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An 18 year olds playtime with his new water balloon slinger goes from bad to worse

Neil’a drew back his new water balloon slinger and took aim at the plastic deer used for archery target practice positioned on the floor of the garage. He let loose the golf ball sized water balloon and pegged the deer square in the face, leaving a red splotch just above the deer’s left eye. A satisfied grin appeared on his face as he reached down in the bucket for more water-dyed ammunition. Confident, he drew back on the slinger again and just as he let loose, a small animal screeched and jumped from the garage shelves down to the floor beside him . The errantly shot water balloon beamed his step-sister’s Lexus driver side window and burst in most of the glass.

“Fuck!” Neil’a turned in time to see his step-sister’s cat Zeta scamper out to the driveway and out of sight. "Fuckin cat!” He looked back at the broken car window, and dropped his slinger to the ground. “Fuuuuuck.” He breathed. He walked over to inspect the damage. How can a water balloon break a fucking window? Upon closer inspection he noticed that his step-sister had the window partially lowered. Shit. There was red dye all over the driver seat, steering wheel, and dash board mixed in with pieces of broken glass. I’m screwed big time, he thought. Not only did I just screw up her car, but I did it with the slinger which I wasn’t supposed to have anymore. Renee, his step-sister had told him to throw it out after he was caught shooting at birds in the back yard, and if he didn’t, she would spank him. Spank him!! He just turned 18 and she was 34 and kind enough to let him stay at her house, rent free, while he took classes at the community college. Instead of getting rid of the slinger, he had kept it hidden in his bedroom. Well, she wouldn’t really spank him, but the thought of her spanking him made his privates tingle; secretly he dreamed of being spanked by her all the time.
Let’s see if I can clean this up somehow, he decided. She won’t be back from her run for another half hour or so. He dumped the rest of his water filled balloons in the trash, and placed his slinger on one of the bottom shelves in the garage in plain view so he would not forget to hide that in his room again. The deer was placed back in the corner in front of her car where it was routinely stored. After cleaning up all the broken glass from the shattered window, he grabbed some damp wash cloths to help remove the water stained interior. He needed some soap too, which was ironically up on the top shelf of the garage shelves that Zeta leaped down from causing this whole ordeal. Neil’a was a short 5’ 7” and needed a step ladder to reach the soap.

He was having difficulty lifting and pulling the 10 ft ladder that was hung up by hooks on the wall but at last with one great abrupt heave he lifted the one side which came loose awkwardly and slammed down to the ground causing him to lose his grip which released the other side of the ladder to come free from the wall and crash into the passenger window. “Hooooolyyyyy Shit!!!” Neil’a cringed at the sight. Now I’m fucked!! His mind raced and his heart thumped faster and faster. He came up with a quick story and immediately tended to the broken glass by scattering it around more or less evenly inside the car. He propped up the ladder next to the garage shelf and grabbed the soap. To his astonishment, the red-dyed water was surprisingly easy to clean up from the tan leather interior. Elated, he completed the task to his satisfaction. He went around the outside of the garage and grabbed an unused patio brick and casually tossed it into the front seat of her car. For a last touch, he opened the glove box and scattered its contents to the floor of the car. Now it surely looked like someone had tried to break in and steal the car.
He carefully hung the ladder back on the wall and disposed of the used cloth rags. He looked at his watch. 9:30. Renee will be back any minute. Positive he could get away with it, he decided to have a little fun with the situation. The possibility of getting caught and spanked by his step-sister had a sexual thrill he couldn’t resist. He went into Renee’s room and entered her walk-in closet. Closing the door behind him, he rummaged through her pants until he found a pair of her tight black leather pants that he had seen her wear only once and it nearly drove him nuts with lust. He removed his shorts and sat down on the floor with her leather pants underneath him fitted between his legs and tight upon his crotch. He knew that Renee would be back soon and that he could possibly get a spanking from her. No, he hoped, she will give him a long hard spanking over her leather clad lap.
He thought of Renee’s long firm legs and shapely butt encased in the supple leather pants, her blonde hair and blue eyes in sharp contrast. She was three inches taller than him with a firmly toned body from her regular exercise regime and tennis play. He rubbed her leather pants against his now aching bulge beneath his underwear and imagined her taking him by the ear and finally over her lap while she spanked the daylights out of him over and over again. It’s entirely possible; she did threaten him with a spanking about getting rid of the slinger.
The slinger!!! He left it in the garage! His heart jumped. He almost got up, thinking he could go and get it before she came home, but the thrill of her possibly finding it only turned him on all the more. He rubbed her leather pants against his crotch quicker, the smooth feel of her pants and the distinctive squeaking sound leather made with each rub was ecstasy, he was almost ready to let loose. She could be home any second now.

Renee removed her ear piece and was wrapping the cord around her mp3 player when she walked into the garage. The ‘opened’ garage. Neil’a better not have left the house with the garage open again. That kid needs reminders all the time. She moved towards the step that led into the house from the garage and began to stretch out her legs. As she bent down she noticed her bashed in car window. What the hell? As she walked over to inspect the damage, she saw the slinger sitting on the shelf. I told him to get rid of that! Perturbed, she inspected the car window and learned the front passenger window was broken in also. Someone tried to break into her car? Where was Neil’a? Opening the car door she noticed that her stereo was intact and the ignition key was not disturbed. Why is the driver seat damp? Then she noticed a pinkish-red liquid dripping from the bottom of her opened door to the garage floor. That’s interesting. As she looked up at the broken passenger window again, the target practice deer caught her eye through the front windshield. It had a red splotch above the left eye. Her eyebrows rose then slowly turned downward and she pursed her lips. Renee looked at the slinger on the shelf, the reddish liquid on the garage floor and back at the red stained target deer. She looked pissed.

Neil’a was about to climax into his underwear when he heard the muffled noise of the garage door grinding shut. Shit! Renee’s home! She is going to blister my ass with spanking! His climax erupted into his underwear and partially leaked through onto her leather pants. He was lost to the world for a few seconds then was brought back by Renee’s voice “Neil’a!” He froze, his unit still pulsing, his legs weak. He could hear her walk into the kitchen. A few seconds later, the muffled voice of his step-sister talking to someone and her footsteps walking up the stairs could be heard. He didn’t have time to leave her room! He would be spotted! His heart was drumming hard within his chest. “Neil’a!” She was near his room. Then he heard his sister’s conversing voice getting louder as she approached her own room. He tried to quickly clean up the leather pants and his underwear but his hands were shaking so badly it was impossible to show an effort.

 “I am almost positive that Neil’a broke the windows Mom.” Neil’a froze in place still sitting in the middle of her closet floor. Through the adjustable blinds within the closet door, which were partially angled downward, he could see Renee with her back to the closet standing next to her bed. As she shifted her weight to her right while folding one arm across her waist supporting the other at the elbow holding a cell phone to her ear, he noticed her firm shapely butt was encased in tight biking shorts.
“Well I am going to beat his ass so hard, literally!” She paused. “What? No. I don’t care if he is eighteen. He acts like a twelve year old and the spoiled brat should be given a good spanking! No actually, a severe spanking!” She was talking to his step-Mom on the cell. “I am sure it was him, I saw that stupid water balloon slinger I told him to get rid of in the garage and the plastic deer thing had a red splash on it.”
He’d forgotten about the deer! ‘Fuck’, Neil’a mouthed. He quickly looked to the side of the closet where most of her clothes were hung thinking he could hide behind them. Renee moved towards her closet. His heart was pounding in his ears and seemed like it was trying to pump out of his chest. The door handle turned and the door opened slightly.

“Mom, listen.” She released the door handle and turned, leaning her back on the door and snapping it closed again. “It’s my house and he lives here, so My rules.” Renee moved away from the closet door. “Oh, you can count on that! His butt will be so destroyed by the time I am finished with him, there will be nothing left for me to spank!” Neil’a couldn’t believe this was happening! Renee is going to spank me?! He saw her move away from the door and out of sight. “Alright. I’ll let you know, talk to you later. Bye.”
Her foot-steps pounded away from her room. He should move and hide now. What was that noise? A shower curtain? He could slip out while she was showering! Smack, smack, smack, smack. What was that? He heard it louder now as she came back to her room. Smack, smack, the sound of wood on flesh.

 “I am absolutely going to beat the hell out of his ass.” He heard her say to herself as she entered her room and saw a tossed a long handled wooden bath brush land onto her bed. “That little shit!” She turned towards the closet door. “That little shit is going to get his ass beat to a pulp!” The closet door opened.

“What the hell?!” Renee jumped in surprise. “Neil’a!” Neil’a sat in the middle of her closet with her black leather pants between his legs, mouth opened, stunned. “Neil’a, what the fuck are you doing in here?!”
“I…I...” Neil’a stammered.
“What the fuck are you doing with my leather pants you perve?”
“Renee I…” he started to get up from the floor.
“Stop right there!” Renee commanded folding her arms across her chest. The little pervert gets off on this, she thought.
“Finish.” Neil’a stared at his sexy and now very strict looking step-sister in shock. “Wh…what?”
“I said finish masturbating, perve.”
“But I…” Renee noticed the wet mark in the front of his underwear. “I see. You’ve already finished your nastiness.”
” I, um, yes.” Neil’a’s face turned red and he looked down.
Formulating a plan in her head, Renee walked to the bed and retrieved the wooden bath brush and returned to the doorway of her closet. “Well, you obviously overheard my conversation with Mom, yes?” she inquired. “Yes.” Neil’a stated nervously. “Good. So you know that I am going to put you across my lap and spank the ever living daylights out of you!” she smacked the wooden bath brush a couple of times in her palm firmly to add to the point. “But first, you are going to masturbate in front of me, and you better finish quickly because for every minute that passes by, you will get an extra minute of spanking, and that’s on top of what I am already going to give you for that rotten stunt you pulled out in the garage.” Neil’a just stared, frozen in shock, with his mouth open, not believing what he had just heard from his step-sister. “Well?” Renee prompted. “I won’t be able to do it, I already did.” Neil’a responded fully embarrassed by the idea. Renee looked at her wrist watch. “Well, that sucks for you. Your time starts now.” Again she began slapping the wooden bath brush against her palm in firm rapid manner. She noticed Neil’a contemplating on what to do for a few seconds then he slowly grabbed her leather pants and pulled them tight against his crotch and began to rub.

Renee felt her loins begin to moisten as she sat on her bed watching Neil’a masturbate. She had wanted to spank his perfectly round spankable butt for years, and now she will. Boy, was she going to whale some butt today! He must feel humiliated! Good! “One minute.” She announced.

Neil’a started rubbing faster and she noticed he occasionally looked up at her, well more specifically, her crossed legs and the wooden bath brush she every so often would smack in her palm. “Two minutes.”
Neil’a realized that this was going to take time as he only just was able to finally get a full hard-on just now. God, two minutes have passed already? He imagined himself bent over across those lovely legs receiving a thorough spanking. That bath brush looks like it will hurt like hell! Neil’a continued to rub his crotch with the soft leather in a more vigorous manner. “That’s three minutes.”
With difficultly, Renee resisted the urged to pleasure her own self. To help resist the urge, she stood up from her bed and went to retrieve a stool that was tucked under her night stand and positioned it between her bed and her masturbating step-brother.

Neil’a saw her grab the stool and sit down on it facing him, her legs squared to each other. I am really going to get a spanking from Renee! God she looks so strict and beautiful, even with her blonde hair done up in a pony tail that still had the tell-tale signs of a workout with some sweaty hair strands stuck to her forehead and ring of sweat on her white tank top just below the front of her neck. And those tight black biker shorts outlining her hips perfectly as she sat on the stool made him rub all the more vigorously. “Four minutes.”

As soon as Renee announced the time, she noticed Neil’a start to move his hips back and forth in time with his rubbing. He was almost there. To help him with the process, she smacked her right thigh hard with her hand a few times and sat up perfectly straight, in a ready-to-spank manner. “I am going to spank you so hard Neil’a! Count on it!” That put Neil’a over the edge and he let loose his ejaculate into his underwear again.

He pulsed and pulsed hard, the intensity of the orgasm heightened by his most recent one. After a few moments, Neil’a visibly relaxed. “Get your ass over here.” Renee said, curling her finger to come hither. In only his stained briefs and tee shirt Neil’a slowly and awkwardly made his way over to his step-sister.

“Stand to my right side, and take off your nasty underwear and clean your perverted area up.” Neil’a did as instructed. “Shirt off as well.” He covered his privates with both his hands after removing his shirt. “I just saw you masturbate, perv, no need covering up that up.” She said pointing towards his manhood. “Get your ass across my lap!” she yelled and grabbed his arm pulling him roughly over her lap. She opened her legs and guided her right leg over his right leg effectively pinning him in a split knee position. “You fucking little shit! Fucking up my car and then masturbating in my room!” she chastised. “You’ll be lucky if you can sit down comfortably in a few weeks when I am finished with your ass!” She lifted the wooden bath brush high over her shoulder and brought it down hard on his white vanilla ass. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!

After a moment of pleasure of feeling his step-sisters strong thigh between his legs, the intense thudding sting of the bath brush knocked the breath out of him and only brought him agony. The pain was incredible! Holy Shit this is going to hurt way more than he fantasized about. “You are going to pay in more ways than one for the cost of the damage, I can guarantee you that!”

Renee whacked away with her athletic strength, spanking from the top of his butt down to the middle of his legs. The entire spanking area was beet red after 5 minutes of continuous spanking. After 10 minutes, his butt was a throbbing mass of hell fire. Renee ignored his pleas and tears and continued to methodically spank all over his butt for a full 15 minutes until it was a blistered, black and blue, red hot mess.

“We are not done yet.” Renee said to her whimpering step-brother. She locked her legs even tighter around his and pulled him in closer. “Now I’m going to spank you for an extra four minutes as hard as I can!” With that said, she peppered his blistered butt hard focusing only on his sit-spot area. Neil’a struggled and cried to get free to no avail, his throbbing butt felt oversized and on fire. Renee held him firmly in place and didn’t stop until the full four minutes was completed.

Wow! That’s a well spanked butt! She thought admiring her work. She relaxed and opened her legs, Neil’a fell to his knees between them, resting his head on her left thigh. “Alright, Neil’a, your spanking is finished for now.” Renee rubbed her fingers through his hair. “I-I am s-sorry Renee, w-what I did was s-so stupid.” Neil’a apologized, hiccupping from crying so much. “Indeed it was. But your punishment is not over.” She lifted his head up to look him in the eyes. “When I find out the cost of the damage that will be needed to fix my car, you will not only have to cover the cost, but I am going to give you one spank for every dollar of the total amount.” Neil’a stared in disbelief and horror as he heard the words escape from his step-sisters mouth.

Two days later, Neil’a came home from his 4:00 class to find Renee wearing her black leather pants standing in the family room beside a wooden chair. On top of the chair was a wooden paddle that had numerous holes drilled into it. “The total repair costs for my car is $2,800 Neil’a.” She said as she picked up the wooden paddle and began firmly slapping it against her palm.
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