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Sophie goes bratty

Sophie is rebelling against Veronicas strict rules and gets her cousin in trouble too.
Alice had always had a very unsecure future, but after only living with Veronica for a month things were looking a lot better. At 20 years old he was back in school and getting good grades. If she kept this up she would graduate with all A’s. Veronica was a 42 year old rich and childless widow who used to be a teacher at a very good private school, which Alice and Sophie were now attending. Of course living with Veronica came with a price. Alice and her cousin Sophie would have to follow her rules or suffer the consequences. It really didn’t take much too suddenly find yourself over Veronicas lap getting your bare bottom spanked. Sometimes it was just a good hand spanking, but if you were really naughty you would get the hairbrush as well, and attending the private school where Veronica used to work meant not being able to misbehave at school without her finding out.

Both Alice and Sophie had approved a lot. However lately 18 year old Sophie had started to rebel and miraculously enough Veronica hadn’t noticed yet. Sophie had a new boyfriend, which meant that she would break curfew and sneak out in the middle of the night. And Alice had to work her ass off to make sure Sophie didn’t get caught. They were best friends after all. However even though Alice tried her very best Veronica did catch Sophie coming late home in the end. She had no idea that Sophie had a boyfriend and that Sophie in fact had been late several times without her noticing. Nor did she know Sophie was sneaking out practically every other night. If she did Sophie would have gotten it bad, but instead she gave Sophie a quick hand spanking and told her to stay in Saturday night. This really upset Sophie because she had a date planned with Eric.

‘Alice! Come here!’ Veronica demanded. She sounded stressful.

‘What is it? I did tidy my room like you said. I promise.’

‘I know sweetie you’re not in trouble. I… I have a date tonight. And well Sophie is grounded tonight. Would you please stay in and look after her? I really hate doing this to you. She is the one being punished not you, but I am afraid if we both leave the house she will get restless and go out anyway.’

‘Oh umh yeah sure. It’s okay I wasn’t really doing anything anyway.’ Alice said a bit disappointed as she knew Sophie was going to use this opportunity to go on her date.

‘Thank you sweetie, I really appreciate that. How about I extend your curfew next Saturday?’

‘Yes that would be great Veronica. Thanks.’ Alice said hugging her. Veronica gave Alice a kiss on the forehead before going upstairs to get ready for her date.

Later Veronica came downstairs to the living room where both Alice and Sophie were watching TV together.

‘Okay girls I am going on my date. Give me a good luck kiss.’ She said pointing at her cheek.

They both got up and approached her. Alice gave her a kiss and a hug.

‘Now , remember to behave. Just because I am not here doesn’t mean I won’t find about naughty behavior.’ She said while still hugging Alice.

‘We promise to behave Veronica.’ Alice said letting go.

‘And Sophie?’ Veronica said looking stern.

‘What? Oh yeah I promise to behave too.’ Sophie said kissing Veronica on the cheek.

‘I mean it young lady.’ Veronica said giving Sophie a little pat on the bottom. She was smiling though. ‘I’ll be back around eleven I think. Bye girls.’ And with that she left the room.

Sophie tiptoed after her making sure that she was actually leaning and when the door slammed she came running back into the living room.

‘Great now that the kill joy is gone. I can get ready for my date. What shall I wear?’ She asked.

‘Sophie I don’t think this is a good idea. I mean she asked me to make sure you stayed in. What if you get busted?’ Alice said worried.

‘Oh don’t worry. She said she’ll be back around eleven… meaning around midnight. I have ages to get back. I promise… it will be fine.’

Alice didn’t like this idea at all. It was so typical of Sophie to act and not think of the consequences. But she just couldn’t bring herself to disappoint Sophie. She was in love. It was natural for her to get restless whenever she was away from Eric. Alice helped her find a great outfit and she had her out of the house by nine giving her at least three hours before Veronica came back.

‘Don’t forget to come back in time.’ Alice warned Sophie as she went out the door.

‘Yes. Don’t worry. It’ll be fine.’ Sophie called back as she was getting into Eric’s car.

Alice went back into the living room and watched TV for two hours. No Sophie. Veronica said she’d be back around eleven and now it was eleven. Sophie had said Veronica would probably not be back before midnight, but then again Sophie was a risk taker. If Sophie failed to get back on time, they would both be in big trouble and Alice could forget all about next Saturday’s curfew extension.

The door opened. Alice’s heart jumped who was it? Sophie or Veronica? Neither it was a guy around Alice’s age, maybe a little older. He was tall and handsome. His hair was black, but he had blue eyes. He was extremely hot. Alice has never met Sophie’s boyfriend, but she knew he was tall, handsome and a little older than herself. So this was Eric, but why did Sophie bring him home. Veronica was going to be here any minute.

‘Hi! I’m Tad.’ He said smiling.

‘Hi umh what? Tad I thought your name was Eric?’

‘No I’m pretty sure my name is Tad. Who is Eric?’ He said.

‘Sophie’s boyfriend I thought you were him, but I guess you’re not.’ Alice said confused.

‘Sophie has a boyfriend?! Where is she?’ This time it really was Veronica and she did not look happy.

Alice felt like the stupidest person on earth.

‘I… she.. umh. Who is he?’ Alice asked, not being able to answer Veronica’s question.

‘My date! Where is Sophie?’

‘Your date! But he’s young and you’re… ohh right your date huh. So did you have a great time?’ She said smiling innocently knowing she was in deep trouble by the redness of Veronica’s face.

‘Alice I am going to ask you one more time! Where is Sophie?’ Veronica’s face was now inches from Alice’s.

‘Emh… well… she kind of left… on a umh… date with her boyfriend Eric. I told her it was a really bad idea and that she would get into trouble, but she’s in love and she is not thinking straight.’ Alice really tried to make it sound like she had absolutely nothing to do with it. Sophie had gotten them both into trouble and she was not taking Alice down if Alice could avoid it. However Veronica was not fooled. She knew Alice could’ve stopped Sophie if she really tried.

‘So what you are saying Alice, is that you did everything in your power to stop her? Did you tell her to stay put? Did you bother to pick up the phone and let me know she had left?’

Alice looked down at her feet. ‘No m’am I did not.’

‘Well then you know you will have to be punished too. Come here! And get over my lap!’

Alice looked shocked. She had been spanked before, but not in front of anyone except for Sophie.

‘But Veronica… your date.’she said embarrassed.

‘He can watch. Now get over here!’ Veronica demanded grabbing Alice’s arm, but in that moment the front door opened and Sophie walked in. She looked at Veronica and Alice.


‘I beg your pardon?’ Veronica said.

‘I umh… I… I guess I’m in trouble aren’t I?’ Sophie said.

‘Yes you are young lady. BIG TROUBLE infact!’ Veronica said sharply.

‘Okay but listen it wasn’t Alice’s fault okay… she told me not to go, but then I went anyway. So please don’t punish her. I am the one to blame.’

‘Well that is very admirable of you Sophie, but Alice was in on it too. She did not try to stop you. She told me and even if she did she could have called me and let me know that you snuck out.’ Veronica said looking very serious and stern.

‘ But seeing that her offence was not stopping you from being naughty I am only going to give her a hand spanking and send her off to bed. You however are in for the hairbrush missy. So you might just go and get it now, while I start spanking Alice.’

Veronica sat down on the couch and pulled Alice over her lap. She pulled up her skirt and pulled down her panties. Sometimes she would let them keep their pants or skirt on for a warm up, but seeing this was just a quick spanking she didn’t see the need. Alice was in for bare bottom smacks from start.

Alice was so embarrassed by the fact that Tad was watching that the first smack came by surprise. ‘Ow!’

‘Ow? We have only just started girl! Save it for later, you will soon feel the real ow!’

Veronica kept giving her firm smacks on each cheek. And Alice was trying to lay still. She didn’t want to make a fuss, but getting spanked on a bare bottom that hadn’t been warmed up was really painful. She soon felt a good sting in her bottom. It really hurt, but she comforted herself by thinking that at least she wasn’t going to get the hairbrush like Sophie.

Veronica started using more force and by now Alice was squirming on her lap. Her bottom trying to escape the hand, but Veronica never missed. Instead she started smacking the top of Alice’s this which really hurt.

‘Ow! No please Veronica not there! I’m sorry I should have stopped her.’

‘Well lie still then!’ Veronica shouted.

At this moment Sophie walked in with the hairbrush and she could see her 20 year old cousin bottom up over Veronica’s lap. She felt a sting of guilt. This was all her fault and it looked like Veronica was in the game tonight because Alice’s bottom was already going red and Sophie had only been gone for three minutes.

‘Ow.. I’m sorry.’ Alice sobbed. She usually didn’t cry this early, but she was so humiliated by the fact that Veronica’s date was watching her getting her bare bottom spanked at 20 years old. And her bottom was really hurting by now. This might be a quick hand spanking, but Veronica really gave it to her good.

‘Now Alice, what will you do next time I ask you to look after Sophie?’ Veronica asked still spanking her hard.

‘I… I do as I am told. And if that doesn’t work I call you.’ Alice cried, tears running down her face. Veronica had this way of making her feel like a child sometimes. Being spanked on the bare made her totally forget she was 20 years old. She was being spanked for being a naughty little girl. But that also exited her. She could feel her pussy going wet and she knew that later in bed she would rub her clit.

Veronica continued spanking her for a while and then she stopped. Alice didn’t move. She knew very well that she was not to movie until she was told. Veronica was rubbing her bottom, which helped a bit. And Alice knew that now she was back in her good books. Veronica let her up, hugged her and kissed her on the forehead.

‘There... it is all over. I was going to send you off to bed, but I think you should watch Sophie get her spanking. Then you can go upstairs together and put cooling cream on your sore bottoms.’

‘Yes. Veronica.’ Alice said grateful. Because even though she loved Sophie, she really wanted to see her get spanked. This was all her fault. Her bottom was now bright red, because Sophie decided to act like a brat. She deserved the hairbrush and Alice was not going to forgive her until her bottom was redder than hers.

‘Sophie! Come!’ Veronica said holding out and arm. Sophie out the hairbrush on the table next to Veronica and got over her knee bottom facing up.

Veronica started spanking her on a clothed bottom. This was going to be a rather long spanking and therefore it was necessary she thought. But she wasn’t lenient though. From the beginning she gave Sophie firm spanks on the outside of her dress and even though Sophie felt like crying out and wiggled her legs she lay still knowing she deserved this. However it wasn’t long until it stared stinging. And when Veronica pulled up Sophie’s dress and pulled down her pink panties her bottom had already started to get pink as well. But pink was not good enough. By the end of this spanking it was going to be bright red.

Being spanked on the bare made Sophie squirm a little. It was rather painful. Veronica responded by holding her even firmer down and smacked the top of her legs just as she did with Alice. This made Sophie start crying, but Veronica was not to be fooled by tears. If she were to stop every time one of the girls started crying because of a spanking they would never learn and Sophie knew this very well because she had been crying loudly over Veronicas lap several times and not once had she got off easy. However she reminded herself that later she would be touching herself and get really good orgasm out of this.

After about five minutes Sophie’s bottom had a nice red color and tears were running down Sophie’s face. Veronica stopped spanking her and started rubbing her bottom for a while. She always did this before continuing with the hairbrush.

‘So Sophie. Do you feel that your little sneak out adventure was worth it?’ Veronica said still rubbing her bottom.

‘No Veronica. I’m really sorry. I won’t do it anymore.’ Sophie said, which was a lie because it was totally worth it. She got to be with her boyfriend and even though spankings were really painful, there was something exiting about being disciplined as well. She was indeed a very naughty girl.

‘Well that is good to hear. Let’s get on with your punishment. I am going to give you 30 with the hairbrush today.’

’30?! Are you insane! That is 10 more that what you usually give!’ Sophie cried out.

’35!’ Veronica said daring her talk back again, but Sophie didn’t. She gave a little sob knowing this was going to be the hardest spanking she had ever gotten.

Alice was I shock. 35! That was a lot and Sophie’s bottom was already very red. But she had been very naughty. They had both been spanked many times before, but it was never for anything like this. This was the worst thing any of them had done to upset Veronica so Alice could understand why she was being so severe.

Veronica started spanking Sophie with the hairbrush and Alice winced by the sight of her cousins red bottom wobbling by the forced of the hardwood back of the brush. Sophie tried her hardest not to cry out. But once she had gotten ten she started crying again.

SMACK! ‘Owch.. ow.. I’m sorry!’ she cried.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The brush went from one cheek to the other.

‘Ow!’ SMACK!

Then when she had gotten to number 20 Veronica started giving Sophie five on each cheek. Which was really painful as the brush hit the same spot five times in a row.

When it was finally over Sophie was sobbing like a little child and it took Veronica minutes to calm her down. She rubbed her back and bottom making shush’ing sounds.

‘I’m sorry Veronica. I really am.’ Sophie cried.

‘I know sweetie. And don’t forget to apologize to Alice.’

‘I’m sorry Alice.’ Sophie while Veronica helped her up.

‘It’s okay. Why don’t we go find the cooling cream before bed?’ Alice said smiling. She had totally forgiven Sophie now. That was the good thing about spankings. Even though one is in a bad mood and is really angry, once a spanking had been administered that was all forgotten.

Veronica kissed the two girls goodnight and turned to her date smiling.

‘You naughty boy… you’re hard. Did you like seeing the naughty girl bottoms get spanked?’

‘Umh yes.’ Tad said blushing, clearly embarrassed.

‘It’s okay. I would worry if you didn’t. That why I asked you to come in actually. I knew that silly girl wasn’t home. But now you see what kind of person I am. I like being in control and if we are going to start a relationship I need you to know this. I am not saying that you have to be spanked too, but I don’t like it when people misbehave and aren’t punished for it. So you should at least think about it.’

‘Veronica. I know you like control. That is what I like about you and if you want to spank me when I am naughty… you can. But you should know that I might like it.’ He said blushing even more.

‘Good. It’s good we have come to this agreement. Now seeing you are so horny…’ she said looking at the bulge in his pants. ‘Let’s go upstairs and be naughty too.’

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