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Slutty Girl Gets Her Punishment

Cheating girl gets her payback
When he got home I knew I was in trouble. He said in an overly sweet voice, “Honey, we need to have a talk. Come into the living room, I have something to show you.”

I was worried. I knew he knew something. I gave him a kiss and said in my nicest voice, “Hey baby, what’s up?”

He turned on the TV. There I was on my knees on the floor sucking his best friend's, cock. I watched with growing horror as the video kept running. Me on my hands and knees getting fucked, screaming and begging for it harder like an animal.

His best friend, Jake, pounding me from behind, smacking my ass and pulling my hair while he grunted like a pig shoving his huge cock in and out of me. I tried to get him to shut it off with a shaking hand, but he smacked my hand away. We watched Jake fuck me for about 10 minutes more, then pulling out and shooting his cum all over my face and tits.

“Honey, I am so sorry, I don’t know what came over me.” I apologized with tears streaming down my face. “I love you honey.”

HE snapped at me, “Don’t say a fucking word.” All I can say is payback is a bitch. “Get your ass to the bedroom and wait for me."

I waited anxiously, wondering what he had in store for me. I paced the floor. I heard the door, and I ran downstairs. He had a video in his hand. He had been gone almost two hours. He grabbed my arm roughly and led me up to the bedroom. He turned on the TV.

“Now, you are gonna watch this, and then I will punish you. If I am still not satisfied you learned your lesson, you will be out in the street like the little whore you are.”

The screen lit up. Jake was sitting in a chair and there was a woman on her knees between his legs, sucking his cock. She was gobbling it hungrily, sucking it all the way in her throat. He was gripping the back of her head fucking her mouth and moaning.

She sucked his balls and kept sucking his cock till he told her to stop. He turned her around and I saw her face. It was my sister. I screamed at him and he put his hand over my mouth. “Watch it, or be out on the street.”

I kept watching. He laid her on the bed and started licking her pussy. She was moaning and begging for him to do it more. I started getting turned on, even though I was pissed. He started rubbing my pussy through my panties.

“See what a little whore you are? You are getting hot watching me fuck your own sister.”

Soon he was fucking her hard, it was the most erotic and painful experience I have ever had. Watching the love of my life fuck my pretty sister. He fingered my pussy until I was almost cumming and then he stopped and said, “Now for your punishment.”

He told me to lie across his lap. I did as he asked. He pulled my panties down. He told me if I wanted to stay with him, I was not allowed to fight or try to get away. He brought his hand down on my ass hard. At first it wasn’t too bad. He kept spanking hammering blow after blow on my stinging ass.

The tears started to flow even as my pussy started tingling. Nothing this exciting had happened between us for a long time. I wiggled my ass in pleasure and pain. He took a break for a minute. He made me get up and look at my ass in the mirror. It was bright red. It was burning badly, but my pussy was wetter than ever.

“Oh I’m not done yet,” he said. “We are going to make a video of your humiliation, to watch or for me to show to guys that you have cheated on me with. Oh, and I am showing it to Jake.”

I started to refuse, but the look in his eyes let me know he was serious. I sat there meekly, waiting for him to get it set up. When he was done he made me bend over the chair with my hands on the back of it. He grabbed my hairbrush and started hitting my ass over and over.

It was hurting badly and the tears flowed freely. I wanted it to never end, and I wanted it to end. The pain was almost unbearable, yet at the same time I wanted him worse than I had ever wanted anything. I craved his cock at that point.

“Beg me bitch. Beg me to fuck you. Tell me I am the best fuck you ever had. Tell me, Jake is the worst fuck you ever had.”

He took off his belt and started slapping it harder against my already burning ass. My screams echoed through the bedroom, but my fingers had found my pussy and I was rubbing it. I was so hot for him. This was the strong lover I had fallen in love with. He hadn’t been this passionate about anything in a while.

“Oh God, You are the best fuck I ever had!" I cried out. “Jake was nothing compared to you. You are the only fuck I want. Please fuck me honey. I’ll never touch Jake again.”

Suddenly he stopped spanking me. He rubbed my ass gently. Soothing the burning heat. He shoved his hard cock inside my pussy from behind. I moaned in pleasure already cumming. I yelled my release, and he laughed in my face.

“Oh see how easy you are. I can make you cum even when your ass is on fire.”

He kept fucking my pussy, occasionally smacking my fiery red ass with his hand, making me buck wildly. He pulled out of my pussy, and told me to suck it.

“Suck it baby, taste your own pussy and your sisters pussy on my cock, and you better do it as good as she did.”

I started sucking him. Swirling my tongue around his throbbing cock. Licking and sucking as hard as I could. I wasn’t going deep enough for him because he grabbed my head and shoved his cock in my throat. I gagged and choked on it, and he would pull it out, I would get my breath and he shoved it back in. He pushed all the way down my throat and held my head there for a few seconds, groaning. My tongue lapped the base of his cock furiously.

“Fuck yes, you and your sister are so good at sucking cock, must be all that practice you have.”

He picked me up, and wrapped his arms around me, I wrapped my legs around his waist and he slammed me back into the wall fucking me against the wall. The wall rubbing my burning ass, I screamed my pleasure as he thrust into me savagely. He fucked me that way for a few minutes then we fell to the floor.

He spread my thighs and licked my pussy till I came on his hot tongue, crying out his name. He slid his wet cock between my tits and started tit fucking me. Telling me how hot he was for me. His fingers pinched my nipples, and he kept sliding his cock up and down. He shouted that he was going to cum.

I begged him then and there to let me swallow his cum. He shoved his cock into my mouth hard and immediately started shooting his load into my mouth. He shot stream after stream into my mouth. I held it all in my mouth and showed him the cum on my tongue….then I swallowed it down. He picked me up and carried me to the bed.

I think he was satisfied. I know I was.

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