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Spanked by His Wife

Charlotte takes control of discipline, helped by her Mother- in- Law

  It was quite a scene. David, my 22 year old brother in law, across his Mothers lap having his bare bottom turned a bright glistening sore red. Her hand rising and falling methodically as she splattered David’s bottom with the open palm of her hand before picking up her wooden backed hairbrush and applying that as precisely and so effectively. David was already a crying sobbing heaving squirming repentant young man who knew there was still a long way to go before his Mother would stop thrashing him.


My husband, Ben, 24 years old, and I were looking on. Ben was scrunching his face up at the sound of his Mothers hairbrush on his younger brother’s bare bottom Something both David and Ben had experienced on many an occasion. And me, newly married, watching my husband squirm as he stood there, watching, knowing that he had been spanked on a regular basis by his Mother right up to our wedding day.  


Yes, we both watched as David wriggled uncomfortably, trying to avoid the constant smacking of the wooden backed brush on his bare bottom, resulting in the inevitable gasp of pain, the deep intake of breath, the groan, and the sobbing. Even from a man of 22 years old.


David still lived at home and knew he had to follow the house rules. His Mother’s rules. Always under his her watchful eye. Her very strict, not to be tested, watchful eye.


“Please Mum, I’m so sorry” David wailed.


“That’s all very well my boy but how many times do I have to tell you. You do not drink too much. You do not show me up with your tongue loosened by the booze.”


“I won’t do it again. I promise.”


“What did you say last time? Don’t bother answering. You said you won’t do it again. Remember?” Do you?”


“Yes. But I mean it this time. Really I do.”


“Enough my boy” she snapped and focussed again on the job at hand, ignoring her son’s plea’s. Spank after spank splattered his burning bottom. The sobbing now constant. The resistance ended. The acceptance of her parental control over him so obvious.


I watched Ben. The two brother’s had been drinking together. I had been with their Mother, chatting when they got home. Loudly. I could see the annoyance in her face. I knew what would happen. David was going across his Mother’s lap for a long and hard spanking.


Ben and I both knew that if this had been before we were married, just a few weeks ago, he would also have gone across his Mother’s lap. But not since we were married. Only David got spanked by their Mother now. Ben wasn’t going to be spanked because he was married to me. His Mother had made it clear that he was now my responsibility.


His Mother snapped “Now go and stand facing the wall. 10 minutes. No rubbing. No looking. No speaking. I’ll tell you when to come back for more. Understood?”


“Yes Mum” David said, still sobbing, face wet, eyes red.


“So Charlotte, that’s how I handle the boys when they are naughty, at least that’s how I start off. I always allow them the calm down a bit before the next part of their punishment” she added, looking satisfied she had meted out the enough punishment for the first session.


She looked at Ben and snapped “It’s lucky you don’t live at home Ben, because you know where you would be right now, don’t you?”


“Yes Mum” he said quietly. He looked at the floor and didn’t see my smile at his discomfort.


“Well, you are Charlotte ’s problem now” she added before putting the hairbrush on the table and leaving the room and going into the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee.


I let Ben think about that comment of his Mother’s.


I was thinking about what his Mother had said to me last week.   She had criticised me for not being strict enough with Ben. She told me how he needed rules, boundaries even, so he knew what he could and could not do. She was worried that if I didn’t keep making sure he behaved he would go right off the rails.


I had agreed. We had discussed what to do. How over the next few days I would give him a few playful smacks when in bed, making love, and once or twice a sharper smack. She told me to come over today and to follow her lead. Today was the opportunity. She knew what would happen. They were going out with their mates to watch the game at the pub. She knew how they would return from the pub and be too noisy. How she would turn David across her lap. What she would say to Ben.


We looked at David, or at least his back, and in particular his very red bottom and I asked “so what do you think about what your Mother said then Ben?”


“Erm, what do you mean?” he replied. I knew he had also thought about it.


“You know, that you would have been spanked by your Mother if you had still been living at home.”


“Oh that. Yes, well, maybe she is right, but I don’t live at home any more. I’ve outgrown all of that stuff.” He looked at me, sideways, blushing. Questioning. Perhaps testing me I thought. Certainly in the early days he had tried to be the dominant partner in our relationship. He was always telling me what to do and I thought I should be the obedient wife. That is until his Mother had that chat last week.


I hardened my tone. “Who said you have outgrown it. Sure you are married, but that’s not the same. Not by a long way. You have to grow up, and that’s very different.”


“Well, I guess” he said quietly.


“So, just carrying that forward, let’s see. You went to the pub with your brother. You both drank too much and both became rowdy. You both got home and continued to be noisy. But only your brother gets spanked. Is that just about it so far Ben?”


“I guess” he repeated.


“So, why shouldn’t you be spanked? You have earned one after all.”


Silence. A silence that told me he had no answer. No answer at all.


“Maybe you should go and bring me that hairbrush Ben. The wooden backed one your Mother just used on your brother.”


I stared at Ben. He grimaced. I kept staring. He blushed. He nodded. He turned and went to the table, picked up the hairbrush, slowly, but came over to me and handed me the hairbrush. This was the defining moment, when Ben knew dominance had passed to me, or at least it was mine for the taking if I played this out properly.


I took the brush. “Come with me” I instructed, and walked over to the chair their Mother had used to spank David. I sat down.


“Take them off please” I snapped, pointing at his trousers. Just as his Mother had instructed David earlier. He knew the score. He knew I meant his underpants as well. He took them both down and slipped them off, putting them on the sofa, before walking back me and as soon as I patted my leg he bent down and lay across my lap. My 24 year old husband, across my lap, bare bottom staring up at me, knowing that it would be turned in to a burning caldron.


David turned and looked in to the room. I snapped “David turn back to the wall or I will give you something else to think about. Now!” He turned away, pressing his nose against the wall. I found the control so exciting. Arousing even.


I returned to concentrating on Ben.


“You know you deserve this don’t you Ben” I said severely.


“Yes” he answered, meekly, respectfully, knowingly.


I raised my hand and brought it down hard on his left bottom cheek and was satisfied to draw a gasp. Then a second gasp when I spanked his right bottom cheek. Then gasps and grunts as I spanked each bottom cheek in turn whilst I watched his bottom turn a deep pink. He gasped more intensely as I spanked the same cheek time after time, his bottom bouncing delightfully as a direct reaction, inter action, with my hand. He didn’t resist. He didn’t try to get up. He knew he mustn’t. He had conceded control. Straight after that first spank he knew, and I knew, that he would lie there and accept every spank I gave him.


I wondered if that would change when I used the hairbrush. But no. Only the noises he made grew stronger, more intense, and as I hit him more rigorously so his reaction became more desperate, his breathing more laborious, as my determination to punish was met by his unavoidable decline in to the sobbing, groaning, crying, young boy he had always turned into when his Mother had thrashed him.


I looked at his bottom. A beautiful cherry red, both his bottom cheeks and the tops of his legs. He was heaving now. Deep sobs each time the brush bit in to his burning cheeks.


“Well Ben, you are only getting your just desserts. I hope you learn your lesson. Does it hurt?”


Ben remained silent, except for his sobbing as I continued to plaster his bottom.


“Answer me Ben please” I said, emphasising the statement with some very hard spanks all landing on the same spot.


“I’m sorry Charlotte . It hurts Charlotte . A lot.”


“Well, that is the idea. So I guess I’m doing it right.” I smiled. He couldn’t see me smile. I kept spanking him, but I knew control was passing over to me.


I let him rest there for a while once I had finished. Stroking his bottom. Telling him quietly the first bit was over. He of course knew his Mother always gave them three sessions across her lap. He knew there would be two more sessions before it was fully over. He was being disciplined and I hoped he would learn. But we both knew that we would have to repeat this because he was basically a naughty and often childish man. Time and again we knew he would need to be put across my lap to be disciplined.


I looked across at David. I could see his erection. Clearly. His nose still touching the wall but his bottom now slightly away, to give his erection room without being pressed against the wall.


“How dare you” came the shout from the doorway. Mother had returned. She went right up to David and smacked him hard on his bottom. He gasped but dared not turn around.


“How dare you get aroused by Ben being spanked. Well my lad, I guess you haven’t learnt your lesson so I am going to have to teach you properly during the second session. Come with me.”


She grabbed his arm and led him back to the chair I had now vacated, and pulled him across her lap. Immediately she started to spank him with her open palm. Spank after spank, scolding him all the time.


I turned to Ben and said “are you learning your lesson Ben or do you need some more of that?” I asked nodding towards David and his Mother.


“No I’ve learned Charlotte . Really I have.” I looked at him. He was hoping I would not spank him any more. I had deliberately given him that hope, reeling him in, so he would be oh so thankful when it was over.


“Really? So how come you have an erection as well?” I stared at his penis. He looked down, open mouthed, and back up at me, still open mouthed, still speechless.


We both looked at David as he was again squirming and gasping and crying, suffering as he continued to be soundly thrashed.  


I looked at Ben and said sternly “We’ll go upstairs, to your old bedroom and discuss this in private” I said, grabbing his penis in my hand, and pulling towards the door. He grabbed my hand and I stopped still, glaring at him. His mouth gaped open again. He looked at his Mother who had seen me pull him by his penis and smiled. Ben went an even deeper red, scarlet almost, in embarrassment. I doubted it was rage. Not now.


“Remove your hand Ben. Immediately.”


He did so, tears in his eyes, maybe from the indignity of being led by his penis or maybe still from the spanking. Either way he wasn’t telling me what to do any more. Not by a long way. Now he knew which one of us was in charge.


“Put your hands on your head” I demanded to enforce my undoubted superiority.


Once he had done so I turned and led him by his penis across the room to his Mother who was still spanking David.


I held out the hairbrush. “Will you want this again?” I asked politely.


She looked up without stopping and said “no need. You keep it dear.” She looked back at David’s red bottom and continued to spank him.


“Thank you” I said, catching her eye again.


She smiled and said “that’s ok dear, I can tell David’s erection has almost gone, but I will just take another few minutes to make sure. You take care of Ben.”


“Oh I will, believe me I will.”


I tugged gently on Ben’s penis and he followed me out of the lounge and up the stairs, his hands still on his head. We went straight to his old bedroom.


“Get the rest of your clothes off Ben” I instructed. He stood naked, hands still on his head, his penis still erect but less stiff than before, unsure what was going to happen.


Slowly I removed my vest top and then my bra. I unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor. His penis stiffened again as he eyed me, naked, slowly moving his eyes down my whole body and then back up again, settling on my breasts.


“Come here Ben, and remove my knickers please.”


He came over, knelt down, hooked his thumbs inside the elastic of my knickers and gently pulled them down, his face brushing against my hair mound. I looked down at him, and said “I see your erection is back. That is very naughty you know.”


“I’m sorry” he said earnestly.


“It’s not all bad Ben. Things will be different to when your Mother disciplined you. Later, you will lick me, there” I said pointing at my now wet glistening hair “but first you will get back across my lap for the next spanking.”


“Let me lick you Charlotte. Please let me. Please.”


“Stop it Ben. You must take your punishment first. You have to learn to behave. Now, put your hands on your head please” I said nicely but firmly.


I took hold of Ben’s penis again and led him to the bed. I sat down but he remained standing, his hands still on his head.


“You are naughty so you have to be disciplined again. With this hairbrush” I said more sharply.


He groaned.


“So, Ben, do you deserve to be punished again, for what you did earlier.”


He looked at me, like a child, knowing he has been naughty. Knowing he deserves to be disciplined. Knowing that his wife controlled him and he must obey me.


He nodded and when I patted my leg he again dutifully lay across my lap, his red bottom looking up at me, already sore, just asking, begging, to be made redder, much redder.


I raised the hairbrush above my head and before bringing it down hard on his bare and unprotected bottom I said “Learn Ben. Learn quickly.”


I thrashed him for many many minutes. His bottom bounced as the hairbrush smacked into each buttock in turn, and even more so when I concentrated on the same spot. He was sobbing before long, much as he will have done when his Mother thrashed him if the spanking she gave David was anything to go by, so her husband was simply reliving an experience he had had many times before. The difference is that now I am imposing my control over him, and he has allowed that control to pass to me.


“OK Ben, I have finished. For a while. There is still the third session don’t forget. You can get up now but stand in front of me with your hands on your head still.”


He was a bit slow to place his hands on his head. Perhaps he was thinking that if he gave in totally today he will always have to obey me. I lent forward and gave him a heavy swipe on the side of his leg, which drew a loud gasp and resulted on his hands going on his head in a blur.


“That’s better Ben. Much better. Now, you have a choice. You can lick me, or you can face the wall for 10 minutes before going back across my lap for another round with my hairbrush. What will it be?”


Ben looked at me, unsure. He was more used to me sucking him off. I gave him another hard smack on his leg.


He was about to say something but I jumped in with “Listen Ben, there is another difference with me spanking you. If you lick me well, and give me a huge orgasm, then there won’t be a third spanking. Understand? It’s up to you. How well you do it.”   I smiled. Suddenly Ben realised what I was saying. What I was offering. He jumped at the offer.


“I’ll lick you. I’ll lick you” he shrieked kneeling down and putting his head between my thighs trying to get to my hair mound.”


“Not here, on the bed” I snapped.


“Oh right, yes of course.”


He stood up and I grabbed his penis again. “Follow me.” He had no choice about that of course.


I led him to the bed and sat on the end, let go of his penis and slid up the bed, leaning against the wall, my knees up, my legs well apart. My vagina spread open. My wet glistening hair waiting for him.


“Come here”” I said, pointing between my legs.


He crawled up the bed and I raised my legs, lowering them over his shoulders until I was really comfortable. I put my hand on the back of his head to guide him in between my legs. He licked and kissed my inner thighs until I started to groan and I moved his head to my hair and soon he found the spot on my clit and with every flick of his tongue he sent surges of pleasure through my body.   He flicked his tongue with a steady rhythm over my clit and I started to gyrate in time with his tongue. He kept the rhythm going until I reached an intense mind blowing orgasm. He kept licking me for a while until he looked up and saw me smiling back at him.


Ben, when you are naughty and have to be spanked you will do this every time, as a present to me. Understood?”


“Oh yes Charlotte . No problem.”


We stood up. “OK Ben, as you have given me a very good orgasm I won’t spank you the third time. Your punishment is over this time. I put my arms around his neck and gave him a kiss on his lips.   His penis stiffened and dug into me. I could tell though he was now anticipating something in return. Something pleasurable.


“Ben, what are you expecting?”


“Well, erm, er, erm, well, I was rather hoping you would deal with this for me Charlotte ” he said, looking down at his erection.


“Oh I see, like this you mean?” I said wrapping my hand around his balls. He groaned as I closed my hand around his erect shaft and gyrated his hips inviting me to stroke him, to bring him to orgasm.  


“Do you like this Ben?” I asked.


“Yes, yes, yes” he replied.


“So Ben, have you learnt your lesson this time Ben?”   I asked still stroking him.


“Yes I have Charlotte .”


  “Good boy. Very good boy.” I kept stroking his stiff wet penis.


Then suddenly I let go and gave his ball sac a hard smack. Ben cried out in pain.


“Do you really expect me to give you pleasure when you have been so naughty?”


“But erm but I, erm” Ben stammered.


“Oh I see, you think one gift deserves another do you?”


“No, well, erm er, yes, well” he spluttered.


I pulled my hand back and he covered his penis with his hand.


“OK Ben, will you be a good boy?


“Yes yes Charlotte I will.”


“And you will accept my authority? My discipline?”


“Yes Charlotte . Of course.”


“If you are naughty you will accept me spanking you, without question, without resistance, my decision, my whim even? You promise do you Ben, you absolutely promise?”


“Yes yes Charlotte . Please, I need you.”


“OK” I said with a smile. “I will, this time, Ben, but not every time you are naughty. Only when I decide. OK?”


“Yes, yes, I agree Charlotte .”


I smiled, and took his penis in my hand again and felt it stiffen. I stroked it until I could feel it throb and the cum was shooting up his shaft and showered over my hand. Ben groaned as the second and third shower gushed out. The sticky gunk now all over my hand. He moaned and smiled and sighed. He was relieved, spent, now more relaxed.


“So Ben, this is different to when your Mother spanked you don’t you think?”


“Oh yes Charlotte so so different.”


“Stay on the bed.” He closed his eyes as I got dressed.


“Let’s go Ben” I demanded. I smacked his leg and he shot up. I grabbed his penis and stared as he was about to complain, but didn’t. He lowered his eyes as he completely gave me control.


I led him out of the bedroom, still naked, and still holding his penis and went downstairs and in to the lounge. David was still facing the wall, still sobbing. His Mother smiled as we entered.


“I see you have got Ben’s attention. Good.”


She looked at Ben and said “so Ben, you know who is in charge don’t you my lad?”


“Yes Mum. I really do. It’s Charlotte .”


“Turn around and let her smack your bottom.”


Ben obediently turned around and bent slightly forward. I smacked him once on each bottom cheek and when he stayed in position I smacked him twice more.


“Yes, he knows who is in charge.” I smiled, then turned to Ben and asked “don’t you Ben?”


“Oh yes Charlotte . You are in charge.”


His Mother said “at least he is a good boy. Unlike his brother who still hasn’t learned his lesson. Right David, let’s have you back across my lap.”


So once again Ben and I watched as David bent across his Mother’s lap. As she spanked him again with the palm of her hand. Then with the hard wooden back of the hairbrush. All the time I was holding Ben by his penis and so knew immediately as he started to stiffen. I looked at Ben who froze, but relaxed when he saw me smile. We watched for a while as David squirmed and sobbed under the constant barrage of spanks.


Then I tugged Ben and he followed me. Back up to his bedroom. I could tell he was worried. Not knowing if I was going to give him that third spanking anyway, just as David was now getting from his Mother.


We entered the bedroom and I pushed him gently on to the bed, lying on his back. I eased myself down and placed my mouth fully around his long stiff shaft. Ben gently stroked my hair as I sucked and licked him, until I again felt the gush of cum shoot up his shaft and this time in to my mouth. Something I had done many times before and enjoyed.  


Ben was smiling when he looked up. “Thank you Charlotte ” he said.


“A pleasure Ben. Just to show you that when you are good I will be good to you.”


This time Ben got dressed and we went downstairs where David was still being spanked across his Mothers lap. I smiled as we watched the steady slap of wood on bare skin and David now squealing louder and louder, squirming more and more. Ben scrunched his face up again, feeling for his brother. I took his hand, squeezed it, and he mouthed to me “I love you.”


Yes, domination had successfully passed to me. We both knew I controlled him, his behaviour and his penis.








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