wondered about bearing in mind how hard she had spanked him but thought she would let it go.


“Do you want a hug?” she asked, now looking motherly again.


Ryan nodded and fell in to her arms as she pulled him close, telling him it was all over and if he is a good boy it won’t need to happen again.


Ryan hugged his Mum back, knowing it was very unlikely he was going to be good for ever, knowing he was going to be spanked again.


“OK Ryan, go get cleaned up” his Mum said after a while.


Ryan sniffed a few times, wiped his face, nodded, and went upstairs.


Audrey was suspicious about the erection so a few moments after she heard Ryan’s bedroom door close she went upstairs and listened outside. It was unmistakeable, the slow groaning, the heavy breathing, then he said


“Harder, spank me harder Melissa” followed by more heavy breathing and finally three long gasps. Yes, unmistakeable. He had masturbated after the spanking, and it must have been because of it, and he was thinking of young Melissa, just as Lizzie had suspected.


She kept listening. Ryan didn’t make any sound until he said


“Hi Cous, thought I’d tell you. Mum just spanked me and I came like you wouldn’t believe. The cum reached my chest.”


Ryan was listening to Billy then answered


“You as well? I guess we both got home late so we both got spanked.”


Ryan answered his Cousin again


“Yes I hated being spanked even more than by Aunty and Mum spanks much harder than I thought she would. It was horribly painful and so embarrassing being put across her lap and have my bum in the air knowing she was just giving me spank after spank. Now its over though and thought about it I know deserved it and all, and even with the sore bum I really came good just now. I just pictured Melissa spanking me and I came.” After a moment his voice changed as though he was feeling sorry for himself and added   “It’s just a pity I only get to feel like this when I’ve been spanked.”


There was a gap and Ryan said


“No I don’t intend getting spanked on purpose Cous, it hurts too much” then after a gap added “at least not with Mum. Maybe Melissa is different eh? Followed by laughter.


Audrey couldn’t get over how, well, happy her son sounded after the first ever spanking she gave him. It was an eye opener for her but gave her the confidence to know what will happen next time he is naughty. After all the most important point she overheard was that he hated being spanked so she had a great deterrent now.


Audrey went back downstairs and phoned her sister.


“Hey Lizzie, I just got to use the hairbrush.”


“Good for you sis. How do you feel?” Lizzie asked happily.


“Couldn’t feel better. Ryan has a sore bottom, and I feel I have taught him a lesson without me getting tense at all. Just like you said sis.”


Lizzie laughed then said


“And guess what Audrey, Billy went to his room a few minutes ago crying his eyes out. He was late home too so earned a good spanking from me.”


Audrey laughed and said


““I know Sis as I heard Ryan on the phone to him just before. Ryan had a heck of an erection afterwards.”


“Oh that seems to be normal. Billy always has one after I spank him. It’s not me I know as he hates being spanked, but afterwards something happens and up it goes.”


Both sisters laughed. Audrey decided she wouldn’t mention Ryan’s comment about Melissa as maybe Billy didn’t have the same thoughts.


Ryan sounded like he got up off the bed and was walking around upstairs so Audrey quickly ended her phone call. She heard Ryan leave his bedroom and go to the bathroom. A few minutes later he came downstairs.


He walked in to the kitchen, went over to his Mum and said


“Sorry Mum, I won’t be late again, well not without phoning you anyway and you saying it is OK. Is that OK Mum?”


“Good boy Ryan, Yes a phone call will be a great help. I’m pleased the spanking made you see sense.”


“Sure it did Mum. You were right.”


Ryan gave his Mum a kiss then went to the living room and turned on the TV. A few moments later he came back in to the kitchen and asked


“Mum, have we got a cushion I can sit on. My bum really is hurting.”


Audrey laughed, went to the cupboard and got out a large cushion.


“Try this” she said, before adding sternly “but watch your language young man, don’t think I wouldn’t spank you again if I need to.”


“Sorry Mum” Ryan said blushing as he went back to watch the TV.


Audrey wasn’t sure how she felt, except as Ryan didn’t answer her back she was certain of one thing, he was more respectful towards her so that was good, and she knew it was all because of the spanking. So she decided spanking was here to stay, for the time being anyway, and just to make sure she also decided she would be very strict and wasn’t going to let him off anything for a while. She will spank him every time he is naughty and will see if he stays well behaved, then smiled as she thought to herself how she will also see if he keeps getting an erection afterwards. He sounded just fine after all when he came back downstairs after his spanking, maybe as he knew he deserved to be punished accepted it. Well she won’t disappoint him. She also remembered he was more embarrassed when being watched so she will have Jeff watch.


The adrenalin was wearing off now but the sudden thought of having her husband watch her discipline their son actually turned her on. Just then she heard the front door and realised Jeff had come home. Great timing she thought because her knickers were wet and she so wanted to have sex. Right now. She went out in to the hallway and when he turned to give her a peck on the lips she pressed harder, asked how his day had been and said


“Dinner will be a while, how about we get changed” as she took his hand and led him upstairs.


Jeff was taken aback but didn’t argue, nor when they got to their bedroom and Audrey started to get undressed. She gave her husband a look and he immediately started to undress himself. He didn’t know why Audrey was so turned on.


Audrey was going to tell him afterwards about her new spanking regime and whenever he is around he must watch when she spanks their son, and that afterwards they will make love, but right now she wanted to be sorted out. Minutes later they were on the bed, Jeff licking her wet pussy as she had her mouth around his penis.


Thoughts of spanking her son were forgotten. It was just her and her husband now revelling in the best sex they had had for ages. Audrey was thinking that if she has sex like this every time she spanks her son at least he gets taught a good hard lesson and Jeff and her have great sex as well. That can’t be bad can it?


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