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Strict Owner’s Daughter (part 3)

I got to spank my cheating boyfriend and his new girl and he was powerless to stop me.
I’m 19, my name is Angie and I work in a butcher’s shop where Janine, the owner’s daughter, rules the place. To set the scene, a few months ago I was made to witness and take part in the spanking of Jim, the 17 year old Saturday lad. She made him strip off and used the cane on his bum and a springy plastic ruler on his cock to teach him to control himself. I really fancied Jim and a week or so later Janine caught him and me in the act in her stockroom and spanked us both.

Jim and I started to spend more time together and he was fun and sexy. Then last Saturday I heard raised voices down at the loading entrance and went to have a nose. From the doorway I could see Jim looking very sheepish and he looked as though he’d gone through a hedge backwards. Then behind him I saw this attractive blond in a similar state.

Janine raised her voice again, “So when were you planning to ask me if you could use my delivery van to get up to your dirty games. And don’t lie to me,” she added.

The girl looked at the floor and Jim spoke up, “We were just having a bit of a cuddle.”

“I warned you not to lie. What were these doing on the floor of the van?” and she held up a packet of Durex.

I should have kept quiet but I was incensed and rushed forward yelling at Jim, “You cheating, lying bastard.”

Janine stopped me and then went over to the girl, “What is your name?”

The girl looked totally confused. “Ellie.” she murmered.

Right you, go home now Ellie, unless you want to be punished too.”

Jim looked mortified that she’d heard this and the girl stared at Janine and then Jim, “Punished? What do you mean?”

“I gave you the option to leave now,” said Janine “and you didn’t so now you’ll find out . You have been caught trespassing on my property so you either accept my punishment or I call the police.”

I’m afraid I couldn’t have been more pleased. And it showed on my face.

“Right Jim I think you know what is coming. Will you accept your punishment or would you rather lose your job?”

“I’ll take my punishment. You know I need the money.” he said looking Janine in the eye.

Ellie had decided that she didn’t want the police and of course her parents involved. Although she didn’t know what was coming she clung to Jim and said she would accept the punishment.

“Angie, I think that under the circumstances you should be the one to punish them both. That might just make Jim think twice before cheating again.”

My face lit up. “With pleasure.” I said.

“Be in my office at 1.00pm when the shop shuts.” she instructed them. “Now get on with your deliveries, Jim, or else.”

The large clock in the shop read 1.00pm and Janine let the rest of the staff go. A few minutes later the four of us stood in her office. On her desk was a whippy looking cane, a riding crop with leather flap at the end and a 12 inch plastic ruler.

Jim had obviously told Ellie what was to come but I couldn’t work out from her face whether she was scared or excited.

Janine spoke first. “I’m sorry to have to tell you this Angie but I think you should know. I heard noises coming from the van and opened the doors to find Jim lying on top of the girl and kissing her. Jim was wearing underpants which she was trying to take off. She was wearing just panties as Jim had already removed her bra.”

“You cheating shit,” I said, “I’m going to enjoy this."

“Get undressed Ellie. Everything off.” Janine ordered.

I watched Jim’s face as Ellie stripped. His eyes grew bigger as she removed her bra and dropped it on the floor. Then she put her fingers in the waistband of her panties and slipped them off. She almost seemed to be enjoying the experience.

“Take off all your clothes, Jim.” instructed Janine.

He knew he had a good body and he was flexing his muscles as he took off his shirt. I watched his trousers come down, revealing thick muscled thighs and finally, breathing deeply, he took off his underpants.

The whole time we’d been going out I had never known him fail to have an erection when we were together. And now, even under pressure he did not disappoint and a full 8 inches was there for all of us to enjoy. The three of us girls watched it throb, growing in length and thickness, knowing he was helpless and under my control.

Janine told Jim he would be punished first and Ellie would have to watch.

I walked him over to the desk and bent him over.

“How many strokes of the cane do you think, Angie.” said Janine handing me the 3 foot long implement.

“Six, I think.”

“Oh, I was sure you’d say 12. Lets split the difference and make it 9 then.”

I slid my hand up between his legs to make him part them and felt the weight of his cock resting on my hand. I took up my position to one side and Janine moved Ellie in place to make sure she got a good view.

Swish, I brought it down hard across his beautiful clenched cheeks and he leapt up, rubbing his bum and his cock was swinging from side to side.

Janine tapped his cock with the end of the crop “I will spank that next if it stays this way. That first stroke doesn’t count, Angie, as he got up.”

“Get back over the desk.” I said, enjoying this.

Again I parted his legs and I felt his thick cock between my fingers. Swish, he moaned but kept still. Swish, swish, swish, three strokes criss crossed his taught cheeks. Swish, swish, swish another dead centre and two at the top of his legs making him cry out but, give him credit, he stayed down. Swish, swish, two strokes on the top of his bum.

“Turn round and rub your bottom.”

He turned to face us and rubbed his bum making his rigid cock swing wildly. Ellie’s eyes were on stalks and I wondered if she had not seen his penis before this.

“Now it is time for your punishment, Ellie. Jim, you stand here to watch. And control that.” she said flicking his erection with her crop.

I got hold of the girl and moved her over to the desk and bent her over. I wanted to embarrass her in front of Jim but the more I saw the way she reacted the more I realised she was showing off.

I put my hand between her legs to part them to let everyone see her slit. She was very aroused and juices were running down her thighs. Jim was torn between looking at her swollen lips and studying her rather magnificent breasts which hung over the desk.

I stepped around into position. Swish, swish, swish, three tramlines appeared close together on her bum cheeks. But she hardly responded. Swish, swish, I brought down a couple at the top of her thighs and I heard her moan.

A little harder, I thought. Swish, swish, swish, swish, four strokes in quick succession criss crossing her bum and she shouted, “Shit, that hurt.”

“One more, for swearing, I think.” I pushed her down, flattening her breasts against the desk.

Swish, a stinger across the top of her bum. She leapt up rubbing her bum and Jim’s eyes were locked onto her swinging breasts. His erection had not gone away.

“Now it is his turn,” I reminded him, flicking the end of his cock with the cane.

Janine cleared a space on her desk, “Lie down along here, on your back.”

He smiled at Ellie as he climbed up and lay down on his back with his magnificent rigid cock pointing skyward, angled towards his chest. Janine stepped over and slowly pulled back the foreskin from the head of his cock.

I picked up the springy plastic ruler off the desk but Janine handed me the riding crop. I saw Jim flinch but then smile. I knew he’d enjoyed it when I spanked his cock before.

I gave a couple of practice flicks and then thwack, thwack two strokes spanked along the shaft. Thwack, thwack, thwack two on the underside of his cock and another on the shaft. I examined my handiwork, moving my fingers gently up and down the rigid member. I enjoyed seeing Ellie getting upset as I handled his erection and I stroked him more. I looked directly at her as I rubbed the juices around the head of his cock.

Thwack, thwack two stingers on the head and thwack, thwack two right on the tip and he lay back with a moan.

Janine said she had a few things to do and told Ellie to collect her clothes and together they left the room.

Jim started to get up and I flicked his cock again with the crop. I took off my dress, slipped off my knickers and climbed up on the desk. I lowered myself slowly on to his reddened cock and began to move rhythmically sliding him up deep inside me and then nearly out. I kept it really slow and I knew he was getting close. Then just as he was sure to come I lifted off and stepped back down.

He was shocked when I picked up the crop again and began to spank the head of his cock rhythmically and then harder and harder. It took a while and then with a huge groan he shot his load. He lay there with cum over his stomach, his legs and all over the desk.

I told him to stay where he was until Janine came back. “You enjoyed that but of course your cock will now be very red and very sore. Remember that when you’re out with your floozy next time. Do not move until Janine tells you to.” and I left him lying there in a pool of spunk.

From what Janine told me the following Monday, she found him still there on his back when she went back into her office a couple of minutes later. She told him off for making such a mess on her desk and made him scrub it clean while she spanked him with the cane and crop. She said it took him ages, trying to dodge her stokes while he cleaned up the mess. Whenever he leaned over the desk to clean it she caned his bum and when he turned round to rinse his cloth she flicked his cock with her crop.

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