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Sophie and her Mother - Part 3

Sophie gets closer to Pippa and has a little chat with her mother.
Sophie had never really though of herself as a Lesbian. At school she had been a bit of a ‘ goody two shoes’, always working hard and wanting to please the teachers. She remembered once when she was sixteen bursting into tears after Miss Whyte, a Latin teacher she had a crush on, told her to stay behind after class for forgetting her homework. Sophie adored her teachers and always knew that one day she would become a teacher herself.

Being an all-girls school crushes were commonplace and thought completely innocent. Most girls grew out of them by the sixth form when the boys’ and girls’ schools joined together and classes were mixed. During her years at university Sophie went out on a few dates but nothing really came of them. Sophie was mad on horses and much of her time was spent at the stables or attending equestrian events.

Next came teacher-training college, followed by a job and before she knew it Sophie was thirty-eight years old and had not got around to meeting anyone she wanted to settle down with.

Sophie would dress conservatively but with style. Being petite she would get away with wearing pinafores, fitted skirts and tight sweaters. She would never wear jeans but had a few pairs of trousers, which she knew fitted well around her pert bottom. Sophie looked the part of a teacher.

Today, Sophie was in turmoil. After meeting the lovely Pippa and dishing out her first spanking her state of arousal would not subside. Nothing intimate had happened after the spanking; Pippa simply got dressed, gave Sophie a hug, said thank you and left. Sophie desperately wanted to talk to Pippa but they hadn’t even exchanged phone numbers.

Sophie couldn’t shake off the image of Pippa’s glowing bottom covered by thin cotton panties with the gusset stretched over her swollen pudenda. Should she have pulled those knickers down?

Sophie’s mind, and her fingers, had been working overtime during the last twenty-four hours. She had imagined gently kissing the beautiful bottom, and her sex through the gusset before tracing her tongue along the moist line. Another time she imagined pulling the panties down and parting the red cheeks before tasting the tangy little anus she imagined being hidden. She couldn’t find anything dirty about Pippa.

Sophie pulled down her panties and looked at her bottom in the mirror. Her mother had certainly done a thorough job with the tawse yesterday. As she traced her fingers along the ridges, which came to an abrupt end where the tips of the tails bit, she realised that yesterday’s strapping from her mother was not going to be a one-off. Rather than satisfy her curiosity it had just increased her craving. How could she tell her mother? When she was eighteen, it was easy and seemed natural for her mother to punish her, but now it was just... was just weird. Perhaps if she found Pippa again she would be happy to play.

Repositioning herself, Sophie was able to see the reflection of her vulva and patted it gently with her fingers. The continual masturbation had left her a little raw and she made a mental note to show some restraint for the next day or two.

A curious idea crossed Sophie’s mind and she found herself rummaging in the attic; sifting through boxes of old clothes, photographs and sports equipment until she returned downstairs with her arms full. She had quite a bounty; her leather riding crop and three foot long dressage whip were the items she went looking for but other items had caught her eye. She found her old school skirt, white socks, several pairs of bottle-green gym knickers, an abacus, a game of snakes and ladders, a box of little metal bull-dog clips and a length of cloth covered flex which she removed from an old iron.

Sophie swished the riding crop through the air and coughed as the dust caught the back of her throat. The sound of the dressage whip was very different; more like a whistle. Taking a damp cloth to crop she removed the dust and with some wax furniture polish she brought the leather tab at the business end up like new.

Curiosity kicked in again and Sophie sat with her legs spread on a low stool in front of the mirror. Placing her fingers in the legs of her panties she spread her lips so that her engorged clitoris came into contact with the cotton. With the tip of her finger she confirmed that all was symmetrical before whipping the leather spanker of the crop down as hard as she could on her gusset; her aim was perfect and the leather spanker landed square on her clit. Taking a deep breath she managed another two swats before rolling off the stool with her hand cupped over her bruised pussy.

The rest of the evening was spent with the Sunday night ritual of getting ready for the week. While washing dishes and ironing Sophie couldn’t resist the urge to stick her hands down the back of her panties to check on her welts or pinch her clit through the cotton of her gusset to keep the painful throb going.

After a good night’s sleep Sophie showered and got dressed for work. Over breakfast she decided that just before leaving the house she would take a couple more swats on her vulva with the crop. Through her panties and opaque tights the crop felt no less painful but the sensation was different a duller pain which seemed to last longer as it spread through her puffy sex. With no time to stop to examine herself Sophie left for school; aroused.

There seemed to be a bit of a commotion going on in the staff-room. All the male teachers who would normally be sitting drinking coffee and delaying facing their classes were chatting away enthusiastically. At first she couldn’t see what the interest was and then almost jumped for joy as she saw they were gathered round the new PE Teacher who was sporting a beautiful blond bob.

Sophie and Pippa grinned at each other across the staffroom but there was no way they would manage to get past the gallant male teachers offering their services so they went off to take their classes. All day they kept missing each other until Sophie finally tracked Pippa down while she was putting equipment away in the storeroom by the gym.

Sophie, who was dressed in a smart suit and heels, stood a good few inches taller than Pippa who was in a netball skirt and plimsolls. They looked more like teacher and pupil than two thirty something year old teachers.

“How is your bottom today? Sophie asked.

Pippa flipped her skirt up and pulled her panties aside to show her slightly pink cheek. “No harm done... See.”

“More to the point, how is yours? It was a real state when I saw you in the shower at the gym.”

“It’s not my bottom...” Sophie muttered under her breath.

“Oh! Do tell?”

Pippa was intrigued and grinned excitedly as Sophie told her she had become so excited by the spanking that she couldn’t stop rubbing herself and was now feeling slightly raw. She didn’t admit to her little self inflicted punishment with the crop.

“Me too!” exclaimed Pippa as she pulled her gusset aside to show Sophie.

Pippa was clean-shaven. All Sophie could see was a smooth mound with narrow lips concealing Pippa’s charms.

Sensing Sophie’s slight look of disappointment Pippa smiled, parted her legs and, with a little help from her fingers, her lips peeled open to reveal her moist wet petals.

As soon as Sophie said, “Would you like me to kiss it better?” she regretted sounding so tacky.

Pippa locked the storeroom door and Sophie kicked her shoes off.

After simultaneously licking each other to climax the two ladies lay on their sides gently kissing and inhaling each other’s scent.

Sophie felt like a teenager as she walked home from school that Monday; delighted to have a new friend. Arriving home she noticed her mother’s car in the driveway.

“You’re late today sweetie?” her mother said as she gave her a peck on the cheek.

“You know how it is Mum, busy, busy,” she lied.

Sophie was aware of the riding crops and panties which she had left on the coffee table and was desperately trying to come up with a reason for their presence before her mother asked. She could just say she was having a clear out but how would she explain the flex she had cut from the iron and the box of bull-dog clips?

After they had sat down to a cup of tea Celia started quizzing her daughter. “I thought you would have called or popped round yesterday. Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine Mummy. I was just getting caught up with housework and stuff”

Celia could always tell when her daughter was lying or hiding something. “I have some arnica cream for you; it does wonders for bruises. Let me take a look at your bottom.”

“Sure... I’ll just pop upstairs and get changed first.” Sophie was trying to think of a good reason why when her mother took her hand and guided her over her lap.

Knowing what was coming Sophie closed her eyes as her mother listed her skirt and pulled her tights down. As her panties were slowly pulled down they were turned inside by the gusset had been stuck to her vulva with the drying discharge.

“Oh dear!” was all Sophie’s mother said as she noticed the stained navy blue knickers and a pungent aroma filled her nostrils.

Sophie closed her eyes tighter not knowing what to say. “I’m sorry Mummy,” was all she could say.

Celia just laughed. “Don’t be silly darling your thirty eight years old. There is nothing to be sorry about we are all human. Come on lets se to those bruises.”

The welts had died down and merged into an enormous purple bruises turning yellow around the edges. Sophie enjoyed having the cream rubbed in.

“When you asked to try the Tawse on Saturday it was more than just curiosity wasn’t it? Celia began. “You know you can tell me anything don’t you?”

Sophie knew that the truth would come out eventually and told her mother how she had missed the security of being disciplined and the sense of order it brought to her life. She confided that she felt a bit uncomfortable asking her mother to punish her at her age.

“That’s easy!” said her mother, “What if you don’t have to ask?”

Sophie looked puzzled. “I don’t understand?”

“What if you don’t have to ask me?” repeated her mother “What if I decide when you need to be punished?”

Sophie loved her mother. She had the knack of making any problem no matter how awkward or worrying just go away.

“You mean...”

“Yes, you give me disciplinary control again and you won’t have to worry about having your bottom reddened from time to time.” Celia thought for a while and knowing that there would seldom be transgressions, which would warrant punishment added, “I would of course have to introduce maintenance spankings to keep you focussed.”

Sophie was a bit unsure, it sounded quite natural and normal when her mother was talking but she still had this uncomfortable feeling about getting what came down to sexual relief from her mother.

“Can I think about it, Mummy?”

“Of course you can, darling!”

Celia never did mention the riding whips and school knickers on the coffee table and Sophie was thankful she had been saved the embarrassment.


“A penny for them...”

“Oh! Hi Pippa, sorry I was miles away.”

Sophie and Pippa were the only two in the staff room, both having a free period.

“Can I come round to play after school today?” Pippa said in a childish voice.

“Of course you can.” Sophie responded; then as an afterthought, and much to Pippa’s delight, added “If you promise to behave yourself,” in her best school ma’am voice.

Breaking from this character Sophie related the conversation she had with her mother and explained her dilemma; her need for discipline and her awkwardness about receiving it from her mother. Pippa didn’t see the problem and said she would jump at the chance if she were in the same position. After they talked for a while Sophie concluded she was taking it all too seriously and made up her mind to accept her mother’s proposal.

As Sophie and Pippa walked out of the school gates they found themselves a few paces behind Amy Grey. At eighteen years old Amy was every schoolboys dream, a real life Barbie doll with a mass of strawberry blond hair. Sophie noticed how her perfect legs encased by black opaque tights were still separated by a couple of inched as they disappeared under her miniskirt.

Without diverting her eyes from the cute little bottom Sophie remarked, “Amy is late today; she must have had detention.”

“It’s a pity they did away with the cane.” Pippa swooned.

As they arrived, Pippa made a dash for the bathroom.

A little taken aback by the odd behaviour Sophie put the kettle on and started sorting through the day’s junk mail until she was interrupted by a clearing of the throat.

“Em... sorry miss, I’ve got a note for you.”

Sophie turned to see Pippa dressed in white knee-length socks, her short navy netball skirt and a pristine white polo. She was holding out a buff envelope.

The note had been beautifully written using a fountain pen:

Dear Miss Dupree

I am so sorry to take up your valuable time but I am left with no option but to send Philippa to you.

Today, for the second time this month, she failed to hand in her homework. I realise that girls of a certain age can be a bit skatty and I normally deal with forgetfulness with a firm warning. Philippa is always such polite and well-behaved girl I was sure she was not lying when I was told she left her homework on the bus.

I am sorry to report this, but as I was leaving the classroom I overheard her talking to one of her classmates. I can’t repeat what I heard her call me and was shocked when I heard her tell her friend that she had no intention of doing her homework and that homework was a waist of good... I can’t repeat the words she used but she was clearly telling her friend that she thought her time was better spent masturbating.

I am so shocked and disappointed. May I impose on you and ask that you punish this little minx most severely.

Yours sincerely,

Jane Primrose

Sophie tutted loudly and shook her head as she read the note.

“And what have you got to say for yourself young lady?”

Pippa fidgeted and looked at her feet.

Without waiting for a reply, Sophie warned Pippa not to move and left the room. She contemplated fetching the riding crop but then spotted a bamboo cane supporting a rubber plant. The cane was around three foot long and three eights of an inch thick. After wiping the soil from the end she swished it through the air a few times and nodded.

“Philippa! You should be ashamed with yourself. I have no alternative but to cane you. You will receive six of the best!” Sophie paused and looked at Pippa’s slightly apprehensive expression before adding, “...for lying to Miss Primrose and a further six for your filthy language. Now bend over the table and hold on to the far side.”

Pippa parted her legs slightly and grasped the far side of the table. As she did so the white crotch of her panties came into view. Sophie lifted the skirt and was once again treated to the sight of the most pert bottom. Resisting the temptation to rub the lovely nates she gently pulled the side of the panties, which had ridden up into the crack and flattened them.

Sophie and Pippa were no longer friends but fearsome headmistress and disgraced schoolgirl. This punishment was going to be real.

Sophie sliced the cane across the centre of Pippa’s bottom; there was no reaction apart from the tightening of the grip on the table. The second was slightly higher and Pippa responded by lifting her heals off the ground as if to say. “Not so high please.” The third landed in the same place and Pippa let out a little gasp. The next stroke landed in the crease where the legs met the bottom and the last two were slightly higher.

Pippa gasped a single word, “Fuck!”

“How dare you!” screeched Sophie and sliced the cane down three more times in rapid succession.

It took several minutes for Pippa to stop dancing around the room rubbing her bruised nates.

“Get back over at once!” Sophie was surprising herself.

Kneeling behind Pippa, Sophie yanked the panties down. It was now her time to gasp as she saw the mass of crimson welts. Picking up the cane again she knew there was no option but to continue. If she stopped now the moment would be lost and they would be two colleagues again. Sophie executed the final six with severity and was amazed by Pippa’s stoicism.

The welts on Pippa’s bottom were now turning purple and black where they overlapped. Although there was no bleeding, there were signs of moisture where the skin was starting to tear.

Pippa pushed herself up from the table and Sophie gave her a hug reassuring her with the words, “There, there, All over now.” Pippa asked if she could have a look in the mirror so they both went up to Sophie’s bedroom.

After looking at her damaged bottom in the full-length mirror Pippa turned to Sophie and burst into tears.

The rest of the evening was spent cuddled up in Sophie’s bed.

To be continued...

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