Spanking session part II

By lovingash

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I have seen her face. She was looking beautiful. She asked me, am I ready for spanking?

I replied, “Yes.”

"OK, then." Alysia pointed to the wall where paddles and straps hung. "Please get me the light paddle at the end" she told me, pointing to the wall. I did as she ordered and went to her right side and handed her the paddle. She ordered me to lie over her lap.

I lay over Alysia's lap, my cock against her bare thigh. The erotic feeling of Alysia's bare thigh against my cock was soon replaced by the pain of the paddle smacking across my bottom. After a while she stopped, allowing me to catch my breath. She started paddling me again, harder this time, making me cry out after each stroke. When she finally stopped, my bottom felt like it was on fire.

Alysia pointed to the end of the bed. "I want you to kneel and bend over the end of the bed."

There was a padded kneeler, like the ones in church, but a higher, at the end of the bed. I knelt on it and bent over. The kneeler was high enough that my bottom was pushed up when I bent over. Alysia went to the umbrella stand, took out a rattan cane and moved behind me. I heard the swish of the cane, before it burned across my ass. She gave the strokes very hard, laying the first stroke near the top of buttocks, and moving downward, with an exact precision as I cried out with each stroke. She ran her fingers over my bottom, felling the raised welts left by the cane. Then my punishment started again, the hot metal pain of the rattan burning across my raised ass. She exchanged the rattan cane for a purple synthetic cane, which was heavier than the rattan and hurt even more. I cried out with each stroke, clenching my buttocks near the end and earning two extra strokes, which Alysia gave harder than the others.

Alysia put the purple cane back in the cane stand and took a heavy wood bath brush from the wall. "You can get up now, Honey" she told me. "I want you to lie over my lap again". She began paddling me hard with the bath brush, alternating buttocks. As the pain built and I cried out. When it was finally over Alysia told me to get up.

"Please wait here, I'll be back in a few minutes" Alysia told me. I could see her round buttocks beneath the sheer panties as she turned and left the room.

Alysia returned about ten minutes later. I followed her down the hall, watching her bottom beneath her sheer panties. She opened a dark wood door at the end of the hall, standing aside to allow me to enter. She shut the door behind them.

In the middle of the room was a spanking bench. Standing to the right of the spanking bench was a woman, who like Alysia was wearing only a black lace bra and bikini panties. Her face was covered by a mask. Over her panties she was wearing a black dildo harness. A black dildo, covered by a condom, stood out like an erect silicon cock. In her right hand she held a black riding whip.

"This is Ann", Alysia told me. "She will be administering the rest of the punishment Alysia walked over to the spanking bench.

"Come over here, please" she told me, indicating a padded top of the spanking bench.

"For the last part of your punishment I am going to put you over the spanking bench."

I knelt over the bench. I was positioned in a V, my torso on the top of the bench, with my knees forward, pushing my bottom out at about waist level.

"Please reach back and spread your buttocks" Alysia ordered. I reached back and cupped a buttock in each palm. My cheeks were hot under my hands as I spread them. I felt very exposed, my ass pushed up by the spanking bench. I heard the sound of a drawer opening and closing and then the snap of rubber as Alysia put on a latex glove. Alysia penetrated me several times with her finger as she pushed lube inside me.

"Please move your arms forward on the arm rests" Alysia told me when she had finished and discarded the latex glove. She fastened my arms to padded cuffs at the front of the bench and strapped my thighs and ankles in the back. I felt very vulnerable and exposed, my bottom pushed out and legs spread.

"Ann will give you your punishment now", Alysia told me. Ann caressed my bottom. "I see Alysia gave you a good hard spanking." She ran her fingers over the welts left by the cane and the bruises that had been contributed by the bath brush. "Such a hot, sore bottom. I'm afraid that your spanking is not quite over" she said regretfully. "I'm going to have to give you a whipping. The room is sound proofed so you may cry as loudly as you want."

Ann brought the whip down hard across my ass. The whip across the cane welts was especially painful and I cried out. She continued to whip me, giving the strokes slowly and very hard. The whipping seemed to go on a long time as I cried out after each stroke. After she had given me twenty strokes she stopped. She said, she feels very sorry for me that I have invited 20 strokes more, 10 for seeing the Alysia’s face and 10 for the women in front of her my cock sprung out. She administered me those 20 strokes very hardly and fastly on my hips and upper part of thigh. After she had given twenty strokes, she hung the whip on a hook on the spanking bench.

I heard the squish of the KY as she lubed the dildo. "Now I want you to relax and take it for me or I'm going to have to give you more whip."

She pressed the tip of the dildo against my anus. "Come on, honey. Relax and take it for me. If you don't I'm going to have to spank you" she told me as she gently pushed the dildo forward. "Push that bottom up a little for me." I did as I was told, but I was still tight.

She pulled away. "I'm going to give you another ten strokes for not giving me your ass."

The whip cracked hard across my ass again. She gave the strokes fast and very hard. When it was over, my cheeks were lined with tears. Ann moved behind me again and I felt the dildo against my anus. I pushed my bottom up as much as the straps binding him allowed, relaxing as Ann thrust inside me. Ann started out with slow thrusts. As she thrust harder and faster, fucking me hard, slamming against my hot punished buttocks, she told me "Ok, that's a good boy. Take your ass fucking. Take it for me." She fucked me for about 10 minutes before withdrawing.

Ann left me bound on the spanking bench as she took off the dildo harness. She walked back to where I lay. "It's been a pleasure giving you your punishment." She caressed my bottom. "Alysia will be back in a few minutes."

When Alysia returned she unstrapped me from the spanking bench and gave me my clothes. I enjoyed spanking you and hope I will spank you again.

Alysia left the room and I dressed. A few minutes later the woman who had met me at the front door came in and I followed her out to the front door. I came home back and rubbed some ice on it.