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Simon Says

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(B is for Becky) Becky and Simon play a very naughty game
Becky sat up in the kitchen chair with an exaggeratedly straight posture. She tried to keep a serious demeanor, but was struggling not to laugh.

Simon sat in the other kitchen chair opposite his girlfriend. She had a mischievous sense of humor that manifested itself in playing silly games, but always with an erotic undercurrent. It was that mischievous streak that led to the current game.

Becky started the conversation saying that she bet Simon was great at playing the game "Simon says" - after all, that was his name. Simon had never actually put the two things together, but knowing Becky as well as he did, he responded, "Bet I'm better than you!"

That started the rules negotiations. Simon was to be the caller. After all, the game was "Simon Says." Every time she made a mistake, she'd go over his knee for 15 seconds of spanking. She laughingly said, "Make it 30. I'm good at this game. You're not going to mess me up."

He tried to put on a "Dastardly Dan" grin on his face, "Very well. 30 seconds for every mistake. Ready to play?"

"Do your worst, baby!"

With that, he began the game.

"Hands on head!" Becky just raised an eyebrow and stayed still. Simon nodded. He didn't expect it would be that easy. "Simon says hands on head!" She whipped her hands up and put them on her head. "Simon says stand up! Simon says touch your toes! Simon says stand back up! Touch your nose!" As he said each one, she hurriedly complied with each one. At his last, she started to move her hand, but quickly put it down. Now Simon raised an eyebrow, "Oh, you're good at this game, are you? Let's raise the stakes. Simon says take off your shirt!"

She stood in front of him for a moment and blushed, frozen for just a moment. "Rules are rules," she thought to herself and started to pull her shirt over her head. She tossed the shirt aside. Her 34C breasts were now shielded only by a white bra. She looked back at Simon expectantly. "Take off your bra!" Becky just smiled.

He resumed peppering her with a barrage of simple orders "Simon says hands straight out! Simon says hands on hips!" He kept up a fast pace for a few minutes, making her move as much as he could. He was trying to wear her out. He paused while she panted.

Simon put on a wicked grin again. "Simon says take off your pants."

She blushed again, but slowly moved her hands to her waist and unsnapped her pants, then peeled them down her hips and stepped out of them. Seeing Becky stand there demurely in her bra and panties made his cock start to stir. He adjusted his pants and Becky smiled.

"Simon says jog in place! Simon says raise your arms! Simon says stop running! Hands on hips! Simon says turn to your left!"

Simon stopped. Becky held her hands firmly in place on her hips.

"Becky, why are your hands on your hips? I didn't say 'Simon Says!'"

Becky opened her mouth in shock. "No way!" she said.

"Oh yes. I'm afraid that means a penalty. Come on over here."

Becky put on a pouty face, but stepped over to Simon. He patted his thigh and she lowered herself down over his lap. He patted her rump. "Ready?"

She moaned a little, "Yes."

He glanced up at their kitchen clock. The second hand clicked 58.... 59... He raised his hand and brought it down resoundingly at 0. He didn't spank her too hard, but hard enough to bring out a little squeal of surprise from Becky. After the first spank, he started raining down spanks quickly, but not quite as hard as the initial spank. Becky grunted and groaned, but held her own. The clock clicked past 15.

Simon slowed down and started applying more firm smacks at this point, each drawing a distinct reaction out of Becky, "Ooh! Eek! Aah! Ooh!" Her entire bottom glowed pink at this point. The clock clicked past 25.

Simon resumed spanking fast and a little harder. Her squeals turned into a long moan, but it wasn't a moan of pain as much as of pleasure. Simon glanced up at the clock. He brought his hand down one last time just before the clock clicked to 30.

"Simon says kiss me."

She turned over on his lap and raised herself up and wrapped her arms around his neck and thrust her tongue in his mouth. He kissed her back hungrily. Her right hand drifted down and felt his hard cock through his pants. 

He pulled slightly away from her mouth and mumbled between kisses, "Simon says spread your legs," and went back to kissing her. She parted her thighs and he reached a hand down and started rubbing her pubic mound. Becky started to moan. Her hands tore at his pants, trying to free his cock. Simon scooted forward in the chair and leaned back, exposing as much of his cock as he could. He didn't need to give her any more orders. She stood up and yanked her panties off. She then moved her legs on either side of the chair, facing him. She lowered herself over him, using her hand to guide his cock towards her sopping wet cunt while she lowered herself onto him. They moaned together as he entered her, and she started to ride him like a bronco, him matching her rhythm. As they began to reach a crescendo, Simon reached behind Becky and started to slap her tender ass. Her gasps at his fresh assault drove him over the edge and he grunted and came inside her. Feeling his cock start to pulse made Becky shudder and join him in her own orgasm.

After a moment, Becky raised herself off of his deflating cock. He stood up and they hugged and kissed. After a moment, Simon pulled away and asked, "Becky, tell the truth: you lost on purpose, didn't you?"

She just blushed and smiled and said, "You didn't say 'Simon Says.'"

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