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Sarah and me. On a date at last

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me and sarah and a nice surprise
Sarah and I were on our first date.

Strange really, since we had already had a couple of fantastic sexual encounters, which had come about after finishing work and going to the pub together.

I’d been anticipating this Saturday night for the past five days which was when I had asked her out and she had agreed to accompany me to the new Italian bistro that had opened in the city centre.

I’d dressed smart casual for the evening with a new pair of chinos, polo shirt and loafers.

Sarah, when she’d answered the door was wearing a green summer dress that came to just above her knees. She was bare legged and wearing simple but expensive sandals.

The major difference to Sarah’s appearance since I last saw her, which was the previous day at work, was that she had had her gorgeous red hair stylishly cut so that it was no longer brushing her shoulders

In fact, it was now only slightly longer than my own hair.

Sarah answered the door with a lovely smile and I could see her parents over her shoulder as I leaned down to kiss her on the cheek.

“You look gorgeous,” I said. “I love your hair.”

“Thank you kind sir, you look pretty good yourself. Come in and meet my mum and dad.” Sarah turned her back to me and walked down the hallway and I dutifully followed. Now partially obscured from her parents view by Sarah herself, she reached backwards as if to take my hand, but instead she used her knuckles to brush the front of my trousers causing my cock to lurch to attention. Sarah looked back and smiled. She glanced down at my bulge and raised her eyebrows. “I want that monster in my wet cunt later,” she said.

I couldn’t believe my ears and quickly looked up to see the reaction of her parents who must have heard every word that their sweet daughter had just said. To my surprise though, they gave no reaction to Sarah’s comment, and I wondered if they were both hard of hearing. Or maybe they were as shocked as me and simply thought they had misheard her.

“Steve, this is my mother and father,” said Sarah.

I shook hands with them both and we exchanged a few pleasantries while Sarah ran upstairs to collect her coat and bag.

Sarah’s mother was an older version of Sarah herself, and I probably only imagined that the look she gave me was one that said, “fuck me, I’m yours.“ She was sexy though.

Soon we were in my car on our way to the city. Sarah wasted no time in placing her hand on my thigh and I told her that I was already stiff from what happened earlier. “If you’re not careful, I’m going to come before we even get to the restaurant,” I said.

Sarah looked at me and moved her hand upwards and began scratching the length of my cock with her fingernails. The feeling through the material of my trousers and shorts was unbelievable and I groaned as she gave me a gentle squeeze. “Don’t come yet my darling. We’ll have a lovely meal first and a nice bottle of wine. I have to warn you though that I forgot to put any panties on this evening, and I think you might have to spank me later for being so forgetful.”

With that, Sarah pulled my zip down and reached inside my trousers. She fumbled with the tiny button of my boxer shorts, and while this was happening I made sure I slowed the car down to about twenty miles per hour. Finally Sarah managed to get her tiny hand through the opening of my shorts and grip my now fully erect cock and massage it up and down a couple of times. “I’d pull it right out and suck it,” said Sarah, “but we’re nearly at the restaurant, so we’ll have to wait till a bit later.” With that, she remover her hand and pulled the zip up, ensuring that she applied more pressure on to my hot throbbing cock.

“My god, but you are so hard. You’ve made me weak at the knees,” said Sarah. “Here, taste this.” And with that, Sarah’s hand disappeared under her dress. Seconds later she placed her finger tips to my lips and I could taste and smell her arousal. “I want your tongue in my sopping wet pussy. I want you to come all over my face, and spurt your spunk right up inside me,” said Sarah. “But not yet,” she grinned.

We pulled up in the car park and before we got out Sarah leaned over and we kissed. It was a long soft sexy kiss with Sarah teasing me by not using her tongue. “You really are making me weak. My pussy juice is trickling down my leg. I hope the other diners don’t notice,” she said.

We entered the restaurant and I had to stay close behind Sarah in fear of my erection being noticed by the maitre de who met us at the door and ushered us to our table.

We sat facing each other during the meal and the sexual tension between us intensified as we exchanged forkful’s of food and spoke of nothing in particular. I was mesmerised by Sarah’s loveliness and her sexy yet innocent behaviour. She really was a wonderful girl. Intelligent, witty and very aware of the effect she was having on me.

“I must go to the loo,” she said. “The wine is making me quite tiddly, and my nose needs powdering. Back soon.” And with that, she stood up and walked round the table to make her way to the ladies w c. But she stopped next to me and leant down and placed her hand behind my neck and gave me an unexpected long sexy wet kiss, this time using her tongue to probe deep into my mouth. She placed her other hand in my lap and rubbed her palm up and down my crotch feeling my swollen cock and murmuring, “Oh, darling, you are so big. Please be gentle with me later. I’m not sure I can take all of that great big fucking beast.”

My head was spinning as Sarah continued to stroke me and I ran my hand up the back of her bare leg feeling the smooth coolness of her soft white skin. I calculated that we could not be seen by other diners and I moved my hand higher, feeling the wetness on her thigh that she spoke of earlier, until I reached Sarah’s backside. She really was wearing no underwear and my cock grew even bigger, if that was possible. I moved the palm of my hand over her mound and was not at all surprised to feel a smooth hairless pussy. I lowered my hand and flicked her swollen labia with the tip of my middle finger. Sarah bent her knees inviting me to push into her, but instead I found her clitoris and rubbed to and fro and at the same time I allowed my thumb to push halfway into her anus. Sarah moaned again and I asked her how it felt to be teased.

I removed my finger and thumb and almost heard a plop as Sarah quickly moved away to the toilets, looking over her shoulder, and again giving me that look.

Soon it was time to leave the restaurant and the journey back to Sarah’s house was surprisingly uneventful. She invited me in and reminded me to keep the noise down as her parents would be already in bed and hopefully sound asleep.

I made myself comfortable in the lounge while Sarah prepared the coffee. I stretched out my legs and for the umpteenth time that evening, I pulled at my crotch in order to try and disguise my hard on.

Sarah came in carrying the tray of coffee pot and cups and placed them on a side table. She then sat on the floor between my legs with her back to me and craned her neck back to say something. She must have felt my hardness with the back of her head and she spun round and got on her haunches and rested both of her hands, one on top the other, on my crotch. “You’ve been such a patient man tonight my darling, and I really will do anything you want later. But first, do you remember me telling you that I deserve to be spanked this evening? Well, that time has come and I want you to slap my bare bottom a dozen times. Right now up the stairs in my bedroom. Oh, and don’t worry too much about my mum and dad asleep in the next room,” she said, “they are both fairly heavy sleepers as a rule.”

Sarah took my hand and we crept up the stairs trying not to make a sound. Sarah giggled a couple of times and my heart was pounding and I prayed that a loose floor board wouldn’t alert her parents. Christ, I was stiff, and the adrenalin rush was almost making me feel sick.

We entered Sarah’s bedroom and she sat me down on the edge of her bed. She looked me in the eye as she unfastened the two or three buttons at the front of her dress and then gripped the hem and took the whole thing over her head in one swift sensual movement.

She was standing in front of me completely naked. Her hairless pussy was enough to expose her labia and I could see a moistness along the crease of her gorgeous gash.

Her boobs were perfectly formed. Big and tight with stiff long nipples.

Sarah took a step towards me and pushed me back slightly which allowed her to raise one leg and position herself over my outstretched thighs. “Spank me hard, darling and please don’t worry about hurting me.”

I was looking down at the most beautiful, glorious backside that I had ever seen and I was being instructed to spank it as hard as I could. “What about your mum and dad,” I said. “Won’t they hear us?”

“Don’t worry about them. Just punish me, darling Steve. Slap me hard.”

I was desperate to make love to Sarah, but I knew that it was only going to happen after I had “punished” her, so I decided to do as asked.

I raised my hand and brought it down on the soft fleshy part of Sarah’s right buttock. The sound was like a gun shot and Sarah cried out in pain. “Oh god, please hit me harder.” said Sarah, and I dutifully did as instructed and hit her again, this time on her left buttock. Her skin had immediately turned red and my cock was pressing into Sarah’s stomach as she lied across me.

Suddenly, I was determined to administer this punishment without any further encouragement from the victim herself.

I continued to smack Sarah and she continued to squirm in pain across my lap. My prick was leaking pre cum and the smell of Sarah’s sex was pushing me to the verge of climax.

Time after time I spanked Sarah’s gorgeous bottom,. By now I had completely forgotten about her parents being asleep in the room next door. Sarah managed to get her hand into my lap and she quickly and expertly pulled down my zip and yanked out my huge throbbing cock. She leaned over to allow my cock complete freedom and I could now see so much pre cum that it looked as though I had already shot my load.

I looked up suddenly and almost had a heart attack when I saw Sarah’s mother standing in the doorway of the bedroom. Sarah had her back to the door and had no way of knowing that her fantastic arse and gaping pussy was being exposed to her own mother.

Sarah continued to moan and groan and was obviously close to the point of no return. Meanwhile, her mother looked me in the eye and put a finger to her lips and advanced into the room. She lowered her head onto my cock and flicked my helmet with an expert tongue. She took my entire length into her mouth and as she did so, she moved my hand away from her daughter’s bottom and shoved her own fingers up into her soaking wet snatch.

Both Sarah and I climaxed at the same time. My huge load emptied into Sarah’s mothers mouth and Sarah herself gushed a massive amount of juice all over my cock and balls., as well as her mother’s hand.

Sarah’s mother quickly stood up but not before she allowed all of my cum to trickle out of her mouth on to my chest and naval. She then quickly left the room.

Sarah rolled over with a big smile on her face and said, “My darling, that was wonderful. Thank you so much for punishing me like that.” She looked at my body and said, “Wow, look at all of that spunk. You horny so and so.”

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