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Spanked by neighbour

Spanked by Neighbour


My name is ‘Arthur’. I was living alone. I was almost eighteen. I am an indiscipline and irresponsible boy. My neighbour was very strict. She was a beautiful woman of 25 and doesn’t like any kind of indiscipline. Her name is ‘Maria.’ She was irritated with my indiscipline.

One day she called me. We have a little talk about my discipline. She asked me why I was so undisciplined.  

Maria firmly believes in corporal punishment, especially in my case. She said me, ‘she is going to give me a very good ass spanking for my indiscipline’.

Once I thought she was joking, but she told me that she was serious. She called me at 12.00 noon. She tells me that she will give extra if I’ll be late.

I came back to my home and was very scared. At 12.00, I positively went to her as I don’t want any extra spanking. She was waiting for me.

She was looking more beautiful. She had taken bath and was in short skirt. For the first time in last 3 years I saw her in short skirt.

Maria reminded me again that she is going to spank me.

“Do you deserve it?’’ she asked

“I guess that I do.’’

“Well then, I promised that I would give you a good punishment. She told me if you gave me any trouble she would give me extra. But you won’t give me any trouble, will you.”


I think we have to set a proper tone here. That’s No Ma’am’’.

"No, Ma'am. I will not give you any trouble".

"Right then, we might as well get this over with, don't you think?"

Maria turned and led the way towards a dark room, her high heels tapping on stone floor. I followed Maria into the room i watches the muscles of her buttocks moves beneath her riding skirts. I could feel my cock starting to get hard. I tried to look at something else, but my eyes kept being drawn back to Maria's figure. I loved her narrow waist and the swell of her hips under the skin tight skirts. I wondered if she was wearing panties, since all I could see was the smooth curves of her bottom.

Maria sat in the middle of the large room. I went to her right side and handled her paddle. She was a tall lady and I knew when the paddle comes across my butt, it hurts a lot.

I unzipped my pants and let it fell down around my ankles. When I came to her, she stopped me.

“Panties down too”, she ordered. I pushed my panty in the middle of my thigh. My hard cock sprung out pointing upward. She caressed my cock. “How nice. Is that for me”? She asked. Well may be later. But we have to take the business first. Lay over my lap, “naughty boy.”

Maria patted my bottom with the paddle. She brought the paddle hard on my bottom. Soon the crack of paddle across my bare butt echoed the room with my cry. After Maria counted fifty strokes she told me to get up.

Some guests have arrived so she told me the spanking will continue after lunch. When the guest went away she again came to me to continue the remaining spanking. She told me that if I want to eat something I can as the spanking will continue for long hours.

I said, “No”.

“OK honey”, she told me. “Let’s continue your spanking. Now please come up with me.”

I followed her to the living room. She took the paddle and I followed her. Again my eyes fell on her nice butts and her long leg.

Maria turned towards me, catching me looking. “Are you looking up my skirts, you naughty boy?”

I tried to look down. “Yes Ma’am. I couldn’t help it. My eyes always went to your skirt.”

She thinks it is disrespectful. She told she’ll punish for that too. Now come on, follow me.

She started giving me some lectures. I said, “I am sorry, Maria.” She told me it’s too late to say sorry. She concentrated on the strokes given on my hip and I was soon crying out with each stroke.

She said me to become completely naked and lie over the bed. She gazes at me when I was undressing. “Maria told me that she had given fifty strokes”.

“Arthur stood up”, she told me.

“I’ll be back in few minutes to give you a whipping”, Maria said.

“Please don’t whip me. Give me cane instead. I’m sorry”, I exclaimed.

She put her fingers on my lips and said, “Sshh” I am sorry. Whipping is a part of spanking and spanking isn’t complete without whipping.

She kept the whip on the bed. It is approx two feet long and had a leather handle. I touched the whip and knew that it would more than cane.

I lie naked over the bed with my hips pushed upward. After 2 minutes, I heard the sound of the boot of Maria. Maria came into the room and shut the door. She tapped and cared by bottom very gently. “Do we need any more lectures on disciplines?” she asked.

“No Ma’am”, I answered.


She started whipping me, the pain spread and I cried out with pain. When she had given me 20 strokes, she stopped to let me relax. After a minute, she started whipping again.   She caressed my bottom, feeling the heat and raised lines of welts left by the whip. She moved right side of the bed and started whipping again. She gave me a stroke across the place where buttocks and thigh met; he squirmed with pain and changed my position a bit.

“Lie still, dear”, Maria warned or she will give extra strokes for moving out the position. I started crying and my face was streaked with tears. With the every stroke the whip lie partly across my hip.

“That’s five strokes extra, honey. “Now please lie still.”

She let me rest, and give me ten extra stokes for changing the position twice.

“I am sorry, but it hurts too much.”

“Spanking is supposed to hurt, dear.”

She started whipping on my thigh. Whipping on thigh hurts a lot than the bottom.

She sat on the bed. “Now there is matter of being disrespectful and looking up my skirt.” I suppose you don’t have to see much, so I’ll give you ten extra strokes. But they will be good and hard or “I’ll let you to take off my skirt and really get a look and can touch too, but you’ll have to take twenty”, Maria said.

“I’ll take thirty”, Ma’am.

She puzzled “thirty”.

“I’ll also open your blouse”, Ma’am.

Maria stood up. “Come here”, I stood and moved beside her.

“Take off my skirt and blouse”, she told.

I unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt. Her skirt fallen and I got a chance to look at her black bikini. Through the sheer material, I saw her round curve bottom. I unbuttoned her blouse too. I saw her breast under her white bra. I touched her breast and her hip. I saw her pussy has got wet.

She said, “Get back and lie on the bed again”. She gave me thirty hard whips. My thigh and buttocks turned to black-blue.

She told me, “Stood up and bring the paddle.”

I gave the paddle to her and lie again on her lap. She told me that it is the part of my punishment.

I lie on her lap and she gave me forty hard strokes. I cried out very loudly with each stroke. My bottom was already exquisitely sore from the caning and the whipping. The pain of the paddle filled my world, as she paddled me, giving the strokes hard and fast, and alternating cheeks. The spanking seemed to go on for a long time. When she finally stopped paddling me, she felt tears on my cheeks.

Maria lay back on the bed, her blouse open showing her black lace bra. "Come here, love" she told me holding her arms own. I got up and lay next to her. She could feel the wetness of his tears as I nuzzled her breasts as she held me.

"Have you learned your lesson?" Maria asked me after his breathing had slowed.

"Yes, Ma'am. Please don't spank me anymore"

"All right, love. That's good. Now we can move on to other things. You don't have to call me Ma'am anymore."

She told me to wear my clothes and go back to home.

She reminded me, “She’ll spank me more if she finds me undisciplined again.”

She told me, “She is ready to spank and whip me anytime if I want spanking”.

I wear my clothes and left her house with pain.

The welts from the whipping Maria given to me were still visible for a week.







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