Spanking Revenge on My Wife and Her Sisters

By Thwackman

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I'd been spanked by my wife and sisters three times now it was my turn to spank them with no clothes
If you have read any of my previous stories about Sally and I you will know that each of us agreed to take a spanking if we were extravagant with the limited money we had after just getting married.

I had foolishly thought that Sally would be the regular recipient of these spankings and allowed her to persuade me to let her sisters help if I needed taking in hand. Unfortunately, since then I have been spanked three times by Sally and her sisters.

I am in our bedroom getting dressed having just received the last of those spankings from them but what made it worse was that Sally had a bunch of girls round for the evening and they all joined in. I was made to undress and was punished in front of nearly a dozen attractive women.

As I collect my thoughts I know that I need to find a way to get Sally and her sisters Jen and Alison to accept a spanking from me. Just the thought of this was giving me a hard-on.

By the time I went back downstairs the rest of the girls had gone just leaving Sally and her sisters enjoying a glass of wine. I joined them and had to listen to the banter about my sore bottom, how embarrassing it must have been being stripped naked in front of all those women, how they’d spanked my bottom with a cane till it was red and how my penis had bounced when they flicked it with a ruler.

After they’d had a couple of glasses they were off guard. “As you two get to help Sally when I get spanked, I think that you ought to be spanked the next time I spank Sally.”

They all shrieked with laughter and hardly hesitated before saying “Yes, why not. When did you last need to spank Sally?”

“Not for a long time,” I said, “but you agree to be spanked by me if she does have to be punished?”

They agreed and again went into fits of giggles at the prospect.

A couple of weeks later, as we sat down after dinner, Sally mentioned that Alison had suggested they have a day at a spa getting pampered. I was just about to remind her that we could hardly afford that when she told me they’d booked the posh one in Surrey for next Sunday.

I exploded with amazement “We can’t afford that Sally. Why didn’t you discuss this with me first?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think. Alison and I were just talking about it and I said yes, it sounds fun.”

I said, “We really cannot afford this, we’ve just spent all that money on decorating the back bedroom”.

I could see from her face that she knew she was in the wrong. “Sally, I’m sorry but this calls for a spanking.”

I saw her face fall and then she shouted “Alison and Jen will kill me!” as she remembered what we’d agreed the last time I had been punished.

“You are right I’ll have to give you, Jen and Alison a spanking for this.” I felt my penis swell at the thought. “Ring them and invite them round here tomorrow evening at 7.”

Sally could see she had no choice. I wished I could see their faces when she told them but I’d be seeing much more than that very soon. I could only hear Sally’s end of the conversation but that was enough to imagine what was being said. Sally ended by reminding them that they had agreed and really had no option. “7 o’clock tomorrow.”

I could hardly concentrate at work; it was a wonder I didn’t cock things up. Sally was very quiet when she came home and said she didn’t have much of an appetite.

I set out the cane and a small leather strap on the dining table in the bay window. Sally watched me place the implements and started to complain before realising this was where they had punished me with the curtains open just a couple of weeks ago.

With half an hour to go I was so excited. Sally put her hand on my crotch, “You are really looking forward to this, aren’t you, naughty boy?” and kissed me hard and long.

I couldn’t deny it, my penis was rigid already just at the thought of having these three girls at my mercy and getting my own back for what they’d put me through but I sensed that Sally was getting excited too. I wondered how Jen and Alison were feeling.

At just after 7 the doorbell rang. I answered it, looking at my watch to let them see I’d noted their tardiness. “Alison, Jen, come in.” Alison looked a little sheepish but true to form, Jen strutted in as though she was still in charge. That wouldn’t last, I decided.

They sat on the sofa in a row and I stood in front of them. “Right girls, you know why you are here.” Jen began to interject…….but I cut across her ”Sally told me of your plan to go to a spa and then she admitted that it was already booked. So, as this is money we cannot afford to spend I am going to punish Sally.” Again, Jen began to speak…………”If you interrupt me again you will get extra strokes. Do you understand me, Jen?”

I could see that Jen was taken aback. She nodded in agreement.

“As I was saying, I am going to punish Sally but as you will remember, after my last punishment you all agreed that you would share Sally’s next spanking. Any questions?”

Alison looked up at me. “Where will you spank us?”

I stepped over to the table and explained “You will each be spanked here, in full view of anyone passing, just as you exposed me to that risk on the last two occasions.”

Alison asked “But what if a neighbour walks past?”

“You didn’t worry about that when it was my body, my cock on view. However, your initial punishment will be over the coffee table here” I said, pointing to the low table in front of the sofa.

“Right, strip off down to your bra and pants.”

They seemed relieved and began to discard their clothes. I stood, enjoying watching as each garment was removed until all three stood in front of me in just their underwear.

Jen had just turned 20 and it was obvious she went to the gym on a regular basis, Alison was one year older, the quieter sister of the three but she was gorgeous and I must admit I’d had fantasies about having sex with her. I knew every inch of Sally’s body and couldn’t get enough of it, so to have the three of them standing almost naked in front of me now was incredible.

I walked over to the table and picked up the thin cane, the one they’d used on me only weeks before. “Right, now - the first part of your punishment. Alison bring the coffee table into the middle of the room.”

Alison slid the table across the carpet and stopped where I indicated. “Take off the rest of your clothes.”

She looked across at Sally and Jen for support. I swished the cane across her pants. “I will remove your bra and pants if you will not. Don’t forget you made me strip in front of you and all Sally’s friends.”

Alison unhooked her bra to release her very ample breasts and I noticed her nipples were standing out, firm. Then she slid down her panties revealing nicely trimmed fair pubes. My cock was now straining to get out and I made sure I pressed it against Alison’s bum as I turned and bent her over the table. Sally & Jen seemed to be holding their breath as they waited to see what was next.

“I will give you each just 6 strokes with the cane, unless you try to move away, get up or put your hands near your bum. Sally will get an extra 3 strokes.”

Again I pressed my hard-on to Alison’s bum and as I reached over her I ran my fingers across her back and then down and around her hanging breasts.

Sally started to tell me to stop touching her, but I interrupted,”None of you can complain about me doing anything after all you did to me during my punishment.”

I slid my hand up between Alison’s legs, parting her thighs and felt inside her wet slit and I felt her push down on my fingers and groan. I reached down to the table for the cane.

Swish, swish, swish, each stroke left a pink line across her rounded cheeks. Swish, at the 4 th stroke Alison stood with a cry rubbing her bum.

“One extra stroke for that, Alison.”

Swish, swish, and one final stinger dead centre made her cry out again but she stayed down. I stepped up behind those inviting cheeks, pushing my bulge in between her legs and stroked her breasts, tweaking her hard nipples before slipping my fingers between her legs. “Alison, you are a very naughty girl, you are very wet and your clit is hard. I think you will need some extra spanks there at the end. Go and stand with your sisters.”

“Come over here and take off your underwear, Sally.”

Sally knew better than to argue and was quickly undressed. My cock was now aching as I studied Sally’s breasts, smaller than Alison’s by a fraction but firmer and also erect. I turned her round and spanked her beautiful bottom with my hand as I bent her over and spread her legs wide.

Swish, Swish, swish, swish, Sally’s bum was firmer than Alison’s but I was guessing not as firm as Jen’s. Even so I had to stop to admire the criss cross of pink lines and ran my fingers around her cheeks and up into her slit. She too moaned and pushed down on my fingers bending her knees as she did. I mustn’t loose control.

I got back in position and started again, swish, swish, “now the extra three strokes which you richly deserve, my darling.” Swish, swish and swish I finished with a real stinger. I fondled Sally’s breasts and stroked down her stomach and down between her legs and into her slit. “Sally, you are a very naughty girl too. Your nipples are hard, your slit is dripping and your clit is hard too. I’m afraid you will also need some extra punishment for that.”

Sally stood, kissed me and ran her fingers down the length of my cock which strained inside my trousers. Then she smiled and walked seductively back to stand between her sisters.

I’d saved Jen till last for a number of reasons. I wanted to subdue her as we argued and bickered regularly, she was the bossy one but I was also sure that the time she spent at the gym would make her body worth studying.

“Come over here, Jen and remove your bra and panties.”

Jen stood there glaring at me, obstinately refusing to move.

Both Sally and Alison reminded her that they’d all agreed and that the’d had their punishment.

I moved forward quickly and brought a hard stroke of the cane across her thigh. “Jen, if you do not obey me I will ask Sally and Alison to remove your underwear and hold you down.” I knew she would hate that.

Jen took off her bra and almost flicked it at me. My wait to see her breasts had not been in vain, they were slightly smaller than Alison’s but oh so firm, almost standing out and tipped with hard, ribbed nipples that I could not wait to touch. Her pants too were thrown in my face but before she could cover herself I noted that she was clean shaven.

I took her arm and walked her over to the table and made her bend over. I stepped away to one side to enjoy her body which was so fit, her stomach was firm. I knelt down to spread her legs wide and stroked her dripping lips. I was determined to make the most of this opportunity and my cock was aching as it strained inside my trousers; I should have worn jogging bottoms. I pressed my hard-on into the gap between her thighs and reached round to cup her tits which felt as good as they looked. Her nipples responded to my stroking then I let my fingers slip down her back, around her bum and up into her slit which was flowing.

I stepped back and brought the cane down across those taut hard cheeks, swish, swish. I bent close to examine my handiwork and she tried to kick me with her heel. “One extra stroke for that, Jen.” Swish, swish, swish, the lines were showing up nicely. I could feel the marks as I traced them with my finger.

Swish, swish, two harder strokes but although she gasped she didn’t budge. I slid my finger inside her slit again and felt her clit hard against my finger tip. “You are all very naughty girls. I’m afraid I will have to punish your slits, just as you spanked my cock when I was unable to control it.”

Jen leapt up, thrusting her chest forward, “You cannot do that to us.”

I found it difficult to concentrate with her tits pushed towards me like that, “May I remind you all that you spanked my cock.” I picked up the little leather strap, “and I am going to spank your slits. Although I won’t do it hard”

“All of you get on to the dining table and lie on your backs.” They could see that I was not going to be put off. Reluctantly they each sat on the edge and lay back.

“Bring your knees up and spread your legs apart.” They looked at each other hoping to get out of this but I flicked the strap across Alison’s thigh and she brought her legs up and with her feet on the table edge, spread her thighs apart. Sally did the same, followed by Jen.

My cock was hurting inside my trousers. In front of me I had three naked, attractive women with their glistening slits, open and pink, just waiting to be spanked.

“The last time you punished me between you all you spanked my penis more than 20 times.” I watched their faces as they took this news in. “I am going to be more lenient to you. I will flick you just 4 times each with this strap.”

“Alison, you are first.” I stroked her fair haired mound before slipping my fingers inside. I picked up the strap and thwack, flicked it across the swollen lips, thwack, and she actually raised her hips towards me, thwack, thwack. She lay back down almost panting.

“Sally, I hope this will teach you never to be so wasteful again.” I stroked her breasts then slid down towards her slit, easing her knees apart as I pushed my fingers in and along her throbbing clit. Thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack. I could see from her face that she would ask me to do this again later, when we were alone.

Now for Jen. I eased her thighs further apart, pushing my fingers into her slit and she groaned despite her determination to remain aloof.

“Now I’m going to spank your slit for failing to control yourself.”

At this point Jen half sat up, looking out of the window and I glanced out as an oldish gentleman walking his dog stood, staring in disbelief. He walked on with a jaunty walk and adjusted his trousers.

I looked at the horror on their faces, “Now you know how it feels to be caught in such a vulnerable way.” I moved in between Jen’s thighs and cupped her gorgeous tits until she lay back down and spread her legs ready for her punishment.

Thwack, I flicked the strap lightly across her slit, thwack, thwack, I stopped to ease apart her swollen lips and rubbed slowly back and forward until I could see her erect clit. Thwack, thwack, thwack I flicked three times in quick succession and she closed her eyes with a gentle moan. I am pretty sure that if Sally and Alison had not been there she might have asked me to continue.

I wondered if I was dreaming as I stood by the table enjoying the sight of three, pretty women, stark naked with their legs apart.

“If I have to punish you all again, for one of Sally’s misdemeanours I may not be so lenient and I haven’t forgotten how you wanked me off in front of all your friends last time, Sally. You may all get dressed now.”