Sarah, Sean and his wife

By Chiyo

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Sarah learns that her one night stand has a dominant wife.
He was tall, handsome and older, a lot older. She had met Sean in a bar where they started flirting and then he took her home with him. They had steaming hot sex. Sean had fucked her hard from behind, missionary and from an angle only a flexible 21 year old could pull off. When they finally fell asleep they were both exhausted.

Sarah woke up around noon and noticed that she was alone in the bed. She decided to go into the kitchen to look for him. She put on her panties and a long shirt that belonged to Sean and walked towards the kitchen. She could hear that someone was in there.

“Hey Sean do have any coffee?” she said coming into the kitchen. She realized he wasn’t alone. There was a woman there.

“Her? She’s a kid! One thing is screwing someone without my permission, but a little girl?” The woman was around 43 years old, the same as Sean and like her husband she looked good for her age.

“Excuse me! I am 21, but I guess when you’re a hundred you have a different perspective,” Sarah snapped back. “Sean, who is this woman?”

“Emh… Sarah… this is… Julia. She is my wife,” Sean said, looking embarrassed.

“Oh shit! I am so sorry. Umh… I guess you guys want to be alone to talk out your problems,” Sarah said hating herself for making the foolish mistake of sleeping with a married man.

“Save it young lady. We have an open relationship. It is not the first time he has slept with another woman. However I did not give him permission to sleep with you. Sean you will have to be punished.”

“What are you, like his dominatrix?” Sarah said laughing. There was a silence. “Oh my God! You are!”

“We call it domestic discipline. I don’t dress up in leather and treat him like my slave. I am the dominant in our relationship and when he is naughty I spank him. Like I will have to do now,” Julia said looking sternly at Sean.

“Honey please we were drunk and I wasn’t thinking straight,” Sean tried.

“And that makes it okay?” Julia said.

“No. I’m sorry.”

Sarah was confused. This domestic thing was something Sean had agreed to, so why did he look so sad. He looked like he really did not want to be spanked.

“Sean. You don’t look like you want to be spanked,” she said. “So why would you agree to this? She can’t spank you if you don’t want to,” Sarah said looking at him worried, knowing that this whole thing was her fault.

“I don’t always want to get spanked. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. I agree to domestic discipline because I enjoy that Julia is in charge. She is the dominant and I have to obey her rules. I broke her rules and I must take her punishment. But you are right. I don’t want a spanking right now, but it is my fault for being so irresponsible,” Sean said.

Sarah felt terrible. Sean though he was to blame, but she knew it was her fault.

“Julia. He feels awful. Won’t you please show him mercy this once?” Sarah pleaded, giving Julia the innocent eyes that always worked on her parents when she wanted something.

“No! Sean has been naughty and must be punished!” Julia scolded. She grabbed Sean’s hand and said, “Come here! We might as well get over with it.”

Julia walked towards an armless wooden chair by the kitchen table, but Sarah stepped in front of her blocking her way.

“Wait! You can’t spank Sean. I’ll feel extremely guilty if you do.”

“Why would you feel guilty? He is a 42 year old, married man who picked up a 21 year old girl at a bar. You I can understand. You’re young, irresponsible and can’t hold a drink yet, but he is a grown man and should have known better.”

Sarah decided it was time to come clean. It was hard because Julia was a really terrifying woman. She was so much taller than Sarah and her mom’s age. She had this authority that scared her, but at the same time exited her. She could feel her pussy tingling.

“That’s not exactly true. It wasn’t Sean’s fault. It was mine. I guess I’m not as innocent as you thought. You see the thing is… I… I got Sean drunk and then seduced him.”

“What?” Sean said surprised.

“I’m sorry Sean. I was never really drunk. There was no alcohol in my drink. I chose you the minute I walked into the bar. I saw you and decided that I wanted to have sex with you. I got you drunk and then seduced you.” She looked at Julia. “There. Now I’ve said it. So you see. Sean didn’t mean to break your rules. He had no choice once I had decided I wanted to sleep with him.”

Julia let go of Sean’s arm. Sean looked surprised. Julia started pacing around the kitchen floor thinking. The she stopped looking at Sarah and said,

“Okay you two. Seeing that Sarah has come forward as the guilty one, Sean don’t have to be spanked.”

“Really? That’s great!” Sarah said relived.

“Yes well I’m not done yet. I am willing to let Sean off, but then you young lady have to take the punishment instead. God knows you deserve it,” Julia said giving Sarah an evil smile.

“Wow… umh yeah that is so not gonna work for me. I have never been spanked… like.. ever!” Sarah said.

“It shows,” Julia said. “I can assure you young lady, that if you were my daughter you would have been spanked on a regular basis.”

“Lucky I’m not you daughter then,” Sarah mumbled, but loud enough so that Julia heard because she gave her a stern look.

“Listen young lady. Either you agree to get a spanking, or Sean will get one. And we all know this is your fault and that you’re the one that should be spanked. Do you want Sean to be spanked for something you did?”

“No, but why does there have to be a punishment. I mean… isn’t it enough that we are both very sorry?” Sarah said batting her eyelashes.

“If you don’t get punished you will never learn. Either it’s you or Sean. Make a decision,” Julia said putting her hand on her hips looking very stern and determined.

Sarah looked at Sean for help. He looked kind of angry which made her feel even guiltier.

“So Sean.. emh.. you’re not in the mood for a spanking?” she said studying him closely.

“No. I actually agree with Julia that you could use a good tanning young lady. But if you’re not going to take responsibility for you own actions, you leave Julia with no choice but to unfairly punish me for this. Now what is it going to be?” he said looking disappointed.

Sarah had to make a decision soon. She was actually kind of curious. She had never been spanked before and there was something very exiting about Julia’s authority.

“Okay fine! You can spank me. But go easy on me okay?” she finally said very nervously.

“I will do no such thing. This is a punishment young lady. You will have a red sore bottom at the end of it I can assure you,” Julia said sternly.

“But… but… I might cry,” Sarah said looking sulky.

“Oh I expect you to,” Julia said grabbing Sarah’s arm. “Okay come over here young lady. I am going to sit down here and then you get over my lap.” She sat down on the chair and Sarah got over her knees. “Sean you can go get the hairbrush,” she said pulling the shirt Sarah was wearing away from her bottom.

“The hairbrush? Why the hairbrush?” Sarah said frightened over Julia’s lap.

“Yes. The hairbrush. I told you. I am going to give you a proper spanking. You have been a very naughty girl,” Julia scolded.

Julia started rubbing Sarah’s bottom which was actually kind of nice. Only her thin panties separated Julia’s hand from her skin, though Sarah knew it wasn’t going to feel nice for very long. Sean came back with a big wooden hairbrush that Julia was going to use to paddle Sarah’s behind. Sarah nearly cried by just seeing it.

“I’m going to start with a hand spanking,” Julia said still rubbing her bottom.

“Okay. But Julia… I am very sorry okay. So I mean… I don’t think that hairbrush would be necessary for me to get the message,” Sarah said pleadingly.

“Oh sweetie… yes I think it is. I think a good paddling is just what you need,” Julia said with a sweet voice of sarcasm. “Let’s begin.”

Julia gave Sarah the first spank. It stung, but it wasn’t too hard. Neither was the next, or the next after that. But after just a minute of spanking Sarah could definitely feel her bottom getting warm and she knew that they weren’t even close to being finished. Julia spanked each cheek in turn and the spanks got harder and harder. Sean was sitting on a stool by the kitchen counter watching. His eyes were fixated on Sarah’s wobbling bottom. Soon a nice pink color appeared under her white panties.

“I’ll take these off now,” Julia said while beginning to pull Sarah’s panties down.

“No! Not my panties!” Sarah yelled trying to protect her bottom with her hands.

Julia pulled her hands away and gave her an extra sharp SMACK! “Quiet girl! I always spank on the bare; otherwise it is not a proper spanking.”

She pulled Sarah’s panties completely off and dropped them on the floor. She rubbed Sarah’s bottom again, studying her pink color before continuing the spanking. Her spanks were even worse now and Sarah started squirming around moaning in pain.

“Ow... please stop. I now realize that I have been a very bad girl. I am sorry,” Sarah said, knowing she was not going to get away with this short spanking, but though it worth a try.

The weird thing was that it actually turned her on, the pain, being under Julia’s control and not being able to do anything. Julia held her so firmly down, that even if she squirmed and kicked all she could, she would not be able to get herself up.

“Oh sweetie we have just begun. This pleading of yours shows exactly how much you need your bare bottom spanked. You are a spoiled brat who should have been spanked a long time ago.”

Julia continued holding the squirming Sarah down, giving her good solid spanks, turning her bottom from pink to red. Sarah was now crying and gasping between each spank. She lifted her head a little and looked at Sean. He was still eying her wobbling, reddening cheeks, not able to hide the fact that he was really turned on. His face was full of lust and his penis was erect in his boxers. For him to watch his 43 year old wife tanning the bottom of a 21 year old girl was dream come true.

Julia stopped the spanking and started rubbing Sarah’s bottom again. Sarah was sobbing loudly. Getting spanked made really emotional. Being scolded and spanked like a naughty kid kind of made her feel like a naughty kid. She now realized that she really had been a naughty girl and that she deserved this.

“Are you ready for the hairbrush?” Julia asked still rubbing.

“Do… do I have to get the hairbrush?” Sarah asked. “I really am sorry. I have learned my lesson. I know I’ve been a naughty girl.”

“Yes you have to get the hairbrush. I am punishing you, and I can’t give in to you pleading. Besides I don’t feel that the message has quite sunk in yet,” Julia said and Sarah gave a little sob.

“Honey, what do you think of my work here?” she asked Sean.

It was not before now Sean was able to tear his eyes away from Sarah’s bottom.

“Oh very nice work honey, though if I had complained as much as she does I would have gotten the cane as well,” he said clearly not impressed by Sarah’s bravery. Only now did he realize just how young she was. She was acting like a brat.

“Well excuse me… It’s not like I expected that the guy I fucked was into this kind of stuff!” Sarah protested. “In fact you should thank me for getting you out of your spanking.”

“Thank you?! If you had not gotten me drunk for your own selfish reasons, this would never have happened!” Sean yelled.

“Yeah! Well I’m guessing you’re not sorry seeing you have gotten a huge boner from watching me getting spanked by your sadistic wife!” Sarah yelled back from over Julia’s lap.

Sean put his hands over his crotch covering his erection looking kind of embarrassed.

“I’m guessing your recovered enough to take on the hairbrush now Sarah,” Julia said laughing at the fact that she had just been called sadistic. She loved this power she had over this girl. “And honey… I can’t be as severe to her. She is just a little girl after all, and new to corporal punishment. You on the other hand have a lot more experience with this. Give me the hairbrush.”

Sean got up still covering his erection with his hand and got the hairbrush on the table. He gave it to Julia and sat back down. Julia tapped it gently on Sarah’s bottom so she could feel what the implement felt like. Sarah sobbed and looked sulky. She admitted to herself that even though this spanking had been painful so far, she was wet, but being paddled with this big heavy hairbrush was not something she felt like experiencing right now.

Julia adjusted Sarah a bit, making sure that her bottom was where she wanted it, and that she had a firm grip on her. Then she started spanking her again. She spanked her hard and quickly. Sarah started squirming again and she was now crying loudly only pausing for a “ow” or “owch”. At first Julia delivered a spank on each cheek in turn, but then she started to spank the same spot several times in a row. Very soon the lower parts of each cheek were bright red. Sean had given up covering his erection knowing it was not going anywhere anytime soon. This was too arousing.

“OW! Ow… Julia please! Ow… I can’t take it anymore!” Sarah screamed.

“I told you young lady!THIS-IS-A-PUNISHMENT!” Julia gave Sarah extra hard spanks between each word. “You can cry, but I am going to paddle this bottom until I am satisfied!”

Sarah kicked and screamed, but there was no use. Julia was just too strong for her. In the end Sarah gave up struggling and tried to lie still hoping that Julia would stop when she saw what a good girl she was. Julia gave her ten hard really hard spanks before she stopped. She put the hairbrush on the kitchen table and started rubbing Sarah’s bottom again and tried to calm the girl down.

“There there… it over sweetie,” she said and she started rubbing Sarah’s back as well. “Sean. Get the cooling cream.”

Sean left the room. Julia’s hand suddenly rubbed Sarah between her thighs and before she knew it she had put a finger in her pussy.

“You’re wet. I knew it!” she said triumphantly.

“I didn’t mean to. I… I don’t know what happened,” Sarah said embarrassed.

“You now… I think Sean and I can have a lot fun with you in the future. That is, if you’re up to it,” she said.

Sarah didn’t know what to say, but at that moment Sean came back into the room.

“I got the cream,” he said.

“Good. Up you go sweetie. Bend over the kitchen counter. Sean rub the cream on her bottom while I make coffee.”

Sarah got up from Julia’s lap and was given a warm hug. Then she went over to the kitchen counter still naked bellow, and bent over sticking a bright red bottom out for Sean to rub cream on. He was very gentle with her, messaging the cream into the skin making her moan. He too let a finger slip into her pussy.

“You’re wet,” he said smiling.

“Yes I know, your wife has already informed me,” she said spreading her legs a little, giving him a full view.

He kissed her cheeks and put a finger into her, rubbing her g-spot.

“Sean, not now,” Julia said coming with two cups of coffee. “Little Miss Horny is going to stand in the corner while we drink coffee.”

She put the coffee on the kitchen table and went over to Sarah. She put her hand on her shoulders and guided her into the corner.

“Stand here facing the wall until I tell you to turn. You’re not allowed to talk. And Sean shirt is a little too long for you. Make sure to hold it up so we can see your red bottom,” she said sternly.

“But… I… no one said I had to stand in the corner too,” Sarah protested.

“Sarah! Don’t argue and do as you’re told!” Julia scolded and gave Sarah a stinging smack.

“Ow! Okay… okay.”

Sean and Julia enjoyed their cup of coffee while talking and looking at Sarah’s bottom. Maybe Sean sleeping with Sarah wasn’t such a bad thing after all. They had been looking for someone new to play with. Sean wanted two women to have sex with and Julia loved being in control of a younger woman. In the corner Sarah was too having these feelings. The spanking hurt a lot, but it was actually very arousing and now all she could think about was how horny she was. She wanted to fuck Sean again and Julia could assist if she wanted to. Julia had said they could have fun together.

“Now young lady, have you thought about what a naughty girl you have been?” Julia asked.

“Umh… yeah,” Sarah lied because that was not what was going through her mind when she was standing in the corner.

“That spanking made you pretty wet huh? Would you like me and Sean to help you come?” she said smiling lustfully.

“Uh… yeah, but I’ve never had sex with two people before,” Sarah said wondering what they would do now.

“Shhh. It will be fine,” Julia said touching her lips.

Julia took her hand and together they walked in to the bedroom where Sean was waiting for them. Julia pulled off the shirt Sarah was wearing and told her to lie down in the middle on the bed. Sean spread her legs and slated licking her clit. Julia quickly undressed and laid down next to Sarah and started licking and playing with her nipples while keeping eye contact. This was without a doubt worth a spanking.

Sean stopped and asked Sarah to turn around. Sarah let Julia in front of her so she could lick her while Sean put his big cock into her. Sean started slowly pushing into her and pulling out, and Sarah tried her best to please Julia. It was working because Julia was soon moaning. Sean started using more force and it kind of hurt because as he was fucking her harder he bumped against her bottom which was sore. Julia got up and helped Sarah up a little too. Then whilst Sean was fucking her hard from behind, Julia was rubbing her clit. It didn’t take long before Sarah came and her orgasm was so powerful he gave a huge moan. Smiling Julia let her lie down on the bed while Sean fucked her next. Soon they both came and all three of them were naked on the bed together cuddling.

“You see Sarah, I told you Sean and I could have fun with you in the future.”