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Souvenir Paddles - II

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Our travelling man is lured into a woman's web for a serious correction.
Souvenir Paddles - II

My head was dizzy with excitement. My legs were shaky. My cock was hard and throbbing - the pre-cum flowing copiously and filling the pocket of my jockey shorts as if I had peed my pants.

I felt like I was a character in a porn movie - or at the least, a naughty story. I was astonished, though, at the reality. The reality that I was following the lead of a woman that I’d ‘known’ for less than ten minutes.

I didn’t know if I was only imagining the stern look to her countenance; I thought not - the look on her face bespoke determination and resolve. As we walked, she spoke.

“I’ve already locked the doors and turned on the ‘Closed’ light. My husband was very heavily insured with term insurance and I have no need for income now. I maintain the store only as a hobby. I often leave it closed for days or even weeks at a time.

“I maintain one of my residences in the rear of this building. As we pass through this door, we will be totally sound-proofed for your discipline. Trust me, this is important.

“The sound of my wooden paddles connecting with your bare bottom will sound like gun fire. Further, I will be paddling you very hard and very long. Many, many times the paddles will connect with your flesh and each and every time they will resound with the impact.

As she had been speaking, we’d progressed through a foyer into the main living area of her place, stepping down into a sunken living room that was heavily carpeted in white, wall-to-wall carpeting, looking almost like snow.

“Remove your clothing and place it on one of the couches. I’m going to shower and change and I’ll join you shortly. After you’re nude, I want you to assume a position on the carpet, on your knees, with your elbows on the floor in front of you.

“When I return, I expect your bottom offered up, the small of your back ‘dipped’, and your knees spread, shoulder-width.

“By the by…. You don’t yet know my name and I’ve deliberately avoided asking yours. I don’t want to know you by name before I first test your sincerity. It’s one thing to say that you are ready to submit to a genuine thrashing; yet another to experience the reality and remain submissive.

“I promise you, you’ve never met a woman like me. I will delight in ‘breaking’ you; like a horse person would break a wild mustang. I will change you today, forever..

“You will cry and beg. You will howl and sob. When I am through, you will belong to me. Make no mistake, I am going to hurt you terribly. The payoff for you is two-fold. First, by suffering for me, you will earn the privilege of serving my body.

“I’ll have you lick my vulva until I’ve experienced multiple-orgasms. I’ll have you worship my ass by licking the crack and rimming my butt hole. This is what I like to think of as the ‘submissive kiss’. My late-husband learned to spend literally hours tending to my rear. I always felt that, after his beatings, this act of submission was the next best exercise for his attitude.

While she’d been talking, I’d removed my clothes and placed them on a nearby couch as she’d instructed. As I stood in front of her, nude, ready for her threatened chastisement, my erection pointed at her, its tip oozing a steady stream of pre-cum.

She continued with her monologue: "Second, you will know, as very few men are privileged to know, what it is to truly submit to a woman who will honor your submission. Most women lack the resolve to deliver the type of thrashing that you will receive today. Most men, as a result, never experience the joy of total and complete submission.

"So, my naked guest. Know that, when I return to this room, I will beat you until you are broken and then beat you some more. Again, as with my husband, I will ben allow you to ejaculate on my butt crack and clean your mess with your tongue.

"After this, I will, this first time, give you a choice. You can leave and never see me again. Or you can immediately submit to another thrashing. A promise. If you thought that the first whipping was painful, I will show you that I am capable of hurting you much more thoroughly. So, you will be the boss - if only for a moment.

"You will have the power to continue your discipline by submitting to the second thrashing - or of leaving and never seeing me again. Do you understand?"

"Yes, ma'am."

With a look of amusement, combined with a rebuke of a frown, she instructed, “When we are together, there are rules. One of those rules - an important one - is that any pre-cum and cum that you leak or shoot will be eaten by you.

“When you are dealing with your pre-cum, you will accomplish this by running the side of your right-hand, index finger beneath the head of your penis and collecting the pre-cum on that finger. To your mouth, then, immediately, and suck off the residue from your finger. However many times this is necessary, you will continue this exercise until your cock head is clean of your arousal.

“Do this now.”

I didn’t even consider disobedience but simply reached down and followed her command. The taste that met my tongue was foreign. Like most men, I guess, I’d often wondered what semen would taste like but never had the courage to taste it - my own or another man’s! A bit salty and definitely runny. While it wasn’t particularly pleasant, I felt a frisson of perverse excitement at this overt evidence of my submission to this woman who’d all but cast a spell over me.

Walking to the couch where I’d left my clothing, she picked up the pile and took them with her. As she left the room to shower and change, she spoke over her shoulder.

“It’s been a while since my husband died and I’ve not had an opportunity since then to master a man. While I’m showering, think about what will happen when I return to this room. The description that I gave you of my time with my husband was pretty close to what you will experience today.

“I guess that the main difference will be a question of severity. I intend, as I said, to break you. To do this I will need to paddle - and possibly whip - you severely. Think, then, while I am changing, about how you will be unmanned. How you will cry and sob like a little boy. How you will beg - to no avail - for mercy. How you will be my personal property - should I care to use you again or not. Not only will you look at me differently. After today, you’ll never look another woman in the eye without respect and fear.

“On the carpet now, and don’t you dare get any drippings on my carpet.:

So saying, she left the room and I - nude and on the floor now - wondered anew if I was making a mistake. I knew that this ordeal would hurt a lot. I knew that she was as genuine as a woman could be. Ready to dispense corporal discipline in an amount that I’d only fantasized about in the past.

Twice married, I’d asked both of my wives to spank me. And spank me was about it. Both were too timid to truly punish me and I’d never submitted to a ‘real’ spanking - let alone, ‘thrashing’ - by a woman who seemed ready, willing and able to deliver the goods.

I found it amusing in a little-brain controlling the man context, to note that as I imagined the upcoming discipline that my new-found instructress had promised, my cock was still rock-hard. Rock-hard and dripping.

I became aware of a quivering in my buttocks and legs. Almost like what I’d seen of a puppy as it cowered in fear. It seemed that, even if my penis was pleased about the immediate future, my bottom had the good sense to realize that trouble was on the way!

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