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School daze. Taming Miss MacDougall

Angry spinster teacher tamed and made love to by young man

I went to school in Scotland during the 1950s. All the staff at the primary school were female. They had families of their own, some of whom were pupils at the school. In contrast, there were only four women teachers at the large secondary school I later attended. They were excellent educators, but crabby and hard on pupils, particularly the boys. It must have been demanding for them to compete and survive in that male-dominated environment. They were all spinsters and Miss Clara MacDougall, nicknamed Frosty, who was responsible for all girls in the school, was the most feared. 

I was the head boy. My counterpart was Anne, a perfect modern role-model. The first girl to do advanced chemistry and physics and top pupil in these subjects.

I was revising for exams when she came to see me.

"I need your advice or help. Since the summer holidays, Frosty has been making the girls lives hell. Picking up on every trivial thing and punishing them for little or no real reason. The worst was yesterday when she belted all the girls from one class, even although one had already admitted to being the culprit. I have tried to talk to her, but she just lost it with me, started shouting and even threatened me with the belt."

"This should be taken up with the headmaster. He is the one with authority to deal with it."

"I don’t want to do anything official if I can avoid it. Frosty is hard, but she is usually fair. Something has gone wrong. Would you talk to her?” 

Taken aback, I said, "what makes you think Frosty will speak to me? She seems to detest boys."

"That is true, but I have noticed that she does listen to you. You might get through to her." 

I said that I would try and this was how I came to find myself in trepidation knocking on Miss MacDougall's door late that afternoon. She called me in and asked in her usual brusque manner “what do you want, boy?”

"I am here on behalf of the girls. They say you are too harsh on them, even over small things. They have always considered you as hard but fair, but now they are just terrified. They are concerned. What is going on?" 

She became upset and started shouting that it was none of my business, and everyone was ganging up on her. I sat and listened. It was clear that she needed to vent steam. Eventually, I began to get a picture. She felt that most of the girls were wasting the opportunities that school could give them. They were accepting that they would only get lowly jobs and saw no reason to challenge themselves. Worse still, bullying caused many of the best girls to give up on study; not surprising when they were bombarded incessantly with the message that girls are stupid, do not need educating and only have to know how to please and serve.

"There is a group of boys behind much of this harassment. I have reported them, but most of the male staff agree with their opinions and won’t do anything. Rather, they complain about the behavior of the girls and question my ability or right to do this job." 

I was shocked to hear this but knew that these Neanderthal attitudes remained deep-seated.             

Miss MacDougall was almost crying. "It is so frustrating to see smart girls give up on their studies. I would like to take these boys down a peg or two, but it will not happen because they are considered far more important than girls."  

“I will take the matter up with the headmaster. He is fair and I am sure will do what he can to stop this bullying. However, I sense that this is not enough for you. What would you want?"  

"These boys are destroying the girl's hopes and futures and should be severely punished. However, that can only be done by male teachers, so it is never going to happen. I can only watch and scream from the sidelines." 

She looked so down and depressed. I recognized that she needed an outlet. That is when I had a surreal moment. “Would you punish me instead? I can be the whipping boy. No-one else needs to know." 

She looked at me quizzically for a long time. “Are you inviting me to spank you?"


I thought that if she thrashed me as a surrogate, it would at least stop her taking out her frustrations on the girls. Deep down, there was also the possibility to fulfill a teen fantasy. 

After considering for a while, she said: "Well, this is a first, but we had better get on with it, don't you think."

I could see she was starting to perk up already. I gasped when she took a medium Lochgelly tawse from her drawer. I thought it would be a hairbrush or gym shoe.

"Your punishment will be a Baker's dozen (twelve + one extra) on the bare." 

She pulled my trousers and underpants down to my ankles and bent me over her desk. She paused for a couple of minutes and then gently tapped my bottom twice with the tawse. She pulled back and soon there was a swishing sound followed by a thunderclap as the belt-tails hit home, triggering searing pain in my bum. I was trying to gather myself when the second, third and fourth strokes came in. The time between strokes varied, making it impossible to brace for them. Frosty did not say a word, so there was nothing to distract me from the feel of the belt and the rapidly building agony in my rear. By the time I had taken ten, I was desperate and tried to struggle free, but she pinned me back on the desk

“That’s an extra two for trying to get away.”

I was begging her to stop, but she kept going and put, even more, effort into the extras. I was incoherent by the end. My bum was on fire and waves of the pain were coursing through me.

She sat down at her desk and told me to redress. As I was trying to gently pull my underpants and trousers up over my very hot and tender bottom, I glanced across at her. She looked exhausted, but also seemed relaxed and contented, as though a load had lifted off her shoulders.

“Thank you, that has helped."  

I nodded, and as I gingerly made my way to the door, I had my second surreal moment of the day. "If you feel the need for stress-relief again, just call me to your office."

I was trying to sit still at my desk the following afternoon when Anne came to ask me what I had said to Frosty. "She is a different person today, almost back to her usual self."

I went over the discussions that we had, the things that were bothering her and how I had agreed to help. I omitted any mention of the later stages of our meeting.

"She must have needed to talk things over, and you provided a good ear."  Add an R, and it would be correct.

It was four weeks later that I found the note on my desk. My knees went to jelly when I read ‘come to my office at five this afternoon.' I knocked on Miss MacDougall's door and went in. She was shaking and upset.

She told me that some boys had been taunting three of the "swotty girls" as they described them and a fight had broken out. A teacher stopped it and brought the girls to Miss MacDougall.

"You must punish them, or I will make a formal complaint if you don’t."

The boys told their class master that the girls had started the fight and they got off with a verbal warning.

"It is unfair, but I will have to deal with the girls. They did hit out, and that is unacceptable. I told them to come to see me tomorrow morning because I am too angry now."

"I will take this up with the headmaster first thing tomorrow. If this oafish behavior continues, these boys will think they can get away with anything, and things will spiral out of control. However, this is not the main reason you called me here, is it? You want to vent your current anger on my behind so that you are more in control with the girls tomorrow. Well, let's get on with it. The same as last time, except that you use the heavy tawse."

"Are you sure about that."

I nodded, walked over to the desk, took my trousers and pants down and bent over. Frosty picked up the tawse and rested it across my behind. It was heavy. She pulled back and the next thing I knew my bum felt as though it had been hit by a red-hot poker and pain shot through me. I jumped, but recovered my position and held firmly to the desk. Each smack was as hard as the first, my bum felt like a furnace, and the building pain was intolerable. I admit I was crying by the time she completed the fifteen strokes. 

Miss MacDougall sat back down on her chair while I composed myself and very carefully redressed. I noticed that she was quite tranquil.

"Thank you, but why did you ask for the heavy tawse? I am sorry that it hurt you so much." 

"I saw how upset you were and thought that the extra effort of using it on my bum would give you a quick release of that rage. I am regretting it now, but I will recover and am glad it worked. Be fair with those girls tomorrow." 

Anne and I met with the headmaster first thing next day. I had to be very careful not give away any hint of the tenderness in my behind. Not that easy. I told him about the incident of the previous day and the fact that the girls were to get the tawse, while the boys received only a verbal warning.

The headmaster said, "It is very unfair. I would have punished them all. However, since the class master has already issued the boys with a warning, there is nothing I can do."

Anne was about to argue, but I stopped her.

"If I understand these boys at all, they are now outside Miss MacDougall's office sniggering at every smack the girls get and will taunt and harass them when they leave in tears. What if the headmaster were to see that?”

"I see that I need to keep an eye on you, young man. That is devious, but perfectly within the rules. I had better go and check." 

Suffice it to say; the head master caught the boys, and each got a Baker's half-dozen (six + one extra) with the heavy tawse.

No-one else knew about my role in this, although I know that Frosty guessed. It did earn me a long lingering kiss from Anne when we were alone. 

"Thank you for avenging my girls."

Things were quiet over the next few weeks as we worked through exams, but then I found another ‘come to my office’ note on my desk.

Miss MacDougall was raging. "I have just been ordered to give Amy White a Baker's dozen with the extra-heavy tawse."

"Why? Amy is one of the friendliest girls in the school. She is not the brightest candle in the box, but she tries hard." 

"She hit a teacher.” 

"He had been goading Amy all day, telling her how useless she was. This harassment happened on the worst day of her period. She finally snapped and slapped him. That is what he wanted, and he has threatened with a formal written complaint if I do not punish her. Worse still, from his office, the sadist will be able to watch her getting the belt. He will probably get off on it."   

I winced. Even the hard boys are terrified of the extra-heavy. A few strokes, let alone thirteen, will destroy this poor girl. There must be an alternative.                

"From his office window, would this teacher be able to tell who gets the belt in here?"

"No. The teacher would not see the face, only the back of the school uniform."  

"Who will be the official witness of this punishment?" 

"Miss Jones, the new school secretary.”

"Do you think she would be amenable to a bit of subterfuge to help Amy?”

"I am sure she would, she has said it is grossly unfair, and already hates that sadistic teacher. What have you in mind?" 

I explained my plan. Frosty was stunned but agreed to it in the absence of any alternatives. She informed the headmaster that the punishment would be delayed until Friday afternoon because Amy was on her period. This postponement was to allow the necessary arrangements. 

Come Friday afternoon I was in Miss Jones office, and she helped me to dress in a girl's uniform. It was identical in all aspects to Amy's one, including the underwear and stockings.  I had hoped Amy would decide to wear cotton gym knickers, but no she chose white nylon hip-huggers. Miss Jones took me through to Miss MacDougall's office, and I sat down at the back out of sight of the window. It felt bizarre wearing this uniform, but Miss MacDougall gave a nod of approval.

At the appointed time, Amy was brought in by Miss Jones and stood in front of the desk. Everyone knew what was about to happen. The whole school was so quiet that you could have heard a pin dropping.

Amy was told to bend over the desk, and her skirt was folded over her back to reveal her pantied bottom. Miss MacDougall picked up the extra-heavy tawse, gave her a couple of gentle taps on the behind and then applied a full stroke. Amy screamed but stayed in place. She screamed even louder at stroke two and was in floods of tears by stroke three. Amy wriggled free and ran to the end of the room. She was dragged back and repositioned on the desk. Miss Jones was now pinning her arms down to prevent escape.     

"For trying to get away, we will start again from the beginning."

Miss MacDougall applied a full force stroke, and Amy screamed again through her sobs. The significant change was that the belt was striking my bottom. Each stroke burnt into my behind and the excruciating pain was coursing through me. I struggled to keep quiet and almost passed out before Frosty completed thirteen smacks. Amy was a good actress, reacting as though shot at every stroke. Miss MacDougall had warned me that the smacks would be hard to make sure the whole school got the message. They and I did. 

Miss Jones made sure the corridor was clear and sneaked Amy out of the school, dropping her off near her home. The stragglers that had been hoping to get a glimpse of Amy after her punishment went home grumbling when told she was gone.               

Miss MacDougall and I were left. She said beforehand that I could recover at her house, which was close to the school. This option was fortunate because I could hardly stand, let alone walk any long distance. I could not even be bothered to change clothes. I pulled on a bonnet, and we walked hand in hand to her house.

Miss MacDougall showed me to the spare room. I kicked off my shoes and flopped face down on the bed.  I lay there in a daze, reliving every strike to my bum and the waves of searing pain they triggered. However, I was also beginning to feel some hints of arousal and pleasure.

Miss MacDougall came back, lifted my skirt, pulled down the knickers and applied some lotion to my tortured behind. She was putting the bottle of lotion on the bedside table when she whispered "Amy could have helped you a little by wearing more robust knickers. Her ones left you almost bare."

I turned around to see her looking at me. All I can say is that the flooding hormones took over. I reached up, pulled her towards me and kissed her fully on the lips. She pushed me off for a millisecond, but then pulled me back in, and we were soon doing some serious petting. It wasn’t long before there were two piles of clothes on the floor and we were between the sheets. Suffice it to say that over the next couple of hours all her lady parts were used avidly and to the full for their purpose. We eventually fell into a blissful sleep.                        

When we woke up, I kissed Clara gently on the lips. “Are you okay?”

"I have never felt better. I am now a woman. I had lived a monastic life and had never seen boy parts in the flesh before I took down your pants. I was fascinated by your cock and have had many hot dreams about it since then. The reality was even better than I imagined."

We lay there smooching for a while before she said, “we should eat; we need to refuel before continuing our biology practical.”       

After a meal, Clara and I were resting on the sofa. I started to kiss her and nuzzled her breasts and nipples. She moaned as I picked her up and carried her through to bed. There was no frenzied rush this time. We slowly explored each other and made out until we were both very hot. I was riding her and gently massaging her clit when I felt her tense up. Her fingers started to clench and dig into my back, and her body began to shudder.

She gasped: “Oh my god, I am going to cum. Please don’t stop. Finish me off”. 

I went down on her harder and faster. Her body spasmed and her arms, legs, and pussy clasped me even more tightly. That triggered the vinegar strokes, and I shot my load deep inside her. We climaxed together and remained coupled for a long time afterward, while we soaked in all the sensations and emotions of our intimacy. Eventually, we fell into that wonderful sleep of the just after.           

We got up late next morning and had breakfast. Clara said, "You gave me everything I wanted yesterday. I want us to share." She produced a small book on sex positions and techniques. I don’t know where she got it from, but they looked exciting. We went back to bed and stayed there for much of the next two days, with just a few stops for refueling. There was a lot of strenuous experimenting, and the earth moved several times. I was beginning to think Clara was insatiable. Was she trying to make up for all those years of celibacy? However, weariness kicked in, and the pace slowed through Sunday.      

That evening, we were cuddled together when I suddenly remembered that I had no boy’s clothes to wear to school the next day. I only had the girl’s uniform. My own was still in Miss Jones office. 

"Don't worry. We can go in early before most people arrive. You can wait in my office, while I get your uniform from Miss Jones.” 

"Won't she ask questions"?

"Judging by the fascinated look on her face when I was tanning your bottom, she wants to see more punishments, so will not be difficult." 

Clara and I made love again and slept until the alarm went off. We rose and dressed. Putting on the uniform was unsettling, but also exciting. There was this high risk of being caught and no way to explain. After breakfast, we set off to school. I pulled my bonnet forward to hide as much of my face as possible. There were some people around, but no-one near enough to recognize me. The most discomforting moment was when a strong gust of wind blew my skirt up, and some boys across the street got a flash of my neon white knickers. It made their day, and I am sure that story did the rounds. If only they had known the reality.

We made it safely to Clara's office; I sat down where I had hidden on Friday, and she went off to find Miss Jones. She returned soon after, but to my surprise, Miss Jones was with her, and I was told to stand and lift my skirt. 

"You are correct Miss Jones; these panties are almost indecent, and inappropriate for school.” 

"This breach of the rules merits five smacks with the medium tawse. Bend over the desk young lady. Miss Jones, will you do the honor?"

So here I was again with my bottom in the air. It was clear that Miss Jones had not done this before because the first swat just clipped me, but the second cracked home on an area that was still very tender from Friday. It made me jump. I resettled myself. I had taken all five when Clara said, "one extra." Miss Jones gave this smack with maximal effort. It made me jump up and gasp.

The next thing I heard Miss Jones say, "Oh my goodness." She looked flustered, and her breathing was erratic. After she had left the room, I asked Clara if Miss Jones had just climaxed. 

"No, but she got very aroused."

I glowered at Clara. "What is going on? Why did I get the belt again?"

"I am sorry, but it was too good an opportunity. When I was collecting your uniform, Miss Jones told me that Friday was her first time at a belting. It excited her, and she was desperate to find out how it felt to give a girl the belt. She can't officially punish pupils because she isn't a teacher, but you were unofficial and available."

"I know, but you could at least have given my rear a few more days to recover."

"That would not have worked. How do I to put this? Miss Jones is only interested in girls. Since you were en femme, she was essentially punishing a girl. I am sorry for your bum, but now she is hooked, and I have an ally in the headmaster's office."

"I suppose this means she will be tanning my behind again in the future."

"Probably, but not too often. If things work out here, I might introduce Miss Jones to a woman that I have heard has similar interests. In the meantime, we had better keep the girl's uniform here, for emergencies".

Clara patted me on the bottom. “Don’t worry, you have roused me, I will repay you in full. We still have a lot of experiments to do, but I will need plenty of recovery time. You have exhausted me."  

I was delighted that Clara wanted to continue our biology practical. In fact, I was starting to have some feelings for her that transcended teen lust. 

"I need to recover as well, especially my behind. How about meeting up in three weeks’ time? There is a long weekend. Can your pussy cope with four days of vigorous action?"

"Just thinking about it is taking my breath away. I look forward to finding out."

"I had better go, I have a class, and I don’t want to risk being late and getting the belt again today.” 

Clara leaned over, kissed me on the cheek. "Perhaps you should change out of the girl's uniform first?" 

"Oh, yes that would be a good idea. That would have raised a few questions."

Clara packed up the clothes. "I will get them cleaned and keep them here."

I whispered to Clara that I had something I wanted her to do for Amy. She nodded, and I gave her a peck on the lips.

"See you soon Miss MacDougall."

Amy came back to school after few days. She was now a hero. The girl who took sixteen from Frosty. Even taking just three, she was a star in my mind. She came to see me all excited. “Frosty has just offered me the chance to join Miss Mark's class to do French and German, and said it was you who suggested it.”

"Yes, you told me how much you enjoyed language. With the new links to Europe, there are going to be many opportunities for linguists and translators. Rub that sadistic male teacher's nose in it and show him you can be a success."

Anne also came to see me. "Frosty is a different person. She is approachable, helpful and almost friendly, although she still packs a wallop if a girl transgresses. Some are joking that she must have got laid at last. Ha, Ha. I know this means that your ear will be well and truly bent but keep having your sessions with her, they certainly seem to be working."

Anne and I heavy petted for most of that afternoon. My reward for looking out for her girls.  As well as a phenomenal mind, she has a very responsive and tactile body. Something for the future?" 

Later I found a package on my desk. It was from Miss Jones and contained a pack of briefs and a note. "Miss Anderson, I wish to thank you for Monday. However, your knickers were immodest. Please wear these much more suitable ones in future. I look forward to seeing them again soon." 

Oh dear, it looks like that girl’s uniform is going to get more use.


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