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Sophie and Her Mother - Part 7

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Sophie is once more caned by her mother
When Sophie’s mother told her she would have to wait a whole week for her punishment Sophie felt upset. It had taken the thirty-eight year old teacher quite a lot of courage to ask her mother to resume disciplinary control and to be dismissed and told to wait a week was horrible.

As the week went on Sophie began to understand why her mother had, on the surface, been so cold. In addition to reinforcing the ground rules that Sophie’s mother was in control of when and how discipline was dispensed she was being given time to come to terms with the discipline and to fully prepare herself emotionally.

Sophie shared her thoughts with her new colleague and best friend Pippa; they would spend hours speculating as to what the punishment would be and how she would feel afterwards.

Sophie was visibly upset when Pippa told her how jealous she was of her having someone to care for and discipline her. Seeing this Pippa flung her arms around Sophie and reassured her with, “I didn’t mean it like that. I know you take care of me and spank me but this is just our lovely game. I am talking about being punished for real by someone with authority.”

That week Sophie and Pippa never played their ‘game’ they simply talked and cuddled and kissed and licked each other to the most beautiful climaxes. They both realized it would be best not to cloud the thoughts of Sophie’s impending punishment.

Pippa hadn’t officially moved in but had started leaving a toothbrush and a few personal essentials at Sophie’s house. For some reason these essentials didn’t include panties; Pippa enjoyed going through her friends panty draw and finding something pretty to wear to school the next day.

Friday evening after a busy week at school Pippa and Sophie opened a bottle of wine and the conversation soon turned towards the next morning’s events.

“Why on earth did Mum say nine o’clock? Saturday is my lazy day.”

“At least you don’t have to spend the whole morning worrying about it.” Pippa replied before adding. “Would you like me to come with you?”

After finishing the bottle of wine Pippa managed to persuade Sophie to call her mother and was listening to one side of the conversation.

“Hello mummy!”

“Yes, very busy.”

“No… no we are still fine for tomorrow.”

Sophie quietly listened to her mother for a minute before interrupting.

“Mummy, would it be ok if I took a friend over with me?”

“Pippa, she’s a colleague from work.”

Sophie screwed up her face in anticipation and looked at Pippa as she waited for her mother response.

Pippa wished she could hear both sides of the conversation but could only hear.

“Yes, I understand.”


“Yes of course.”

“Yes, she’s a very special friend...”

“Okay, see you tomorrow.”

“No, I’ll not be late.”

“Love you too, bye.”

By the time Sophie put down the receiver Pippa was practically jumping up and down.

“Well! What did she say?”

Sophie looked at Pippa enjoying the tease of holding her in suspense before she smiles and said, “Yes.”


“Come on Pippa! We'll be late!”

It had just turned nine when Sophie rang her mother’s doorbell.

While they were waiting for the answer Pippa turned to Sophie and smiled. “See, I told you we had plenty of time.”

“Hello, please come in.”

“You must be Philippa? So pleased to meet you.”

Pippa’s mouth dropped open; Mrs. Dupree was not at all as she expected. She certainly didn’t look old enough to be Sophie’s mother. She was taken aback by how elegant and sexy she was and cursed herself for not wearing something pretty.

Mrs. Dupree was also delight by the sight of Pippa in her tight jogging pants and couldn’t resist admitting her pert little bottom as she followed her through to the lounge.

Turning to her daughter Mrs. Dupree spoke softly but firmly. “Your punishment was scheduled for nine o’clock. You are late.”

She then turned to Pippa and spoke in a friendly and polite tone. “Take a seat. Please excuse us while we quickly address something, we will be right back.”

Mrs. Dupree led her daughter into the kitchen.

The doors were left open and by straining her ears Pippa could hear every word which was spoken.

“When I say your punishment is scheduled for nine I expect you hear in good time so that you are bent over with your bottom bared for the first stroke at nine. You wouldn’t like it if your pupils were only walking through the school gates at nine when you were ready to start teaching would you?”

“No, sorry mummy.”

“Hands out! No, no, no, one hand on top of the other… That’s it… Keep them still.”



“One more, hands back out.”


“Other hand!”

Pippa wanted to run through and interrupt them; she wanted to say that she was responsible for the lateness but couldn’t move. She felt herself moisten.




Mrs. Dupree walked into the lounge followed by a rather quiet Sophie.

“I am so sorry about that. I just can’t tolerate tardiness. Sophie, could you please stand in the corner while I have a little chat with Philippa?”

Pippa would normally correct anyone calling her Philippa. No one called her that apart from her mother or her teachers when she was at school.

“Now Philippa, please let me explain what is going to happen today.”

Pippa was all ears.

“When Sophie was eighteen years old she came to me for correction to help her manage her life and focus on her work. Last week we reached an agreement whereby Sophie would relinquish disciplinary control once more and let me provide punishment and guidance when necessary.”

As Mrs. Dupree spoke Pippa felt another little trickle of moisture leak into her panties.

“The purpose of Sophie’s caning today is to let her understand the severity of the punishment she is likely to be receive so that we can both be sure before entering into this arrangement. The discipline will be thirty six strokes of the reformatory cane on the bare buttocks.”

Mrs. Dupree heard her daughter gasp but chose to ignore it.

“After the caning I shall give Sophie a week to decide whether she wishes to continue with our arrangement. Obviously her answer would be no if I asked for a decision at the end of today. I have prepared the spare bedroom, so if you would both like to follow me?"

The spare room was looked sparse. All the soft furnishing which had made it homely had been removed; there were no brightly coloured cushions or ornaments. The single bed with a white mattress protector looked small in the spacious room. The only other items of furniture were a full length mirror, two chairs and a table. Carefully laid out on the table were a mahogany hair brush, two Lochgelly tawses, three canes of various sizes and a school exercise book.

Pippa immediately gravitated towards the table and picked up one of the tawses. She was fascinated how heavy the ends were, how severe it looked and also by how well it had been crafted. She heard Mrs. Dupree start to address Sophie.

“Please slip your dress off and put it over the chair. You may as well put your panties with it.”

“Right! You know the position.”

Pippa watched Sophie kneel on the bed and spread her legs as wide as she could before leaning forward and resting her head on her folded arms. Pippa could only imagine the embarrassment Sophie must be feeling having her anus and sodden vulva on display.

Mrs. Dupree checked Sophie’s position and selected the thickest of the three canes from the table.

“I shall give you thirty six strokes in three batches of twelve; they will be delivered at full force. Do you agree to this caning?”

Sophie managed a stifled, “Yes.”

Pippa took a seat where she could watch the proceedings and jumped as she heard Mrs. Dupree take a practice swing through the air. Even this didn’t match the force at which the first stroke landed.

An angry red welt appeared before Pippa’s eyes.

Another laced Sophie’s bottom but no sound came from her lips.

The third landed a bit lower and caught the top of her leg.

The next six strokes sliced down in quick succession and Sophie started to weep as she pushed her bottom back and down onto the bed.

“Bottom up!” Came Mrs. Dupree’s crisp instruction and Sophie was once more in position.

As the last three whipped sown on her nates Sophie howled.

Mrs. Dupree announced that the first set were concluded and left the room saying she would be back up in fifteen minutes.

Sophie burst into tears. “I can’t do this. I have to stop!”

Pippa comforted her friend. She knew that Sophie would be heartbroken if she didn’t complete the punishment today and held her for a few minutes before speaking.

“No one will think any the less of you if you stop now. I just don’t want you to feel disappointed. Why don’t we wait until your mom comes upstairs and if you want to stop then we will stop?”

Pippa held her friend until they heard the footsteps on the stairs.

“Back in position please!”

Sophie complied. She hadn’t made a conscious decision to do so but she knew deep inside that she needed this discipline.

The next twelve strokes were executed with precision and force bringing fresh welts and tearing the skin where they overlapped. Pippa held Sophie’s hand and stroked her head as the cane sliced down.

Sophie shed real tears but still managed to signal to her friend by way of a forced smile that she was okay.

As Mrs. Dupree left the room Pippa dried Sophie’s eyes and wiped her bubbling nose. The question of giving up had gone. They both knew that Sophie could not do anything but submit.

The time passes too quickly and once more Mrs. Dupree had the cane in her hand.

Sophie looks at Pippa and whispered, “it’s okay” and smiled as the cane sliced into her now bleeding buttocks. As the cane continued to flog her tender fesses Sophie’s mouth fell open and she remained perfectly silent for the final twelve.

Mrs. Dupree kissed her daughter on the back of her head said, “Well done, you were very brave.”

She left the room and returned with a small first aid box and a pair of cotton pyjamas.

“Pippa, would you mind attending to Sophie’s bottom while I go and get lunch ready?

“Sophie, once Pippa has seen to you put these pyjamas on and slip into my bed for a little nap before lunch.”

Sophie and Pippa couldn’t talk. Once her bottom was cleaned up with a sterile wipe the damage didn’t look nearly as bad. Cream was applied and the broken skin covered with dressings. Pippa helped Sophie on with the pyjama trousers and supported her as she walked stiffly through to her mother’s bedroom.

As she was leaving the room Sophie called out, “Pippa!”

Pippa turned to see Sophie smiling.


Pippa found Mrs. Dupree in the kitchen. Her eyes were soft from crying.

“I was too hard on Sophie. I shouldn’t have flogged her so severely.”

This was not the confident and authoritative lady who had so efficiently dispensed discipline that morning but a loving and concerned mother.

“No, Mrs. Dupree, I think it’s what she needed.”

“Please, call me Celia.”

Celia explained that for the arrangement to work she felt that Sophie needed to know that a punishment would be real and not something to be taken lightly. She went on to say that the caning today was far harder than she thought would ever be repeated but she needed something which she could use as an effective threat to maintain discipline. Clearly this took a lot out of Celia emotionally.

Pippa was quite taken aback by Mrs. Dupree’s next comments. “How close are you and Sophie?”

Pippa blushed and Mrs. Dupree took that to be the answer she had expected.

Pippa desperately wanted to talk with Mrs. Dupree and ask if she could also hand over disciplinary control and be punished alongside Sophie but this would have to wait.

Today was Sophie’s day and she would do nothing to take that away from her.

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