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Second Wave

Tags: revenge, love
second part of strawberry_flavor's fantasy story
It has been 10 days 8 hours and 45 minutes since Catherine Trace tied up Dan. It’s not like she’s counting the hours but, okay, she is counting the days and hours and minutes and fine, add 35 seconds to the time.

Catherine sighed and laid her head on her desk. “He’s driving me nuts with that promise.” She thought and remembered the night when she tied him up. The night didn’t end with one orgasm, or two, or three or even four. It well lasted into the next morning and if one of his patients didn’t have a medical emergency, well, she could only say one thing. Oh my God.

A buzzer.



Catherine stood up and wore her clinical coat and went out of her office and walked to the nurse’s station. A nurse smiled and handed her the phone.



Just his voice saying that and a click. She was rooted at the floor and swallowed and gulped. A nurse noticed and asked if she’s alright. Catherine nodded and handed the phone back to the nurse and walked back to her office in a trance. Her heart pounding on her chest, hands cold in excitement, mind racing to what will happen, and yes, she’s wet with just thinking of Dan’s naked sweaty chest and his lovestick. It doesn’t help that she’s not wearing anything underneath.

Her hands shaking when she reached her office, she slowly opened her door and entered into a dark room.

“Close and lock the door Cathy.” Dan said from beside the door. “We’ll need, let’s say privacy for your discipline.”

Catherine locked the door and looked at the direction of Dan’s voice. She could feel his presence filling the room. A slight movement and lights blinked. Dan standing right in front of her looking at her as if he’ll eat her alive. Oh my, she wishes he will.

They stood face to face both of them breathing heavily and staring into each other’s eyes. Dan raised his hand and traced Catherine’s lips. Her tongue peeks out and licks. Tasting his finger much like how she did 10 nights ago to his cock. Dan grabs her and kisses her hard. His tongue going in and out of her sweet mouth and pushes her against the door, while Catherine’s hands goes down to his pants and feel his cock. He stops kissing her and says. “No hands Cathy. I’ll be the one who’ll be doing all the touching. Put your hands on your back. Touch me without my permission and I’ll stop and walk away.”

She nods and licks her lips. Dan went back to kissing her and kissing her more and deeper each time. His hands started roaming her body. Unbuttoning her blouse and sliding his hands in teasing her nipples to hardness. Catherine moans in his mouth, the sensations overwhelming her, the restriction driving her to the edge.

Dan’s hands go farther down and open her pants and was surprised.

“You naughty, naughty girl. Not wearing anything underneath are you?” Dan said as he slipped two fingers inside Catherine. “Should I punish you for going around wearing nothing? Or would a reward be better?” He whispered to her ears and gently bit her earlobes.


“Who told you that you can speak? That calls for a punishment.” Dan said. Catherine gulps and stared at Dan. His eyes are gleaming with mischief and lust. He took Catherine’s hands and led her to her table and cleared it.

Catherine stood rooted on her spot, nervously watching Dan as he cleared her table. Oh my… This is. A gulp. Nerve wrecking. She thought.

Dan turned to her and smiled and said. “You’ve been a bad girl Cathy. You need some discipline. I can’t have you teasing anyone else can I?” He walked and whispered to her. “After all, you’re mine.”

She was left speechless as Dan pushed her pants down and rubs a finger over her clit. Catherine bites her lips to stop herself from moaning in pleasure.

“Step out of your pants and bend over the table. It’s time for your punishment.”

Catherine follows Dan’s instructions and bent over the table.

“Spread your legs baby.”

Catherine took a deep breath and did as she was told. She was shaking all over in anticipation of what would happen. Dan caressed her buttocks gently, his fingers going down and yes, please touch my clit she thought but Dan had other plans. His spread his hands over butt, kneading it and massaging. Catherine took a deep breath, enjoying the sensations. Dan stopped and slapped her butt. Over and over and over. Getting her buttocks red and warm and much to Catherine’s surprise, Dan’s slaps are making her wetter each time. It’s not that it doesn’t hurt, the slaps do sting but it’s because Dan is the one who’s doing it that she’s aroused. Dan the stoic, straight-laced surgeon whose feathers doesn’t get ruffled by anyone is driving her crazy.

The spanking continued but was getting softer and softer, lingering more each time until it was a little more than a caress. Dan’s fingers started going down, opening her pussy from behind and Catherine could feel him breathing against her. A finger went inside her and his tongue licked her clit.

“Moan for me baby. Let me hear you want me.” Dan said as he continued pushing his finger inside her.

Catherine squirmed and took deep breaths and yes, moaned in pleasure. The pleasure is building up and damn it, she wants him to fuck her senseless. “Dan, fuck me please.”

“Tell me again. Louder.”


Dan stopped fingering her and flipped her over the table and stared at Catherine. He kissed her deeply and entered her at the same time. Grinding his hips, and pushing deep into her. Catherine wrapped her legs around his waist, letting him go deeper into her warmth.

Their moans joining together, Catherine brushed her hands over Dan’s face looking at his eyes. Dan lowered his head, their foreheads touching together, their breaths heavy, their eyes locked at each other. “You’re mine Catherine. Only mine.” Dan muttered.

“Yes. I’m yours. Forever.” Catherine replied. She wrapped her arms around Dan’s neck and kissed him. Dan hugged her tightly, almost crushing her against the table. A final thrust and his warm cum spurted inside Catherine. The warmth and pulsations caused Catherine’s pleasure to reach its peak, her muscles convulsed and she moaned in Dan’s mouth.

Dan slumped above Catherine, his muscles lax and whispered. “This is forever Cathy. No one else will have you.”

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