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Sex Games with Mark

Sex Games with Mark

Want to play a little game?
My husband loves to play sex games when we have sex together. He never just likes to make love. He always needs it to require some kind of role-playing. He loves me to dress up in costumes. His mind is always in overdrive thinking of different kinds of scenarios. This is the story of an interesting game that my husband and I played last week. I will go over all the details of this interesting and sexy evening.

The night had finally come and Mark and I were going to be playing our little game. I needed to prepare for our evening. I took a long bubble bath. I shaved my legs and my pubic area. I like to shave my pussy and keep it bald. It really is so much better for oral sex. My husband loves to eat my pussy, and I never like the hair to get in his teeth.

I got dressed in the agreed outfit. Mark wanted me to dress like a school girl tonight. My outfit consisted of white cotton panties, white bra, green-plaid and pleated mini skirt, white button up blouse, lace ankle socks and Mary Jane black shoes with a strap. I wore my brown, long hair in pigtails.

I went into our closet and took out a large dildo that Mark wanted me to play with. I pulled my panties down to my ankles and spread my legs. I put some lube on my vagina and slid the dildo into my pussy. I worked it in and out of my tight, wet pussy. I was fucking myself silly with this dong. It was very large and was stretching my pussy. It felt so good.

I rubbed my breasts through my white blouse while I rammed the dildo in and out of my wet pussy. I did this for a little bit. The dildo was so big and my pussy was so tight and wet. I could feel my pussy expanding to accommodate this huge dildo.

“Oh God! Oh fuck!”

While I was fucking myself and in my own little world, Mark came into our house. He opened our bedroom door and looked rather upset.

“Laura, what are you doing? Have you been a bad girl? You know I don’t like you to masturbate when I’m gone.”

“I know, but I was feeling rather horny. I thought I could get away with it, before you got home. But, it does look like you caught me red handed. I’m so sorry. I know you said I’m not allowed to do these kinds of things when you’re not home.”

“I’m not happy, and you will need to get a spanking. Now come, lay your body across my lap and get your spanking. I don’t like bad girls that don’t listen.”

“Oh please, do not spank me. I’ve been a good girl aside from masturbating.”

“You’ve been a bad girl. Pull your panties up and lay across my lap. You’ll be getting a spanking because you didn’t listen to me.”

I pulled my panties up and laid across his lap. Mark had a raging hard on. I could feel it when I got onto his lap. He hiked up my skirt and pulled down my white cotton panties. His hands first rubbed my ass together, and then he smacked my ass several times with his hand.

The crazier part was, the more he spanked me, the wetter my pussy became. In fact, my juices ran down my legs.

“You’re such a little whore. Your pussy is getting wet while you’re getting your spanking. Do you like when I spank you?"

Mark continued to wallop my behind, and the more he did it, my pussy juices were flowing onto his pants.

He spanked me about six times and then, after that, he carried me onto the bed.

“You’re such a bad girl. I’m going to fuck my little sweetie now. I want you to get on our bed and present your ass and pussy to me. Leave your outfit on and I shall fuck you in all your holes, since you're such a bad little flower for me.”

I did as he said. I got on my hands and knees and pushed my ass and pussy up into the air. Mark undressed and then got up behind me. He pushed my mini skirt around my waist. He pulled my white cotton panties to my knees and pushed his cock into my pussy.

“Oh fuck, your pussy is so slick. You’re such a little whore. Do you like when I fuck you like the school slut you are? You're such a slut. Your panties are around your ankles while I fuck your creamy school girl slut cunt."

"Yes, I’m a bad girl and need you to fuck me harder and faster. I’m a slut that loves to get spanked and fucked. Please fuck and spank me!”

Mark was fucking me so deep and so fast. His cock felt so good in my pussy. He was smacking my ass and calling me all sorts of names. My pussy felt like she was on fire. This game was proving to be very sexy and hot for the both of us.

“Smacking your ass, you little whore. Does Miss Slut love to get spanked? Smack! Smack! Smack! My little whore has been so bad.”

“Listen, slut, you’ll not come until I say you can come. If you come, I shall have to spank you some more.”

“Fuck, I’m going to come! Here it comes.”

“Damn it, Laura! I told you that you could not come until I said so. Now I will smack your ass, and I think I will fuck that little rosebud too.”

With that, Mark smacked my butt several more times. He then spat on his hand and his cock and slid his cock into my rosebud. It felt so tight and kind of hurt a little, but he just put more spit on it and slowly began to enter my anus.

“You’re my whore. You’re such a slut. You like me fucking your tight little asshole? Oh fuck, your ass feels so good.”

He grabbed my hips, and I backed into his cock while he took me deep and hard into my anus. My buttocks were stinging from all the spankings.

“Oh God, I’m going to come in your slutty ass. Fuck, here it comes."

Mark pulled out of my ass and told me to remove my shirt and bra, but to leave the ankle socks and the Mary Jane shoes on. I did as he said.

“Laura, ride my face. Let me eat that beautiful bald cunt. Hop on!”

I squatted over my husband face, and his big long tongue licked my pussy. It felt so good. His tongue parted my pussy lips and he worked his tongue in and out of my throbbing, hot and wet cunt. His tongue brushed along my clitoris as he was eating my juicy cunt.

“That feels so fucking good. Eat my pussy! Lick my cunt. Oh shit, that feels so good. I’m going to come soon.”

Mark was slurping and sucking on my hidden pearl. I was rocking my pussy back and forth over his face. I was squeezing my large breasts together and pulling on my nipples while I rode his face.

“I can’t hold on anymore. I’m coming. My cunt is fucking coming.”

I got off his face and we just held each other. We kissed deep and passionately. My ass was leaking from all his come and my pussy was just a wet mess.

“I want you to stroke my cock. Get me nice and hard. I want you to fuck me cowgirl position. Do it. Ride my fucking cock, you slutty school girl."

Mark laid down and I stroked his cock from his base to his head. I worked my fingers up and down his shaft. I cupped and massaged his balls and played with them until he was nice and hard.

“Suck my cock you dirty whore! Wrap that slutty mouth around my cock and suck me you filthy bitch.”

I wrapped my mouth around his cock and took him down my throat. I was slurping and gagging on his thick prick. His cock felt so good in my mouth.

“Fuck me, Laura. Ride my fucking cock, you slutty school girl fuck.”

I took his cock out of my mouth and I straddled him and guided his large cock into my wet pussy. I moved my body up and down his cock. Mark sat up and rubbed and massaged my breasts. He suckled on each nipple while I moved my pussy up and down over his large shaft.

“Get on your back, you slut. Legs up and I will fuck you hard and deep.”

I did as he wanted and got on my back. I had my legs high in the air, and Mark put his big cock into my wet cunt. He was fucking me so deep and so hard. We were kissing deep and passionately and looking into each other’s eyes while he was taking me very deep and very hard.

“Oh fuck, your cunt feels so good on my cock. Do you like this Miss Slut? Do you like me pounding your bald cunt? Answer me, you gorgeous, fucking slut!”

“Yes, I love you fucking me like the slut I am. Your cock feels so good in my wet pussy. I’m such a bad girl, and love when you fuck me like the whore I am. Fuck me harder and faster. Pretty please! Fuck my cunt!”

Mark was fucking me so deep and hard. His cock was pressing against my G-spot. I was moving in rhythm with his cock, and he told me to come with him.

“Come with me, Laura. Oh fuck, I’m coming.”

“I’m coming too. Oh God.”

We both shared an amazing orgasm and Mark collapsed on top of me. Our bodies were sweating and our hearts were pounding.

“Laura, that was so fucking hot. I loved you being a slutty school girl. We'll definitely be playing that role again.”

“I know I really had so much fun. It was so exciting to play that with you.”

We fell asleep in each other’s arms. I knew Mark must have been dreaming of the next game we would play. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

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