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Spank N' Fuck

A motor vehicle infraction leads to pleasurable punishment.
“That will be $300.00 and 20 strokes with the paddle,” the judge declared as I pled guilty to having lapsed vehicle registration and expired insurance. The Southern City Police Department’s “deterrence” policy now added bare bottom spankings for minor infractions. The highly controversial program, which was only in effect for two weeks, seemed to have an immediate positive impact, according to the news. I was about to find out first-hand what that impact would be for me.

After paying my fine, leaving my checkbook with the grand balance of $5.08, I walked down the brightly lit hallway to the room where I was to receive my corporal punishment. “Please Knock Before Entering” read the large-boldface sign on the wooden door. I knocked lightly on the door, my nerves already taking control of me.

“Come in,” a male voice said. Gingerly, I opened the door to see a man I knew all too well, Detective Liu Chang.

“Well, look who it is,” he said mockingly with a smug smile on his face. “I remember you,” he added. "So tell me, Ashley, have you been keeping your clothes on at the beach?” he asked as he leaned against his desk.

“Yes sir, I am. Other than these tickets, I’ve been keeping out of trouble.”

“Well, if you WERE keeping out of trouble, you wouldn’t have these tickets,” he replied, shaking his head. The mockery in his voice was glaring.

“So how have you been? Are you still dating that little league pitcher?” he asked as he looked through me.

“I’m glad you asked that, Detective. Hideki and I are engaged and he’s playing Triple A ball now,” I said trying desperately to match his level of arrogance.

“I didn’t ask for the story of his life. I wanted to know how you were doing. By the way, that’s a nice diamond ring he gave you,” he said looking at my left hand.

“The diamond is flawless,” I declared.

“I can see why. There isn’t room for any flaws. Tell Hideki he needs a Major League contract,” Chang said as he popped a mint in his mouth.

I rolled my eyes, disgusted with his attitude.

“Are we here to discuss my ring or my punishment?” I asked trying to divert him from putting down Hideki even more.

“Yes, let’s discuss your punishment. Twenty strokes on the bare BUTT-OCKS,” he said with a smile and a wink. “You will be my first corporal punishment of the day,” he said as he sucked loudly on his mint.

“So is that what you do all day, spank people’s bare asses?” I asked sarcastically.

“Yeah, it’s not as glamorous as it sounds. I don’t enjoy paddling a three hundred pound truck driver or a seventy year old woman. But today is my lucky day and I get to discipline a nice nineteen year old girl with a nice ass who was a good fuck.” He licked his lips and flicked his tongue at me. There was that wink again.

I loved it when he talked dirty.

“So, shall we get started? I don’t have all day.”

“Yeah, there could be a truck driver waiting for his spanking, right?” I said with a cheeky grin.

He slammed his hand against his desk. “Pull those jeans and panties down and get that little ass over my desk,” he ordered. Detective Chang was not amused.

Not being one to disobey the law, I slowly and seductively pulled down my jeans. I felt his stare as they fell to my knees.

“Nice white panties. Take them off. Right now,” he said in a tone that was more of a command than a request.

I bit my lower lip and winked at him as I took them down. I stepped out of my jeans and panties and carefully placed myself over his desk. I had his undivided attention as I felt my arousal blooming.

“Mmm, nice ass, just as I remember it,” he said as he stroked it.

“When I’m done, you’re going to have a nice, blistered behind,” he said.

Strangely, I was looking forward to it.

I gasped as the first stroke landed dead-center on my ass. I gripped the edge of his desk and seconds later, I felt the next one. The third stroke came quickly and I let out a soft “ouch!”

“There’s plenty more where that came from,” Chang said. I looked back at him and said in a seductive voice,

“Bring it on.”

“Oh, yeah!” he replied as he paddled my ass and upper thighs. Each stroke was harder than the last and I felt my pussy tingle.

I got out of position to rub my stinging behind. The stinging and burning were almost interchangeable. I faced him, giving a full frontal shot of my pussy.

“Get back in position!” he ordered.

“I can’t. It hurts,” I pouted as I placed my hands over my ass in exaggeration.

“I think you really hurt me, Detective,” I said, trying to get him to move closer.

“I didn’t strike you that hard,” he said as he walked towards me.

Mission accomplished.

I placed his hand on my red, stinging behind. “It feels hot,” I said with a tear in my eye.

“It’s going to,” he whispered as his hand slid from my ass, to my thigh, to my pussy. I opened my legs, allowing his hand to slip through. Immediately his middle finger found my clit and he slowly rubbed it.

“Oh yeah, just like that,” I said breathlessly. He put the paddle down and kissed my neck as he rubbed my clit faster.

“Press into my hand,” he said softly and I did just that as I struggled to take off my top and bra.

“Fuck me detective, fuck me!!” I begged as he quickly took off his tie and undid his pants. His nice, hard cock was glistening and ready for fucking.

“You get it up fast for a forty-three-year-old man,” I said.

“I fucking love younger pussy!” he declared.

I dropped to my knees, sucking his cock for the first time in months. I don’t know how I lived without it. Chang placed his hands behind my head and fucked my mouth. I gagged on it for a bit before getting my mouth in rhythm with his thrusts.

“Oh yeah, baby, that’s it. I’m going to fuck you like a cheap whore!”

His dirty talk was driving me crazy with sexual tension. I sucked him harder and faster, squeezing his balls, savoring his scent, wanting his sex.

Chang pulled me by the hair. “On the desk and spread your legs,” he said hurriedly. Quickly, I sat on the desk and he spread my legs. Opening my pussy lips, he licked my clit with a passionate ferocity. I grabbed my breasts in pleasure, holding in screams of delight.

“Make me cum, oh God, please don’t leave me like this, let me cum!!” I begged him.

Chang looked up at me and smiled. I watched as his face met my pussy and I felt his tongue gently and delicately circling my clit.

I wasn’t going to last.

He placed gentle kisses on my clit before sucking it lightly. In a fit of passion, I grabbed the papers on his desk as my legs trembled. With my toes curled and the pressure in my lower body building, I released the most powerful orgasm of my life into his mouth. He kept licking until I begged him to stop.

I got off the desk and back on my knees, taking his hardness in my mouth. I fondled his balls as the tip of his cock poked the back of my mouth. I grabbed his ass, pulling him closer to me. I needed him inside me. I looked up at him with pleading eyes,

“Fuck me like a cheap whore.”

Chang bent me over his desk, and plunged his cock inside my dripping pussy. His thrusts were hard and fast and our sexual vocalization filled the room. My breasts pressed against his desk as I felt his balls slap against my body.

“Oh yeah, Oh yeah,” I moaned.

I turned to see Chang with a smile on his face, sweat dripping down his body.

“That’s a good whore,” he said mockingly. He knew how much I loved his dirty talk.

“Give me what you got, Liu. Give it to me,” I begged him.

“You’ll get it when I’m ready,” he said, once again exerting his control.

My swollen pussy was filled with his cock. I was being controlled by my disciplinarian. Life couldn’t be better!

I closed my eyes tightly as Liu let out a loud grunt. As his body tensed and was still against mine, I felt him shoot his cum inside me.

“Yeah, yeah!” he shouted in sexual victory.

He pulled his cock out and shook the excess cum on my back and ass. I turned to face him, kissing him passionately as he squeezed my breasts.

“So, am I invited to the wedding?” He asked in all his smugness.

“Honey, you are invited to the wedding NIGHT,” I promised.

Why does that man intoxicate me so?

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