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sarah and arthur part 2

sarah and arthur meet again

“Oh no Sarah, have you not learnt yet you dirty naughty girl, we are not here for your personal pleasure, you will have to pay for that little demonstration of cheekiness I think.” And with that, the torrent of blows began. Where the first set was slow and measured, this was a series of fast hard staccato slaps which left me crying out and desperate to get away. I couldn’t stop myself from trying to reach behind to shield my poor bottom and Arthur was forced to hold my wrists firmly behind me with his strong left hand, which was in itself pretty exciting , my legs were kicking, I was past caring whether anyone might have been passing by as I squealed and yelped and begged for him to stop, but oh how I loved every minute of it.

And so, Arthur introduced me to spanking. I was lucky enough on that occasion that he took pity on my poor, throbbing, dying for it ,soaking wet little cunt and fucked me senseless over that park bench. His cock, when he was kind enough to allow me to take it inside me was enormous, but filled my aching void fantastically. As he thrust hard, slammed into me, I cried out at being filled so hard and completely, I couldn’t help but beg him “fuck me fuck me” over and over, and maybe my own total abandonment helped, maybe it was because he was the hottest thing I had laid eyes on in ages, or just maybe it was the very good spanking I had just had administered so expertly but I came almost immediately. It happened so quickly I was almost overcome with shock when it did. But I felt my whole cunt contract around him so tight and then I just came and came. As he continued to thrust hard into me against my pulsating muscles my juices ran wetter and wetter, literally gushing all over both him and me, down my legs and pretty much everywhere. Anyway I had never come so hard or been so wet in my entire life and I was almost unaware that he had come at the same time but I guess the excitement must have been too much for him too! We just fastened ourselves up and sat on that park bench for ages, panting, and laughing, hoping no-one had seen us, ‘cos we certainly wouldn’t have noticed if they had.

“Oh wow” I said when I had regained my senses. “That was amazing; I loved every minute of that”

“Yes I noticed” he laughed.
“You are pretty amazing do you know that? I never knew anyone who came like that.

“Yeah I guess I did get pretty wet, it does sometimes happen like that, but not always. I think the spanking definitely must have had something to do with it.”

“So, you really enjoyed it then? I mean you seemed to?”

“Oh yes I definitely enjoyed it” I admitted. I felt a teeny bit embarrassed but what could I say. The whole thing had been amazing.

“And you might be interested in doing it again or maybe something like it?”

We started to walk towards the park gates.

“Well it depends what you have in mind I guess?”

“OK, well I would really love to see you again, and I really would love to spank your sexy little butt again.” He rubbed my poor sore bottom and I couldn’t help but wriggle. “But maybe, if you enjoyed this you might be up for trying something a bit more... well, if you want as well as my hand I could try spanking you with some paddles or something like that. What do you reckon?”

Ooh what a thought.  My belly did a flip flop inside and my cunt tightened just at the thought of what he was suggesting. I felt myself blush but I heard myself saying, “Yeah that sounds like it might be fun”. Oh my god, my brain was screaming what are you thinking, you silly girl, you only just met this guy and now you want him to paddle your backside, whatever next, whips, canes? “But maybe not in the park next time, and I live with my parents so do you have a flat or something?” And now you are inviting yourself to his flat, for all you know he might chain you up in a dungeon or something and keep you as his own personal sex slave! “Do you live nearby?”

“Yeah I have a little terraced house over there just by the park on Sycamore Avenue. I live there with my cat Emerald”

“How cute” Oh he must be a nice guy, he has a cat. ....stupid girl, l so did the evil man out of 007.

“Would you like to go and get a drink or something?”

“No, sorry I have to be getting back now” I really wish I didn’t and you could spank me again

“Well maybe we can make a plan for next week then?” Yes yes yes

“Ok sounds great I am free any evening except Wednesday and Friday, maybe Thursday?”

“Ok it’s a plan, for Thursday then. Do you want to meet somewhere or come to mine, I live at number 19, its on the corner with the green gate.”

“I can’t wait, is 7 ok like today?"

“Yep 7 it is, don’t forget, and don’t be late young lady” He grinned that devilishly wicked grin that turned my insides to jelly. There was no way I would be late for this particular date. We had reached the gates and we waved and went our separate ways.
The next week passed too slowly. I counted the days and then the hours til Thursday came around.

On Wednesday evening I came in from work late after a really long day, I went upstairs to my room , and though I had tried not to allow myself that pleasure all week, I couldn’t help masturbating whilst thinking of Arthur and what the next day might bring. I didn’t mean
to but I was imagining what might happen and I bent over the edge of my own bed, with my pillow under my hips, thinking of how it would feel again to raise my bottom for a spanking, or maybe more.  My legs were a little apart and as I closed my eyes I became really aware of the tension behind my knees as I pushed my bum outwards. My hair fell forward over my hands in front
of my head on the pillow and as I lifted my tummy up a little off the bed I felt my fanny contract and twitch inside straight away. I felt my breasts and nipples almost falling out of my grey silk blouse from leaning forward, and lifting my head a little I reached inside my bra with my right hand to cup my soft breast gently stroking and caressing it, as he might. Perhaps I wondered, if I were to do that in reality, it might earn me extra spanks or strokes of the promised paddle. Ooh just the very word paddle made me clench my legs together in excitement. 
Unthinkingly I moved my hand now to my fanny, still wearing my black work pants for now, and gently moved backwards and forwards, teasing myself, imagining my bottom moving in the same way as if he were plunging in and out of me very slowly. I stroked the insides of my thighs and pushed them a little more apart as he might do before spanking me. I desperately wanted to plunge my fingers into my cunt there and then but I wanted to think more about what he
might do and make this slow. I unfastened my pants and knickers and slowly eased them down to my hips, widening my legs to keep them from dropping lower. I realised this automatically meant my my pussy was slightly open in this position, whether I liked it or not. I moved my hips from
side to side and couldn’t help wriggling my now bare bottom in excitement. I gently caressed my bottom thinking of him taking control of me like that and me writhing against him with pleasure, then in my mind he put his hand round the front of me and slowly stroked the inside of my thighs before just barely touching my soft shaven pussy lips, very very delicately slipping one finger between them and moving it back and forth incredibly slowly and sensuously. I hardly dared breathe, the feeling was so exquisite.

I teased myself just like this for some time. All the while getting wetter and wetter, imagining i had been commanded not to move whatever he did, just to stay perfectly still and the agony of not being able to move against these teasing fingers was divine agony. As I ran my own finger slowly slowly round and round my clit, now and again dipping it into my wet cunt, forcing myself not to move any other part of myself, I almost came just from the thought of him doing that to me. Finally with my bare ass stretched up toward the ceiling, I couldn’t hold back any longer and plunged
two of my fingers hard into my cunt. I felt the soft warm tight wetness and arched my back so my fingers could reach in as far as possible, further and further I forced them inside me, moving them
from side to side slowly and curling them in and working them round and round. I stopped, desperate to taste my own self and licked and sucked my two fingers greedily. I always loved the taste of my pussy. Then, even more massively turned on by this I returned to my cunt, this time with three fingers and frantically curled my fingers again and again in on the front of my pussy wall, sucking on the thumb of my left hand at the same time ‘til I came wetly, sighing in satisfaction and dripping juice all over my right hand and down my thighs.

Only then was I able to sleep peacefully that night.

On the day itself I had to go to work, and during that day all I could think about, was what might, or rather what I hoped would happen that evening. My mind went into overdrive and everything I did and saw made me think of Arthur and what he might have in store for me. I envisaged my tight black work skirt being pulled up to expose my sheer black lace knickers; and every desk or table I thought of myself bent over it, waiting in breathless anticipation for my knickers to be pulled down for my hard bare bottom punishment spanking in front of the other office staff. I remember he had said paddles or something like that, and standing by my desk I imagined him putting me over his knee as he sat on my office chair and using my bendy office ruler relentlessly over my wriggling ass until it was bruised and blistered. As I stood on the tall sliding library ladder to get some reference books down for our senior legal partner, I imagined my wrists and ankles spread apart and tied to it for a caning.... I could barely concentrate on any work I did and most of what little work I did do required massive amounts of correction. Finally the day was ended, and I rushed home to get a shower and changed.

I got ready; my tummy a mass of butterflies. I put on a pretty silk black dress, and feeling sexy, some black hold up stockings with a lovely lace trim at the top that I had bought specially during the week; I added some pale pink lip gloss and set off for Sycamore Avenue. I knew I had left myself enough time, but nevertheless I couldn’t help walking quickly. Nerves I guess. It wasn’t a
long walk and I was soon there. I turned into the road.

I turned into the road....where I thought Sycamore Avenue was, but it wasn’t. It was Beech Drive.
Noo I thought, and checked my watch. I still had a few minutes left. But if this wasn’t Sycamore, where was it? All the roads round here were named after trees, so I suppose this was why I was confused. I turned down Maple Road, Ash Avenue. OK I looked again at my watch; 7:01; and at
the same time I saw the sign for Sycamore further down the road. I was going to be a teeny bit late but I felt he would forgive me. When I finally reached no 19 I was out of breath, so I took some deep breaths before ringing the bell. I saw Emerald the cat sitting on the windowsill inside with her green collar, eyeing me up. Then the door opened and Arthur greeted me with that fabulous smile.

"Hi, its me." I said, stating the obvious. Oh where have you been my whole life?

“Hi Sarah, I’m so glad you made it. Come on in.” He showed me into the lounge. “I won’t be more than a few minutes, sweetheart, just take a seat and I’ll be back with you in a minute”.

I did as he asked and sat on his old brown chesterfield sofa to wait for him. Being left on my own
like that was a bit nerve-wracking but to pass the time I looked around the long room I was sat in, noticing how nicely it was decorated and furnished. There was a huge bookshelf along one wall, a sofa matching the one I was sat on at the other side of the antique fireplace and a huge oak desk by the far window. Arthur certainly had good taste.

I jumped slightly as he strode back into the room. “So Sarah, as I said I am glad you decided to come today. I wondered whether you might change your mind you know. But since you are here, I guess you must have enjoyed what happened in the park last week?”

I said nothing and only smiled. 

“Did you? Did you enjoy it Sarah?”

“Erm yes, of course.” I smiled a little embarrassed. But this was not enough for him.

“OK good, but I would like to hear to say it out loud please. Tell me you enjoyed it when I spanked your bare bottom in the park.”

I hesitated to do as he asked but I thought why not.”OK yes I did enjoy it; I enjoyed you spanking my bare bottom in the park”. I couldn’t help but blush though as I said what he asked with a wry smile. It was hard to avoid his direct gaze and I wasn’t sure where to look.

“And why are you here today Sarah. Please be honest.”

“To see you of course.”

“Ok well you’ve seen me, you can go now” and he stood up as
if to go to the door. “Was that all you
came for?”

‘Well no, I thought that....” and I trailed off, hoping he would say it for me.

“No Sarah I’m not going to make it easy for you. I want you to tell me what it is you want from me today, say out loud what you have been thinking about all week, all day, and every night when you touched yourself before you slept. Say it Sarah, and you can have it.”

The next few moments were interminable, until I screwed up the courage to admit to what I needed.

“I want you to spank me again.”

“Please”, he prompted.



“and,....I want you to paddle me, like you said....please.”

“Ok you remembered that.  I thought you might. Well done Sarah. I can tell you that I would be delighted to oblige” he grinned and flashed those devilish dark eyes at me. “I think we both might find this sofa a little more comfortable than the park bench though, don’t you. You’re looking very pretty today, come here and let me look at you.”

I stood up and walked over to stand before him. His legs were apart and I stood close to him between them and facing him. He slid his hands up the backs of my thighs very slowly under my silk dress, up my stockings until he reached the soft skin between them and my panties. I wriggled a bit hoping he might move a bit higher...

“Did you think about me Sarah? Did you think about me when you masturbated this week? Did you think about me taking down your panties and paddling your bare bottom? Did it make you wet at work? I know the answer to all of those questions is undoubtedly yes Sarah. I can see the guilty
expression on your face telling me everything I suspected was true. So let’s not delay any further shall we?” He settled himself more comfortably on the sofa, “Now, over my knee.”

I turned to my right and complied nervously , not that I really was offered any choice, and waited bent in that position over his left knee, looking down between my fingertips just reaching the polished oak wooden floor and feeling the pressure of his thigh under me. Arthur placed his left hand on my right hip to keep me in that bended position, conscious that it ensured that the skirt of my black silk dress was raised high up enough up to display my stocking tops and thighs. He waited, and I imagined he was admiring my cute butt; for what seemed like forever, and then without a word i felt the first crack on my backside. In total I counted that he spanked my six times over thin skirt.. left right.. his hands felt huge ..left right... I had forgotten how much this hurt. ..left right... the force of the last two made me jump forward. Oh I was breathing really hard already. I felt Arthur lift my skirt, and smooth my panties flat to my skin.  My cheeks already felt like they must have started to redden a little.

He slowly massaged my bum cheeks round and round in circles and I started to move with  pleasure.   Then suddenly the blows began again. And this time harder than before or so it seemed. Ahh ow ahh ow, after 4 of these I honestly couldn’t keep properly still and started to squirm and try to wriggle away. However he held me firm as with each next few strokes my bum involuntarily bucked up in the air, my back arched and my head shot upwards as my protests got louder.
By the final four, my knees were kicking in the air, I couldn’t keep my feet on the floor and I was  wriggling around all over the place. But the odd thing was that as I wriggled in protest, my thighs started rubbing not only together but also against his leg and simultaneously I felt my fanny start to wetten. Despite my squirming and protests he took no notice and continued implacably, to apply I don’t know how many strokes to my poor backside left right left right rhythmically and inexorably.

By this point I desperately wanted him to redirect his attention away from my bottom and move it instead to the spot between my legs that was crying out for it now. I started to fantasise about him taking my panties right down, spreading my legs wide apart and have him thrust his strong fingers in my cunt to bring me off whilst I lay helpless across his lap like that, but he took no notice of my unspoken desires and my punishment continued unabated.

After what felt like forever to me, it stopped, and I lay passively in place, panting and making little quiet mewing noises whilst in my head continuing to indulge my fantasy of him fingering me senseless. A few moments later I felt him push my dress  further up my back to fully expose my knickers.
I was in heaven when he began to rub a strong teasing thumb all over the gusset of my panties, which I knew must have been pretty damp! I wriggled from the pleasure of the pressure on my pussy, and he indulged this enjoyment for a few wonderful moments, as I desperately writhed on his knee against his touch, bum going all over the place to try and gain what pleasure I could from it. He briefly, tortuously slipped his thumb then inside my gusset and into my cunt, wriggling it momentarily against the slippery viscous wetness he found there and almost making me come there and then with the pleasure. It felt so good I couldn’t stifle my moans but then suddenly without a word he removed his thumb, inserted two fingers in the waistband of my panties, and yanked them down over my bottom to my stocking tops in one firm fast movement.
“I think we can dispense with these now, don’t you Sarah?”

My only response was a little whimper, I don’t know whether more from pleasure or embarrassment, or disappointment that he had stopped.

“Don’t you Sarah, I said!” in a voice that demanded a response accompanied by a firm crack on my bum to get my full attention.

“Yes, erm yes sir” I replied flustered.

Then without any further preamble or ceremony, my spanking continued... on the bare.

And oh my god this was a real hard tanning, much harder than the one he had administered in the park.  I couldn’t keep still on his knee and he had to wrap his strong left arm right around and under me, pinioning me in place. My legs were going everywhere but I couldn’t help it. I knew I was showing him my bare pulsing wet cunt but I didn’t care; I couldn’t do anything about it in any
case. All I could think of was the raining blows right and left right and left.  I thought it would never end.  This was really intense and I started wailing and crying for real. Arthur took no notice at all when I tried to protect my bottom with my right hand. A few times he held it out the way but showed no mercy when I begged him please to stop.

“This crack is meant crack to hurt crack Sarah. You‘ve crack been crack a very crack very crack very crack naughty crack

“I’m really really sorry sir, please I’ll be good, and I’ve learnt my lesson now.” I pleaded, desperately trying to shield my bottom from the blows.

Then suddenly it stopped. My backside was throbbing and burning  and I lay there sobbing and panting but at least it had stopped.

“Very well Sarah, I think you have received sufficient spanking for this week.” Arthur said, beginning to gently stroke my tender behind. “But now I want you to reflect on what you have learnt today. I do think having time for reflection is good don’t you?”

“Yes sir” I sniffled still over his knee.

“Very well then stand up for me.” He helped me up and I stood before him once again, feeling like  little school girl fully repentant. “Come with me” He took my hand and led me to the corner of the room by the oak desk where there was a three panelled screen I hadn’t noticed earlier, the kind ladies use to dress behind, with an ornamental Japanese design on it. He turned it round and I saw that on the inside it had three full length mirrors on the inner panels. “This Sarah is where you will do your reflection time. But for reflection you won’t need this, he unzipped my dress and lifted it over my head, as he did so placing my hands on my head almost in one fluid movement, “or these” pulling my panties down the remainder of the way to my ankles. “You can stay there like that, facing the mirror for five minutes to think about how there are always consequences to your actions, and be warned, if you take your hands down off your head to rub your bottom, or for any other reason for that matter you will learn more about consequences than you care to.”

So there I stood totally nude apart from holdups, high heels and knickers round my ankles, hands on head, facing myself in my reflection. In the mirror I could also see Arthur, sat on the sofa where he could see me. He glanced at his watch from time to time; I suppose to see when the five minutes were up. They seemed interminable. My arms ached unbearably. I was dying to see how my poor bottom looked and whether it was bruised at all or just red, but the mirrors weren’t angled to enable me to do that. I wanted to rub it so bad but I was scared of getting any more punishment so I resisted the temptation. I spent my time fantasising about how our last meeting ended. The amazing outdoor sex we had, how his marvellous cock felt as I came all over it, and
contemplating repeating the exercise shortly. Looking in the mirror at my own naked self I imagined him fucking me til I came then masturbating over me as I played with my breasts and fingered my own pussy until he came in warm wet spurts all over my body. My nipples became hard as I pictured this and I ached to touch them as I sometimes do when I am alone. I love to run my palms softly over them again and again then twist them hard. I imagined doing this while Arthur came up behind me and pushed his hard thick cock inside me slowly moving inside me until I cried for him to fuck me hard....

Anyway this pleasant reverie was interrupted when he really did come behind me. “Keep your hands on your head Sarah. I’m just going to rub this lotion on your bottom. It’s looking a little bruised and I think this may help some.” He squeezed some lotion onto his palms and began to massage it into my poor sore burning cheeks. The cold fluid did seem to make some of the burn go away, and it was bliss to have him touching me so sensuously. His fingers slipped also between the lips of my shaven pussy. It was such an erotic feeling and sight for me to observe in the mirror. It was useless I couldn’t keep my hands on my head any longer. They slipped down to touch my breasts and I started to massage them in bliss squeezing my nipples as my sex pulsed and  throbbed to his touch. It didn’t take me long until I began to come, moaning and pressing my bottom backwards towards his touch.

Then suddenly he stopped and withdrew his hand. “I didn’t tell you to take your hands down did I?”

I put them back quickly, “No Sir, sorry Sir”

“It’s too late for apologies now Sarah. I told you the rules and you obviously haven’t learnt your lesson. For this, and also for being late earlier, which I had intended to overlook, I am forced to have to punish you further. Do you understand Sarah? You have brought this on yourself by your own lack of personal discipline and timekeeping ability.”

‘Noo, please sir no more spanking, you said I'd had enough, I can’t take anymore really I can’t I’m really sorry’ I pleaded, but to no avail.

“Sarah, you don’t really have a choice here. I think I did explain to you about consequences. And now it’s your time to experience them. I need you to stop being silly and do as I say. Will you do that please?”

“Yes Sir”

“Good now I want you to stand in front of my desk, here I’ll move the chair out of the way for you, and lean forward over it, grabbing the back of it to hold on to. That’s perfect. Now just stay like that.”

He opened a drawer in his desk and I heard, rather than saw, him getting something out and closing the drawer.

“Now you remember earlier today you said you wanted me to paddle you like I promised last week? Ok well it’s going to happen now. You deserve a proper paddling now for disobeying me and touching yourself.  This paddle I’m going to use on you now is kind of like a ping pong paddle. It’s a little smaller and made of red leather, to match your pretty bottom.  Ok now you are to stay in the position you are in now and not move from there while I paddle you. That’s good.”

I felt the sensation of a cold smooth object being run over my bottom whilst at the same time my nipples, already incredibly sensitive were scratching on the surface of the desk from me being in the position I was placed in. The combination of the two sensations was incredibly overwhelming and my fanny started twitching violently. I felt the paddle on the lower part of my bottom near my thighs and I realised he was lining it up for the point he wanted to target. Then suddenly the object moved away and “SMMACK” it walloped into me with such a force in the exact spot it had been in a second before. I yelped out loud but was silenced almost straight away as Arthur’s fingers entered my pussy and explored me rubbing my wet clit and the entrance to my cunt. I couldn’t keep still the feeling was exquisite and I stuck my bum out further for more. But in response he only removed his hand, aimed his paddle once again on a different spot and brought it down hard twice in the same spot. “oowww” I squealed really noisily now. But once again he silenced me with his fingers, making my bottom squirm against him, desperate to feel him inside me properly, as he ground his fingers against my clit. He ran his fingers up and down from my clit to my anus, wet and slippery from the earlier lotion, probing there gently and teasing me to make me arch my bottom up more, he held my cunt hole wide with his two fingers and used a third to circle and torment its entrance sending me into near oblivion and making my knees buckle,

“I think you seem to be enjoying your spanking far too much young lady. You have four more to go
before I will let you come do you understand?

“Yes sir, Yes sir”

“...and I am going to make you count the last four as you receive them, Ok? Are you ready?”

“Yes sir” THWAAK Yooow One Sir

“Good girl, Ok be ready for the next” I felt where he lined this up for a moment.

CRAACK Aargh Ow Ow Two Sir” I managed as that one fell right at the top of my thigh and stung like mad.

“OK nearly done, you are doing well now, get ready”

He stroked the paddle up and down my bum finding a spot. I felt my legs start to shake with the dreadful waiting, then SMAACKK Argggh Ouch Ouch Three Sir I managed with difficulty, and struggling to keep my feet on the ground

“The final one now Sarah, be brave now because you really are going to feel this one, but it’s the last. Ok?”

“WHAACK Foooour Siiir Ooooh ow ow ow that really hurt. And despite myself tears that I had been
keeping in ran down my cheeks

“There now Sarah it’s all over you did really well to take that” he stood me up gently, turned me round and hugged me, kissing my hair and stroking my back until I stopped sobbing and shaking.

Finally when I had stopped crying I turned my face up to his and kissed his gorgeous smile, my arms round his neck as his tongue explored my mouth passionately. We moved back to the sofa where he leaned me forward over the arm of it, not this time for a spanking but so that he could explore the rest of me, slowly licking and kissing me all the way from my ankles, up the backs and insides of my thighs to my fanny and beyond, until his tongue was reaching the most intimate and private part of me.  And as my body exploded at this point into a full mind blowing orgasm, and fireworks started going off in my head, he needed to physically hold me up as he continued to probe me relentlessly with his tongue. My orgasm rolled over and over me in waves until I felt I would faint from the exquisite pleasure. I crawled, undignified, over the side of the sofa to lie down, unable to stand a moment longer, begging for a minute to recover. I was not to be allowed any reprise however. Instead Arthur came round, sat me up properly and kneeled on the floor in
front of me between my opened thighs, stroking and teasing my breasts and nipples in every way possible with his fingers and mouth.   Watching him do this was so erotic I couldn’t help but put my hands down  to my cunt and start touching myself there, despite only having come a minute previously, the waves of pleasure spread through me once more and I plunged my fingers in and out of myself frantically as I watched him suck and lick and squeeze me.

“Oh no, you are not having any more just now young lady.” He removed my fingers unceremoniously and unbuckled his belt in front of my face, then unzipped his jeans to release his huge straining cock. He took my hand, placing it firmly around his hard shaft in front of my face. It felt so velvety soft and so solid at the same time. I stroked his cock up and down a couple of times slowly in my palm but then I couldn’t wait to wrap my mouth round it. I took his cock in my fully into wet mouth, tasting every bit of him, slowly running my tongue round and round as he gently thrust forward and backward, roughly holding onto my hair.

Once again I succumbed to the temptation to slip a couple of my fingers back down into my throbbing hot pussy whilst I sucked him, causing me to moan and sigh in ecstasy with his cock in my mouth. As he fucked my mouth I moved my hips against my thrusting fingers and started to shudder again, unable to stop myself coming once more. I felt I was on this huge rollercoaster ride
of orgasms; it was impossible to tell where one ended and the next began but each seemed bigger, stronger ... and wetter than the last; and I was just about to lose myself totally ....when he stopped me abruptly, disappointingly taking his wonderful cock out of my mouth and turning me to face away from him leaning over the sofa.

Unable to see him now, I wondered as I waited there for a moment if he were about to start spanking me again, but shuddered with pleasure when instead I felt him dip into the well of liquid that was my cunt just then with a finger, then gently press that same, and now slippery finger against the entrance to my tight bumhole.

As a consequence of all the deliciously naughty attention he had paid there earlier, it was a quite welcome intrusion and I was unable to do anything but move against his finger in bashful encouragement, and after a few moments he added to my enjoyment by simultaneously impaling my cunt hard on his cock. At this I helplessly thrust myself back at him in desperate pleasure and my need to be filled, my embarrassment at him accessing such normally secret parts of me out of my mind completely. I no longer cared what he did or saw, and wished only to abandon myself wantonly to the delicious sensations he was inflicting on me. Realising my obvious enjoyment of this new experience I imagine, he removed his finger after a brief while, only to replace it immediately ... with his cock.   I stiffened in momentary panic as I realised what he was planning on doing, thinking I could not possibly accommodate such hugeness. “No no no,” I whimpered.

“Come on naughty girl, relax, you know you want this, you’ll love it” he whispered into my ear, and with extreme patience he ever so slowly pushed himself inside me, past my resistance until finally he was moving his hard cock deep within me, filling me more than I had imagined possible. This was a ride unlike anything I had ever known. As he thrust into the very core of me, with total abandonment I thrust my own fingers into my throbbing slippery wet pussy and inside me an orgasm built of such huge intensity I utterly lost all sense of where I was and where I ended and he began. I was moaning quietly to start with as he fucked me like this quite gently “Oh god please don’t stop please don’t stop” but very rapidly my stifled shy moans became virtual screams of pleasure. “Yes yes fuck me fuck me” I cried out, losing every last vestige of inhibition, bucking hard against him until I felt him shoot his hot load inside me as my own liquid gushed down my legs and we both, without any exaggeration, came spectacularly and simultaneously in one combined shuddering seismic earthquake of massive proportions.

After this I could only lie there, stunned, half unconscious, for several minutes not able to speak or move.

It seemed during this time that my mind was utterly incapable of forming any sort of coherent thought much less speech, whilst my whole body seemed totally relaxed yet at the same time so unbelievably heavy so that I couldn’t move any of my limbs even if I wanted to.

But as I slowly came back down to earth with my eyes closed and a huge smile on my face, I could only think how happy I was to have been discovered by this wonderfully perfect sexy man who had given me so much pleasure in more ways than I ever thought existed..........

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