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Sophie's First Spanking

Tags: spanking, fm, ff.
Sophie walks in on her friend Josh getting a spanking from an older woman.
Sophie was on the phone with her friend Josh. They were going to have a movie night together, but they hadn’t decided when because Sophie had to stop by her friend Lauren who was going on a hot date. She desperately needed Sophie’s help.

‘Josh. Lauren really needs my help, so I’m just going over there for a little while. Give me an hour and I’ll be right over.’

‘Okay, but I might be in the shower so you can just come right in.’ he said. They said goodbye and hung up.

Sophie was really looking forward to tonight. It had been ages since it was just her and Josh. Most people thought they were like a thing, but it wasn’t like that. Josh was like a big brother, all though he was extremely hot. He was 22 years old, tall, had dark hair and amazing blue eyes. Sophie was 18, a little tall and had brown wavy hair and blue eyes. They would’ve looked great together as a couple, but they just didn’t like each other that way. Josh had a thing for older women, something Sophie just couldn’t understand.

Sophie came to Laurens house and was ready to help out when her mom opened the door.

‘Hi Mrs. Denver, I have come to see Lauren.’

‘Oh. Sorry Sophie Lauren is not here. She left 20 minutes ago.’ Mrs. Denver said confused why Sophie was even there.

‘Oh, but she asked me to come and help her get ready for her date.’ She laughed. ‘She probably forgot to tell me she was leaving earlier. Typical Lauren.’

‘Yes, well I am going to have a talk to her about that. She is always so forgetful.’ She smiled at her daughter’s foolishness. The two said goodbye and Sophie went to Josh’s house an hour earlier than planned.

She went straight in the front door as Josh had said. She went into the hallway and heard loud noises. It was like a smacking noise and moaning. Sophie giggled quietly to herself thinking Josh was watching porn, and by the sound of it… spanking porn. She went into the living room ready to surprise him and probably catch him with his hand down his pants, but as she came through the door she gave a loud gasp. Josh wasn’t watching spanking porn… he was being spanked by woman. She was old enough to be his mother, but really hot. She was tall, with dark brown hair, and she had Josh across her lap, spanking him with a hairbrush.

‘Sophie! What are you doing here so early?’ Josh looked up at her looking really embarrassed. His face was almost as red as his bottom.

Sophie started laughing. She couldn’t help it.

‘Lauren forgot to tell me she didn’t need my help after all.’ She explained. She looked at the woman she was still spanking Josh and he was actually crying. She must have been in her early 40’s. ‘Well…This explains a lot. So.. Umh… should I go to the other room or… what?’

Josh was about to answer when the woman spoke. ‘No, we’re just about done. Josh you can go stand in the corner. And don’t look like that at me. You deserve her seeing your newly spanked bottom. That way she can see how naughty you’ve been.’ Josh looked really embarrassed, but walked over to the corner.

Faced the wall he said ‘Sophie promise you won’t ever tell anyone.’

Sophie smiled and said ‘We’ll see.’ Josh turned around and raised his voice ‘Sophie! Promise! You have to promise not to tell a living soul!’

‘You know Josh I don’t think you’re supposed to talk when you’re in the corner’ Sophie sniggered seeing his erect penis.

‘Enough!’ The woman said. ‘Josh face the wall and you girl will not tell anyone what you have seen today.’ She gave Sophie a stern look. Her eyes were dark brown. She had a very pretty face, but it too was stern. Being in control suited her.

‘Well girl. Are you going to tell anyone?’ She asked again.

‘No ma’m.’ Sophie muttered sitting down on the couch. The woman joined her and together they stared at Josh’s red bottom.

‘So you’re Sophie. I’m Veronica.’ She said shaking Sophie’s hand. ‘Aren’t you a little young to be Josh’s friend? How old are you?’ She asked Sophie.

‘I’m 18.’ Sophie answered.

‘You’re 18? You don’t look 18. You remind me of myself when I was sixteen.’

That comment stung Sophie thought. She was so sick of people thinking she was younger than she really was. Most people thought she was 16. And before she could stop herself Sophie said:

‘Well did you ever consider the possibility that you’re just one of those people who look older than they really are?’

Josh laughed. Veronica walked over to him giving him a sharp smack on the bottom. The sound echoed around the room and Joshed made a whimpering noise. Veronica sat back down next to Sophie.

‘You know little girl you are a little mouthy.’ Veronica said looking stern. ‘Do you talk that way to your parents?’

‘My parents are dead; I live with my cousin Alice.’ Sophie answered back.

‘You live with your cousin? How old is she? Let me guess… she is really young and is your best friend?’

‘She’s 20 and yes we are best friends. Why?’

‘Well… that explains your discipline problem.’ Veronica smiled of the look on Sophie’s face.

‘I don’t have a discipline problem.’ Sophie answered back. She getting really tired of this woman interviewing her like this.

‘Your 18 so I guess you are just about done with school.’

‘No. I was held back a year so I have a year left.’ Sophie said embarrassed.

‘And why were you held back a year young lady?’ Veronica was now having constant eye contact with Sophie, making her feel like she had done something wrong.

‘Because I didn’t do the work and failed several classes.’ Sophie was now looking at the floor. This Veronica woman was making her feel really bad about herself.

‘Why didn’t you do the work? Didn’t you have the time?’ Veronica asked.

‘Yeah she was too busy partying.’ Josh said from the corner.

‘Be quiet Josh’ Veronica said sharply. ‘So as you probably have realized by now Sophie, you do have a discipline problem. I knew the moment you started talking. You’re failing school, you’re mouthy and what does your guardian Alice do about it? Is she even home?’ Sophie looked up in shock. This was creepy. It was like Veronica could read her mind and she Sophie had to tell the truth.

‘No she is in Cabo for two weeks. And I don’t have a discipline problem.’

‘Yes you do. You have already been disrespectful and rude to me.’

‘Well… maybe you deserved it.’ Sophie snapped.

Veronica grabbed her arm. And said ‘But I am not Alice. I take action.’ Sophie knew right there that Josh wasn’t the only one was getting a spanking that night.

‘Josh go to your room and stand in the corner there, I am going to deal with this little girl.’

‘But Veronica’ Josh smiled. ‘Can’t I please stay and watch.’ The stupid ass Sophie thought. He wanted to see her spanked.

‘Do you think you deserve to watch?’ Veronica said looking sternly at him.

‘No ma’m.’ said Josh and left the room looking disappointed.

Sophie tried to free her arm from Veronicas grip, but she was too strong. Veronica dragged her over to the chair she had used when spanked Josh and sat down. Sophie tried to resist, but Veronica dragged her over her lap easily. Sophie was now lying faced down over Veronicas lap with her bottom in the air and Veronica had the left hand on her back and the right was resting on her bottom. ‘Oh well’ Sophie thought at least she still had her jeans on. And as if she had heard Sophie’s thoughts Veronica said ‘don’t worry these will come off eventually. I’m just going to give you a warm up first.’ And with that she smacked Sophie’s bottom. It wasn’t that bad Sophie thought, but she knew it was going to get worse.

Veronica gave Sophie firm spanks on her bottom changing between cheeks. Because she was still wearing her jeans it didn’t hurt that much, but she could feel a slight burn and her bottom was twitching. Veronica was holding her firmly down and started to give harder spanks. She gave Sophie 20 more spanks and stopped rubbing her bottom. It was stinging now. Sophie felt warm, but she could also feel a little tingling in her pussy. She was getting wet.

‘Get up and pull down both your pants and underpants!’ Veronica said sharply. ‘And don’t you dear trying to run away, because it is not going to work!’

Sophie had been thinking about it earlier, but now it was out of the question. If she failed to run, Veronica would spank her a lot longer and harder, and also she was curious. Sophie had never been spanked before and she had to have the whole experience. She pulled down her pants and grudgingly her underpants. It was very embarrassing and she noticed Veronica staring at her hairless pussy. Veronica helped her back over her lap and Sophie could feel a light breeze on her warm bottom. Veronica rubbed it and said ‘Your bottom has gotten a light pink color. That is not nearly good enough.’ And then she smacked Sophie’s bottom hard and Sophie gave a little shriek. The spanking started again and Sophie could notice a big difference between wearing jeans and having you bare bottom spanked. This was painful. Veronica’s spanks were hard and firm and Sophie started moving around on her lap as if she hoped to avoid Veronica’s hand. Veronica smacked Sophie’s bottom with a nice rhythm, faster and faster. Sophie’s bottom was growing redder and wobbled from the hard smacks that rained down on her. Sophie started crying and started kicking with her legs trying to get up.

‘Lie still or it will get a lot worse young lady!’ Veronica shouted.

Sophie glanced over at the door and saw Josh through the little opening. He was spying on her, watching her getting spanked. She could feel her pussy being totally wet and hoped that Veronica wouldn’t notice. And then Veronica stopped. She was rubbing Sophie’s sore bottom and Sophie really hoped that she was done, but it turned out that she wasn’t. Veronica grabbed the hairbrush she had used on Josh from the table next to her. Sophie saw it and yelled out ‘No please Veronica. I’m sorry. I have learned my lesson. Really.’

‘Sophie this is a punishment. I shall decide when to stop and I have decided to give you 20 spanks with the hair brush. Do you want me to add more?’

‘No.’ Sophie sobbed.

‘Okay then. I shall continue.’ Veronica said softly.

Sophie closed her eyes. She was scared. Would the hairbrush be a lot more painful? The answer was yes. Veronica started spanking her with the brush and Sophie counted the spanks in her head, but she really didn’t have to because every time Veronica brought the brush down on her bottom she shrieked. After ten strokes she was sobbing uncontrollably. Her bottom felt like it was on fire and yet she as dripping wet. Veronica gave her another spank, Sophie shrieked.

‘Now little girl have you learned your lesson’ Veronica asked giving her another spank. That was twelve, eight to go.

‘Yes Veronica. I’m really sorry. Please let me up. I promise to be good.’ Veronica gave her another.

‘No. I said twenty and so twenty it is.’ Sophie got another.

Veronica gave Sophie her last six spanks rather quickly. It was painful, but over so quickly that Sophie had the feeling that it was to be nice. Her bottom was now really red and she was just lying over Veronica’s lap sobbing. Veronica was rubbing her bottom making shhh’ing noises like a mother comforting her child. It was nice just lying there while Veronicas hand brushed her bottom.

‘You know Sophie I think you should come and stay with me until Alice comes back. You shouldn’t be home alone. I will help you with your studies. I used to be a teacher once.’

‘Yes. Thank you.’ Sophie said thinking she was crazy, because that she might get several more of these spankings. But it didn’t matter. She needed the discipline.

‘Okay sweetie’ Veronica said with a friendly voice. Let’s go up into the bathroom and I’ll rub cooling cream on both you and Joshes bottom. Sophie got up and fumbled for her pants and was pulling them up when Veronica said

‘No sweetie. Step out of your pants. I want you to walk around with a red bottom as a reminder of the punishment you just got.

Sophie stepped out of her pants. And followed Veronica upstairs where they found Josh facing the corner in his room and the three of them went into the bathroom. Veronica told Josh and Sophie to bend over the bath tub. She studied their red bottoms for a while and then she found the cooling cream and rubbed their sore bottoms. It felt great Sophie thought loving the feeling.

‘Now I am going to find a movie for us to watch’ Veronica said when she was done.

They went down into the living room and Veronica sat down in the middle of the couch and Josh and Sophie sat on either side of her. She put her arms around them both and together they watched a dull movie that Veronica had picked. None of them dared do ask for a different one though.

This is part one in this story. If you liked it, please continue reading Alice Meets Veronica.

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