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Spanked by my Wife’s Sisters and a Girly Party

Sally's sisters and a group of girl friends all give me a spanking
I am nearly 21 and Sally is a few months younger than me. We struggled financially when we bought our first house and it was my stupid idea to try to prevent us overspending.

Sally was often extravagant and I suggested that if either of us wasted money on something we didn’t need then they would be spanked by the other one. Sally agreed to this but after talking to her sisters about it she told me that as she was not as strong as me her sisters would help punish me if needed. As I say, Sally was the spendthrift so I was not too worried about this and agreed.

That was nearly six months ago and since then I have punished Sally once whereas she and her sisters have spanked me twice. We both seemed to have learnt from these spankings and have remained within budget for nearly three months now.

Sally is standing over me while I write this. She says that part of my punishment is to admit to strangers how I have been spanked by girls. So, here goes, this is why I have just been spanked again.

I am a gadget freak and have longed after an iPad for ages but even the cheapest one is nearly 400 and out of reach. Then a friend of mine came into the pub last week and announced that he had three iPads that he would sell for 200 each and it was first come first served. I was in there like a shot - a dream come true.

I was so excited when I got home I honestly thought Sally would be as pleased as me when she heard what a bargain I had. “Look what I got.” I shouted, holding up the gorgeous gadget, “and only 200.”

I could not believe her reaction, she went ballistic.

“Where did you get 200!?!?” Then without seeming to draw breath she went on, “I suppose it never occurred to you to ask me what I thought?

“Sally, love, I did think of phoning you to see what you thought but Dave only had three and it was first come first served so I had no choice. You can use it too,” I added rather lamely.

She gave me such a look and I knew I was in trouble so sensibly, I stayed quiet. I thought she’d get used to the idea, given time; she couldn’t fail to like it, could she?

“You’ve gone too far this time, Jim. I cannot believe you just wasted 200 on a gadget we don’t even need. I’ll speak to Jen and Alison and let you know when you are going to be punished."

I admit I was nervous, I had never seen her so cross. I heard her talking on the phone and tried to work out who it was. She was getting very animated and then agreed excitedly before putting the phone down.

“Who was that? I asked, casually.

“Nothing to do with you. Kate and I are going to host a charity ‘Lingerie and Nightwear party’ here on Friday to raise money so can you go out for the evening. We don’t want you around with loads of women trying on bras and nighties.”

Reluctantly, I agreed to go out …………

Sally has just told me to stop writing as she is going to finish the story.

I’ve decided that the events should be told from my viewpoint and not from Jim’s. He’s a handsome man and I love his firm body, hard chest, ribbed stomach and of course his penis which is nearly 8 inches when hard, not over 8 inches, as he would say. I only have to wear a short dress or not wear a bra and I can see the bulge growing in his pants. I want to tell you how I showed him off in front of my girl friends and then made him suffer for what he’d done.

I was furious when Jim came home with this pad thing. We could not afford 200 and we didn’t need it. When I calmed down I rang my youngest sister, Jen to explain that Jim needed to be punished again and would she and Alison come over to help as they had before.

Jen wanted to know why he was being punished. As soon as I told her she suggested that he did not seem to be learning his lesson and maybe needed something that would really shock him.

She thought about it for a few minutes then said, “You know, the one thing that seems to have been most effective is the embarrassment factor. He coped with you, me and Alison spanking him but when Kate and Michelle joined in he looked very uncomfortable.”

“What are you suggesting?" I asked.

“It would be very embarrassing for him if there were loads of women there to watch him being punished.”

“Yes,” I said, warming to the idea and starting to feel a little horny.

“Just a suggestion,” Jen went on, “but if we had a fashion show party with loads of girls and you told Jim to go out, what would he do?”

“He’d hang around as long as he could to try to see some flesh.”

“Exactly. Then while he’s still hanging around you tell him you asked him to go out and let you have your party with the girls. Then before he has time to reply you tell him that as Alison and I are here we are going to spank him here and now for buying that gadget.”

“Brilliant, but make it a lingerie and nightie party then he’s bound to want to stay. But how do we make sure he’ll take his spanking?”

Jen had it all worked out, “You tell all the girls you invite what is going to happen and they won’t let him leave!”

My friend Kate and I got it all organised and we invited another ten ladies for a fund raising lingerie party. They were all under strict instructions to keep quiet but knew that Jim was going to be punished.

We decked out the room with bras, pants, nighties, and put out some nibbles to make it all look right.

“Come on Jim,” I nagged, “the girls will be arriving soon and we don’t want you around when we’re stripping off."

I saw the bulge in his pants start to grow. He is so predictable.

“I’m not ready yet. I won’t be long,” he said.

Kate arrived, then one or two others. I had to keep reminding them to keep shtumm. Jen, Alison and three more girls arrived and still Jim was not ready. He kept popping downstairs for ‘something’ and peering into the room as he passed.

“Hi, everyone,” he said, stepping into the room briefly.

The last guest arrived and Alison said we should all start looking at stuff and make some noise. She said she would be trying on a bra next time he popped in and that would be a good time to get him.

Sure enough just after Alison had removed her bra and was reaching for the sample, Jim came in to ask where his tie was. He stopped in his tracks and stared at Alison’s generous breasts.

“Jim, how dare you?” I said in my most annoyed voice. “I asked you to go out and let us girls have the place to ourselves and you had to spoil it didn’t you?” Before he could say a word, I added. “This really is the last straw, Jim. I was going to ask Alison and Jen to stay behind after the party to give you your punishment but I think that it might make you think twice if we punish you in front of all these girls.”

Jim looked appalled, “No, please Sally, I’m going.”

But as he turned to leave he found Lisa, Jen and Kate blocking his way.

“Sally, no. Please, no.”

“I’m sorry Jim, but you’ve brought this on yourself. Strip down to your underpants,” I instructed him.

By now the girls were getting excited. I think some of them had not believed this would really happen but seeing Jim there they started to chant, “Off, off, off.”

He could see he had no choice and began to remove his clothes. I left the room and returned with the cane and a springy plastic ruler. By the time I was back he was removing his trousers to reveal his usual condition when aroused. He is a fine specimen and from the look on my friends faces I could see they were impressed but wanted to see more.

“Stand in the middle of the room, Jim. Now girls, Alison, Jen, Kate and I are going to give Jim the cane on his bum for wasting our money on a silly gadget.” I paused and watched his face take in what I’d said.

“Jim will receive 12 strokes for buying the pad without asking me and another 12 for spoiling our party.”

Alison whispered a suggestion in my ear.

“Alison has just reminded me that this is supposed to be a charity event, so we will each give Jim just four strokes of the cane and you may bid for the remaining eight.”

Jim started to argue but I interrupted him, “As Jim knows, if he fails to keep his penis under control.”

I was forced to wait while the shrieks of my girl friends died down and picking up the ruler, continued, “if he fails to keep it under control his cock will get the same number of strokes with this.”

More shrieks and Alison again whispered in my ear.

“There will be eight strokes of the ruler on his cock available to the highest bidder.”

All my guests were given a couple of slips of paper and told to write Cane on one and Ruler on the other, then their bid and name. We agreed that the top two cane bids would spank Jim's bum and the top two ruler bids would spank his cock. All the slips were put in a bowl and the winning slips picked out and put on one side.

“Take off your pants, Jim.”

The girls weren’t disappointed when his cock sprang out as I knew it would.

He bent over the coffee table and waited. Swish, swish, swish, swish, Alison delivered the first four strokes.

I was determined to make him suffer and to give the girls a show. “Stand up and rub your bum.” I told him.

They shrieked again as he rubbed his bum making his cock swing around wildly. I saw from the state of his cock that he was starting to enjoy being centre of attention.

“Bend over.”

Swish, swish, swish, swish, I delivered the next four strokes hard across his tight cheeks.

Each time I made him stand and rub his bum he got the same reaction from the girls as his thick, hard cock swung around.

Jen and Kate followed on and now it was the turn of the two girls who had bid to spank Jim's bum. Sophie, very slim but with a curvy figure told Jim to bend over again. She ran her hand over his bum before stepping back to deliver her four strokes. Then her eyes never left his cock as she made him turn round to rub his bum.

Lisa was the second high bidder. She bent him over the table and swish, swish, swish, swish, delivered four stinging strokes across his tight cheeks.

As she finished, Jen stepped in and took his cock in her hand, confirming that he was definitely erect and therefore deserved his next punishment. She told Jim to get up onto the dining table in the bay window and lie on his back.

Jim groaned, “Oh no!”

By now Jim assumed the worst of his embarrassment was over until he spotted two women walking past along the pavement, staring in at his cock standing upright.

Jen handed me the ruler and I flicked his cock, thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, making it bounce around. Alison and Jen followed suit.

Kate took the proffered ruler but before using it she stroked the full length of his erection, running her finger round the head before pulling the foreskin back down the shaft. Thwack, thwack, thwack, three strokes across the shaft and thwack a sharp flick on the head.

I picked up the two winning bid slips and handed the ruler to Sophie.

“You’re keen I noted,” giving her a look. “That’s your second winning bid.”

Sophie had seen Kate’s move and decided to do the same. She wrapped her fingers round the base of his shaft and slid her hand up the length of his shaft. She fingered the head and then, like Kate pulled the skin back to ensure the head was exposed. Thwack, thwack, two strokes either side of the shaft, then thwack, thwack, two stingers across the head.

I picked up the final slip and handed the ruler to Anya. I saw Jim’s cock respond to Anya, who is gorgeous. Tall, leggy, very fit and pretty too. She too was determined to touch his cock and stroked it gently until it grew yet more rigid and hard. Then she took up the ruler, thwack, thwack, two strokes across the head, then thwack, thwack, two hard flicks on the very tip making him groan.

Jim began to get up, but I was in control now.

“Who told you to get up?”

He muttered “I thought ….”

I stopped him with a flick across his cock’s helmet. The girls surrounded the table staring at his throbbing hard-on as I ran my fingers up and down along his shaft then I started to pump his cock slowly, feeling it grow harder. Then as he began to enjoy it I gave him a further six strokes ending with two stinging flicks on the very tip. This drew a cheer from the girls and I let Mike take his clothes away to dress and regain a little of his dignity.

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