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Spanked by Their Housekeeper

A husband and wife submit to the strict discipline of their housekeeper

“What time do you call this Matthew?” Zofia snapped.


I froze. The last thing I wanted was an annoyed Zofia. Mind you, I knew she would be. She had told me, very clearly I had to admit, to be back home at 9 o’clock and here I was at 10.30 just walking through the door.


I turned and looked at Zofia, trying to be as respectful as possible. 26 years old, slim, tall, long dark hair, and one had to say attractive, from Poland . Zofia had been the housekeeper for Kayleigh’s Mother who was often away on business and she taken over responsibility for her Mother’s home.


It was 8 years ago that Zofia started to work for Kayleigh’s Mother. Zofia looked after the house including cleaning shopping and cooking, but soon Kayleigh’s Mother added responsibility for Kayleigh’s discipline to Zofia’s range of duties. She was away so often she felt Kayleigh would benefit from the stability of receiving physical discipline from one person only. So whilst Kayleigh’s Mother would decide when she required to be disciplined, Zofia would then carry out that discipline, always in the privacy of her own bedroom. Zofia had insisted discipline was a private thing and Kayleigh’s Mother had agreed.


Kayleigh was 13 years old at the time, so seven years Zofia’s junior. A 13 year old being spanked by an 18 year old did not seem strange to Kayleigh particularly as she was answerable to her for so many other daily family matters.


Kayleigh freely admitted she was apt to be forgetful and juvenile, and often rude and unmanageable, answering back and sulking when she didn’t get her way. She was only too aware she deserved her quite regular trips across her Mother’s lap as afterwards she was always better behaved, but soon lapsed. Nevertheless, as she knew she benefited from being disciplined, as soon as Zofia had agreed to take on those extra quasi parental duties, which quite specifically included discipline, Kayleigh submitted to her without question. After all it was simply another lap to be put across, and another hand to thrash her and teach her a well earned lesson.


Kayleigh’s Mother had been very strict with her as a child and well in to her late teens. When Zofia was given responsibility for Kayleigh’s behaviour under the watchful eye of her Mother it meant regular trips across Zofia’s lap and Kayleigh reduced to tears and a very red, very hot, and very sore, bottom. Even though Kayleigh was only five years younger than Zofia. Maybe at 18 years old Zofia appeared very grown up compared to her own 13 years old and even now, with Kayleigh 21 years old, she readily accepted being disciplined by the strict 26 year old housekeeper, at least once and often twice a week.


Whilst I was going out with Kayleigh it was quite noticeable when Kayleigh preferred to stand up rather than sit. Something I recognised because I was so often in the same boat having been disciplined by my own Mother.


By the time we got married Kayleigh’s Mother was making more and more trips abroad and no longer needed a housekeeper and so suggested Zofia come to live with us to be our housekeeper come au pair. Kayleigh willingly agreed telling me she welcomed the female company and could share things with her, like shopping and girly things but also that she knew Zofia would make her behave properly.


Zofia had insisted that if she were to live with us then she would have to retain her position of disciplinarian, on her terms. Kayleigh readily agreed as she had become used to obeying the strict Polish girl and often told me how she felt she was benefiting from their mother daughter style relationship. I though was embarrassed at the concept of being disciplined by a girl only some three years older than myself. I had no choice though. Kayleigh had decided and so Zofia was appointed. I agreed, not quite sure what it all meant, but confident that if it didn’t work I would be able to dispense with her services.


Zofia walked over standing inches from me, and I focussed again on the present.


“I’m really sorry Zofia. I just forgot”


“Really” she almost spat out. She was clearly livid. She was in her dressing gown and ready for bed. It was a rule though that she will only go to bed once both Kayleigh and I are home ourselves. Her rule of course which meant we often had to get home earlier than we wanted to.


“What did I tell you this morning?”


“I know Zofia, but”


“Enough. I want you to answer my question Matthew.”


I could see she was in no mood to be messed about. I looked at the floor and said “you told me to be back on time without fail.”


“Exactly. So what do you deserve?”


I looked up quickly “no please Zofia, not a spanking. Please no.”   I knew the answer of course. An unwritten rule imposed by Zofia. No second chances. Just punishment to fit the crime. That inevitably meant a trip across her lap to have my bare bottom seriously warmed.


“”Answer me Matthew. You have already earned yourself extras for being so slow to reply.”


I was deflated. I had fully intended giving quick answers, like Zofia demanded, but I so often became tongue tied when being scolded.


“I’m sorry Zofia.”


“You’ve said that already Matthew. You have just earned the strap.”


I looked up quickly. She hit so hard with the strap. I really was going to answer straight away but my eyes were struck by Zofia’s breasts, her nipples protruding through her nightdress, her breasts so full, so tender, I wanted to touch them, caress them. My heart stopped.


She let me gawk for a while. A few moments later she said “I hope you think staring at my breasts has been worthwhile as now you have earned the hairbrush as well.”


I looked up at Zofia’s face. She said sternly. “Just like any man. Show some boob and he goes dumb.”


My mouth dropped open but I still couldn’t speak.


“Exactly Matthew. Look at my face not my chest. Now, go to my bedroom. Immediately. Get undressed and stand facing the wall. Go. Now” she snapped.


I knew it wasn’t worth arguing. I turned and went upstairs to Zofia’s bedroom. I quickly got undressed and went over to the wall, at exactly the spot Zofia always made us stand. I pushed my nose against the wall and waited for the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs, making their way to her bedroom, to mete out her discipline.


And as I waited I reflected on how come I was being disciplined by a woman only just older than me. Regularly.


Kayleigh told me how after only a few months her Mother relied heavily on Zofia, and was concerned it seemed over Kayleigh’s increasing misbehaviour. That is until the day Kayleigh had argued with her Mother. Her Mother was abroad and they were talking over the webcam. Her Mother insisted Zofia be called to the room.   The 18 year old entered the bedroom. Kayleigh’s Mother looked at her 13 year old daughter and said somewhat harshly “Zofia is going to turn your bottom bright red. Then we will start this discussion again.”


Kayleigh remembered her Mother looking at Zofia and nodding, and saw Zofia nod back, then look at her with a hard and dominant smile.


“Follow me” Zofia instructed as she led the now whimpering Kayleigh to her own bedroom. Zofia sat on her dressing table chair and ordered the 13 year old Kayleigh to remove her skirt and knickers before being bent across the 18 year olds lap, and then bawling her eyes out when receiving the longest hardest spanking she reckoned she had ever had.


When her Mother went on a business trip she and Kayleigh would speak to each other every day over the webcam. Kayleigh explained to me there were then so many occasions when her Mother said to her during some argument or other “go and find Zofia and ask her to turn you across her knee and give you a seriously long and hard lesson. Maybe once your bottom is bright red you will think again.”   She would have to seek her out, explain what her Mother had said, and accept the inevitable painful embarrassing thrashing Zofia was so good at giving.   45 minutes later she would call her Mother back so she could see her daughters red eyed and tear stained face before continuing their conversation. Kayleigh would be smiling again within minutes as her Mother cheered her up now that she had been suitably disciplined.


I didn’t understand why Kayleigh was so happy to have the Zofia stay with us, as I had only been told about the spankings. It was only later that Kayleigh told me that Zofia taught Kayleigh some, well, special things. How once Kayleigh turned 16 years old there would be afters to the spanking. How Zofia would remove her own knickers, sit on the bed, her legs wide open, knees bent, and Kayleigh would lie between her legs and bring the woman to climax, using her tongue, licking and sucking that so soft hair covered tender lipped vagina, searching out her clit and thrusting her tongue in and out until Zofia came.


It wasn’t all lust, at least on Kayleigh’s part. Lying on the bed was Zofia’s cane. Kayleigh would always get the cane. Six if she gave Zofia an orgasm. Three if she gave her an exceptional orgasm. But 12 or more if Zofia didn’t come.


In the early days Kayleigh often got twelve strokes. That reduced to ten and then eight quite quickly. It took Kayleigh a couple of months to get only six. Now she regularly gets only three strokes. After Zofia had come. Zofia would give Kayleigh a cuddle, stroking her warm bottom, her breasts, then her legs, inner thighs, then lowering herself between Kayleigh’s legs, showing her how to really give a woman an orgasm, and every time Kayleigh would come, loudly, gasping for breath, glowing, thrusting. And when she calmed down afterwards, still in Zofia’s arms, the polish woman would kiss Kayleigh’s cheek, stroke her hair, and say “you see my little one, that is what you must do. Do you understand?”


Kayleigh would understand. She would look up into Zofia’s eyes, nod, a tear start to show as she waited. Zofia would think for a moment, look down at her young charge and reveal her decision.


“Ten strokes” or what ever her decision was. If it was high Kayleigh would groan, but obediently stand up before grasping the chair and presenting her bottom for further punishment. If it was three then Kayleigh would positively shriek with delight and jump up, grabbing the chair with a smile and saying “thank you Zofia” before sticking her bottom higher in the air, as though three strokes were a real prize. An achievement.


Kayleigh’s Mother never knew about this. Kayleigh would return to her bedroom to call her Mother and apologise, waiting for her Mother to forgive her, and continue the conversation from wherever they left off.    


So Kayleigh was quite happy for Zofia to live with us.


Mind you she didn’t tell me about those afters. Not for a long time. We both agreed it was best to simply give Zofia total disciplinary control over us both. I don’t altogether remember the conversation because I seem to think I was drunk at the time, but Kayleigh assured me I did agree, and I even went straight across the girls lap that evening. Certainly my bottom was still a deep red the next morning, with twelve straight lines across it where Zofia had landed her cane.  


No afters for me that night though. At least none I remember. And on the many trips I made across Zofia’s lap over the ensuing months I certainly got no afters, other than the twelve strokes of the cane. I always got them straight after the bottom blasting spanking she gave me so expertly. I had no idea at the time that Kayleigh earned a reduced number of strokes as that option was never available to me.


Kayleigh and I were attracted to each other because we had a similar temperance. If anything I was far naughtier than Kayleigh. I had been spanked even more often by my Mother right through until I got married. I thought that would stop after I left home, but Zofia made sure that didn’t happen.


We both made repeated trips across Zofia’s lap and had our bare bottoms tanned by her open palm as well as slippers straps wooden backed hairbrushes and of course the cane


So here I was again. I disobeyed a straight instruction. Be home by 9 O’clock or pay the penalty. I heard the footsteps coming up the stairs and heard the door swing open.


“Good” Zofia said as she went over to the set of drawers and opened the top one, where I knew the strap and hairbrush were kept, and the cane of course.


Zofia closed the drawer and walked over to the chair.


“Come here Matthew” she instructed. “ Bend over my lap” she ordered, and I found myself looking at the carpet. A common sight for me.


I soon lost count of the number of times she spanked me with her open palm. I know I was soon squirming and gasping as she kept spanking me. I realised she was using the strap when each spank hurt more and the grunt she gave as she hit me with all her strength. The hairbrush was different. That flat wooden backed tool did not require as much strength. Zofia took aim and spanked me time after time on exactly the same spot until my eyes were blurred and I could feel the wetness as the tears flowed down my cheeks. My bottom bounced as the hairbrush bit home, but only as a reaction. I couldn’t do anything else. I wasn’t going to resist. That was simply not on. I tried it once, quite early on. Three separate spankings in one short day was enough to convince me resistance was not the way. Especially as Kayleigh had agreed with Zofia that I deserved those extra spankings.


I became aware of my deep chested crying, but the smacking slapping spanking sound had stopped. Yes, Zofia had decided I had been taught my lesson and had stopped thrashing me. She rubbed my bottom and told me how I could calm down now, her oh so soothing voice was silken but guttural being eastern European.


Slowly I eased myself up and stood up, looking down at the woman who had just spanked me. Zofia stood up and walked back to the chest of drawers. It was then I saw it and remembered. She picked up the cane and turned to face me. She held the cane in both hands, each end in one hand, and flexed it, bending it, making sure I saw its power. Of course. Twelve strokes always followed my spanking. I wondered how I had forgotten. Maybe Zofia telling me it was over was the reason. A lie of course. I was livid with her, and about to say something until I saw her smile.


“So Matthew, do you want your normal twelve strokes, or do you want to earn a lesser number?”


I looked at her, through my blurred eyes, unsure if she was joking. Teasing me. Of course I wanted less strokes. Hell I wanted no strokes at all.


“How?” I asked.


“Have you ever licked a woman? Here?” she said, pointing between her legs, slowing putting her fingers between her legs, rubbing her self, before taking her finger out, slowly putting it in her mouth, and sucking.


She laughed as she pointed to my now very quickly erect penis.


“Yes, I think you have haven’t you Matthew.” A statement not a question.


“So Matthew, let’s see if you can earn a reduction. Make me come and you will only get six strokes. Make me come well and you will get perhaps only three. Make it mind blowing and it might be no strokes. Well?”


“Yes, yes, of course.” I couldn’t agree any faster.


Zofia giggled as she scrambled up the bed and lent against the wall.


“Come on” she said, still smiling.


I smiled back. This was my home ground now. I loved licking Kayleigh, my head between her silky thighs as I made her scream in delight. Mind you it was never for such a prize. Less strokes of the cane, now that was a real incentive.


I got to Zofia’s legs and started kissing her toes, making my way up her leg, kissing and stroking her as I went. By the time I was between her thighs Zofia was already stroking her own breasts, breathing more heavily than normal. She brought her silky legs together and held my head. I gently eased them open again, stroking her soft thighs, squeezing them, teasing her with the tips of my fingers, pressing her legs open again, wide, wider, kissing her inner thighs closer and closer to her hair mound. She put her hands on my head but I gently removed them, placing them on her breasts, watching as she started to caress herself before I went back to between her legs, still warm. Her hair glistening as her sex wet her.


As I return to her inner thighs I am overcome by the sweet smell of her skin, and the smell of her. Such soft smooth delicate skin. But my only thoughts are to reduce the number of cane strokes. I listen to Zofia, her shallow gasps telling me she is enjoying the experience. Her deeper breathing and the thrusting of her thighs tell me she is getting closer to orgasm, but I know to go slowly. To bring her up and then to let her down, not as far each time, taking her higher and higher, until she thrusts firmly, again grabs my head to try to force me back to her clit, but I know what I am doing. Then, when I gauge she can’t hold back any more I find her clit again with my tongue, thrust gently as she forces herself on me, then surrendering to me, to my tongue. Gasping “yes yes yes” in tune with my thrusting tongue until she lets out a long “yyyeeessss aarrggghhhhhh” and she is done. I don’t let her rest though. I keep my tongue inside her and she continues to groan and thrusts again and again until she reaches orgasm again, and again gasps and groans and the smell of her sex tells me how she has been taken again to orgasm.


I rest, licking her inner thighs, kissing the soft skin, as she caresses her breasts, strokes her tummy, runs her hand down her stomach and between her legs, pushing her finger inside herself, before withdrawing it and unconsciously putting it inside her mouth, licking her fingers with her own sex, then stroking her breasts again, until she settles back, and lets out a low lingering gasp.


Zofia looks down at me, between her legs still, and smiles.  


“That was very good Matthew. Very good” she said, allowing the phrase to trail off as she closed her eyes, still breathing heavily.


One final deep breath and she recovered her composure.


“OK Matthew, there will be no strokes.”


“That good huh?” I asked. Confident.


That wiped the smile off her face, but I was now unsure about the glowering look she now gave me. “Yes, it was that good. You may go to bed now.”


She smiled again, looking relaxed, and beautiful. I looked back at the young woman. I loved Kayleigh. Zofia was attractive but that was all in my eyes. I did what I did to reduce my punishment, not out of love. I wondered if she realised that. Whether she even considered it perhaps.


I smiled, stood up, turned, collected my clothes, and walked out of the room. I turned at the door and said “goodnight Zofia.”


She looked at me and said “goodnight Matthew. Oh, by the way, you need to know something.”


“What is that Zofia?”


“From now on, if you repeat that after your spanking it will be the benchmark.”


“I’m sorry” I said, not understanding.


“An orgasm like that will earn you six strokes. A lesser one and you get perhaps twelve. An incentive to try even harder next time Matthew” she said with a smirk.


So, she was getting her own back for my flippant comment. She never allowed anyone to make a mistake. No leeway. Maybe that’s why Kayleigh liked her. She knew where she was with her.


“Bitch” I said.


Zofia’s face hardened again. I knew immediately that was a mistake. I was overconfident. I knew it. I watched as Zofia picked up the cane and pointed to the floor in front of her. As I approached she said “hand out.”


I held out each hand in turn and got six strokes on each. I deserved it I knew, Still, it hurt.


“Now go to bed.” This time Zofia was decidedly less friendly. I scampered off, knowing my mouth had got me into trouble again. I was so close to not being caned again, but just let it slip away.


I felt a cold shudder as Zofia called after me.


“Oh and Matthew” she snapped.


I turned and said as respectfully as possible “yes Zofia?”


She grinned a hard false grin, enforcing her control over me, and said “Kayleigh has been rather naughty as well and she has been taught a lesson I hope she will remember. She bought this slutty dress and so I treated her like a disobedient slut and gave her a good thrashing. So no sex tonight. Or else.”


“Yes Zofia.”


I entered our bedroom and Kayleigh was sitting up in bed.


“I watched you” she said, getting my attention immediately.


“Did you?” I said lamely.


“I should have warned you but she told me not to.”


“What do you mean?” I asked. It was then she told me about the afters she had enjoyed for all those years. I looked on, disbelieving at first, but I knew Kayleigh. She wasn’t lying.


“So why the change today?”


Kayleigh threw back the covers and turned over. I counted twelve straight lines across her bottom.


“I refused to do it tonight. I bought this really lovely dress and she said it was too short and I looked slutty in it. Really. Me, slutty, I don’t think so Anyway, she spanked me, but when she told me to give her the afters I said no.   So she said in that case I can swap places with you. You get the chance to reduce the cane strokes but I will get twelve every time.”


  “I’ll talk to her Kayleigh. I’ll refuse to do it, then she will have to change back.”


“I don’t think so Matthew. She said if you refused then she would just cane both of us.”


“I see.”


“It’s OK Matthew, really it is.”


Kayleigh looked so meek with her red rimmed eyes still glistening with tears.


She smiled and said “it was such a turn on Matthew, watching you do it though. Such a turn on. And watching you being spanked, by Zofia, that was such a turn on as well. I am so wet Matthew. My bottom hurts like hell but I am so wet, so aroused.”


I looked at my pretty wife. So so pretty. “Let’s have a look at those cane Matthews then” I said with a smile which Kayleigh returned, quickly turning on to her stomach with a giggle.   I sat down and put my hand on her bottom, gently rubbing, my fingers rippling over the twelve straight weals. Kayleigh raised her bottom and moved her legs apart, beckoning me to rub down between her legs, along her soft fleshy thighs, reaching her hair mound, pressing my fingers in to the soft flesh of her vagina, drawing low sighs as her bottom rose up and down reacting to the motion of my fingers. I lent down and kissed her bottom, and was rewarded with soft cooing, then deeper groans, until Kayleigh let out a long deep sigh that told me she was climaxing. Kayleigh moved down kissing my chest, my stomach, my thighs, until her mouth was around my stiff penis sucking in and out as I licked her deeper and deeper. I let out a groan as my cum spurted out in to her mouth. She kept sucking, more gently, whilst I kept going until Kayleigh let out a second and a third sigh before collapsing, spent, my hand still cupped around her sex, with slight shuddering movements as she settled down.


I whispered in her ear “so Darling, our strict Zofia makes us do wonderful things together.”


Kayleigh turned over to look at me but her face froze. She looked past me. Slowly I turned, knowing what I would see but hoping against hope I was wrong. Inevitably I wasn’t. Zofia stood there, no dressing gown now, just her short sheer nightdress, flexing the cane between her hands.


“Well children, I told you, no sex. So what do you do? Really! Well guess what, you are both grounded on Saturday. No TV, no going out, you will face the wall with your hands on your head for 15 minutes every 2 hours. Any disobedience means a long period across my lap. Good enough for you both?”


Kayleigh said angrily “that’s not fair Zofia. You know I am going shopping with m=y friends.”  


“Bad luck. You’ll just have to tell them you are being punished.”


Kayleigh knew she wasn’t going to tell her girlfriends all of whom were also in their twenties she couldn’t go shopping because she was ever so likely to be turned over her housekeepers lap and have her bottom turned very red.


  “Anything else you want to say Kayleigh?”


“No, no” she replied trailing off. We both knew there was no way out of this.


“Good girl. You know I don’t allow any arguments. So, both of you. Go to sleep and think about Saturday. I will be, and looking forward to making sure you gain as much as possible from the experience. Zofia turned and closed the door.


I turned to Kayleigh and said “I guess we deserved that really didn’t we.”


Kayleigh nodded and said “I know. Zofia’s right. She always is. Anyway I’ll change the girls to Sunday. They won’t mind.”


We lay down and cuddled up together. Kayleigh said “I see you now stiffer again. Are you looking forward to Saturday then?” she asked giggling. “I know I am” she added with a beaming smile. We kissed. Yes, Saturday would be fun.

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