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Spanked and Restrained

she is to be punished... a tingle of anticipation shivered down her spine.......

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She is to be punished, her transgressions somewhat unknown to her.  A tingle of anticipation shivered down her spine. 
The voice spoke, " I'm going to make this by far the most painful and humiliating experience you have EVER had.   I'm going to position you so that your most intimate charms are lewdly displayed and I am going to get hard watching you cringe and blush as I describe what you look like and how I intend to violate all of your openings with my fingers tongue and cock, and you will be completely powerless to stop me.  I assure you that no damage will be done but I will push you beyond what you have experienced before  "
She hears the words and silently prays that her body does not betray her.     She is ordered to disrobe and she complies.    She is then taken over the lap of the voice.  A set of small anal beads are properly lubed then gently, slowly inserted one by one until the last of  5 disappears. 
The voice speaks again describing the punishment in great, vivid detail "I am going to spank you long and hard simply because it pleases me to use you in this fashion.  I am going to give you twenty hard slaps then I am going to remove the first bead.  Then I will give you twenty more slaps before removing the second bead.  I will repeat this procedure until all five beads have been removed then you will get a final twenty slaps. Then you will stand with your feet spread widely apart and your hands on your head as I fasten a nipple clamp to each nipple.  You will place your elbows on your knees and receive 10 hard smacks while wearing the nipple clamps."
Then the spanking begins.  True to his word, after 20 smacks, the string is gently tugged and she gasps in surprise as the first anal bead is removed.   He rubs her bottom and dispenses with the next 20 smacks.  Then slowly, deliberately removes the second anal bead.  He is pleased to see that she is squirming and wiggling.  The alternating spanks, rubs and bead removal continue until all 5 beads have been removed.  After the spanking he allows his hand to wander and finds her very wet.   He is very pleased. 
He helps her from his lap and orders her to place her hands on her head.  She willingly complies.  He then begin to suck each nipple until it is hard and throbbing.  He grasps at the base of each swollen nipple and applies the clamps.  Her sharp intake of breath confirms that he has properly placed them.  She is then ordered to bend over and place her elbows on her knees. Although she is totally embarrassed to be made to stand before him this way, then ordered to bend, her arousal is extremely heightened and she again complies. 
"Arch your back more and stick your bottom out further.  You have been very deserving of this punishment.  You will take your punishment because you know you must."
She places her elbows on her knees and is really beginning to feel the bite of the clamps.  She hears a drawer open, but doesn't dare look behind her.  She already knows.  She knows that she will receive the punishment paddle.  As the first blow lands, tears sting her eyes.  The last nine are very quick and leave her breathless. 
"You may rise now and place your hands on your head again.  Turn and face me please."  She closes her eyes tightly.  "Open your eyes.  I want to you to look at me as I remove the clamps."  He walks forward and reaches for the clamps.  Once again, tears sting her eyes as the clamps are removed.  He bends his head and places gentle kisses on each nipple, soothing the sting.
"Go to the bedroom and place the pillows in the middle of the bed.  You will remove the lube and butt plug from the nightstand drawer and place them on the bed beside you.  You will them retrieve the small paddle and lie it on the bedside you as well.  Then you will remove the small rope and bring it to me.  You will then bend over the pillows and spread your knees shoulder width apart.  And wait"
She complies with his instructions and soon she is draping herself of the pillows on the bed with her knees spread, hoping they are spread to the proper width.  He walks into the bedroom and stops to take in the sight.  She is draped over the pillows, her bottom still pink from the spanking is high and she is very exposed.  Her hands are placed flat on the bed in front of her and her blond hair is spilling down, covering her face, hopefully hiding her embarrassment. 
With the small rope, he walks to the front of the bed and ask her to put her palms together so that she may be secured.  He begins to bind her wrists, palms facing together, with the skill of an artist, taking his time to ensure that the rope is neither too loose or too tight.  His movements are soft and gentle.  He then takes another length of rope and moves to her ankles.  He takes her left ankle and binds it to the left bed post, then repeats the procedure for the right side.  
When she is properly restrained to his satisfaction, he wonders if he should also gag her.  Always the gentlemen, he decides that the gag should be her decision. 
"Would you prefer to be gagged, precious one?"  She responds with a barely audible "Yes". He takes the small ball gag, places it in her mouth then secures the tie behind her head, taking care not to pull her hair.
He stand back to admire what is before him.  Her nude form, restrained, gagged and draped over the pillows, totally trusting and knowing that he will once again push her limits.
She feels him move away slightly then hears a "squish".  Then she feels a lubed finger pushing into her bottom.  About the time she begins to relax and enjoy, the finger is gone.  However, it is soon with replaced with the lubed tip of the butt plug. In her very exposed and restrained position, he hears her moan thru the gag as the plug is pushed completely in. 
"Now it is time for the remainder of your punishment."   He picks up the "fun" paddle and begins to spank her, alternating cheeks, going low on her thighs at times. Ever so often, he spanks the inside of her thighs, almost as a special treat, and allows his hand to wander.
In her restrained position, she strains against the bonds that hold her for both pain and pleasure.  But mostly pleasure. All time has stopped.  Nothing and no-one exist, her pleasure has become the center of all being. 
But it is not to last as she is order to roll onto her back.  Her legs are untied only to be tied anew once she is in position.  It is again left ankle to left bed post and right ankle to right bed post.  She is again open and exposed.  Once again, he drinks in the sight of her, on her back, exposed, wrists secured, red ball gag in her mouth and the lust in her eyes. 
From the end of the bed, he crawls between her legs. After a couple light spanks again to her inner thighs, his index finger finds her wet and slowly pushes inside.  She arches her back and moans into the gag. She can feel him inserting another finger and feel them sliding in and out.  The fullness of the butt plug in her bottom and two fingers almost bring on her impending orgasm.  Sensing this, he removes his fingers and draws them upwards, over her clit.  She desperately tries to move her legs, however the restraints hold her fast. 
"Time for the nipple clamps love?" he asked.  A positive nod of her head and she soon feels the bite of the clamps, her nipples still sensitive from the prior stint with the clamps during her spanking.  He again moves his finger inside her, then two. He can feel her contracting around his fingers and easily finds her g-spot.  With a curved finger, he begins to stroke and can feel the wetness grow. 
"Touch yourself" he orders. Although her wrists are tied together, her hands are otherwise free.  She moves her hands from above her head and moves them to her clit.  She begin to rub as his fingers are caressing her inside.  With his free hand, he gently tugs on the nipple chain and feels her contractions begin again, this time harder and faster.  Her hands moving faster, his finger caressing her g-spot, the butt plug, the bite of the nipple clamps,  the feeling of being exposed and controlled, the spanking  all come together in an almost blinding orgasm.  And again. And again.
As her shaking slows, he removes his fingers from her drenched pussy.  He lovingly removes the nipple clamps and soothes the sting with warm kisses, then the butt plug as aftershocks are still shaking her body. The wrist rope is removed next followed by the ankle restraints. He kisses and massages her wrists and ankles where ropes had only moments ago bound her.   Only after he has ensured her pleasure, he slides into bed beside her, cradling her still shaking body in his arms.  She lays her head on his shoulder, silently plotting her "revenge".. to ensure he experiences the awesome pleasure that she was just given..........

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