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Sally's Mum

A friend’s Mother explains how she manages to keep control of her 22 year old daughter

My 22 year old daughter Clare had just got home from her new friend Sally. They had met at a local evening for young singles and got on well. Sally asked Clare to stay over for a couple of nights and she must have had such a good time she didn’t once phone home.

She enthused about her new friend, and strangely enough also about her Mother.

"Sally's Mum is so cool.  She let’s Sally have all her friends around whenever they want and she makes sure everyone is enjoying themselves. She's very calm and is just fantastic."

How nice, I thought. Just what I needed. My 22 year old daughter who isn’t the most diplomatic person in the world, and is argumentative to say the least, prattling on about how great one of her friends Mother is. It makes me feel really good I don’t think.

Her continuously flowing praise did get a rather annoying but the last thing I wanted was a blazing row. Her praise for Sally’s Mother continued unabated though.

"Everyone helps whenever she asks us."

Now that was surprising.

I exclaimed "What, you help as well?"

Surely not I thought, not my lazy 22-year-old daughter who won’t help me at all around the house.

Clare said almost mockingly "She just asks nicely and everyone mucks in."

I thought, good for her. She must be some woman.  Mind you, if she actually gets Clare to help around the house maybe I need to meet her and find out just how she does it. She must be wonder woman at least.

“Anyway Mum, I asked Sally over for Saturday afternoon. Is that OK?”

"Clare, why don't we ask her Mum over as well so I can get to know her?"

"Cool Mum, it would be really great if you were just like her."

Ouch. That hurt I thought. Still at least I will get to meet this woman and maybe find out how she can get my quarrelsome daughter to be so helpful when I almost have to pull my hair out to get her to put her clothes away.

On Saturday afternoon Sally and her Mum, Susan, came over. We all sat in the lounge and had tea. Susan came across as   a very nice woman who seemed to have a firm way about her, but it still wasn’t clear to me how she exerted so much influence. I knew the two girls wanted to get upstairs away from us, so I decided to broach the subject of how come she got all the kids to help her.

"Well, Susan, Clare tells me how everyone helps at home. What's your secret?

Susan laughed and glanced at Sally, who strangely enough was blushing.

"Well, at the first sign of any messing around, or slackness, or any back chat which I really do hate, it’s really quite easy, I give the offender a spanking."

Clare gasped. I looked at her, and then turned my gaze on Sally who was blushing an even deeper red.

Susan didn’t help the colour of her daughters face when she continued. "I spanked Sally on Saturday because she came home very late from shopping without telling me, and was then very short with me when I asked her about it.”

Then Susan seemed to remember something else about the event. She turned to my daughter and said “actually, Clare, you met her in town and came home together and were also a bit abrupt with me.”

Susan turned her gaze back to me and continued “anyway, I waited for Clare to go home and then took Sally’s knickers down, put her across my knee, and gave her a good hard spanking."

Susan turned to he daughter and said “didn’t I Sally” with a smile, not a malicious one, just as though it was a fond memory.

An even redder faced Sally said “yes Mum, you did, a very hard one I seem to recall.”

I looked across at Clare and fought to keep a straight face when Susan asked her "You do remember being rather abrupt with me Clare?"

Clare looked intently at her feet as did Sally.  I glanced at Susan and we exchanged smiles.

I hadn’t seen my daughter so quiet in a long time and said “so what you are saying is that if Clare had been your daughter she would have got a spanking for being rude to you?”

“Exactly. There’s nothing like a reddened bottom to get a naughty young lady back on track.” She then looked across at Sally and asked “you apologised afterwards didn’t you Sally?”

“I always do Mum don’t I?”

“Yes dear, I know. It’s just that I want to make things clear.”

Susan asked me “I take it you don’t give Clare any discipline.”

“Well I wouldn’t say that, it’s just that she is very strong willed you know.”

“I think strong willed is good, but if that turns in to rudeness it is not acceptable and earns Sally a spanking, every time.”

I looked across at Clare who winced, and glanced at Sally. They exchanged looks. Interesting.

The discussion was entirely matter of fact, two Mothers discussing permissible behaviour and what needs to be done in response to bad behaviour. It was quite strange bearing in mind we were both discussing our 22 year old daughters.

It was unlike Clare to be so quiet, although that changed when Susan looked across at a blushing Clare and said "You know Clare, it is becoming clear that you should get a spanking too for being rude to me.”

Clare did not move, but bit her lip. I sat there dumbfounded. It was quite a jump to make, and obviously one Clare wasn’t at all happy about.

Susan continued “Clare, please answer me. You have earned a spanking from your Mother and as I am here, I can give her some pointers.  Go on, get across her lap."

I decided to keep the conversation flowing as I was getting quite excited about the prospect of where this might end up. "Clare, you told me you do everything Susan says. Were you lying?"

“I didn’t realise that you spank Sally” she said looking at Susan.

“Well I do dear, and always have done. Sally and her two brothers.”

I added “come on Clare, you said how much you wanted me to be like Sally’s Mum. Here I am offering to be just that and you are baulking.”

She looked at Susan, and then at me and said “but I’m 22 Mum.”

Susan said “so is Sally. Her brothers are older.”

We all looked at Sally who was clearly uncomfortable but knew she had to back her Mother on this one. “I know it isn’t very nice Clare, being spanked, but it will do you good. You will think twice before being naughty I can tell you.”

“It must really hurt Sally” Clare asked, rhetorically, and everyone knew Clare was coming to accept the inevitable.

“Yes Clare, but the pain and the red marks go away after a while.”

  Clare scrunched her face up as she realised she was going to have to agree and got up.

Susan said “it's best if you slip your skirt off Clare because then it won’t get in the way.”

We all watched as Clare, now very much the centre of attention, unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She walked over to me.

“Let your Mother pull your knickers down Clare, as a sign of respect. It’s your signal that you are under her control.”

Clare nodded and I lent forward to take down her knickers and she held on to my shoulder as she lifted each leg out, embarrassed because the others saw her private hair mound, but knew she could do nothing about it.

I took her arm, pulled slightly, and guided her across my lap. I looked down at my daughter’s bottom. I had seen it before in this exact position, but not for many years. She was much longer now, her bottom and thighs slightly wider, so the target bigger. I looked across at our two guests. Sally was looking embarrassed for her friend, but Susan smiled at me. As soon as I heard how Susan maintained control in her house I was certain that reintroducing spanking in our house was exactly what my daughter needed. Well she will be getting one spanking, right now. Maybe more will follow.

I started to spank her. Clare was squirming around on my lap and I thought was struggling to cope. I was so surprised when Susan told me "I spank much harder than that. Let me show you.”

Susan walked over to me and pointed to Clare’s bottom. “You see all of this area has to be bright red when you have finished so you will need to spank much harder. Susan put her hand on Clare’s bottom and Clare let out a “don’t.” I knew Clare would be thinking perhaps Susan was treating her too much like a little girl.

“Do you mind young lady” Susan snapped, and then looked at me and asked “may I?”

“Of course.”

With that Susan lifted her hand and brought it down hard on Clare’s right bottom cheek and was rewarded by a loud gasp, followed by five more hard spanks on alternate bottom cheeks and five more gasps.

Susan said sternly “Please don’t speak whilst you are under punishment Clare as it invariably gets you a second spanking later on.”

Clare sobbed, but accepted the instruction.

Susan continued “OK, why don’t you spank her like that. Make it really count.”

I took up the cudgels and spanked Clare much harder than before and I had to admit I was getting a huge amount of satisfaction from punishing my daughter, rather more satisfaction than she was getting I reckoned.

I stopped after a few dozen spanks only for Susan to say “that’s not nearly enough. Her bottom needs to be really red. I spank Clare for a good 15 minutes.  I also find that 15 minutes corner time afterwards is good thinking time."

Nodding I spanked her hard for the 15 minutes suggested and her bottom really was very red. Clare was crying loudly. At the end I rubbed her bottom to help calm her down, and whilst Clare was still crying I asked Susan “What other reasons do you spank Sally for?”

“Oh I don’t have set reasons. I adopt the true mother daughter relationship and simply decide when she needs to be spanked, and then spank her. There is no discussion, just knickers down and away I go.”

When Clare’s crying reverted to sobs I told her to get up. She stood in front of me, her hands by her side as according to Susan rubbing was not yet permitted until she was told she could.

Susan and I were talking about her, not with her though.

Susan said “it’s important to me that friends of Sally are well behaved. I think discipline is a very important element of that.”

“So are you saying you would prefer to know that Clare is subject to proper discipline?”

Susan nodded, turned to Clare and said “so Clare, do you like being Sally’s friend?”

Clare looked up. “Yes I really do, and Sally likes me, don’t you Sally” she said, turning to her friend.

“Oh yes Clare I do like you, a lot. Mum’s right though, it will be best if we are both subject to the same discipline.”


“Yes Clare. I love my Mum and wouldn’t have it any other way. I know if I am naughty I get spanked, and it’s as straightforward as that.”

Susan said "Clare, why don't you ask your Mum to do the same with you?”

Wow, this is some special woman I thought. Clare was sobbing and rubbing her bottom, looked at Sally and knew she wanted to stay her friend, and managed to nod in agreement.

That’s agreed then I said “well Susan, how about a coffee?”

“Sounds good. Clare can stand in the corner in the kitchen with us so we can see her red bottom.”

I sent Clare to face the wall and I made coffee. Susan Sally and I sat at the table, glancing over to Clare whose back was to us, her hands on her head, her shirt having risen up and her red almost glowing bottom staring back at us.

“You did a good job” Susan said. “Look, I know my hand hurts after a while so I use this” she said, taking a wooden backed hairbrush out of her handbag. It looked wicked.

Susan continued “you know Sally would definitely have got a few dozen with this for snapping at me as she did.”

“Do you think Clare should be given them whilst the kettle is boiling?” I asked.

“Great thinking. You know, you must feel free to spank Sally if she is naughty whilst here. I only ask you tell me afterwards.”

“No problem, so I guess you should spank Clare when she is with you.”

We smiled at each other, I was picturing two 22 year old girls being spanked one after the other by this rather strict but friendly and warm woman.

Susan handed me the hairbrush. Clare sobbed by the wall but didn’t look round. I knew she was embarrassed by the conversation happening around her but reckoned this would enforce the new regime.

“Clare, over here please” I said sternly.

Clare walked over.

“Hands above your head please young lady” Susan snapped.

I could tell Clare was distinctly uncomfortable. She looked at me, begging with her eyes. I knew she was self conscious that she was naked below the waist and Susan would have a close up view of her private area.

Susan caught on and said casually “don’t worry Clare, I have one of those, so does your Mum.”

Clare still blushed. She looked at Sally who smiled in support, probably knowing that it wouldn’t be long before she will be in the same position, waiting to be ordered across her friend’s Mother’s lap to be thrashed by the same brush, or one like it.

I said “Oh my, your face is almost as red as your bottom, but don’t worry, once I have used this on your backside it will be as red as your face.”

I patted my knee and Clare obediently bent down so her unprotected bottom was again perched in position, allowing me the perfect angle for swinging the hairbrush. Twenty four hard swats later and Clare was sobbing and crying like she hadn’t done ever before.

“I think this young lady might have learnt her lesson now, don’t you?” Susan said to me.

She directed the question to Clare who said “yes Mum, sorry Mum.”

“You really are sorry are you Clare?” I asked.

“Yes Mum, really really sorry.”

“That’s new” I said to Susan.

“It happens like that” she said, smiling.

“OK Clare, back facing the wall while we have coffee.”

We had a pleasant coffee. After a while I said “OK Clare, corner time is over so you can rub now.”

Clare thankfully rubbed her bottom feeling more relaxed. She put her skirt and knickers back on and   joined the others for her own coffee, back in everyone’s good books.

“Well Clare, a lesson well learnt.”

“Yes Mum, it’s just I was embarrassed to be spanked in front of Susan and Sally.”

Susan said “oh that’s nothing Clare, Sally gets spanked in front of the whole family. I am sure knowing she will suffer the humiliation reduces the number of times she gets spanked though.”

I asked “how often do you need to spank Sally then?”

“It’s usually 4 or 5 times a month, that’s all.”

Clare gasped.

“It was far more in the early days of course, before she learnt it was better to be well behaved.”

“Of course” I said, smiling at Clare’s obvious discomfort.

Susan said “why don’t you two girls go upstairs so we can chat” she said smiling at me.

“I tell you what” I said, “why doesn’t Sally sleep over here tonight?”

“Yes please" Sally said quickly. Susan smiled in agreement.

As the two girls walked out Susan said “stay up there until we call you, or else.” They both knew what that meant.

Sally said “come on Clare, why don’t I rub some cool cream on that sore bottom of your.”

The two girls went upstairs hand in hand.

“Don’t forget, any noise and you both get this hairbrush” Susan shouted after them. The comment was met by giggles from the girls as they disappeared.

“Thank you Susan.”

“No problem” she answered and without any warning she leant forward to kiss me. I thought she was going to kiss my cheek but she kissed me on the lips. It was no mistake as she made no effort to withdraw but instead pressed her lips harder. I put my hand behind her head and pulled her in even harder and as she opened her mouth my tongue found hers and we kissed merrily, playing with each other’s tongues.

Susan took my hand and in a whisper said “I was so turned on by watching you spank Clare” as she put my hand under her skirt and left me to feel between her legs. It was clear she really was turned on and I quickly edged my hand inside her knickers and felt just how wet she was.

I didn’t resist when Susan put her hand inside my knickers and felt my own wet hair mound.

“That rug looks welcoming” Sally said as we both removed our tops, bras, skirts and finally our knickers, lying next to each other on the rug.

“What about the girls?” I asked.

“They won’t dare, not knowing they will both get the hairbrush.”

“Should we be turned on by spanking our daughters?” I asked.

“Well I can tell you both my sons get turned on when I spank them. They might have been naughty but that doesn’t stop their erection pressing down on my thighs and a stain on my skirt.”

“And Sally”

“I don’t think so, but it’s possible.”

“How come your kids are so happy when they get spanked so often?”

“It’s quite straightforward really” Susan said. “It’s only the one being spanked who isn’t enjoying it, judging by the amount of crying they do. On the other hand the boys get erections whilst they watch, even when they are being spanked, and Sally is smiling as she watches and when she is spanked she gets over it very quickly anyway.”


“Look, the important thing is they only get spanked when they earn it and their behaviour is far far better than other families where the parents just allow their kids to run all over them. But enough of the kids. Now it’s you and me.”

We wrapped our arms around each other, caressing each other’s bodies, Susan’s soft breasts, her thankfully slightly podgy stomach, her silky thighs and then we each slid down to the others wet hair mound and brought the other to a glorious orgasm.

We lay in each other’s arms and talked. We agreed to meet on Saturday to go shopping together, then have some lunch and go back to hers. We would spank both girls in the morning to get us in the mood “whether they deserve it or not” Susan said with a wicked laugh. It wouldn’t be so bad I thought.

Afterwards I walked Susan out to the door. "Thanks for coming. An unexpected outcome, though."

She smiled.  "I’m glad I could help you. Us Mum’s need to stick together sometimes. Sally used to be a terror, but is a nice young woman now."

I went upstairs and knocked on Clare’s door. I could hear movement inside before she called out I could come in. I saw their clothes were not straight and their hair was dishevelled. Had they made out whilst we made out downstairs I wondered?

I ignored it for now and said “What a really nice Mum you have Sally.”

Clare came over and gave me a kiss. “I’ve been talking to Sally and you are right. I am not well behaved enough nor nice enough to you and want you to be strict so I can change.”

“That’s fine with me Clare but you realise that will mean lots of trips across my lap for a spanking.” Wow, not just fine but exactly what I wanted.

“I know Mum, just like Sally’s Mum does but if it works then it’s worth it.”

I put the hairbrush on Clare’s chest of drawers and saw her looking warily at it. “It’s a reminder for you to behave Clare” I said.

“Good idea Mum” she said, swallowing hard but then looking at me, smiling. “So can you be strict with me Mum?”

  “Yes, it’s a deal” I said and kissed her on the cheek. I added” right, it’s tea time, so Clare can you lay the table please?" for the first time ever I thought.

"Sure Mum."

"Do you know where the cutlery is?" I asked.

"I'll find it." Both girls went downstairs.

I looked at her bed and spotted something just poking out from under her pillow. I picked it up and realised they were Clare’s knickers, the ones she was wearing downstairs. I felt them and they were wet. So they did make out up here, and now my daughter isn’t even wearing any knickers. It made me feel even more positive about the new discipline regime, and one I will fully enforce.

I went downstairs and found both 22 year old girls had almost finished laying the table. I heard them giggling as I walked downstairs but they stopped when they saw me. Instant respect I thought. It’s funny what the threat of a spanking can do.

“Come on girls, lighten up. We are going to have a nice evening.”

Clare smiled and said “yes Mum, until one of us gets a spanking.”

I laughed, “Yes, but even so the only person not having a nice time just then will be the one I am spanking.”

That got them both laughing.

We played cards and board games for a couple of hours and we were all having fun. Then I said it was time for bed. I saw a reflection of Sally in the glass front to the sideboard just as she pulled a funny face at me, and then blew a kiss at Clare with a broad smile. I thought it was rather disrespectful.

I snapped “that’s so rude Sally.”

Sally froze then blustered “how did you see, I mean I didn’t do ..”

“Don’t lie Sally, that’s even worse.”

Both girls froze, staring at me, holding their breaths. They were obviously apprehensive. I just wondered at how much respect they were showing me. The power was gripping. I was so excited.

I said “well you wanted me to be strict” and I looked at Sally and said “Sally you have earned a spanking so please go to Clare’s bedroom and get the hairbrush I left on her chest of drawers.”

Sally groaned.

I added “by the way, Clare left her knickers on her bed so you may as well remove yours as well and leave them there also as you won’t be needing them for a while.”

Sally groaned again but turned and scampered off, obviously used to going quickly when she is about to be punished. A 22 year old doing what she is told quickly because she knows she is going to be spanked. Intoxicating.

“Sit down and watch Clare” I said shortly to my daughter. I smiled as she sat down, her thighs tight together. I don’t suppose she even realised her hand was between her legs, touching herself I reckoned. She was going to enjoy watching I thought.

A few moments later Sally returned and handed me the hairbrush and a few moments later I put her across my lap and her smooth bare bottom was staring up at me. She gasped as I rested the hairbrush on her bottom.

I looked at Clare who was grinning. “You see Clare I did say that if I spanked one of you the only unhappy person would be the one I am actually spanking.”

Clare didn’t answer but I can see her thighs tighten further with her hand still touching herself so I imagine she will be well aroused soon. I look down at Sally’s bare bottom knowing I will not be letting her up until it is burning red and she is crying her eyes out. I fully expect her to part her legs whilst she squirms around during the spanking and I will then feel her hair mound and suspect she too will actually be aroused.

I know I felt wonderfully alive. Previously if Sally had been so rude I would have got myself in to a state and become very tense. Now though I was confident, in control, had the respect of both 22 year olds, and knew my anger will be quickly released as I give Sally the thrashing she deserves. 22 years old or not, I am going to so enjoy giving her this thrashing.

I was also aware my knickers were wet and I realised how aroused I was just at the thought of what lay ahead tonight. I smiled, lifted the brush and brought it down on Sally’s bare bottom. She gasped, Clare jumped at the sound of the slap, and my knickers got even more moist.

I looked again at Clare and said with true conviction "You know Clare, this is such a great idea of yours. I promise to be very strict just like Sally's Mum from now on, exactly as you asked."

“That’s great Mum” she replied happily whilst wincing at the same time, probably conscious of the fact it won’t be too long before she is naughty again and ends up across my lap for much of the same.

I set about thrashing the 22 year old with relish. Clare’s eyes were agog at the sight of the hairbrush, her hand still between her legs. I had the chance to feel Sally as her legs parted and found she was moist, somehow whilst being thrashed so hard. I knew my knickers were wet and had to make sure the girls didn’t find out.

Suddenly I was really looking forward to Saturday when I meet up with Susan, and in the meantime reckoned we were all going to enjoy ourselves tonight when we got to bed.


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