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Sally and Her Mum

Sally is spanked by her Mum, and her friend Kerry gets spanked too.


Susan had already decided that if her 22 year old daughter Sally doesn’t have a good enough reason she is going to be put across her lap and given a spanking to remember.


In fact Susan was worried. Sally was at the shopping mall and had promised she was going to be back by 3 O’clock. It was now 4 O’clock and no phone call. She had even tried to call her daughter’s mobile but it went to voicemail. It was so unlike Sally as she knew the penalty for being late without reason.


Just then the front door opened. Sally came in and said a light “hi Mum.”


Susan was about to say something but Clare, a new friend, followed her in also with a bright and breezy “hiya.”


Susan calmed herself down and made do with a “you are much later than you said Sally. I was worried.”


She was taken aback when Sally replied abruptly “oh don’t be such a worrier Mum, it’s no problem.”


Susan looked at her daughter then at Clare but was taken further aback when her daughter added again abruptly “and we are back now anyway.”


Susan thought she would find out a bit about Clare’s view on being late home. “How’s your Mum react when you are late Clare?”


“Oh pretty much like this really. She’s also a worrier.”


Not the answer she had expected. She would have to watch her daughter’s new friend. Susan insisted on respect and dealt severely with Sally when she fell short of expectations, like today. She liked her friends to be dealt with in a similar fashion and wondered if Clare was spanked at home. She reckoned not judging from the way she had just spoken.


Susan gave her daughter a stare, and said “OK Sally, we will chat about it later.” That was Susan speak for you will be going across my lap for a long and hard spanking once Clare has gone home.


Sally bushed knowing what it meant too.    Clare was oblivious to the overtone.


Still, having made the decision Susan calmed down and was her happy self again and said cheerfully “why don’t you show me what you have bought.”


The girls laughed loudly as they ran upstairs together to get changed and giggled as they tried on their new clothes and Susan gave her considered opinion,


When they were finished Susan announced pleasantly “OK girls, its tea time. Sally can you lay the table please.”


“Sure Mum” Sally answered, and Clare said “I’ll Help.”


“Thank you Clare, that’s very good of you” Susan said. Clare beamed, but didn’t say that she would never have offered at home.


When they were laying the table Clare said to Sally “your Mum is so nice, really great. I wish my Mum was like her.”


“She is very nice Clare. All my friends like her because she makes them feel so welcome, and she really is the world’s best Mum, always there for me, and looking after me.” Sally really did love her Mother and knew that being spanked was part of that love, encouraging her to be well behaved, and dealing with her strictly when she wasn’t.


“Exactly, I can see how lucky you are.”


Sally smiled at her friend, wondering what Clare would think if she told her how strict her Mother is, what happens when she breaks any of the never ending rules she imposes, and how she regularly ends up being put unceremoniously across her Mother’s lap for a long hard extremely painful spanking. Even at 22 years old.


Just then her Mum came in and said “Good girls, let’s eat.”


“Great, I’m starving” Clare announced. They tucked in.


An hour later and Clare had to go home.


“Thank you so much, I really enjoyed myself” she said to Susan.


“I’m glad” Susan replied. “You must come again.” Though next time please don’t be so abrupt with me she thought to herself, ready to take Sally to task for just that.


Susan and Sally were alone.


Susan said “we need to discuss your attitude young lady, upstairs, now” Susan said sternly.


Sally looked worried but said “Can we discuss that down here Mum.” Sally knew once upstairs she was going straight across her Mum’s lap for sure.


“Really?” Susan said. “I rather think we should discuss this in my bedroom with you across my lap.”


“That’s what I mean Mum. I’m 22 years old so should I be spanked anymore. I am an adult after all.”


“I see” Susan said flatly, meaning of course she had no intention of agreeing to that.   She asked “what brought this about? Is it Clare?”


“No, Clare doesn’t even know I get spanked. I asked and she said she hasn’t been spanked for many years, but no it’s not her.   Kerry still gets spanked, but she was going to speak to her Mum. Well, as she is coming over later I thought maybe we could wait to see what happened before you spank me.”


“Tell me” Susan asked “do you think you are adult enough for such a change?”


“Yes Mum. We could have adult discussions and settle anything you are unhappy about.”


“Do you expect to get off scot free? Your cousins get grounded if they are naughty. Is that what you want?”


“Well that’s true. They get time out or are grounded instead of being spanked. We could try that couldn’t we? I’m sure things won’t change that much.”


“I see.   So if your room is messy, or you answer me back you want me to ground you instead? Even though right now you would be spanked for either of those things.”


“Yes Mum, at least that’s more adult.”


“So were you more adult today when you were late but didn’t phone.”


“I know, but we’ve discussed it now and I know how you feel and I won’t do it again.”


“OK, so instead of being spanked I should ground you?”




“Right. You are grounded for a week” Susan said, smiling at her daughters growing discomfort. She remembered her daughter was going to a gig tonight, or at least she won’t be if she is grounded. Of course Susan had no intention of relenting. Her daughter was going to be spanked, and harder now than she would have been if she hadn’t argued. Too adult to be spanked indeed! Really?


“No Mum” Sally said very quickly also remembering the gig tonight and that Kerry was coming over to go with her.


“Can’t we start tomorrow Mum?” she pleaded.


“Well, if we start tomorrow it means today we are under the current rules, which means a spanking.”


Susan was trying hard not to smile, so decided the time had come to enforce her will.


“I don’t think you have thought this through Sally. If you are grounded there will be all sorts of things you say you will do but then will have to say you can’t go. How many parties will you have to miss? What’s worse, for you, is you will have to explain why you have to miss it. Grounded in your room is what you will have to say, whereas if you just get spanked it is over and done with. Sure you may be sore and have to wear trousers or longer skirts, but at least you are at the party.”


Sally didn’t answer.


“And think of me as well. I don’t like long drawn out arguments and if you are grounded then it does go on and on. The spanking might take a while but it is over soon enough. You do answer back, your room is messy, you don’t phone when you are late, and you need to be punished for those things. Surely it’s better for both of us if you get an immediate punishment across my lap and we move on?”


Still Sally was silent.


“If you are grounded it will fester, you know it will. If I spank you it is over and whilst I just get on with things you think about it until the soreness ends. That’s fair as you are the one who has been naughty, but at least you can go out.   That’s what I think works better, for both of us “


Sally looked flummoxed. Susan carried on regardless with “come on Sally, really, is your preference a spanking or being grounded?”


Just then the doorbell rang. It will be Kerry, early.


“Go and answer the door Sally” Susan said firmly “and then come back and finish our adult discussion.”


Sally came back in to the room, followed by Kerry and Hilary, Kerry’s Mum who was going to spend the evening with Susan whilst the girls were out. Susan liked Kerry, a little younger than Sally but well behaved. She knew her Mother still disciplined her and was very confident ending spanking was not for discussion with her either. She knew that because she had spoken to Hilary only the other day and she had emphasised to her how much better behaved Kerry was compared to some of her friends because she was still spanked.


Kerry is an attractive girl, slim, long hair, she wore a red vest top, a very short skirt, but leggings which was strange because it was warm out and she would normally have had bare legs.


“Sally and I are having a discussion, why don’t you both sit down.”


Hilary sat down immediately but Kerry stood.


“I’ll stand if that’s OK” she said.




Susan noticed Kerry was blushing and she made an involuntary motion of rubbing her bottom. Susan laughed to herself because she was fairly sure what had happened.


“What’s up Kerry? How come you won’t sit down?”


“Well actually Mum spanked me really hard just before we came out so I’m rather sore.” Susan and Hilary exchanged knowing looks.


“Really? Is that why you are wearing leggings?”


“Yes. Mum spanked my legs as well so they are very red, just like my bottom.”


“What did you do wrong Kerry?”


“I answered Mum back” she said, blushing again as her Mother was standing just behind her.


“Remind me, how old are you Kerry?” Susan asked, stifling a smile.


“I’m just 21.”


“I understand you were going to ask your Mum if she would stop spanking you.”


“She did. That’s how she got to be rude to me and ended up across my lap” Hilary said, smiling.


Kerry was also smiling now. Susan knew both girls soon cheered up after being spanked. They might not enjoy being spanked, well it was meant to hurt of course, but they soon recovered.


“Tell Susan how you feel about still being spanked Kerry?” Hilary said.


“It’s OK I guess. Mum only spanks me when I earn it. Anyway, she said I would need to be punished somehow and I really didn’t fancy being grounded for day after day, so I have agreed that the spanking stays.”


Sally blushed, knowing where this was leading.


“Does that answer your question Sally?” Susan asked her daughter.


Sally looked at the floor and nodded. “I guess so Mum. You are right. Maybe I’m not ready yet either.”


“That’s right Sally. It’s not that you aren’t adult. You are. It’s just you still need to be regularly disciplined and spanking is what suits us both.”


Sally said reluctantly but as positively as possible in the circumstances, knowing she going to be across her Mother’s lap in a moment “You are right Mum. Yes, you must deal with me as you think best.”


“Good, let’s go upstairs then.” She turned to Kerry and said “Sally has earned a spanking of her own so you will both have sore bottoms for tonight. Why don’t you both come as well and watch?”


Sally moaned but knew she had watched so many times when Hilary spanked Kerry.


The four of them went upstairs and in to Susan’s bedroom.


“Sit on the bed Kerry. It should be soft enough for you. Hilary, is that chair OK for you?”


“Perfect” Hilary said with a smile.


Kerry did as she was told, and was smiling now. The two girls had watched the other being spanked so many times it was just something to be enjoyed when it came to it. Each enjoyed seeing her friend have her knickers taken down.


Susan turned the other chair in to the room and sat down. Sally stood obediently in front of her.


“Right young lady, hands on your head please.” Sally obeyed.


“Kerry” Susan asked, “how were you spanked today?”


Kerry replied “Mum put me across her lap as usual and used the hairbrush.”


“Well so will I then. I tell you what Kerry, my hairbrush is over there on top of the dresser. Can you hold it and give it to me when I ask?”


“Sure thing” she replied and went over, collected it, and then sat back on the bed. Sally stuck her tongue out at her friend.


Susan saw it and told her daughter off. “That’s not very nice young lady. Just because you are going to be spanked doesn’t mean you can be rude. In fact you have to be very well behaved. Everyone else might well have a jolly happy time watching you have your bottom turned red but not you because you are the one who has been naughty, not anyone else. Understood?”


“Yes Mum, sorry.” Sally was really put in her place and knew it. Worse was to come.


“I think you need some of what Kerry got my girl. Hold your skirt up this second” Susan snapped.


Her 22 year old daughter knew what that meant and Susan knew it would focus her daughter’s attention. Sally lifted her skirt which now laid bare the thigh of her left leg. Susan brought her hand back and landed her open palm full on her daughter’s thigh. She was rewarded with a loud gasp.


Sally let go of her skirt but her Mother snapped “hold it back up young lady. There are five more to go.”


Sally moaned but obediently lifted her skirt back up knowing her bare thigh was going to get five further hard stinging smacks.


“Kerry, can you take your leggings off please so I can see how red your legs are.”


Kerry was now relaxed. After all everyone there knew she was spanked and frankly she was more comfortable with bare legs.


“Sure thing” she said smiling, knowing Sally will not want to see her reddened legs. Still, Sally would do the same if the positions were reversed, as they had been often enough.


“They are red” Susan remarked, again exchanging knowing looks with Hilary. Sally groaned, knowing hers will look like her friends legs soon enough.


Susan then focussed on the job at hand. Sally gasped at each spank and as each spank landed on her bare thigh so it stung more than the previous one.


Sally moaned when her Mother ordered “now lift the skirt up so I can slap your other leg young lady” and gasped with ever increasing intensity as six smacks landed on her other thigh. By the end her eyes were watering, tears streaming down her face. She hated having her legs smacked even more than her bottom.


“Right young lady, take your skirt and knickers off. Kerry can hold them for you.” It was always a bit of a game. If Sally has been naughty then what better than have her get undressed in front of her friend.


Susan and Hilary watched as the 22 year old walked over to Kerry, unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor and hold on to her shoulder for balance as she stepped out of her knickers. Kerry looked at Sally’s hair mound and blew her friend a kiss.


Hilary saw the gesture and said sternly “stop that Kerry, don’t forget you were rude to me on the way over so another gesture and I will be giving you some of the same.”


Kerry went stony faced as though complying with her Mothers admonishment.


Susan and Hilary smiled at each other. Sally wasn’t smiling at all. This was the all too familiar routine of being spanked to tears.


“OK Sally get across my lap” Susan ordered, and Sally walked back to her Mother and in one practised movement put herself across her Mother’s lap, well aware that her silky smooth bottom was now perched on her Mother’s lap, that Hilary and Kerry had the perfect view for when her Mum turned it pink and then red and then a deeper red. Both would hear her crying, see the tears flowing down her cheeks, and watch her squirm around on her Mother’s lap trying but failing to avoid the rain of spanks. It was the same every time. A long hard hand spanking followed by the even longer, harder, and more effective spanking with the hairbrush, given by a Mother whose resolve is to teach her errant 22 year old daughter the error of her ways.


Slowly but surely Susan did turn Sally’s bottom pink then red then redder. Hilary and Kerry exchanged smiles, even the odd joke about how little Sally seemed to be enjoying her experience whilst on the other hand they found it all rather educational, with Sally’s gasps and howls and crying filling the room although the one person who totally ignored all those sounds was Susan.


The spanking ended when Susan decided her daughter bottom was red enough to be satisfied her daughter will have the memory of the spanking for quite a while and certainly through this evenings gig.


“OK Sally, it’s over, you can calm down now.”


It took the 22 year old a while to stop her heaving huge sobs and she stayed lying across her Mother’s lap until she found the strength to ease herself up. When she was standing she knew she had to stay in front of her Mother and wait for instructions.


“Stand facing the wall on your naughty spot with your hands on your head. 15 minutes should do.”


Sally turned and went to her naughty spot and her nose was an inch or so off the wall, her bare red bottom staring in to the room.


Hilary said to Kerry “actually you can stand facing the wall as well young lady as we came out before you spent your time there.”


Kerry was caught off guard and said “that’s not fair Mum” and then stopped when she saw the glare she was getting. That kind of disobedience seldom went unpunished.


“No problem” Hilary said. “You can spend some quality time across my lap first, you obviously need a reminder” she snapped.


Hilary knew better than to argue. She scrunched up her face as she made her way over to her Mother knowing this spanking was totally her fault.


“Get the hairbrush please” her Mother demanded. Kerry groaned but diverted to the bed, picked it up, and went over to her Mother, handing her the hairbrush. Hilary looked at her daughters already red legs and decided they didn’t need any more punishment.


“Knickers off please” she instructed and watched with amusement as her daughter reluctantly stepped out of her knickers and handed them to her Mother.


Kerry listened as Sally kept sobbing, knowing she will soon be joining her with the same reaction. Hilary tapped her knee and Kerry quickly bent across her Mother’s lap, not wanting to upset her any more than necessary, not again anyway. Soon enough Hilary raised the hairbrush and brought it down hard on her daughter’s bottom drawing the howl that always followed that first spank. Hilary kept up a constant stream of spanks making her daughter sob out loud and she had soon forgot the embarrassment Sally was suffering on her own.


Several minutes later a now sobbing Kerry joined Sally facing the wall, two red glistening bottoms staring out at the two Mothers who sat on their chairs looking at the two 22 year olds, smiling, and congratulating themselves on how well they had disciplined their offspring.


15 minutes later Susan announced “ok girls, it’s all over. Consider yourselves disciplined.”


Both girls had calmed down and had thought about what they had each done wrong.


Sally went over to Susan and gave her a hug, saying “thanks Mum, you know how to make me see sense.”


Kerry hugged her Mother and said “sorry Mum, I know I deserved that.”


Susan said happily “OK girls, go to the bathroom and clean up. You might want to rub some cream in to those bottoms of yours. You then both have a gig to go to.”


The two girls looked at each other and smiled. “Yes we do” Sally said as they held hands and left the room.


The two Mothers went to the kitchen and started to make their own dinner. 30 minutes later the two girls came in to the kitchen, make up on, almost dressed in very skimpy tops and short skirts, but both wore leggings to hide their red marks. They were giggling to each other and had quickly cheered up.


“You both look very nice” Susan said.


“Thank you” they replied together.


“I hope the seats won’t be too hard for you girls” Susan said, now being her old self, friendly, happy, and wanting her daughter to enjoy herself.


“Oh we don’t have seats Mum. It’s in the park so everyone stands.”


“Lucky for us” Kerry said quietly, almost disrespectfully, but her Mother let it pass. She was looking forward to an evening with Susan so didn’t want to have her daughter moping around at home if she disciplined her again.


Sally realised the possible danger and said “we’re off now Mum. I’m going to stay at Kerry’s tonight. Is that ok?”


Susan agreed and the girls left.


“Silence at last” Hilary said as she went to the sink, close to where Susan was standing. Her body brushed past Susan who turned, and as their faces met so Hilary allowed her lips to brush against Susan. Both women stopped still, looked at each other for a second, then instead of moving away kissed the others lips again, then pressed harder, kissing each other harder, putting their arms around each other and holding the other close, their mouths opening, their tongues touching, encircling the other’s, kissing each other passionately for several seconds.


Hilary put her head back and said “You are one heck of a spanker Susan”


“You aren’t so bad yourself” Susan replied. “How many times have we watched each other spank those kids eh?” Susan added, grinning.


“Too many to remember” Hilary answered.


“How many times have we ended up making love afterwards?” Susan asked, still grinning, looking forward to going to bed with her friend.


“Too many to remember” Hilary repeated more seriously.


They kissed again, holding each other tightly.


Hilary pulled away, stuttered for a second, then asked “have you ever wondered what it would be like, being spanked I mean?”


“Not at all Hilary, but if you want to try let me know” Susan said laughing.


“Would you?” Hilary asked, smiling but serious.


Susan was surprised but looked at her and said “sure I will, if you want.”


“I want” Hilary said. “Actually I would like a good hard discipline spanking, with the hairbrush as well. You decide when to stop, not me.”


“No problem at all.”


“Can I be the naughty girl and you my strict Mum?”


“Of course. You have to be naughty though don’t you, then I will spank you like I would Sally.”


Hilary took a step back and said “don’t be an old fuddy duddy you silly moo.”


Susan looked at her friend, realised she was now in character, and said sternly “right my girl, upstairs to my bedroom.”


“Please, I’m sorry” Hilary feigned.


“Upstairs now or it will be far worse for you” Susan snapped.


Hilary gulped, turned, and led the way upstairs. They entered the bedroom and Susan snapped “stand next to the chair.”


Hilary did as she was told and watched Susan walk over to a chest of drawers, open the top drawer, and took out the same wooden backed hairbrush they had both used on their daughters. The difference was that now it was going to be used on her own 47 year old bottom. Still, she had asked for this and wanted to find out firsthand what it was like. Who better than her friend to do it?


Susan sat on the chair and ordered “right, skirt off please.”


Hilary undid her skirt and let it fall. Susan then lent forward and put her thumbs in the waistband of Hilary’s knickers and with a yank pulled them down. As she bent forward so her cheek brushed the hair mound of her friend and she could smell her sex and knew Hilary was really turned on by what was happening. She took her hand and guided her across her lap, putting her hand on Hilary’s bare bottom. She looked at it, rather larger than her daughter’s, fleshier, and knew it would wobble wildly when spanked. This brought a smile to her face, but Hilary didn’t see it.


For Hilary there was the panic of what was about to happen. Should she say she had second thoughts but before she could say anything Susan had raised her hand and brought it down on her bottom, not hard, but significant. That first spank put her in charge, and Hilary was subservient, a naughty girl being disciplined. Susan spanked her again on the other bottom cheek, then alternately, making the spanks harder as she went, drawing a gasp from Hilary, then more gasps as more spanks landed on her quivering cheeks as Susan got more and more in to it.


Hilary was finding the spanking more painful than she had expected but also somehow more fulfilling. She had no control. She couldn’t, mustn’t, ask for her friend to go more lightly. In fact she almost wanted to ask her to be more severe as she was enjoying the sensation, starting to moan, not just in pain but also in arousal.


Susan was aware that Hilary’s reaction was not like Sally’s, and in response spanked harder and harder, almost daring Hilary to enjoy her thrashing. Yet Hilary was enjoying it, and when Susan rested and rubbed Hilary’s reddened bottom she rubbed her thighs, and Hilary parted her legs, still moaning, allowing Susan to rub her inner thighs and to brush against her hair mound. Susan was surprised, to say the least, at just how moist Hilary’s vaginal hair was, showing just how aroused she was.


Susan smiled and said sternly “you naughty naughty girl” as she raised the hairbrush and brought it thrashing down on Hilary’s bottom, getting her loudest gasp yet. Spank after spank she hit her with the brush, gasp after gasp came from Hilary, then sobbing soon followed by crying with her tears streaming down her face. Susan knew better than to be lenient. Her friend wanted to know what being thrashed was like and there was no point in being soft. She only did hard after all.


After several more minutes Susan relented and stopped spanking Hilary, rubbing her bottom and her thighs until once again her legs parted and Susan rubbed her inner thighs and her now very moist hair mound. Hilary started to gasp again and soon afterwards had her first orgasm. Susan kept her hand between Hilary’s legs, gently rubbing, until Hilary had her second and third orgasms.


Susan stopped rubbing and said to her friend “enough my girl, get on the bed and you’d better start thinking about someone else, eh?”


Hilary eased herself up and lay on the bed. Susan stood up and slowly pulled her top off over her head and then unclipped her bra and let it fall in front of her. Hilary watched, the tears slowly clearing from her eyes, the smile returning to her face, and when Susan had allowed her skirt to fall to the floor Hilary held out her arms and Susan lay next to her, her mouth engulfing Hilary’s, and they kissed and cuddled, Hilary now caressing Susan, her back, her bottom, stroking her stomach and breasts, then down between her legs, slowly moving Susan on to her back and edging herself down so she could kiss her silky thighs, finding her hair mound, licking her vaginal lips, edging her tongue inside and finding her clit, enjoying feeling Susan become aroused and to gyrate in time with her own licking strokes until Susan exploded with her own series of orgasms.


They lay next to each other, caressing each other’s breasts, kissing each other as they subsided emotionally, their breathing returning to normal, looking in to each other’s eyes.


“Did you like the spanking?” Susan asked.


Hilary smiled back. “You know something, yes I did. It hurt like crazy but the stinging was so sexual, so arousing, I was even willing you to spank harder.”


“Don’t worry” Susan said laughing, “I worked that out soon enough. I was spanking you harder than I spank Sally that was for sure.”


“Really?” Hilary said, truly amazed. “That’s fabulous.”


“So do you want me to spank you again some time?” Susan asked.


Hilary smiled back “sure, but not in front of the girls.”


“Of course not silly. I don’t suppose they get the same feelings.”


Susan and Hilary looked at each other and both said together “naw.”


Hilary asked “Do they though? Maybe we had better focus on that next time as they sure start giggling soon enough afterwards.”


Just then Susan’s mobile went indicating a text message.


Susan saw it was from Sally and it says ‘ The gigs great so far. We both have very sore bottoms though. You Mum’s don’t know how hard you spank and how sore you make us. Still, I won’t ever ask you again to stop. Love you lots Mum. Sally.”


Susan looked across at Hilary who was lying on her stomach, her red bottom glowing, her eyes still moist, and showed her the text.   They both laughed.


Susan asked “Shall I tell them you now know exactly how hard I spank?”


“Best not” Hilary said with a smile. “Some cream rubbed in to my bottom would help me though, and a glass of wine perhaps?” she added.


“No problem” Susan replied.



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