Spanking session

By lovingash

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Demetra was a nice lady. She spanked me on every week at Saturday. I took the spanking without any noise. On every Saturday, she asked me after dinner to get ready for the spanking. She make a list of my naughtiness and then decide how hard spanking I need. After spanking, I slept with her nakedly and she had no problem. I cradled my face against her warm breast. We were living together for the past eight months and for the last 6 months, I am getting spanking from her. In the gap of every Saturday, if I sometimes asked her to spank me for my some mistakes and she spanked me too. I have been adducted to her spanking and I liked her dominance too. She loves me like a mother. For the past 6 months, not a single time in the Saturday, she had forgotten to spank me and I am always ready to get spanking. I like to get spanking. Demetra too liked to spank me.

One day, she had a meeting and she had to go out for a week. My spanking day fell in between. I am thinking that this Saturday I am not getting spanking. I was a bit sad, I am not getting spanking but I was a bit happy too that I am not getting spanking and my hips will not get pain this Saturday.

Demetra telephoned me and said she had arranged to have me to punished. I told them to punish you as hard as they can and I want you to think of it as me punishing you. I expect you to do everything you are told and to take your punishment without any question, as if it were me spanking you. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Ma'am"

"Don't be late" Demetra cautioned.

"No, Ma'am" I answered.

"Ok, good boy. Sleep well. I love you."

"I love you too", I told her.

The address she had given to me is Elizabeth mansion. It was a huge mansion and was beautiful from outside. The garden was full of roses of different colors. There were different flowers too. I went through a garden gate and up a short flight of stairs to a porch and the front door. I rang the bell rather nervously. A few minutes later, the door was answered by a woman. She was tall, close to six feet and wearing spike heels, which made her even taller. She was wearing a white low cut blouse, with a lace border and a short skirt through which her black panties can be seen too. Her legs seemed to go on forever. She had raven black hair, cascading down over her shoulders. I noticed she had brown eyes and black eyeliner on it.


The woman's appearance was so striking that it took a moment to respond. "I have an appointment" I told her somewhat timidly.

"An appointment for what?"

For a moment, I thought whether I have came to wrong door but the way she had dressed proves to be a right place. She again asked me for what I had come for?

She showed her dominance by taking the address slip from me and asked my name.

I replied Alpha.

She asked me whether Demetra has send me, then I replied, “Yes”.

She asked me to come in and checked my name in the register. You have an appointment with Alysia. Please follow me." She told me.

She lead me down a hall to an office, her heels tapping softly on the hard wood floor. I could see the muscles of her buttocks move beneath the tight skirt as she walked. My cock become hardened. The woman told me to make my cock down, otherwise I will punished for this too. The woman seated herself behind a wide desk, which was empty of papers or even a telephone.

The woman opened a file drawer and took out a folder and placed it on the desk. She took out two sheets of paper. She read from one.

"Demetra has arranged for us to punish you in her absence. This will include a hard spanking. You will be naked when this spanking is administered. You can expect that the spanking will be painful and may result in bruises and welts. Your punishment may include being bound over a spanking bench. You can feel the female dominance too. Please sign this form stating that this will be done with your consent."

After thinking, I signed the form.

The woman took the form from me and put it back in the folder and replaced the folder in the file cabinet. She got up from the desk and I followed her out of the room, back to the entryway where we had come in.

There was a wide carpeted staircase just beyond the entryway. The banister was carved dark wood. I followed the woman as she turned up the stairs. At first all I could look at was her bottom, outlined beneath her short tight skirt. My cock again sprung out. This time again, she had seen me and told me that I will get 10 extra strokes by Alysia. As I went up the stairs, I was surprised to see a naked woman at the top of the stairs.

The top banister post was a tall smooth pillar of dark wood. The woman's wrists were cuffed above her head, attached to brass rings in the dark wood. She was blindfolded with a black silk sleeping mask. The woman I was following walked by the naked woman as if she was not there. When I stopped to look at the naked girl, I noticed that she had recently had a spanking, leaving her bottom and upper thighs blushed crimson. The woman I was following noticed that I had stopped and turned back towards me. "She is waiting for her whipping" the woman told me. "Please follow me." She went down the hall to a bedroom and I entered before her. She shut the door. There was a double bed with a lace comforter and a pile of pillows at the head. There were paddles, whips and spanking straps hanging on one wall and an umbrella stand full of canes next to the bed.

"Please undress to your panties", she told me.

I asked to go out, so that I can undress my clothes. She told me that I have to undress it in front of her. I nervously did as she ordered. I felt very self-conscious as I undressed under her gaze. I folded my clothes neatly placing them on the bed, putting his shoes next under it. The woman took my clothes and shoes. She went towards the door. She stopped and put my clothes and ordered me open my panties too. I stood silently. She came to me and open my panty and took it.” You will get these back at the end of the session. Alysia will be in shortly to punish you." She then turned and left, closing the door behind her.

I sat on the bed and waited. After a few minutes I heard the smack of leather on flesh and sound of a woman crying out in pain. I imagined that the naked woman at the top of the stairs was getting her whipping.

A few minutes later the door opened and a woman came in, shutting the door behind her. For a brief moment the sound of the whipping down the hall was louder. The woman was wearing a black lace bra and black string bikini panties. Her face was covered with mask leaving the lower part of her face uncovered. She had blue eyes and had light blond hair that was drawn back in a pony tail.

"My name is Alysia" she told me. "I'll be giving you your punishment today." My eyes traveled from the mask to her full breasts. I could see the faint outline of the aureoles of her nipples beneath the sheer black lace. Her string bikini panties made a small black triangle between her thighs.

You are Alpha and you are here for your hardest ever spanking punishment.

Yes ma’am

I'm afraid that your punishment will include a very hard spanking", Alysia said, almost apologetically. "For such a painful spanking, you have the option of being restrained over a spanking bench. If you don't hold position or you clench your bottom too much I'll have to put you over the spanking bench and add extra punishment. So it is better to ask to be bound now and avoid the extra punishment."

"I won't need to be restrained, Ma'am"

"OK, I always ask. Some of my clients are crying by the end of a punishment spanking and have a hard time lying still."

Alysia sat down on the edge of the bed. "Are there any questions before we get started?"

"No, Ma'am" I answered.

My eyes are always to be on her figure when I talked to her. She asked me whether I want to say before spanking. I want to see your face, I said her. She said, I can see her face but I will get 10 stokes extra. I agreed with her. She unmasked her face and I see the beautiful face of her.


To be continued-----