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Strict Aunt spanking fantasy

Couple makes good use of wife's theatrical character.
Initially, Jerry was not happy with his wife joining the local amateur theater group. However, the first time that he saw her made up to be the mature school teacher, he knew he had to do a fantasy scene with her done up like that. Since they had previously done scenes, to spice up the sex life in their marriage, he knew that the issue would not be getting her onboard, but rather, what scene would be really hot? After milling it around in his head for awhile, he made some notes and approached Julie with his idea. She not only readily agreed, but suggested that, considering the time it took to be made up and get dressed, they might want to do a scene after each weekly performance. Starting with the dress rehearsal that was coming up.

By the end of the rehearsal on Saturday night, Jerry was about out of his mind with anticipation. But eventually, they had pulled the car into the garage of the house and the door was closing behind them. As planned, Jerry entered the house first and went to the guest bedroom, turning on the lights as he went. After a few minutes, Julie, with her hair still colored gray and wearing a very proper looking white blouse, below the knee black skirt and 4 inch heels, walked in the door and announced herself, "I'm home!" She then went to the master bedroom and opened and closed a few drawers on the dresser. Julie knew that the key to making a really good scene work was for it to be believable and tease the submissive, for whom you're actually doing the scene anyway, for as long as possible. After a few minutes she called, "Jerry, would you please come in here."

Jerry, getting into character and trying to muster the look of a guilty teenager, despite being over 30 years old, shuffled into the bedroom. "Yes?" He asked.

Julie looked at him sternly, "listen young man, you may be 18, and I am not actually your aunt, but your father put me in charge of you while he is out of town and told you to obey me as if I were your aunt!"

"Sorry auntie," Jerry stammered looking at the floor.

"Now," Julie said, "tell me the truth, have you been in my lingerie drawers?"

Jerry stared the floor a while longer. "Yes ma'am, I'm sorry."

Julie seized the opportunity to draw the scene out, she walked, ever so slowly, over to the dresser and picked up her hairbrush, "you are going to get a spanking, how honest you are with me will determine how severe, and whether with the brush or my bare hand; do you understand?"

Jerry shuffled his feet, stared at the floor, "Yes, yes auntie…"

"Now, first question, do you do anything with the lingerie in the drawers other than pick up and look at them?"

"No auntie!" Jerry stated, thinking, as his character, that he might be in the clear.

"What about my lingerie in the laundry hamper?" Julie asked while tapping the hairbrush against her left palm.

Jerry froze, he had not thought she would've noticed that. "Um….. yes auntie, I didn't think it would matter, they were going in the wash anyway, I uhhhhhh…."

"And you did what with them?" Julie asked in a stern voice. "Did you rub them on your penis, or maybe try them on as well?"

"Um… well, yes, I sort of, rubbed them, the panties that is, on my penis; but I didn't, like really, put them on, more like just, held them up against my chest, the bra that is, but I didn't get any come on them or anything like that," Jerry blubbered, as he was truly getting into the scene.

"Very well," Julie said, "undress, completely, right here, right now!"


"No buts!" Julie said tersely, slapping the hairbrush into the palm of her hand again.

Jerry did as he was told, piling his clothes on the floor next to the chair while Julie pulled some things out of the lingerie drawer. "Stick out your hands," she said and then slid a bra up over his arms, "turn around," she then fastened it behind him and snapped it on his back.

“Ow! What are you doing?” Jerry squealed.

"You wanted to feel what they were like, so I am going to let you," Julie said in her most catty voice, "don’t you think you should thank me?"

"Um…er…. thank you auntie," was all Jerry could come up with.

"Sit down and put these panties on," she commanded, followed by, "and these stockings." The panties, when up, were immediately tented outward by his growing erection and she had to show him how to roll-on and straighten the thigh high stockings, all of which continued to build the tension. After that she forced him into a rather tight fitting half-slip and had him stand before her for inspection. "Not too bad," she said after making him turnaround twice. "But we might as well make the job complete," she said, heading into the closet. A moment later she appeared with a long, brown-haired wig and fitted it into place on his head. "That's better," she said with a smile, knowing full well that his cock was going crazy with anticipation. She then walked around him, slowly, twice, gently slapping the hairbrush into her hand. "Shall I spank you with the hairbrush?" she coolly asked.

"No auntie, please not with the hairbrush," Jerry protested.

"But I so much wanted to use it on you," Julie cooed. "Perhaps another way,” she said with a smile, “bend over and put both of your hands on the footboard knob." Jerry did as he was told, uncertain of what her next move would be. Julie meanwhile, was fetching a condom and lube from the nightstand drawer. She set them, along with the hairbrush, which had a fat round handle, on the bed where he could see them. Then she went around behind him to slide her fingers into the hem of the half slip and slowly raise it up over the buttocks to his waist. Now, being sure to use her fingernails against his skin, she slid the panties down to the top of his legs. Now she sat down on the bed, picked up the hairbrush, and toyed with the handle; Jerry's eyes got big. She opened the lube and spread some on the handle, peeled a condom out of the package and unrolled it over the handle, then thoroughly lubed the outside of it. "Okay," she said, "I will not spank you with the hairbrush, but I am going to use it on you!" She stood and walked behind him and used the fingers of her left hand to spread the cheeks and then used the right-hand to press the point of the well lubricated hairbrush handle to the opening of his anus.

"No auntie, please no, not that!" Jerry wailed.

"Too late," Julie said as she slid the first couple of inches in.

"No, please no, stop, please stop," Jerry cried.

"Oh no," Julie said, "you want to dress like a girl, you are going to be screwed like a girl, and I am going to enjoy it!" Another couple of inches disappeared and then she slid it gently back out until just an inch or so was still in, again she slid the handle in and again back out, slowly building a rhythm. Jerry moaned and groaned and wiggled his ass around as he hung onto the bed post; his cock now fully erect. Julie reached around and felt the firmness of his rigid pole, "Oh, you like this, if I keep it up you will spunk right here, but it is not time for that yet." She continued to stroke the handle in and out until the pre-come was dripping from his cock and then she withdrew it and set it aside. "Stand up," she said, "pull up your panties and pull down your slip." He did so and waited.

Julie walked to the far side of the bed where she knew he would have a good full view of her. "I know how messy you boys can be and I'm not going to let you get spunk on my skirt," she said as she slowly undid the button and zipper of her skirt, lowering it slowly and stepping out of it seductively. Jerry was all eyes as he was not expecting her to be wearing regular stockings held up by a lace garter belt, set off with a matching lace thong panty. She now slowly strutted back to his side of the bed, watching his eyes and knowing the desire that was built up. She ever so gently sat back on the bed so that her knees were right at the edge. "Panties down to your ankles, slip up around your waist and your cock between my thighs, now young man!" Jerry reached up under the half slip, hooked the panties and pushed them to his ankles in one move. He then rolled up the half slip completely baring his cock and ass, then proceeded to get his knees on the bed and lay himself across her lap, electrified with the sensation of his cock going between her stocking tops. "Now," she said as her right-hand gave his left butt cheek a slap, "you are going to count to twenty, starting with one, on the next slap!"

"Yes," was all he could muster.

"Yes who?"

"Yes auntie, sorry auntie," Jerry stammered.

"That's better," Julie said as her hand came down with the first slap on his right butt cheek.

"One!" Jerry yelled. Julie's hand came down again. "Two!" By the sixth slap Jerry's bottom was beginning to look pink and his cock was absolutely throbbing as he desperately tried to hold out for the full twenty. By number twelve he could barely control himself and by fourteen he started thrusting hard, lost in complete erotic fantasy pleasure, complemented with the feel of lingerie and stockings. As the fifteenth slap fell on his butt his cock pumped the first spurt of a huge multi-spasm orgasm that seemed to last longer than any he’d ever had. Eventually, he quit thrusting and lay there, completely spent and breathless, "Oh auntie, that was so good, so good, so good," he said deliriously.

After Jerry had caught his breath Julie said, "What about me?" He looked up at her sideways, not sure how she would want to be pleasured at this point. "Don't worry silly," she said, "just lay on your back with your feet on the floor." He did as she asked and she proceeded to straddle his left leg, grinding her pussy into it, rubbing it up and down, side to side, forward and back, her eyes closed in pleasure until she thrust her head back and screamed, "Yes, yes, yes," while clamping her legs hard on his.

Having regained her composure, she looked over Jerry and said, "By the way, you know that college girl that plays Suzy in the play? I think she has a crush on me and I'll bet she'd love to be spanked by the schoolteacher."

"Really?" Jerry sighed.

"Yes, really," Julie said with a sly smile.

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