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Spanked For Free

22-Year-old Scott enjoys being spanked but on his terms, which is about to change
22-year-old Scott was in his bedroom stepping in to his underpants just when his Mum opened the door, realised her son was naked, and said a quick, “Sorry,” and closed the door.

Scott froze not even daring to put his underpants on. Had his Mum seen? A few seconds later his Mum opened the door again and looked at Scott with a worried inquisitive look.

“Who did that to you?” she asked.

Scott blushed, scrunched up his face, his mouth opened but he couldn’t say anything. His Mum reacted first ignoring the fact he was fully naked as she took two steps across the bedroom, grabbed his arm and turned him around, and asked again much more firmly,

“Scott, your bottom is very red and there are what look like cane marks as well. Who did this?”

Still Scott remained silent, anxious his Mum didn’t ask any more questions. His Mum wasn’t having it.

“Right Scott, if you have been attacked then let’s go down to the police station and get it sorted out.”

Scott froze for a moment before blurting out a desperate, “No Mum, don’t.”

His Mum threw him a fierce look and snapped, “Then tell me.”

Scott blushed, looked at the floor, moved from foot to foot which his Mum knew he did when he was about to say something she didn’t want to hear, and said quietly, “I saw a girl.”

“What girl?” his Mum demanded to know. She knew Scott went out with the lads a lot but didn’t know he had a girlfriend. She was feeling better. It looked like he found a girl who liked to play rough, but at least she was a girl.

Sheila’s mood changed when Scott admitted, “I pay her to spank me.”

“What!” Sheila exclaimed. “Explain!”

Scott blushed even more deeply. “I arrange to see her. She acts like, well, erm,” he stuttered.

“Go on Scott, you had better say it all.” Sheila could see her son was struggling and knew she had to coax this out of him.

“Well, she acts like my erm, Mum, well you, and tells me off, and, well, erm, spanks me.”

“Acts like me?” Sheila spat out. “I haven’t spanked you for years, well a few years anyway.”

“I know.” Scott couldn’t look his Mum in the eye, in fact he looked anywhere but at her. This made Sheila very annoyed.

“Is she your girlfriend?” she asked, fighting to stay calm. She loved her son and didn’t want him to run off, but was more aware than Scott that he was still standing there naked and she steadfastly didn’t look at his very erect penis. Suddenly something Scott had said clicked.

“What do you mean you pay her?” She was still calm on the outside but seething now on the inside.

“I pay her to spank me Mum.”

“How much?” she asked quietly.


“How often do you see her?”

“Once a month.”

That was too much for Sheila now. She knew her son struggled to make ends meet and here he was dishing out £100 to be spanked.

“What do you get for this £100 then?”

Scott was talking more freely now. He had expected his Mum to explode but she hadn’t. Maybe she understood even. “Well, when I arrive we agree some format, such as I have been naughty. She tells me off, makes me face the wall for a while then spanks me.”

Scott looked carefully at his Mum who was trying to assimilate what was being said.

“Isn’t facing the wall childish?”

“Well it’s a form of humiliation. I quite enjoy it actually, my nose pressed against the wall, my hands on my head, my trousers and pants around my ankles, and every so often Rosie, that’s her name, smacks my bottom as she tells me off.”

Sheila realised Scott was getting ever more aroused by what he was saying.

“Do you have sex afterwards?”

“Oh no Mum, she just disciplines me.”

Sheila looked thoughtful as she tried to work out what to do next. She decided to make out she was thinking aloud as she said slowly, as though developing the thought, “So when I jokingly say I should spank you when you don’t do as I say, maybe I should have done?”

Scott blushed again and looked at the floor, feeling uncomfortable. No he wasn’t thinking that at all. He wouldn’t mind a girlfriend spanking him, but not his Mum, not at 22 years old.

“No Mum, really, not that, it’s fine that you don’t spank me, really it is.”

Scott looked at his Mum who was slowly nodding her head, as though coming to a decision. Suddenly she looked straight at Scott and asked sharply,

“Does she use her hand only or something else as well?”

Scott was shaken by the change of direction and said meekly,

“A wooden hairbrush.”

Sheila went on, “And are they cane marks then?”

“Yes, Rosie canes me as well.”

“How many times?”

“Usually about eighteen times Mum.”

“Eighteen?” Sheila repeated, astounded.

Silence reigned for a few moments before Sheila announced,

“Right, your housekeeping contribution has just gone up by £100 each month. From now. Understood?”

Scott’s mouth dropped open, taken by surprise by what his Mum had just said.

“But Mum, please.”

“No Scott, an extra £100.” Sheila stood there with her arms crossed, and one foot slightly tapping, staring straight at her son.

“But Mum,” he moaned, “I won’t be able to afford to see Rosie if you do that.”

Sheila smiled. “That’s not a problem Scott. Shall I tell you why?”

Scott swallowed hard, reckoning he wasn’t going to like what was coming.

“Cat got your tongue Scott?” Sheila said sarcastically.

“No Mum, why then?” he asked reluctantly.

Sheila looked extremely happy, “Because once a month you will arrange with me to give you a good spanking, and whatever else this Rosie does to you.” Sheila gave her son another hard look and added, “Like the cane.”

Scott drew a sharp breath. Surely not. Not his Mum.

“I tell you what Scott,” Sheila said, now enjoying her son’s discomfort, “There’s no time like the present. Let’s see, you said you enjoy facing the wall. So go downstairs now to the living room. Now!”

Sheila pointed to the door leaving Scott under no misunderstanding. He bit his tongue as he stepped forward. She watched her 22-year-old son walk in front of her as he went down the stairs and in to the living room. He went to the middle of the room and turned to look at his Mum, now covering his penis with his hands. Sheila could easily tell though her son had a huge erection. My goodness she thought, this was turning him on. She decided that didn’t matter. What was far more important was the £100 each and every month he has been spending on this Rosie. She asked her son pointedly,

“How long have you being going to this Rosie for?” she demanded to know.

“About three years Mum,” he said, suddenly realising how this must sound. Well over £3,000. That sounded a huge figure when he thought about it. What could he have done with £3,000 he suddenly thought? Bundles of stuff. A car, loads of clothes, computer games. Bundles of stuff.

“Right then, well if anything deserves a good hard spanking that does. Lets see?” Sheila said, pondering. “Yes, go and face the wall then.”

Sheila pointed at the spot where the space was largest and watched as Scott trundled across to it.

“Hands on your head as well I think you said Scott. Really my lad now is not the time to get me even angrier.”

Sheila saw Scott’s erection get even larger. She was now having fun at least, still riled by the huge amount of money her son has spent on being spanked, and intended seeing this through. Erection or no erection. She laughed to herself as Scott still hadn’t said anything about being naked, maybe he was too embarrassed. Then she thought he must be used to it if was naked with Rosie.

“So you enjoy being humiliated do you Scott?”

“Well, it’s not like that really Mum. Told off, made to look small, that kind of thing.”

“So Scott, how come the erection?”

Scott blushed an even deeper red. “It just happens at the thought of being spanked Mum.”

“Not just by me then?”

Scott was shocked. Nothing was further from the truth. “No Mum. Not that at all. It’s the thought of being spanked, that’s all. I even look at girls I fancy and think about them spanking me. I get an erection then Mum. It’s normal, isn’t it?”

Sheila laughed, really enjoying herself now. “I’m not sure it’s normal Scott, but I guess not that bad either.”

Scott relaxed. Sheila saw the calmer look on her son’s face and decided now was a good time to make him understand what he was about to get.

“Right Scott. Face the wall, put your hands on your head, I want your nose touching the wall, and no talking unless I ask you a specific question. Understood?”

Scott went more ashen than red as he followed his Mum’s very clear instructions. Sheila said to the back of her son’s head,

“Now don’t think about the £100 you spent yesterday. I won’t be. I will just be telling myself how much you deserve the spanking you are going to get.”

“Yes Mum,” Scott said, accepting his fate. He was not prepared for the very hard spank that landed on his left bottom cheek and he shouted out in pain.

Sheila ignored his screech and said, “I told you Scott, only answer a direct question. Was that a direct question?”

“No Mum, sorry Mum,” Scott replied quickly, understanding his Mum was in control, just as Rosie was when he saw her.

“That’s better Scott. Don’t underestimate me my lad. This is going to hurt but is meant to teach you a lesson as well. So learn.”

Scott was about to make a flippant comment, and would have done if it was Rosie to get an extra smack, but this was his Mum and he remembered how she used to spank very hard on the occasions she had spanked him. Maybe he should do as he is told.

“Stay there and do not speak or look around. Understood?”

Scott answered swiftly, “Yes Mum.”

Satisfied Sheila left the room and went back upstairs to her bedroom. Scott heard the floorboards creak and knew his Mum was in her bedroom but decided not to look around. He kept his nose pressed to the wall, although the excitement was again giving him an erection as his breathing calmed. The creaking started again as his Mum left her bedroom and made her way back downstairs. Scott was conscious his Mum was back in the living room as she made her way to the dining table. He realised if he turned his head slightly he could see his Mum in the reflection of the glass of the painting on the wall close to where he stood. He watched as his Mum turned a chair in to the room. He could make out something on the table. It was a hairbrush. Wooden backed. Boy, she meant business then as she had only ever spanked him with her hand before now.

“OK Scott, turn around,” Sheila demanded.

Scott turned as his Mum moved and sat down on the chair. He noticed she had changed. Gone was the blouse and skirt. She had put on a short-sleeved blouse and cotton slacks no shoes though.

Sheila saw her son look at her change of clothes. “More washable Scott, in case you have an accident,” she said, pointing at his penis.

Now that was humiliating Scott thought, his Mum discussing his penis. He took a deep breath but realised she was right. He was bound to leak. He did with Rosie although she didn’t seem to mind. Sheila saw the turmoil in her son’s face as she crooked her finger and ordered, “Right my lad, come over here.”

She pointed to the floor by her side and he quickly crossed the room standing to his Mum’s right side as he had so often done for Rosie. Sheila took her son’s arm and guided him down across her lap, and as he lay there he slightly wriggled his bottom making himself more comfortable, his penis pressing down on her thigh, and she remembered how his bottom had looked up at her those times she had spanked him years ago. She remembered how she had never spanked in anger, as her anger had subsided once her son was across her lap, and she never gave him a hard. It did cause her son to be embarrassed though and so had the intended effect at the time and Scott was better behaved afterwards.

Today was different though. She had discovered her son actually wanted to be spanked, maybe even enjoyed it. That wasn’t the issue though. Not at all. No, it was the several thousand pounds he had spent. Money he could ill afford. Well, if he wanted to be spanked that badly then she would make sure he never needed to spend money on being spanked again. Ever. Sheila decided to enforce her feelings.

“Scott, let me tell you now. You will not spend good money on being spanked. It’s OK when you can afford it. Then it will be up to you. But right now you can’t, can you?”

“No Mum, sorry Mum.”

Sheila looked at the back of her son’s head. “Well, saying you are sorry just isn’t enough my lad, not by a long way.”

Scott was about to squirm around when he felt the first spank, a hard one, on his right bottom cheek, followed by another on his left bottom cheek. He gasped each time. Rosie didn’t spank that hard to begin with. She built up the strength of her spanks. His Mum though spanked hard from the start, and as she continued to spank him hard and made him feel very uncomfortable he understood the difference. Rosie was helping him enjoy being spanked. His Mum though was making it a punishment.

“Not so hard Mum,” Scott tried.

Sheila stopped for a few moments, her hand rubbing her son’s bottom as she snapped, “I told you Scott, no speaking unless I ask you a direct question. For the last time this is a punishment for spending your money, not a leisure pursuit. I mean it to hurt, and it will hurt, now look at the floor and be quiet.”

Scott had only heard his Mum this mad a few times and whenever she was he knew he had pushed her too far. He would back off and let her cool down. He couldn’t do that this time, not being across her lap and her hand rubbing his bottom. Scott wasn’t too aware of his Mum raising her hand again, nor that she was smiling when she looked at the back of her son’s head momentarily before reverting to his bottom, pursing her lips, and bringing her hand down hard again on her son’s bare bottom. Sheila didn’t blanch as she continued to spank him hard on alternate bottom cheeks even though he was gasping and squirming around on her lap. She just continued spanking her son, not caring her hand stung a bit. She was going to make sure he fully understood his wayward ways.

The sound of spank after spank interspersed with a gasp or cry filled the room as the spanking continued. Spank after spank after spank until even Sheila decided she needed a rest, to recover her breath, and to get ready for the next part of the punishment. As Sheila rubbed her son’s bare warmed reddened bottom so Scott thought about how come he was being spanked by his Mum. He couldn’t afford £100 every month but was hooked on being spanked. He loved it when his bottom was stinging after a session with Rosie. He loved getting home and finding a hard chair and on purpose sitting on it, enjoying the soreness as his bruised bottom pressed down on the hard seat. Well he will still be able to do that if his Mum spanks him hard enough. There was one difference he knew, as he lay there across his Mum’s lap. With Rosie he made the first move. He sent her an email asking to meet up. He chose when. What about his Mum? Will she let him choose the time? How would she feel about him asking to be spanked?

His questions stopped as another spank landed on his bare bottom, and another, as his Mum again spanked him on alternate bottom cheeks. Harder this time he thought. Markedly harder. She also spanked him on the same bottom cheek time and again before going on to the other bottom cheek and spanking him on the same spot time and time again. He was struggling for sure now. Sheila was breathing more quickly as she was tiring, but kept up spanking her son for as long as she could. Eventually, well after about fifteen minutes she could tell when she looked at the clock, she stopped spanking him and rubbed his bottom. She looked at the back of his head and heard him breathing heavily but there were no tears.

“Does Rosie make you cry Scott?” she asked.

Scott couldn’t answer immediately as he was too tied up in his own thoughts, but managed to squirm around and almost look up at his Mum, and say with a pant,

“No Mum, she would stop if it looked like it was hurting too much and give me a rest.”

“Really?” Sheila said sounding surprised. “So she hasn’t really spanked you properly then,” she said emphatically.

With that Sheila lent behind and picked up the hairbrush. She tapped it a couple of times on her son’s bottom.

“How long did Rosie spank you with this then Scott?”

Scott squirmed around again but it was getting uncomfortable so he flopped back and looked at the floor when answering, remembering how that placed him in a very subordinate position with Rosie.

“She would give me half a dozen, then stop for a bit, then give me another half a dozen, maybe about fifty or sixty all told.

“OK, sixty it is then.”

Scott closed his eyes as he prepared himself mentally for the first six spanks. The wooden paddle always hurt. The first spank certainly hurt as Sheila landed the flat wooden paddle firmly on his left bottom cheek, followed by another on his right bottom cheek. She landed two more on each bottom cheek and Scott let out a huge breath knowing he could relax for a moment or two. It came as a considerable shock when yet another spank landed on his left bottom cheek and another on his right bottom cheek. Maybe his Mum had miscounted, but when yet another two spanks thwacked down on his bottom he was squirming around as it dawned on him his Mum wasn’t giving him any breaks.

Spank after spank after spank made Scott scream out in pain. Sheila carried on nonetheless and not heeding her son’s obvious discomfort. Stopping after six spanks indeed. What utter rot. One thing she knew for sure was that a spanking was intended to hurt, and the more it hurt the more it was remembered. Sheila heard Scott’s first sob after about twenty spanks with the wooden backed hairbrush. It added to her momentum and soon the spanks were even harder, the sobs louder and his chest heaved as he started to cry properly.

“I must be getting through to you Scott. Good.”

Sheila was still intent on giving her son the hard spanking she had never given before. Scott squirmed as he cried, wanting the spanking to stop, at least so he could catch his breath. This wasn’t like Rosie at all. He had lost count ages ago of the number of spanks his Mum gave him. Surely it was more than sixty. Sheila had kept count though. Forty-five so far, and her son’s crying was pretty constant and his poor red bottom was bouncing around on her lap like a goodun. Fifteen more to go and she stepped up the strength she used. This wasn’t like her hand spanking. She wasn’t hurting at all, and somehow the crying she heard kept her stamina up and she never once felt like stopping.

She did stop straight after the sixtieth spank. She put the brush down on the table and rubbed her son’s bottom, felt how hot it was, saw how red, and yes bruised, it was. Scott’s crying filled the room and she let him lay there, chest heaving, as she rubbed his bottom and waited for him to recover.

The crying did subside and Scott lay more heavily across his Mum’s lap. He knew he had never been spanked so hard. That Rosie’s spanking was a stroll in the park compared to the spanking his Mum had just given him. Hers was a real spanking. A punishment spanking.

When Sheila gauged Scott had recovered she ordered, “Right Scott, get up and stand in front of me, and put your hands on your head.

Scott wasn’t concerned his Mum still saw him fully naked standing there in front of her. He was just pleased the spanking was over.

“So Scott, your first spanking.”

He was still hurting too much to know what he was doing and absentmindedly muttered, “First Mum?” He realised too late he had spoken out loud and although his eyes opened wide at the very words he saw only the blur of his Mum’s hand as it swung around and landed on the side of his leg. Too late he realised it had not been a question. He let out a gasp but didn’t say another word.

“You see Scott, you can learn from being spanked.”

She eyed him solidly and when all he did was whimper she continued.

“Go and face the wall and afterwards we will discuss when you will be spanked in future.”

Scott did as he was told and Sheila got a wicked but motherly satisfaction at hearing her son sob as she sat at the table and wrote a list. When she was finished she turned to Scott and said,

“Right, turn around Scott.”

Sheila stood up and positioned herself a couple of feet from her son. His eyes were red and his face wet. He wasn’t looking very happy but kept his gaze on his Mum, wondering if he was going to be spanked any more.

“Now then, we agreed £100 each month and I will give you your spanking.”

Sheila looked at her son straight in the eye but could see in any case how his penis grew and grew as she spoke to him about being spanked. Scott was listening intently wondering just how much his life was about to change.

“I realise that with Rosie I suppose you asked to be spanked when you wanted to be, so I have come up with something similar. Here is a list of what I expect from you. All the usual things are there. Tidy bedroom, helping with the washing up, no swearing, getting home on time, and the like. Happy so far?”

Scott’s mouth had dropped open slightly, not quite sure what to think. Sheila continued for him, “So, if you choose to do one of these things badly, let’s see, shall we say come home late, then I will spank you. You can choose. Easy eh?”

Scott wasn’t yet thinking straight, he was too hyped after his spanking, he always was until he was able to masturbate, but even he worked out that a list of rules gave his Mum too much control for his liking.

“But Mum, doesn’t that mean I have to keep to the rules all the time?”

“Well yes Scott, but I will cut you some slack. I will give you a warning first so you will know when I am cross with you and you risk a spanking. That gives you lots of control, although I am sure you will understand one of us has to have the final say and that can only be me, isn’t that right?”

Scott thought it sounded OK. He would get a warning so could still choose pretty much when he got himself spanked. Yes, that sounded good.

“OK Mum,” he said, sniffing afterwards, still inwardly sobbing from his spanking.

“Good, that’s settled then. Go and wash your face and get dressed then come back down here. Go on Scott, do as you are told.”

Sheila shooed him away and he scampered upstairs. In the bathroom he thought over what had just happened. Mum spanked him much harder than Rosie and here he was nursing a sore bottom that was starting to sting just like after a spanking from Rosie, but no payment, and he was getting an erection just thinking about his spanking. So not bad really. Not bad at all. He thought through how he would effectively ask for a spanking in future. All he had to do was get home late and that would be it. How easy was that? He would have a great time out with the lads, and know when he got home he would get a spanking. Cool. The adrenalin was flowing as it always did after a spanking and he couldn’t wait to get to his bedroom. He had his erection to deal with and he was looking forward to it.

Scott lay on his bed still naked. No need to worry about wetting his clothes if his cum hit as high up his chest as it usually did. He was erect and he put his hand around his stiff penis, playing over his spanking in his mind, picturing the carpet his face was so close to, remembering the hard hand spanking and the even harder spanking with the hairbrush. Soon he was rubbing his stiff penis faster and faster as his hips gyrated and he could feel the pulse in his shaft. Just a few seconds more and he exploded, much better than before. Much stronger than when he lay on his bed after he had been with Rosie. Wow, what an orgasm. Really really cool.

Scott stayed on his bed as he thought maybe it won’t be so bad, being spanked by his Mum rather than Rosie. He picked up his mobile phone and called the one other person who knew about his liking for spanking, well apart from Rosie. Mark.

“Hiya matey,” Scott said, and explained to his friend what had happened.

“So what about Rosie then Scott?” Mark asked.

“I won’t be able to go again. Can you tell her when you see her next? I will email but maybe you can explain?”

“Sure thing Scott. No problem.” Then after a gap Mark said, “You lucky so and so Scott.”

“Really?” Scott asked but knew his friend was right.

“Yeah, having a Mum prepared to spank you. How cool is that?”

“True Mark, very true.”

Scott remained on his bed a few minutes more as he slowly recovered, coming back down to reality. It was only then when he thought it through and ass he did it struck him in the cold light of the post masturbation and cumming moment that maybe it wasn’t quite as good an ideas as he thought. He went back downstairs to ask his Mum. Scott walked in to the living room and his Mum looked up, smiling as she knew he had realised what he had agreed to. When he saw her smile he wondered if she realised he had masturbated? Why should she though?

He said tentatively, “Mum, if I have to keep to these rules doesn’t it mean you might spank me more than once a month?”

His Mum gave her 22 year old son a knowing look, and said, “That’s right Scott. You have to be good all the time or else it certainly won’t just be the one spanking you get each month. Not even just one each week. Don’t forget though you will get a warning.”

“But Mum,” Scott moaned.

Sheila spoke in a short no nonsense tone. “Oh stop whinging Scott. Look at it this way. Up until now you have spent £100 on one spanking a month. You will still be spending £100, with me though not Rosie and you might get four or five spankings, for the same money. Isn’t that good value Scott?”

Sheila was really enjoying herself now as her son was struggling with the concept. Scott swallowed hard as he realised he had no way out. His Mum had caught him out when she saw his red bottom, and he was hardly in a position to refuse. What then? She would probably insist on meeting Rosie. That was unthinkable. He looked at his Mum and nodded and replied in a half moaning tone, “I guess so Mum.”

“Good lad. Anyway, look at it as well that with Rosie you were play acting the strict Mum and naughty boy role, but now it’s the real thing. Real must be better than play acting, eh Scott?”

Scott was still thinking about what he had got himself into when his Mum said, “Oh Scott.”

“Yes Mum?” Scott replied.

“Don’t forget to buy a couple of canes.” Sheila spoke as though discussing an everyday subject,

“What Mum?” He was obviously astonished by the request.

“You said Rosie caned you. I was looking up canes on the web when you were upstairs. The one you need is described as a senior cane. Make sure you get a couple by the end of the week won’t you please.”

Scott could not get over just how dominant his Mum was. A cane indeed. He remembered the sex shop in town and wondered whether they sold them. Their windows were whitewashed out but he bet they did sell them. He would go in tomorrow and find out. Sheila saw Scott’s mouth had dropped wide open but more relevant was that she saw the bulge quickly growing in his trousers. Sheila felt relaxed. Scott was going to learn from this for sure. It was just a matter of how often she decided to spank him. Sheila smiled at her son and reckoned now was as good a time as any to start with her first warning.

“By the way, please will you clean your room up Scott. It was really messy this morning with your clothes strewn about everywhere.”

Scott saw the meaningful look his Mum gave him and didn’t miss the clear intent of her comment. He knew straight away it was a warning. He didn’t fancy another spanking today so he decided he had better clean his room up immediately. It was then he realised a warning wasn’t always going to be said after he had done something wrong. Here she was telling him to do something he hated doing but now could not object to doing it. How bad was that? He didn’t sound off to his Mum though but decided he had better obey, knowing in reality he had no choice. He had to do as he was told now or else get spanked again today. So much for one spanking a month. He knew now it was going to be far more often than that. His heart was beating fast and whilst he was feeling uneasy at the prospect of future spankings he also suspected he was going to enjoy most of them, at least afterwards, so he said lightly,

“No problem Mum.” His heart pounded as he turned and ran upstairs.

Sheila watched him leave. She grinned wickedly and whispered to herself in a sarcastic tone, “I bet it’s no problem Scott, I really do bet that. Well it certainly won’t be a problem for me.”

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