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Sophie and Her Mother - Part 8

Sophie and Her Mother - Part 8

Pippa is disciplined by Sophie's mother
Pippa couldn’t get the image of Sophie being caned by her mother out of her head. What had started as a curiosity had become an obsession. She knew what it felt like to have her bottom thrashed and had on one occasion taken a caning from Sophie which had broken the skin.

Pippa needed to know what it would feel like to be subject to discipline, not play discipline but real punishment where she would have no control over the proceedings.

Pippa and Sophie were becoming more comfortable with each other. It was almost two weeks since Sophie had been caned by her mother, and her bottom was almost healed thanks to the gentle application of moisturizing cream by Pippa. This evening Sophie was lying on her bed as Pippa gently massaged cream into her buttocks. The cream had been absorbed and Pippa was kneading Sophie’s bottom enjoying the view as she pulled her cheeks apart.

Without thinking, Pippa scooped up a pearl of fluid which had formed on Sophie’s slit with her index finger and drew it out a clear strand between her finger and thumb. Sophie’s anus was too pretty to ignore and Pippa lubricated the little ring of muscle with a slimey finger before sliding it in as far as the knuckle.

“Mmm... that’s nice,” said Sophie as she lifted her bottom and gave it a saucy little wriggle.

“You like that?” laughed a slightly relieved Pippa.


Pippa removed her finger with a little "plop,” licked the excess moisture from Sophie’s ring and then lay with her head on the pillow staring into her friend’s eyes.


Sophie smiled and waited.

“Would you mind if I asked your mother to punish me?”

Sophie wasn’t surprised by her friend’s request but she had some reservations. Just as she opened her mouth to answer Pippa interrupted.

“I wouldn’t want it to change anything between us. We could still play spanking games, but I would also like to be disciplined if I need to be.”

Sophie knew her mother would be only too happy to punish another naughty bottom.

“Are you sure you know what you are asking? Mum can be rather severe when it comes to discipline.”

“Yes, I have thought about this and… do you think she would do it?”

Sophie dialled her mother’s number and handed the telephone to Pippa with a mischievous grin.

Pippa hung up. “Wait! What should I say? Should I ask for the tawse or the cane? How many should I ask for?”

Sophie laughed. “Oh Pippa, I wouldn’t try and tell my mum how she should punish you.”

Pippa understood and pressed redial.

Sophie lay back on the bed and listened to Pippa’s half of the conversation.

“Hello, Mrs. Dupree.”

“Yes, very well thank you.”




“Mrs. Dupree, I know this may sound like an odd request but I was wondering…”


“Yes, here she is.”

Pippa put her hand over the mouthpiece of the telephone whispered loudly to Sophie. “She wants to speak to you.”

It was now Pippa’s turn to make out what was going on from one side of the conversation.


“Yes mummy.”


And that was it. Sophie hung up and turned grinning towards an expectant Pippa.

“I have to take you round for punishment on the way home from school tomorrow.”


The idea that she was going to be “taken round for punishment” made the Pippa feel deliciously naughty. All day she wondered what her pupils would thing if they knew their teacher was going to have her panties taken down and her bare bottom thrashed.

Today Pippa had dressed quite smartly and conservatively. A flared knee length skirt, navy tights and a soft white woollen sweater which showed off her beautifully formed breasts. Pippa knew that as the day went on her excitement would build and by the time her appointment came her panties were likely to be more than just damp. Feeling rather pleased with herself she had worn an old pair of powder blue knickers and taken a pair of new white panties to change into just before leaving school.

The day seemed to drag. Pippa just wanted to get on with it. At lunchtime she couldn’t resist going into the store room and having a little rub through her panties.

Finally it was time. Sophie met her at the games hall and they walked out of the school gates towards Sophie’s mother’s house. Pippa desperately wanted to hold Sophie’s hand but at that time of the day there were too many pupils milling around.

As Sophie rang her mother’s doorbell Pippa suddenly froze. “My knickers! I forgot to change my knickers!”

Before Sophie had time to respond Celia Dupree opened the door.

“Come in girls.”

Mrs. Dupree ushered the girls into the kitchen and filled the teapot. The three ladies chatted about the weather and their days until they had finished their tea. No one mentioned straps or canes or spanking.

Eventually Sophie stood up and put her coat on. “When would you like me to collect her mummy?”

Pippa felt a little squirt in her panties; this was so much more real than she had even imagined.

“If you come back in an hour we should be done.”

Pippa waited in the kitchen as Celia showed her daughter out and instinctively stoop up as Mrs Dupree returned.

“Right young lady! You know why you are here?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Good, come with me please.”

Celia led Pippa upstairs to the bedroom where two weeks ago she had witnessed the severest of canings given to Sophie. Although Pippa was nervous and a little frightened the thought of refusing punishment or running away never even became a consideration.

“Take off your jersey please Philippa.”

Pippa removed her jersey and revealed her long sleeved white cotton tee-shirt. Her sports bra was clearly visible and did little to hide the firmness of her nipples.

“Now your skirt and tights.”

Pippa cringed as she stood in her tatty blue panties. She had chosen her oldest pair so they could be discarded after she had changed them.

Mrs. Dupree sat on the bed and smoothed down her skirt. “Now Philippa, as this is your first time I shall give you a warm-up spanking.”

Pippa felt a bit awkward as she bent herself over Mrs. Dupree’s lap. She wasn’t sure how far she should go over or what she should do with her hands. One of the seams from her panties had worked itself into her bottom crease and she felt Mrs. Dupree pull it out with her fingers before smoothing the cotton over her buttocks.

Sophie and Pippa had played spanking games quite regularly and Pippa had never really considered a hand spanking as anything other than stimulating. When Mrs Dupree delivered the first spank, Pippa looked round expecting to see a paddle or hairbrush as she couldn’t believe a hand could sting so much.

The spanking continued for a good ten minutes and by the end Pippa was like a rag doll.

“Right Philippa, up you get!”

Pippa struggled to her feet and Mrs. Dupree held out her hand and clicked her fingers. “Panties Please!”

As Pippa removed her soiled panties she tried to fold them with the gusset innermost to hide her shame from Mrs. Dupree.

Mrs. Dupree took them and refolded them before placing them on her Pippa’s skirt.

Mrs. Dupree now had the tawse in her hand.

“Now Philippa, I would like you to kneel on the bed with your legs spread as wide as you can. A little wider… That’s it. Now lean forward and hold the pillow… That’s it… Bottom well up.”

Pippa felt open and exposed. As she closed her eyes she felt the lips of her labia peel open. She had had butterflies in her tummy all day and now it was worse than ever. As Pippa felt her tummy rumble the blood drained from her face as she realized a little gas was building up. She tried to clench her little ring, but it was no good and the gas escaped with a loud squeak.

Celia was mesmerized by Pippa’s beautiful bottom and found to sight of her little anus twitching delightfully but knew she had a role to play this afternoon.

“What do you say?” Mrs. Dupree had used the exact phrase her mother would have used when she was a little girl and Pippa knew the required answer.

“I beg your pardon.”

If the same had happened when Pippa was playing with Sophie they would have made a joke and laughed it off but today the dynamic was completely different. Pippa was now so aware of her predicament and wanted her punishment to be over.

She didn’t have long to wait before she felt the cool leather of the tawse being measured against her bottom.

“Twelve strokes,” was announced and the tawse whipped down for the first time.

Pippa had never felt anything like the pain of the first stroke. She had been caned quite harshly by Sophie, but this was different. Today her punishment was real and Mrs. Dupree had full control.

Pippa took the first three strokes in complete silence with her eyes wide open.

Mrs. Dupree moved round to the right hand side of the bed and delivered a ferocious backhand followed by another which by fate landed in exactly the same place. Pippa shuddered but never made a sound. Celia watched in as the welts from these two swats formed on Pippa’s left buttock. Only one set formed as the tails of the tawse overlapped perfectly. The third was aimed deliberately lower.

As Mrs. Dupree announced, “Half way through,” Pippa thought she sensed a little compassion for the first time.

There was no leniency as the next three were delivered in quick succession and Pippa opened her mouth as if to scream, but nothing came out.

There was a pause for a few minutes, and then Mrs. Dupree returned to the right hand side of the bed.

“Would you like the last three fast or slow?”

Pippa understood the question but replied with a, “Sorry?”

“Fast or Slow? Would you like me to do the last three quickly or would you like time between them?”

Pippa couldn’t answer and became aware of Mrs Dupree tapping her foot impatiently.

“I don’t know! I’m sorry… I don’t know.” Pippa was sounding a little upset.

Mrs. Dupree rubbed her hand on Pippa’s shoulders and replied, “It’s okay, we’ll do them quickly.”

The final three were the hardest of all. The first slammed down square across Pipps’s buttocks but the second went slightly squint and the tips of the tails stung Pippa’s puffy pussy. Before Pippa had time to react Celia delivered the last scorching stroke.

Pippa had taken the entire twelve in silence.

Celia sat on the bed and watched the bruises and welts form on Pippa’s bottom. Her pretty vulva was swollen and glistened with arousal and her little bottom hole was twitching. Celia would store that image in her mind and recall it when she was free to masturbate once Pippa was collected. Right now she needed to resist the throbbing she felt in her own panties and maintain her composure.

“You had better get dressed. Sophie will be here to collect you soon.”

Pippa got dressed but decided she would leave her panties off to let her bottom cool a little. She folded her panties once more and asked if Mrs. Dupree would through them away for her.

The doorbell rang and Celia let her daughter in.

“Well, did she behave herself?” Sophie asked with a smile.

“Yes,” Celia replied, “She was very brave.”

For some inexplicable reason this simple comment triggered a reaction and Pippa immediately burst into tears.

Mrs. Dupree hugged Pippa for a good ten minutes as she let all her tears out.

Pippa was now smiling and apologizing for “being so silly”.

“Dry your eyes and I’ll pop the kettle on.”

While Mrs. Dupree went to make tea Sophie rubbed the tops of Pippa’s arms. “Are you okay?”

Pippa smiled and nodded.

They drank their tea and the conversation turned to normal everyday topics. Weather, work, television etc.

Pippa felt safe and loved.

When Pippa and Sophie made to leave Mrs. Dupree opened her mouth and without really thinking it through asked, “Why don’t you both come for a sleep-over on Friday?”

All went quiet and Celia blushed a little.

Sophie broke the silence. “That sounds wonderful! Will it be like the Friday nights we used to have?”

Mrs. Dupree immediately knew that Sophie was referring to the special arrangement they had when she was eighteen years old and would be allowed to masturbate on Friday evenings. She could see the excitement on Pippa’s face and knew that this secret had been shared.

Mrs. Dupree decided to take the bull by the horns and replied. “Yes darling, but you know what that means don’t you?”

“Yes mummy.” Sophie’s reply was verging on the cheeky and Mrs. Dupree raised a cautionary eyebrow.

Pippa was getting a bit lost and turned to Sophie. “What does it mean?”

Sophie rolled her eyes and replied in the voice of a bored teenager. “We’re not allowed to diddle ourselves until Friday.”

The sarcastic commend didn’t go unnoticed by Sophie’s mother who turned to her daughter and smiles. “Be a darling and pop up to up to your room and fetch the tawse.”

Sophie knew she had gone too far and obediently followed her request.

Mrs. Dupree spoke to Pippa. “I am just going to give my daughter a little encouragement to keep her fingers out of her panties.”

“Right hand please!”

Sophie knew the drill and presented her right hand supported by her left.

Sophie looked at Pippa while the tawse slammed down on her palm three times.

“Other hand!”

The first stroke whipped down and Sophie’s mouth dropped open. She waited for the second but it never came. Eventually she turned her head towards her mother and looked at her in confusion.

Mrs. Dupree looked back at her daughter and brought the tawse down twice.

As soon as Mrs. Dupree announced, “You may rub.” Sophie brought her hands together and blew air between her palms.

“And what about you Philippa? Do you need some help to keep your kinds out of your panties?”

Sophie’s jaw dropped as she heard her friend reply. “Yes… Yes I think so.”

Mrs. Dupree was not surprised. “Very well, left hand!”

Pippa took her six strokes well and politely thanked Mrs. Dupree once they were delivered.


When the two girls left Celia almost sprinted upstairs. First she went to her bedroom and grabbed the vibrator from the draw of her bedside table. She wanted to be in the same room where she had just punished Pippa.

Placing a large towel over the bed and two pillows at the bed head she sat back and brought Pippa’s dirty panties to her nose. The smell was intoxicating. Inspecting the gusset closely she could see the yellow white discharged had soaked into the material and solidified like cardboard. Sucking the gusset released a pleasantly bitter taste.

As Celia pictured Pippa’s moist pussy and her pretty little anus she ran the tips of her fingers over her own anal opening. It felt rubbery and slightly tacky; she tried to push a finger in, but the sticky ring would not yield. After lubricating her fingers with her pussy her opening was easily breached, first by one finger and then two.

Rolling over onto her knees Celia picked up her vibrator and felt a dull pain as she pushed it’s round head against her anus. She brought the toy to her mouth and coated it with spit before bracing herself for another attempt. This time she was determined to penetrate herself, and as she pressed the phallus towards her anus she pushed back as if she was trying to have a poop.

There was a sharp pain and then the vibrator was in. Celia adjusted her position, removed the vibrator and lubricated it once more with her spit and put the head to her anus again. This time it felt good and went in deeper. She sucked on the gusset of Pippa’s panties as she repeatedly removed the vibrator and plunged it home. As her anus relaxed Celia reached back and felt the gaped opening.

Celia continued to plunge the phallus home, making the most obscene farting noise. The intensity built until she contracted and squirted. She didn't know if she was coming or pissing.

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