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Speaking Out of Turn

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Mike makes a stupid comment, and gets spanked hard

It was a ridiculous comment to make. After all I so fancied Phoebe. She is my best friend’s sister.


I was sorry I made the comment. It just came out.


We were all in the kitchen. Dave and his sister were arguing about one of Phoebe’s friends and her ability to get boyfriends. Phoebe is 17 years old and Dave and I are both 19. Dave wasn’t winning the argument that was for sure. Phoebe was much faster when it came to arguing. Dave resorted to insults and suddenly piped up with “look Phoebe what do you know because I don’t see any boy wanting to go out with you.”


Crikey I thought. That’s unfair. I fancied Phoebe actually and would go out with her like a shot and reckoned any boy would feel the same. OK, she is a bit on the plump side but to me attractive, always bubbly, and she looked particularly lovely today in her cropped pink trousers with grey hoops, a tight light grey t-shirt that showed off her breasts beautifully, with her dark long hair flowing down her shoulders.   And a great personality. Ok a bit explosive on occasion but she is one of those girls who is 17 going on 25.


But Dave is my friend so I thought I had better defend him. I just said “I have to agree with Dave.”


Well, there was silence. Everyone just looked at me. It took several seconds for their Mother, who I called Mrs T, to say anything, and when she did it was on a different subject. I knew she was cross though , but said nothing. Not then anyway.


I was staying with them for a couple of weeks. My parents were away and Mrs T said staying with her was fine. The only thing that worried me was that I knew she was a bit of a stickler, and Dave was still being spanked when she thought he deserved it. Dave told me his Mother spanked very hard, using her hand, and a tough slipper, and a wooden backed hairbrush. He was always in tears within minutes, and stayed crying until the end. His bottom was always a deep red when she finished.


Mrs T made it clear that whilst I would be very welcome, I would have to accept her discipline regime. I reckoned though I would be well behaved and so not have to worry myself.


I still didn’t think about it when that night, once we were all in bed, she came in and sat on the bed. I had my own bedroom and Dave was already in his room.


“Michael, that wasn’t very nice was it?”


I had to agree. “I’m really sorry Mrs T.”


“But we had this discussion just the day before.”


We had. I been excited as we had been to the local fair, and I had spoken out of turn at the dinner table. Mrs T had a quiet word afterwards. She was very fussy about rudeness she said. She had been very strict with Dave and Phoebe and she reminded me how they were given sore bottoms when they were rude.


So Mrs T said that was a warning. It was only fair to give me one warning she said. But the next time, well she would have to punish me. She hoped there wouldn’t be another time of course. I said I was sure there wouldn’t be. I certainly hoped there wouldn’t be.


So, when I made that stupid remark, well, when I saw Mrs T’s cross face, well I sort of knew then what would happen.


“So Michael, we shall have to deal with it this time, won’t we.” It was a statement.


“I was thinking Mrs T. It’s just that I’m 19 years old my parents don’t spank me any more because I’m too old to be spanked really. Don’t you think?”


She smiled at me. “No I don’t think so Michael. I don’t think so at all. You know very well that both Dave and Phoebe get spanked. Why and my very good neighbour put her 21 year old son across her knee just yesterday and spanked him in front of me, whilst I was drinking my coffee. That’s what we do here with naughty children. Age doesn’t matter. Why should it? In fact the older you are, well, if you misbehave the more you deserve to be spanked. The harder you should be spanked as well.”


Of course I knew she was right. I accepted my fate. This will be the first time she will have spanked me. I should have tried harder. But when she told me I would be spanked if naughty and although I knew very well what that meant, I just didn’t think I would be naughty enough. How wrong can you be?


I couldn’t think of any other argument to use. She caught my eye.


“Agreed?” she asked.


I looked back, and nodded.


“Good. Now, I think I will spank you first thing in the morning. That way you will be sore all day long and maybe remember what you did wrong, instead of having the night to get over it. So I will be in first thing. Oh, and I think it deserves a 20 minute spanking. OK?”


Again I nodded. Mrs T left the room, and I got back fully under the covers. I wasn’t looking forward to the morning, but I drifted off to sleep.


Before I knew it it was morning. Mrs T came in to the bedroom and sat on the bed. Dave and Phoebe followed her in and stood by the wall.


I looked at Phoebe. She looked so cute in her cotton dressing gown, well jacket really, which was partially open at the top so I could see her lovely smooth skin and her breasts just swelling over the top of her nightdress. She looked very annoyed though. That made me even more sorry I had been rude to her. I fancied her even more today. If only she wasn’t Dave’s sister. If only.


“Across my lap please Michael” instructed Mrs T. She was holding the hairbrush. Dave told me he had been spanked often with that brush and I knew it was going to hurt.


I pulled the covers back and crawled over to her and across her lap. She didn’t say anything. She tapped my bottom and I lifted my tummy so she could pull down my pyjama bottoms.


“Right Michael, 20 minutes I think. 10 minutes each with my hand, 5 with the slipper and 5 with the hairbrush. I always start with a few with the hairbrush though. Here, look at the clock on your side table. It’s got large numbers so you’ll be able to see how the time is going. I looked back at Mrs T but just in time to find she had raised her hand above her head, and in it was the hairbrush. She brought it down hard. Again and again. I was surprised. It didn’t hurt anywhere near as much as I expected. I began to wonder why Dave squirmed around so much.


Soon she changed to her hand and the pace was fast. I was sure my bottom will be a deep pink by now. It stung for sure. I wanted to put my hand back to protect my burning cheeks but knew I mustn’t. I looked at the clock. 5 minutes so far. Was that all?


Then I heard talking. I looked up and saw it was Phoebe talking to her Mother. “Hey Mum, Aunty Sheila’s on the phone.” Mrs T held the phone to her ear but continued to splatter my bottom with spanks.”


“Hi Sheila……Yes, I’m in the middle of one now…No, its not one of mine……. It’s a friend of Dave’s…… No, he’s not enjoying it…..look, I’ll call you back later on….bye Sheila.”


There was silence for a bit, except for the splat of Mrs T’s palm on my bottom. The clock told me 10 minutes had gone by.


I heard Dave ask “Is this shirt OK Mum?”


“Looks OK to me Dave. Have you polished your shoes?”


“Yes Mum.”


Why are they doing this? I am being spanked but they just carry on as though nothing is happening. Why? Why?


I heard Phoebe say “Nice colour Mum. I’m sure Dave and I squirm much more than Mikey here. Are you sure he’s feeling it Mum?”


Did Phoebe have to say that?. I’m in agony already and why can’t she just leave her Mum to it. Was she really that annoyed with me anyway? I wanted to scream out not to interfere but I couldn’t speak.


Mrs T said “I think he is Phoebe.”


Phoebe sat down on the bed. I was conscious of her bare thighs inches away from my face. Smooth Silky. I knew I could move my hand and touch her. I wanted to. But again I knew there would be a penalty if I did. I could see her looking at me, still frowning with pursed lips, which is her teenager annoyed look. But she was filing her nails. Wow, filing her nails whilst I’m having my bare bottom seriously reddened. The clock said 15 minutes had gone by now. The splat of the leather slipper on my behind was regular, together with the gasp I gave.


  “We need to leave soon Phoebe, are you nearly ready?”


“Won’t take me long Mum. Hey, you’ve missed a bit you know.”


“I see it, you are right, thanks. So how long will you be?”


I couldn’t believe it. Mrs T was pounding away at my backside and talking to Phoebe about getting ready to go out. Can’t they even wait until she’s finished spanking me? And does phoebe have to look so closely to know her Mother had missed a spot?


“I’m nearly done Mum. I will only take a few minutes. Can’t I watch a bit more Mum. You know I like to see you give a really good thrashing. I learn a lot from you know.”




“In fact Mum, could I give some swats, as he upset me so much?”


I wanted to say no. I fancy her for one thing. She’s only 17 for another. How can I look at her again if she spanks me.


“You know Phoebe, that would be a real help. I could phone Aunty Sheila back and then get ready myself. Hhmm, do you think you can spank him hard enough though?”


“Sure I can Mum.”


“OK Phoebe. Why don’t you have him across your lap and give him the rest of his spanking. Here, take the hairbrush.”


Again I wanted to scream out no, but I was crying too much and no words came out.


“Stand up Michael please.”


I was sobbing, my shoulders heaving, but I managed to crawl off her lap and kneel up on the bed. Mrs T got up and handed the hairbrush to Phoebe. I looked at Phoebe through blurred wet eyes and saw her smiling back at me, biting her lip to try to hide the grin but failing miserably. Probably on purpose I reckoned.


Phoebe sat down on the bed.   Mrs T said “over you go Michael. And if you even try to get up you will get another much harder and longer spanking from me. Tonight and again tomorrow morning. I hope you understand that Mike.”


I grimaced but knew I had no choice. I nodded as I still couldn’t speak, and bent back this time across Phoebe’s lap. It felt different to Mrs T’s. Not as wide. But Phoebe pressed her hand down on the small of my back and whilst I knew I could easily force myself up I know I mustn’t. Not when knowing Mrs T will give me a much harder spanking if I did. No, I just had to accept the punishment that 17 year old Phoebe will give me.


I felt Phoebe’s hand on my bottom, feeling it, rubbing it. “Nice and warm Mum. Shall I start?”


“Go on Phoebe. Get going. Don’t forget it has to be hard.”


I looked back, at Phoebe, hand raised, hair brush in hand, bringing it down, hitting my bottom. I closed my eyes. I knew she was raising her hand again. Getting ready for the next one, and the one after that. How humiliating. Being spanked by a 17 year old. By the very 17 year old I fancied.


There was silence again except for the splat of the hairbrush on my bottom. I was so sore. I bet I wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week.


Mrs T said “OK Phoebe, I’ll leave you to it. A good 10 minutes left so make sure you keep up the really hard spanks. Don’t let up even if he asks you to. Understood?” I could tell she was almost laughing.


“Sure Mum, don’t you worry. Can you close the door though so his crying doesn’t make too much noise with you going on the phone.”


“Good thinking Phoebe. Come on Dave, let’s leave your sister to it.”


I heard the door close. Phoebe gave me a few more spanks then stopped. I felt her hand rub my bottom. It felt good.


“How are you doing Mikey?” she asked.


“I steadied my voice and said as best I could “I’m OK thanks.”


“You didn’t mean to be rude to me did you?”


“No I didn’t Phoebe, really I didn’t.”


“I know” she said. She meant it I reckoned from the tone of her voice. Gentle.


“I won’t do it again Phoebe. Really I won’t.”


“A good thing too” she said, and I could tell she was almost laughing. Her nice laugh. With me not at me.   All the time she was rubbing my bottom, and the tops of my legs. Her hand felt so good. I knew I was reacting. Could she feel me I wondered. Surely she could because her nightdress had ridden up and I knew I was lying across her bare legs.


“Hhmm Mikey, I see you are getting a lot better.”


I raised my bottom. “Sorry” I said.


“It’s nice Mikey. I like it. Get back down” she added, pressing her hand on the small of my back. I fell back and could feel my hardened penis pressing against her smooth skin.


“I’m hot Mikey” and Phoebe slipped her dressing gown jacket off. I looked behind and saw Phoebe run her hands through her hair and throw it back across her shoulders. Her nightdress was see through and the light shone in through the window. Her breasts stared back at me and I could see her nipples pressing against the sheer material. My erection stiffened further. Phoebe giggled.


“Do you fancy me then Mikey?” she asked, rubbing her hands down my thigh, and then gently inside my thighs, tenderly moving my legs apart.


“Hhhmmm that’s nice Phoebe. Yes I do fancy you Phoebe. I want to take you out.”


“Really. I want to go out with you too Mikey.”


Wow, I thought. Asked her out whilst in the middle of a spanking. Being spanked by her in fact. That is mind blowing I thought. Her hands wandered deeper between my legs, I lifted up my stomach and her hand cupped my balls. My erection stiffened as she caressed by balls and ran her hand up my stiffened shaft. I was worried I might not be able to control myself. If I didn’t then I would blast my stuff over her bare leg. I tensed, trying to control myself. I closed my eyes tight hoping that would help. But it didn’t. I came. Time after time I could feel the wetness on my legs. Sticky. Messy.


I heard my name being called. Was it Phoebe? It didn’t sound like her though. It sounded more like Mrs T. Shit.


I felt my shoulder being shaken. Mrs T was shaking me, telling me to wake up. Suddenly I was awake. I realised it had all been a dream. Wow, and I thought I was being spanked. But I was still under the covers. Had I really come or was that a dream? I felt under the covers and realised my pyjama bottoms were soaking wet. That wasn’t a dream.


I looked up, and there was Mrs T. Dave followed her in to the room and looked sheepish. Phoebe came last, looking serious.


“Its time Michael.”


I remembered the discussion before going to bed. Being told by Mrs T I was going to be spanked in the morning. The one she gave me was a dream. That means the one Phoebe gave me was a dream as well. And I hadn’t asked her out. That hadn’t happened. The only thing is that I have wet pyjama trousers. A wet dream is all it was.


“Up you get Michael” she instructed as she sat on the bed. She had the hairbrush in her hand. “It will be a twenty minute spanking.” Well, that hadn’t changed then.


“Quickly Michael. If you delay you get another one tomorrow morning. And you might find Phoebe giving it to you, as you insulted her in the first place anyway” she said.


Quickly I threw back the covers. I was about to crawl across her lap but she looked aghast at the dark still wet stain on my pyjama trousers.


“What is that?” she asked sternly. “Typical man. Getting an erection before a spanking.”


“B b..uu..” I stammered. I wanted to tell her I didn’t mean to. That it was whilst I was asleep. She wouldn’t listen to me though.


“Stop arguing” she said wearily.   “Get your pyjama bottoms off and take them in to the bathroom. Rinse them through and put them in the linen basket. Then get right back here. Go on. Quickly.”


I didn’t try to argue. I just accepted it. What else could I do? I got up and took off my bottoms. I went to walk out of the room but caught Phoebe’s eye. At least I could work out where she was looking. At my penis. I put the pyjama bottoms in front of me to hide my returning erection and walked passed her.


“Very naughty” she said, smiling.


I decided not to react. At least not to say anything. I could feel my erection stiffen as I walked passed her.


I went to the bathroom and ran the tap holding the pyjama bottoms under it, rinsing them out where the stain was. Phoebe had followed me into the bathroom.


“Nice white bottom” I heard her say. “Very smooth.” I kept looking in front of me, at the sink, but could feel her come up behind me.


“It won’t be so white when Mum’s finished you know. In fact it will be a deep red. And bruised I’ll bet.”


I still didn’t say anything. I just kept washing the pyjama bottoms.


Mrs T came in to the bathroom. “I told you to be quick Michael. I’ve just added 5 minutes to your spanking. Now get back in to your room immediately. I’m in a rush and have to be out soon.” Mrs T turned and walked out of the bathroom. I quickly turned off the tap and threw the pyjama bottoms in to the linen basket before hurrying after Mrs T. As I turned I almost went straight in to Phoebe. She held out her hands. One caught my chest. The other hand was lower and pushed my stomach.


“Sorry” I said going red as a beetroot. Phoebe smiled. She was so beautiful I thought. And her hands felt so warm through the thin material of my pyjama jacket. Almost immediately my penis stiffened. She looked down and saw me. She said a quick “tsk tsk.”   My blush deepened. I looked at her and she raised her eyebrows, still smiling.


“You’d better get back in there Mikey, before she blows her top.” She gave me an almost sympathetic smile. I will definitely ask her out I thought. Afterwards. I walked past her and to my horror she slapped my bottom. I couldn’t believe it. I turned to her and she mouthed “may be I should spank you” and smiled. I stiffened immediately, just looking at her.


“That’s another 5 minutes” Mrs T shouted from the bedroom. Shit, 30 minutes in total I thought. Phoebe smiled and I dashed back in to my bedroom to find Mrs T already sitting on the bed. I quickly walked over to her. She looked annoyed and I realised she was looking in horror at my erection.


“That is very naughty Michael. Very naughty” she said, pointing at my penis. “Take your jacket off so you can lie on it. Just in case. I don’t want a stain on my skirt” she added.


I removed my jacket and handed it to her. She folded it once and then lay it over her skirt. I stood their watching, not really thinking about the fact I was now naked. I was desperately trying to get rid of the erection but it just wouldn’t go down.


Next second Phoebe and Dave entered the bedroom. They were going to watch of course. As soon as I saw Phoebe I blushed stiffened again. She looked at me, first my face, then my penis, then my face again. Mrs T looked at me and decided to take action.


“I see Phoebe has an effect on you young man. You should have thought about that before you were rude to her. Now, I wonder what would happen if I let her give you this spanking.”


It was like a gun went off. My mouth dropped open but my penis stood to attention like never before.


“Thought so” she said. “So maybe it will teach you a bigger lesson. Phoebe, what do you say?”


Before Phoebe could reply Dave jumped in with “that’s crackers. She’s only 17 years old Mum. Are you bats?”


Well, Mrs T went ballistic. At least for her that is. No shouting or screaming. Just a stare. Dave saw it and realised his mistake. He stammered “sor..rrr..rr.yyy Mum. I m..m..eea…an like, I meant, it’s just that Michael won’t want to be er..ermm .ermmm spanked by Phoe…be” he trailed off as his Mothers stare didn’t waver.


“Go to your room David” she ordered, her voice still calm but ever so strict. Dave knew he had no option. He would have to go to his room and his Mum would soon follow and she would give him an extremely severe bare bottom spanking. But he was only trying to help his friend.


Dave looked at me. We stared at each other for a few seconds, until Mrs T said even more firmly, if that was possible “Now David.”


Dave turned and left the room.


“Darn” Mrs T said to herself, looking at her watch. “I am going to be late after all.”


Phoebe said quietly “no problem Mum. You said yourself. Let me spank Mikey and you go and deal with Dave.”


Mrs T looked up and after a second or two smiled. “You know Phoebe, that’s right. Mike seems to be a bit taken by you so you can now show him whose the boss. Are you sure you can spank him hard enough?”


“I’ve watched you enough times Mum. I’ll be fine.”


“Well, OK. Now, don’t forget, boys know how to make you feel sorry for them. You don’t need to waver. Not one bit. If he says he is sorry then fine, but don’t give him one less spank. If he says it hurts then just spank harder. Understood Phoebe?”


“Mum, I told you, I’ve seen you do it. You are a great teacher. I can discipline him foe you. Believe me he won’t know the difference, through his tears, and he will remember it because his bottom will be very red and sore. And I won’t give him an inch. I promise.”


I looked at Phoebe. She really is 17 years old going on 25. Confident. Mature well beyond her years. Looking strict even in her nightdress and wrap that left huge areas of her body bare.   Beautiful, certainly in my eyes. Knew how she wanted to be treated.


“OK Phoebe. I’ll go and deal with your brother then.”


Mrs T strode out of the room. Phoebe closed the door and turned to face me. Looking strict. Looking like she expected to be obeyed. She walked over to the bed and sat down, crooking her finger so I knew what I was expected to do. I stood by her. My penis erect. There was still noting I could do about it, but maybe Phoebe won’t mind. Maybe it will be like the dream. Maybe she will stroke my penis and I will come. Maybe she might even give me a blowjob. I had heard they were great.


In a few short moments my illusion was shattered. Phoebe pursed her lips and said sternly “I guess I had better get going. Don’t expect any leniency from me. You are here to be punished and I am going to make sure you are properly disciplined. Let’s get rid of this first though. I know just the way.”


She grabbed my arm and pulled me around so I was facing her. My penis almost hit her in the face and she recoiled. Then quick as a flash she pulled her hand back and smacked my legs six times. Rat a tat tat like   rifle shots. I screamed. It stung so much. My erection shrank. Phoebe gave a triumphant “hrrmph”, and then with her other hand gave me another six hard smacks on the other leg. I screamed again, and my erection totally disappeared.


“Good. Now get across my knee before it returns. And make sure you don’t try to cover your bottom whilst I spank you. I get very annoyed about that.”


I almost dived across her lap. My legs stung. I didn’t want any more of those smacks. I stretched my arms out in front of me to ensure I wouldn’t try to protect my bottom. I lay there and waited.


I heard the phone ring. But Phoebe didn’t go to answer it. She was otherwise engaged, what with having me upended across her lap. The ringing stopped. Mrs T had answered it. That was different to the dream, I thought. Phoebe then spoke to me.


“You know why you are being spanked don’t you Michael.” Oh dear. She used my full name. Not good I thought. Not good at all.


“Because I was rude to you Phoebe.”


“That’s right. So, Mum said 30 minutes with the extras. That will be 10 minutes with my hand. 10 minutes with the slipper and 10 minutes with the hairbrush. The clock in front of you will tell you the time. Are you ready?”


I nodded.


Immediately the first spank hit home. Owwww. That hurt. The spanking was nothing like my dream. It really hurt. The first 10 minutes went incredibly slowly. I watched the big hand of the clock go around painstakingly slowly.  


The palm of Phoebe’s hand changed to the slipper. It brought new heights of pain as the leather was plastered all over my bottom and I knew also down the backs of my legs. Slap slap slap went the leather as it hit my bare bottom.


I didn’t even realise that the slipper changed to the hairbrush because the pain was now so intense. Neither did I know the time any more. I couldn’t see through the tears. It was all a blur.


I knew my bottom was going to be red, very red, by the time she finished. I knew why Dave squirmed about so much. This was a thrashing I won’t be forgetting in a hurry.


I also knew this was real. I had no erection with this one.


“OK Michael, you can get up now. It’s over”


It’s over. How he was so pleased to hear those words. He stayed slumped across Phoebe’s lap. He couldn’t move just yet, but at least knew his punishment was over.


“Go to the bathroom and tidy yourself up, Mum will have finished with Dave soon. Oh and Michael, you will do well to apologise to me. I deserve it you know.”


Just then Mrs T came back in to the room. “Are you finished Phoebe?”


“Nearly Mum. Look at his bottom.”


“Very good Phoebe. That is nicely red, and his legs as well. Good girl. I see you know what to do very well. Anyway, I am taking Mike with me to the shops. Is that OK with you?”


She didn’t ask me. I didn’t matter by now. It was the two women deciding everything.


“That’s OK Mum. I’ll look after Mikey. I have still have a little more to do to his bottom anyway.”


Phoebe started giving me more spanks. I could just see that Mrs T smiled, and went out. I could hear through the spanks Dave and her going downstairs and the door closing behind them.


Phoebe spanked me for a few more minutes before deciding I had learnt my lesson. She just stopped spanking me. She didn’t say anything, but gave me time to recover my composure. I was much calmer and had   recovered. I was still very conscious of lying across Phoebe’s lap. Across her bare thighs.   I decided to wait for her instruction to move.


“Up you get” she ordered. I was enjoying the warmth and softness of her bare thighs, but reluctantly I allowed Phoebe to ease me up and I stood, rubbing my bottom. The tears had gone but I was unaware, even unconcerned, that I was naked and was on show again. Phoebe stood there, watching me continue to rub my bottom. I looked up and caught her eye. She smiled back at me. Then I realised I was starting to grow again. I couldn’t stop it. Even after such a long thrashing.


I said “I’m so sorry Phoebe.” She smiled at me, but was glancing down at my erection. I thought I needed to make sure she knew what my apology was for.


“About the insult I mean.”


She still smiled, because she looked at my penis and then back up to my face.


“So do you fancy me then?” she asked.


I looked at her. Smooth soft skin, lovely hair, which she just then pushed back to show off her beautiful fresh face. Looking back at her I said “yes Phoebe. I do.”


“Cool” she said. “And do you want to go out with me?”


“Sure thing Phoebe. Really I would.”


“But you obviously respond to being disciplined. I like that.”


“Really?” I asked. “What do you mean?”


“I mean, that you and I will be going out together. Right?”


“Sure thing Phoebe.”


“But!” She stopped.


“Yes?” I asked, not sure where this was leading.


“But, I am like my Mum. I expect obedience. In fact I’m a bit of a control freak. I know I am. So, if you want to come out with me you have to accept I’m in charge.”


“Sure” I agreed.


“That you will go across my knee if I say so.”


“Sure” I agreed again.


“Even though I am 17 years old and you are 19?”


I kept looking at Phoebe. “I don’t care. Really I don’t. So long as I get to kiss and hug you I will do whatever you say. Honest.”


“Prove it Mikey” Phoebe teased.


“How?” I   asked.


“Let me spank you again now. On your very red bottom.”


I paused a second. My bottom stung. Really stung. Could I take any more? On the other hand she had asked me out. It would be worth it. Surely. I nodded and said “OK.”


Phoebe went over to the bed and sat down. “First though you need to show me how much you respect me” she said smirking.


“How?” I asked.


She lifted one of her bare feet. “Kiss it. Every toe, then all the way up to my knee. Go on.”


I only waited a second, and dropped to the floor, held her foot and and took each toe in my mouth and kissed it, then made my way up to her knee. I wanted to go further but she said curtly “that’s high enough you. Now, do the other foot.”


I did as I was told, and when I got to her knee I looked up and she was smiling. Yes, I thought, she was pleased with that.


She tapped her knee. I walked over to her and stood by her side. Without a word she pulled her nighty over her head and sat there in her very brief frilly knickers. Otherwise she was naked. My mouth dropped open. Her breasts. So beautiful. So so beautiful.


She took hold of my erection, pulling gently, and said “Over you go” she said, smiling.


She spanked me for about another five minutes according to the clock. I was in tears fairly quickly and she really gave me another hammering. She must have felt how stiff I was. She just must have. I squirmed but didn’t try to get up. They stung. Phoebe started to rub my bottom. Soothing.


“You have one hot bottom Mikey. Very hot.”


She rubbed between my legs. I parted them and she explored deeper and deeper until she caressed my balls. I was starting to groan.”


“Do you like this Mikey?


“Yes Phoebe, just like in my dream.”


“What, I did this in a dream?”


“Oh, er, er, well” I didn’t want to say. Phoebe gave me a dozen very hard spanks. Her hand bounced off my bottom and I was close to tears again.


“I’ll ask again Mikey. Did you dream about me?”


I conceded. “Yes Phoebe, last night. You spanked me and then played with me, like you are now.”


“That’s better Mikey. It’s much better if you answer me quickly. You see Mikey, I so enjoy spanking you. I know it hurts you, but I love it. In return though, first the spanking, then some fun” she said. “That’s how it will be when you are good. Lots of fun actually. Just don’t be naughty. You won’t be will you Mikey?


“No Phoebe. Never.”


“Well, I know you will be sometimes Mikey. In fact I will insist because I will want to put you in your place. But on those other occasions Mikey. Those you will enjoy. And you will make sure I enjoy them Mikey. Understood? Because I am in charge. Aren’t I Mikey” she stated emphatically whilst stroking my penis.


I agreed. I would agree to everything she ever said. My lovely Phoebe. After all she had my penis in the palm of her hand giving me such pleasure. The same palm that a few minutes ago was spanking the living daylights out of me.


“Yes Phoebe, you are in charge, just like in my dream. But it’s for real.” I answered.

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