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Spanked after our date..

We were at the movie and I couldn't stop saying how crappy the movie was and after the movie..
I walked up to him dressed in a white mini skirt with a lacy pink shirt, wearing my hair up in a ponytail, I was wearing my favorite pair of shoes, we were going shopping and I wanted to look nice and presentable for my lover.   It was always very important that I look good, and underneath my skirt was white panties with pink lace, he loved white on me, it showed off my tanned skin.  He was taking forever to get ready as usual, so I went into the bathroom to help him get ready faster well one thing led to another and soon we were on the bed me naked straddling him, as I rode him he smacked my butt every once in awhile since he knew that was a huge turn on for me.  Finally we both took a shower together and getting redressed headed off to the mall, I dragged him in every single store there, I loved to go shopping and he didn't mind watching me try on clothes.  I bought my latest purchases some shorts a couple shirts and a new pair of jeans.  Than we got in line for the movie, we were going to see a movie I wasn't to thrilled about seeing but I agreed to see it since it made him happy.  I would do anything for him I love him with all my heart.  During the movie I kept talking aloud and commenting on how stupid this was and how that was lame, so he bought me some popcorn and nachos to keep me content and quiet.  When the movie was finally over, I started saying once again how stupid it was and what a waste of money that was to see.  He was very quiet, on the drive home not saying much at all to me, I started talking about work and looked out the window, griping about annoying patients how I always do.  He still kept quiet not saying anything just driving he turned on the radio to drown out my talking, so getting the hint I stopped talking.    Finally when we pulled into our place, he said that I behaved like a spoiled brat at the movies and how I had ruined the movie for him and how my childish behavior had earned me a trip across his knees, I was unaffected by it, I didn't believe him so I got out of the car and started walking into our house, once we were inside he locked the door and grabbed me by the arm and leading me to our couch he sat down and yanking my skirt up he began to spank me hard on my panties, I was wriggling and trying to get out of his lap, he just kept spanking me over and over again, finally he yanked down my panties and started spanking me again on my bare ass, it was really starting to hurt, and I just lay there kicking my legs up, and calling him names, not a wise thing to do when you are getting a spanking so he grabbed my hair and told me that I had just earned another twenty swats for the name calling, and the spanking continued, my butt felt like it was on fire as swat after swat landed on my poor defense less ass, Finally after the fortieth swat he stopped and got up throwing me off his lap where he went into the kitchen he told me to go to bed, as I was acting like a spoiled brat and he didn't want to see me the rest of the night, well I was angry at him and shocked that he had spanked me so I got up and ran into bedroom and throwing pillows this way and that cursing him under my breath unaware that he was in the room listening.  He came up behind me and grabbed me and threw me over his lap once again, this time he had a wooden spoon from the kitchen in his hands, he brought it down on my ass several times and I was in tears as my butt was still sore from the previous spanking, he continued to spank me with the spoon untill finally I broke down and sobbed on his lap, for several minutes saying how I was sorry and that work had been stressing me out and I shouldn't have been such a bitch at the movies and I didn't mean to call him a asshole, than he started to play with my clit, as I was drenched from the spanking as painful as it was it was also a turn on and my pussy was soaked he thrust his fingers in and out of me, I was close to getting an orgasm, when he said naughty girls dont get to have orgasms and he picked me up and turning me on my back he eagerly thrust his cock into my quivering pussy, he thrust in and out of me, but I still didn't get an orgasm, I was desperate for a orgasm I pleaded with him to give me one he grabbed my hair and pulled it asking me why a naughty slut like me deserved anything, I told him that I was sorry and I would be a good little slut if he would give me an orgasm, so i got up on all fours and he did me doggystyle all the white slapping my already red sore ass, and I finally had my orgasm as my eyes rolled and my body gave out and i collapsed on the bed.  I kissed my lover and we got up showered and went to sleep, the next day my ass was still sore, and I had a hard time sitting down at work, the scrubs rubbed against my poor butt.   When I got home from work I decided to make my sweety a nice dinner with a glass of wine, we sat down and talked about our day and I once again bitched about how shitty my work was and he threatened to spank me again, if I didn't stop my bitching, ass still sore I immediattely shut up and gave him a kiss instead, but later in the week I was back to being a brat again and got another spanking.  But thats another story..
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