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Spanked by my Babysitter

I wanted to be spanked and punished by her though
My babysitter Lori lived across the street from us. She was about 16 or 17 years old and attractive. She was also about 5'8" tall with long dark brown hair. She would wear blue jeans a lot and she wore them rather tight with white or blue all star converse. She watched me for a long time.
When I got to be 16 or 17 years old my parents still asked her to come over and watch me since I liked and respected her. She was there to keep me in line since she was 7 years older then me. I loved when Lori came over because I loved watching movies with her on the couch trying to get looks at her legs and tits. I used to do my homework from high school. After dinner she would put on a movie for us to watch. It felt like a date after awhile on Thursday, Friday or Saturday nights when she would come over to watch me.

When I finally turned 18, she still said to me sometimes, "Make sure you finish your homework, so I don't have to punish you Steve." I would look at her and smile at the thought of getting punished. Sometimes she would make us popcorn. I would sit next to her on the couch trying to stare at her legs and her chest. Later on I would go to my room and night and fantasize about her. I would fantasize about her wearing a leather skirt and getting spanked over her lap. I was hoping I wouldn't ever get caught by her. Maybe something in me actually wanted to get caught by her though.
One Friday night she showed up wearing her leather pants with a black t shirt and black pair of converse all stars. Her leather pants hugged her ass very nice. I had finished my homework after dinner that night. Lori then asked me if we were going to watch a movie that night. Of course I said yes and I agreed. She had made popcorn and brought out soda for us. She then put a movie in for us. The movie was Halloween since it was October and near Halloween. We sat down on the couch kind of close to each other. 

We were about twenty minutes into the movie when I tried to look down her black shirt as I was grabbing for popcorn. I had grabbed a hand full of popcorn and sat back up. When all of a sudden she caught me. She asked me, "Were you looking down my shirt you naughty boy?"

I responded with, "I wasn't looking down your shirt."

She asked me, "Are you just saying that to just avoid embarrassment?"

I said, "I can't lie to you." I looked her in the eyes and said, "I did look down your shirt and I'm sorry."

What she said next surprised me. "Your mother always gave me permission to spank and properly punish you." I froze as she said that because I was so nervous. I wanted to be spanked and punished by her though. "Now go you your room and wait for me there."

I said, "Yes Lori, got up and walked to my room."

I was sitting on the bed waiting, when she walked in standing tall with her hand on her hips with her tight ass leather pants. She shut the door behind her and locked it and said, "Stand up naughty boy." I loved being called a naughty boy. I stood up with a hard on in my pants. I knew she can see my hard on through my pants. You can hear the swish and sound of leather as she walked in her leather pants. She then sat in the chair and she said, "Come here." I walked towards her and stopped. She then said, "Drop your pants buddy boy." I obeyed and unbuckled my belt and dropped my pants down to my ankles. There I stood in my boxers tented out with an erection. She then said, "Drop your underwear, I don't have all night buster." I dropped my underwear and pants and stepped out of them. I stood there with my erection out. She then said, "Come closer. " Her hand reached out and grabbed my hardened dick and pulled me over her leather clad lap. My cock went in between her legs. She then said, "Now I'm going to punish you Steve, so try to stay still."

I fit over her lap comfortably cause I was about the same size as her or one inch taller or shorter. Her hand came down hard on my ass as she spanked both sides numerous times with a simultaneous rhythm. She continued my spanking and asked me, "Are you being properly punished?"

I said "Yes Lori." She rubbed my bottom with some oil and then continued with the punishment. My legs spread open automatically after that. She then continued the spanking both sides of my ass as it reddened up. I felt my cock pulsating between her legs waiting for release as she started to speed up. 

Crack Crack Crack !

She then stopped reached in her purse and grabbed a leather paddle. I was surprised when she brought it out. She asked me if I would like to be spanked with it. I said, "Yes I want to be spanked with it." Lori then spanked me hard with the leather paddle on my ass. She rubbed my ass with her hand and the paddle came down again. I felt a hard crack from the paddle.

"Does that feel good naughty boy?"

I answered "Yes it does Lori."

"Your punishment is almost over Steve." She then continued holding me down so I don't move as she reddened my ass with the leather paddle. She came down hard with the paddle again and again. She stopped and put the paddle away for later use. 

She then said, "Okay you can get up Steve." I got up off her lap. She asked, "Did you enjoy your spanking tonight you naughty boy?"

I answered "Yes I did."

She then told me to stand in front of her. She said, "Well well, I can tell." She grabbed my rock hard erection. She started to jack me off slow and started to speed up as she oiled her hand up. Her hand went up and down my shaft as she pumped me . She cupped my balls with one hand and jerked me off with the other hand. She stroked me harder and faster with her oiled up hand.

I was so close to orgasm. I said to her, "I'm gonna cum." Lori pumped me harder and faster, then she opened up her mouth and just took it all in. She deep throated me and swallowed me. She sucked me like a lollipop until It was all over her cheek and chin. It also went down her throat when my cock touched the back of her throat. She pulled my cock out and cleaned herself off. She wiped me off with paper towels. Lori said, "I enjoyed spanking you Steve, and I can't wait till I can do it again." I said, "I cant wait to be bad again Lori." She said, "Good, you bad boy. Now, lets go finish watching the movie."

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