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Soiled Panties

Wendy finally learns that clean is a requirement.....

Wendy and Bill had been married almost seven years now and Wendy loved Bill with all her heart.   He was everything she wanted in a man.   He provided well for her, they had a nice home and he earned a good living.   This allowed her work only part time.   Bill worked very long hours and in return Wendy happily took care of the house.   She viewed her ten hour a week job as mostly fun and a way to get out and see people.


They had close friends that they enjoyed seeing and socializing with.   Their sex life was excellent, in fact after seven years Bill still gave her the best orgasms.   Wendy classified them as mind numbing, earth shattering, seeing stars in her eyes, well practically black out climaxes.   They were just amazing.   He just had that one thing, that cleanliness thing that he was such a stickler about.   But she supposed that all in all it was a small thing and one she could usually deal with without too much effort.


Bill insisted that everything be neat, organized and above all clean.   This actually suited Wendy’s view of the world too.   It’s just that she was a little more forgiving than Bill was when everyday life got too hectic to be perfect.   There had been a few events during the first years of their marriage which drove the point home.   Several times Wendy hadn’t kept things as clean as Bill liked.   While he was patient with her, he was also firm.   She was mostly amused by this while at the same time understanding that he was very serious.


As an example, one day she was doing laundry while talking to a close girlfriend on the phone.   She had been distracted while talking away rather and than washing a load of Bill’s underclothes, she neatly folded them and put them back in the basket.   That night Bill immediately noticed the dirty things in his dresser, he just had a nose for it.


“WENDY!” he hollered.


At once she came running in a panic thinking he was hurt.   Instead she found him by his dresser glaring at her.   He quickly explained the problem and Wendy apologized over and over.   But Bill was not deterred.


“Wendy, I’m afraid that it’s time you learned a lesson about cleanliness.   So far out of love I’ve been very lax and these are the results I get.   I don’t want to but I’m going to have to punish you so you’ll better understand in the future.”


He then took Wendy over his knee and gave her a bare bottom walloping.   It hurt so bad that Wendy was reminded of it every time she sat down for a week.   She had thought seriously about leaving him at that point.   But she had decided not to because in reality, it had been her fault.   How could she be angry with him when she had put his clothes away dirty?   There were two or three other similar incidents which drove home the point.   But she had managed better and not had to be disciplined for the last several years.


But right now Wendy was worried.   She was racing along hoping to get home before Bill so that she would have enough time to change.   The problem was she had been in a hurry all day long.   She had worked her shift, run to a lunch with her girlfriend that had taken longer than she planned and then done the errands she simply had to get done.   So frankly when it came time to use the bathroom she had rushed through her routine and simply wasn’t as thorough wiping as usual.   And when she went for the last time right before getting in the car to go home, she noticed that her panties were stained light yellow in the front with a skid mark in the back.   It had horrified her because of the warnings Bill had given her.   This was just unforgivable.   And she knew she was imagining things but she was sure she could even smell her panties as she was driving home.


The thought crossed her mind to stop somewhere and just dispose of them.   But coming home with no underwear would be just as much a problem as in soiled ones.   Plus she was wearing a pair of Bill’s favorites from Victoria ’s Secret and he would be sure to miss them.   They were ivory colored bikini briefs with pretty lace above the waist band.


Her heart skipped a beat when she saw Bill’s car in the driveway as she came down the street.   He usually wasn’t home this early.   She realized she would just have to tough it out and hope for the best.   Wendy grabbed her packages and entered through the side door into the kitchen.   But Bill was standing there waiting for her with a big smile on his face.   He also had that look on his face and she felt butterflies in her stomach.


“You’re home early.”   Wendy said, hoping she sounded as casual as possible.


“Well, I nailed the Snyder contact today and now we’re all set for two years!   I can’t believe how much time it took me to bring this one in, so…. I thought we’d celebrate,” Bill replied, “to make up for all the time I’ve spent in the office.   There’s champagne in the fridge for after I enjoy my snack” he continued with a tease in his eyes.


Wendy blushed and went to the counter to put her packages down.   Bill came right up behind her before she could get far and hugged her from behind.   Wendy squirmed but he held on tightly grabbing her breasts.   Crumpling the front of her dress he kissed her along the back of her neck.


Not able to move at all, Wendy giggled and murmured “Let me please just go and freshen up first…”


But Bill was too revved up.   Taking her by the shoulders he turned her around and fell to his knees.   Reaching up under her dress, he grabbed her panties and yanked them down.   They both gasped simultaneously as her discretion was revealed.   Wendy put her face in her hands to try and hide from him but it was no use.   Bill looked enraged.


“I can’t believe this,” he cried.   “All along I thought you were my beautiful wife.   Now I see that you are just a dirty slut!”


Wendy blushed with shame.   “No, please give me a chance to explain…” she begged.


“There is NO explanation for this filth,” Bill stated.   “Here I was ready to give you a thorough eating out.   I wanted you to simply enjoy an orgasm and you expected me to do that through your disgusting piss and shit.   Well I don’t think so!”


Taking Wendy’s panties he ripped them from her splitting them at the seams.   Holding them in his hand he thrust them up to her face.   Her eyes widened when she realized he meant to keep them there.   They covered her mouth and nose so holding her breath wasn’t an option.   She tried taking shallow breaths, but the odor was still strongly there.   She could smell her own scents and she realized just how dirty she was for him.   It embarrassed her terribly and tears came to her eyes.   But this seemed to enrage Bill even more.


He took her by the neck and pushed her to the floor, forcing her to her hands and knees.   He then laid her soiled panties flat in front of her with the soiled crotch facing up.   Then pushing the back of her head he said, “Clean it with your tongue you dirty slut.”


Wendy whimpered and moaned.   “P-p-p-p-please no….”


But he relentlessly pushed her face down centering her mouth over the dirty areas.   Trying to hold her head up Wendy was completely surprised when Bill’s hand landed on her ass with a loud crack!   Her face landed on the panties and her resolution to keep her mouth closed ended with his second whack.   Obediently she started licking.


The taste was strong and she started to gag.   Bill simply continued to slap her behind admonishing her to continue cleaning.   Wendy licked and licked tasting her foulness while Bill landed blow after blow on her naked ass.


Gradually and with deep shame, Wendy realized that she was getting excited.   How could that be?   It simply made no sense.   She felt moisture building between her legs moistening her crotch.   Then she heard Bill gasp as he realized what was happening.


“You fucking dirty slut, you like this” he exclaimed.   “Keep licking, it looks like I’m going to have to teach you how to clean yourself.”


The blows stopped and she heard him move away.   But Wendy didn’t dare remove her face from the soiled panties.   The spanking hurt too much for her to stop.


A few minutes later Bill came back into the kitchen.   Out of the corner of her eyes she saw he was holding a bucket and some and some things she couldn’t make out in his other hand.   From the bucket he slopped cold water on her ass.    Wendy shivered from the change in temperature.   Then she felt him start to rub her back side with something rough.


“I’m going to wash your dirty ass with this Lava soap.   Wendy moaned, she hated the Lava soap Bill kept for cleaning up after projects.   It was like sandpaper.   It started to sting her ass where he had spanked her.   Bill then concentrated between her cheeks and soon her asshole was rubbed raw.   She grunted and a tear rolled down her cheek as she felt Bill thrust something past her tight sphincter and into her ass.   He knew she hated anal sex.


“This is going to make sure you’re clean inside and out” he exclaimed.


She couldn’t look but she suddenly realized that he had put a nozzle in her ass.   Suddenly she felt liquid gushing into her.   She moaned loudly as she realized he was using the enema kit he kept for his own use.   As she continued lapping the soiled panties she wriggled a little to allow the liquid to start to settle inside her when she felt another strong gush.   She couldn’t believe how full she felt, she was bursting.


“That’s full of lava soap,” Bill told her.   “You’ll be clean as a whistle in there when we’re done.   No more soiled panties for you.”


Bill moved from behind her and lifted her head by the hair.   He reached down and inspected her panties, which were wet where she had been licking them.   He threw them aside muttering something about ruining a perfectly good pair of panties.   Then the next thing Wendy realized he had put the bar of lava into her mouth.   The taste was strong and disgusting.   Wendy nearly gagged.


“We’ll get you all clean and then you’ll be okay to suck me off,” Bill said.


Wendy merely mumbled while trying not to gag on the soap.   After a bit Bill took the soap out and suds dribbled out of Wendy’s mouth.   Then he undid his pants and hung his limp cock in her face.


“You dirty whore.   You better make me hard as a rock and make me cum.   I work my ass off so you can run around being filthy.   The least you can do is this….”


She reached up and taking him with her had, she sucked him into her mouth.   With the soap residue it was slippery and he quickly stiffened as she bathed him with her tongue.   Bill took her by the back of her head and started thrusting into her mouth.


“Don’t you dare let anything leak from that dirty asshole while you do this,” he told her.   “Not a single drop!”


It was hard for Wendy to concentrate on the two things at once.   She knew Bill would have a fit if she didn’t hold the liquid in.   But she also wanted to give him the best blow job and hope that he would forgive her.   So she lashed her tongue at his pumping cock and sucked on the tip each time he withdrew.   Soon he was enormously swollen and he kept hitting the back of her throat with each thrust.   A combination of spit, soap suds and precum fell out of her mouth and her chest was soaked with it.   She looked up and Bill had that I’m about to cum face on.   So she started sucking harder hoping to finish him off so she could relieve herself of the enema.


Moments later, Bill pulled put and pointed his cock at her face.   Squeezing it he climaxed and pumped an enormous load into Wendy’s face.   She was covered with cum.   It was in her eyes and splashed into her hair.   She was so grateful she relaxed a moment and when she did, gasped as some of the liquid seeped from her ass and flowed down her legs.


Of course Bill noticed and he took her over his knee and started spanking again.   Her soap scoured ass was on fire and she squirmed to hold the enema in.   After a 25 count, Bill stopped and told Wendy to get to the bathroom, empty her bowels and clean herself up.


“I certainly hope you learned you lesson this time,” he told her.


It was all Wendy could do is to nod in agreement and hurry off to the bathroom before having another accident.


Back in the kitchen Bill picked up the soiled panties and threw them in the trash.

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