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Spanked by my Babysitter 2

Spanked by my babysitter 2

We had just got done watching a thriller outside
in the living room that night. Lori decided to fall
sleep on the couch. I laid in bed for an hour restless.
 I kept going to the bathroom. Then I decided to
play with myself and thinking about getting spanked
 and punished by Lori like I did the Friday before. I
pulled my pajamas all the way down. The covers
 were also all the way down at the bottom of the bed.
My mind drifted into the episode of last Friday night.
 I let my guard down completely, because I moaned
a little bit to loud. All of a sudden Lori opened up the
door. I was busted big time and I was caught
having fun. She straight out said, "What are you doing?
" I said "Nothing."

"Well it doesn't look like nothing, you naughty boy."

I responded by saying, "I'm a naughty boy."

She said, "Get your sneakers and jacket on and come across the street with me right now."

I obeyed and said, "Yes Lori."

She took her keys out of her leather jacket and opened up the door. When we walked in
she told me to follow her downstairs. She opened up the cellar door and we walked down
the carpeted stairs. When we got to the bottom of the stairs there was a regular leather
couch. Next to that was a spanking bench and on the wall was restraints. Hanging on the
wall was a couple of floggers, paddles, a whip and handcuffs. She told me to relax,
sit on the couch and take off my jacket and sneakers. As she was leaving the room she
said, "No playing with your self either buster."

When she finally came back, she was wearing a black leather skirt, with stockings, a
black leather halter top, and knee high leather boots. She wore leather cut off gloves
and carried a whip in her hand and handcuffs attached to her waist. A black cop hat
finished off her sexy outfit. All of a sudden she cracked her whip at me and said "Stand
up and drop them." I immediately dropped my pajama pants for her and stepped out of
them. She came closer and put her pointer finger on my lips meaning quiet. "Now
your punishment will start Steve, you are to call me mistress and nothing else, got it?"

I obeyed her and answered, "Yes mistress." I then naturally went over her leather clad

"Now stay still Steve."

"Yes mistress." I anticipated my spanking coming. She started spanking me with her
 right hand on each cheek.

Crack ! Crack ! Crack!

Then she pulled out a paddle from the side of the leather couch. She then changed over to
the paddle, rubbing my ass after each smack. She asked, "Do you know why you'r
being punished naughty boy?"

I said, "Yes mistress, I do." She continued paddling my ass with the paddle. My ass began to to turn red already. "I see your ass is turning red already." I felt so good being spanked while over her knee. I took my spanking like I was supposed to.

"I enjoyed my spanking mistress."

Crack! Crack! Crack ! "I'm so glad to hear that."

"Now for the next part of your punishment naughty boy." I was brought over to the wall
where there was hand restraints. "Show me your hands buster." She then took my left
wrist and locked it in the restraint. "Now for your right." She took my right hand and
locked it restraint also. To the right of the restraints was floggers hanging on the wall.
She grabbed a leather flogger off the wall and asked if I was ready. I answered, "Yes
mistress." She began to whip the flogger at my chest in an upward and downward motion.
My chest got red after a few minutes of that whipping. "Do you like being whipped with the flogger Steve?"

"Yes mistress." Then she whipped the leather flogger across my dick several times. Whipping it back and forth again and again with her flogger. It felt so good. She whipped the flogger across my crotch and in between my legs several times. I felt like I was going to have an orgasm already because it it felt so good. She put the flogger down.

My babysitter then bent down on her knees and licked the top of my hard dick. She
cupped my balls and stroked me slowly. She tickled my balls with her leather clad hand.
"Do you like me jerking you off?"

"Yes mistress." She started to speed up more. She then took my dick in her mouth, swallowing it all the way down to the base. I began moving my hips into her face. "Yeah, choke me with your cock."

"Yes mistress." She went down faster as I moved my hips in, face fucking her. I was beginning to reach orgasm as she started to speed up more. She began stroking me fast with her leather clad hand. "I'm about to cum," I said to her. She stroked me faster and when I was about to cum, she opened up her mouth and held her tongue out. It all went inside her mouth, on her cheek and dripping from her chin. Some also got on her neck and chest.

"Do you feel good now Steve?"

I said "Oh yes," and she said, "Oh yeah? I bet you do."

Lori took me off the restraints and told me to sit down on the couch again. I heard her go
into a closet with folding doors and get something out. She took out a pair of leather pants
and told me to put them on. She sat down on the couch. "Are you having fun Steve?"

"Yes mistress, I am."

What she said to me next surprised me. "I think its time we switched roles. I need a spanking badly, Steve. I've been a bad girl and I need to be punished."

"I'll give you the spanking you deserve."

"Then please call me slave." She took off her hot cop hat and put it down. "Okay you can lay over my lap slave."

She gave me her leather clad hand and I pulled her over my lap. I asked if she was ready
to be spanked. "I'm more then ready. Please spank me hard master." I started spanking
her through her skirt softly. "Spank me harder. I've been a naughty girl." I spanked her
harder as she wished. "Oh yeah, that feels good." Then I pulled up her leather skirt
revealing a black thong. I pulled her thong up again and again.

Crack ! Crack ! Crack !

"Oh spank me harder, I want more Steve." I rubbed her ass with my hand massaging her
through her panties. She spread her legs open a little more. I spanked her harder again and her ass began to get a little red. I ran my hand over the tops of her stockings as she begged me for more.

Crack ! Crack ! Crack!
I started rubbing her pussy through her panties. She moaned louder and I lowered her
panties and began to rub her pussy faster. I started to insert my finger into her. As it
lubricated my finger I was able to get my finger more into her labia. The palm of my hand was hitting her mound. She was getting so wet, the juices started dripping down her crotch area. "Oh yeah that feels good." I spanked her ass with my right hand on each cheek.

"Do you like being spanked slave?"

"Oh yes master." As my finger massaged her labia she climaxed. "Oh fuck I'm gonna cum Steve!" I felt her juices come out all over my hand. I was pumping her hard into her slick pussy. I slowed down and finally stopped.

"Wow Steve I needed that so bad. I loved it Steve, you're so kinky."

"Aw thank you." She got off my lap and we cleaned ourselves up and got dressed again. She put her cop hat back on too.

"Lets go upstairs and finish this, I'm the boss again so let me see your hands." She took her pair of handcuffs and cuffed my hands together in front of me. She also put a collar around my neck.

"Now march, buddy boy."

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