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Spanked by My Sisters in Law a Second Time

I'd already been spanked once by my wife's sisters and now it was about to happen again
Sally and I were married when we were 20, nearly 6 months ago. We’d been lucky to find a new terraced house we could just afford but finances were very tight and we’d struggled to stay within budget.

It was my own fault that I’d ended up being spanked by Sally and her sisters as it was me who’d come up with the idea of a spanking to help us to stop overspending. But I hadn’t banked on Sally demanding that her sisters help if I needed to be punished because ‘Sally wasn’t as strong as me’.

Since then I’d spanked Sally once and she and her sisters (and a passing neighbour) had spanked me and from that time onwards we’d both managed to avoid extravagant purchases so I suppose it had worked in that sense.

Unfortunately I now needed to find some spare cash and I couldn’t tell Sally or I’d be in trouble again but I had to pay my fine or I would be in serious trouble.

I’d had to go to a meeting in Birmingham and I got lost hopelessly and finally found somewhere to park and dashed into the client’s office. I’d made my apologies for being late and the clients were fine about it so I relaxed and got down to business. The meeting went on for nearly two hours meaning I was under pressure again to get to my next appointment but at least I’d got the deal in the bag.

I dashed back to my car and was just about to drive off when I saw the parking ticket. I grabbed it off the screen only to find I had two parking tickets each for £60. Sally would kill me for being so careless when there were so many things we could do with £120.

My efforts to keep Sally in the dark did not last long; not even one day as it turned out. An hour or so after getting home that evening Sally asked me to drive her to the supermarket as she needed a couple of things. We set off and for some reason she opened the glove box and noticed the tickets.

I could see from her face how upset she was. “Oh Jim,” she groaned, “how are we going to pay these.”

“I am so sorry,” I said, “and started to explain what had happened but Sally was now angry on two counts; at the amount I had ‘wasted’ but more angry that I hadn’t told her. She knew she’d only found out because she found the tickets.

“When had you planned to tell me about these?”

I started some waffle about finding the right moment but Sally cut me short. “I am going to speak to Alison and Jen about punishing you for wasting our money.”

“No, please Sally, I didn’t go out planning to spend…….”

Sally interrupted again, “We don’t have £120 spare and your carelessness has cost us that. It was your idea for us to spank each other if we wasted money so I will talk to my sisters and decide how to punish you properly.”

I couldn’t argue as I had agreed when Sally suggested that her sisters should help spank me.

A couple of hours later, we’d eaten supper and were settling down for an evening in front of the telly when the phone went. I answered and it was Jen, the youngest but bossiest sister. “Is Sally there Jim?”.

Sally appeared in the doorway, “Is that Jen?”. When I nodded she took the phone and I heard just her side of the conversation. “Yes, now is good……... Who? …… Well if you think so………………. I’m not sure about that…………….. Well OK, I suppose that can’t be helped…………...All right, we’ll see you in 20 minutes.”

“What was all that about?” I asked, trying to sound casual.

“Alison and Jen are coming over now to help me with your punishment. Go and get the tawse and the cane.”

I didn’t move “What was the rest of your conversation about? You said you weren’t sure about something.”

But Sally was not saying any more. “Stop trying to put it off, go and get the implements. You’ll find out soon enough what Jen said.”

Ten minutes later the door bell rang and Sally went to the front door. I heard voices, then giggling but it didn’t sound like Sally’s sisters. The door opened and in came our gorgeous neighbour, Sally’s friend Kate and a younger but even more sexy girl who I didn’t know.

Sally explained “After Kate helped last time Jen had promised to let her know if you were going to be punished again. But when Jen phoned Kate she said she’d have to give it a miss this time as her sister, Michelle, was staying with her for the week.”

Kate cut in, “But Jen said that Michelle was welcome to come along too.”

This couldn’t be happening to me. “No,” I said, “I’m sorry but there are limits.”

The front door opened at that point and in walked Jen and Alison. “Oh good, we’re all here.”

Sally told Jen that I wasn’t happy about Kate and Michelle being there but Jen didn’t bat an eyelid. “Jim, you were very careless getting parking tickets which are going to cost you and Sally £120. You tried to avoid owning up to Sally and you started to lie about the whole thing. You are in no position to argue.”

I realised she was right. I was already humiliated in front of my sisters in law, my neighbour and now her sister. They realised that I had tacitly accepted my fate.

As usual, Jen took charge. “I see the implements are here. Take off all your clothes, Jim.”

I heard a murmur from Kate and Michelle and tried to ignore them. I began to strip while Jen got everyone organised. She placed the coffee table in the middle of the room and arranged chairs for the others. When I looked up I saw that Kate and Michelle had chosen to sit directly opposite the coffee table. As I continued to take off my clothes I saw how gorgeous and very sexy they were and I felt my penis swell.

“How many strokes is he going to get?” Alison asked Sally.

Sally had obviously thought about this. “For getting a parking ticket, 6 so for two tickets it’s 12. For hiding it from me another 6 and for lying another 6. So altogether 24 but as there are five of us we’ll make it 25, that’s five each. All with the cane.”

“You are getting the hang of this, Sally.” said Jen.

I was down to my underpants but knew from last time that I would not be allowed to keep them on. I slid them down and my erection sprang out bringing a satisfactory murmur from Kate and Michelle.

Sally lead me to the middle of the room, “Bend over the coffee table Jim.”

She stepped up behind me and began my punishment. I heard the swish and felt the first stroke which wasn’t too hard but I noticed Michelle flinch on my behalf. Sally continued and gave me one extra stroke, ‘for luck’, she said.

Jen took the cane from Sally. She moved up behind me and placed her hand on my bum, checking the marks that Sally had left.

“Spread your legs a little more Jim.” and her hand went down between my legs and along my cock, making me groan.

Five more strokes landed on my bum, much harder than Sally’s. I was coping OK up to now. Alison took over and gave me three stingers, the last one made my eyes water and I leapt up, covering my bum. I noticed Michelle’s eyes were fixed on my cock swinging around as I rubbed my stinging bum.

“One extra stroke for getting up.” and with a sharp tap on the shaft of my 8” member, she added, “it looks as if we’ll have to punish him again, doesn’t it Sally?”

Michelle gasped at this and whispered something to her sister.

I bent over again and took the next three without moving.

“Stand up Jim. Your turn now Michelle.”

She got up and stood in front of me. My erection was pointing directly at her. She had appeared to be rather shy up to this point but she clamped her hand round my cock and bent me over the table, letting her fingers run around the juices before stepping up with the cane. Another five strokes and my bum was now glowing.

Finally it was Kate’s turn and she delivered the last five across my clenched cheeks leaving me gasping, red and hot.

Sally told me to stand up and face everyone. All eyes were on my penis which had a mind of it’s own. “Again you have disobeyed us. We warned you that we would have to spank him too if you did not control him. Go and get the springy plastic ruler from the kitchen.”

I felt all eyes on me as I walked naked out of the room and my cock swung from side to side. When I came back with the ruler I tried to shield my cock but my hand was slapped out of the way. Sally said my cock spanking would be done the same as last time and took me over to the dining table in the bay window and told me to lie down on my back. I glanced out of the window and was grateful that no-one was passing this time. That was how Kate had become part of the ‘punishment squad’ during my previous punishment. I climbed up and lay back, exposing my erection to the world.

Jen suggested to Michelle that she pull back the foreskin on my cock to expose the head. I felt her breath on my cock as she leaned right in and with her finger and thumb she lightly pulled it back exposing the head of my throbbing penis.

Sally moved up with the ruler. Thwack, thwack, two strokes on the underside of the shaft, thwack, thwack, two on the harder shaft top followed by two more on the tip.

Kate took the proffered ruler and put her hand right round my thickening erection. Thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, alternately she hit either side of the shaft before ending with two strokes on the glowing head.

Alison stepped up next and tentatively stroked up and down my shaft making it throb even more. Thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack she followed Kate’s approach but ended with two stingers on the very tip.

Jen took the ruler and in her left hand she cupped my balls.

“Just his cock!” instructed Sally, “Don’t hit his balls.”

I could see from Jen’s face that she was annoyed at Sally’s intervention and I was the one who would suffer.

Thwack! A stinger on the tip. Thwack, another stinger and I yelled out.

“Be quiet, baby” said Jen gripping the shaft in her hand before rubbing her finger round the reddening tip.

Thwack, thwack, two more stinging strokes this time along the shaft and then thwack, thwack, two more either side of the head and I sat up covering my cock.

“An additional stroke for covering your cock.” said Jen

But Sally took the ruler from her and gave it to Michelle. “You will give him the extra stroke, Michelle.”

Michelle had watched in amazement as each of the girls had touched and spanked me. She put her hand on my flat stomach then down towards my cock. I had no control over it with this beautiful girl’s hand hovering near it my cock throbbed and became yet more rigid.

Her hand moved on to the shaft then her fingers explored around the head and my juices positively flowed. She had a couple of practice flicks with the ruler then, thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack she struck alternately either side of the shaft making my cock swing wildly. Thwack, one across the head and thwack, a stinger on the other side.

I thought it was over, then in quick succession, thwack, thwack two stingers on the very tip. I had shut my eyes but saw a flicker of a smile on Michelle’s face as she traced the red lines on my cock. Looking out of the bay window I was grateful to find no one else appeared to have seen my shameful punishment.

“Get off the table and make us all a cup of coffee.” instructed Sally.

I picked up my underpants. Swish, a stinging stroke caught me across both cheeks. “Did I tell you to get dressed? Go and get us some coffee.”

When I returned carrying the tray of coffee the girls had put the room back as it usually was and they were chattering and giggling. All eyes focussed on my cock.

“You see, I told you. It always stays big and hard until I deal with it.”

Then I saw the dice on the table.

“One last element of your punishment, Jim.” said bossy Jen, “we’ve just agreed that whoever throws the highest number will toss you off ………… in front of us all. No arguments.” she added as I started to protest.

I thought Sally would be unhappy at this but she seemed quite excited by the idea and I had to admit so was I.

After a couple of rounds with the dice Michelle threw the only six and was declared winner.

Jen clearly loved to make me squirm and suggested I shoot my load over the table so I had to stand facing the window. The others gathered round while I frantically checked to see that no one else was looking. Michelle moved up very close and my cock reacted; she was beautiful. She slid her fingers between my legs, around my balls, along the shaft and rubbed the juices around the head of my cock and I groaned involuntarily.

She slowly began to move my foreskin back and forth gently, her grip getting firmer and firmer. She dropped to her knees and continued. Again I felt her breath on my cock. Suddenly I knew I was going to come and this explosion of cum shot out to a shriek of appreciation from the girls.

My knees were buckling. Sally took over, giving me a stinging stroke of the cane across my bum. “Go upstairs, get washed and dressed.”

I gathered my things and heard another clamour of voices followed by Sally adding as I started to climb the stairs. “Oh yes, definitely, I’ll make sure you are all invited next time Jim needs to be punished.”

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