Strict Owners Daughter

By Angelheart

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An attractive woman spanked her young male employee in front of a female shop assistant.
My name is Angie. I’m 19, and a few months after starting work as a shop assistant in the local butcher’s, I was asked to witness a very exciting punishment of the Saturday delivery boy, Jim. He started doing deliveries each Saturday when he was 16, and even though he was younger than me, I quite fancied him. He was fit, attractive and had a sense of humour.

The shop was owned by George Andrews, but really it was his very attractive daughter Janine who ran the place. Another young lad, Dave, used to drive the van on Saturdays and took Jim around to deliver the orders. Janine was in charge, she managed everyone in the shop and she didn’t tolerate mistakes.

Jim turned 17 a short time after he took on the delivery job, and he passed his driving test soon after. That was really when I found out just how tough Janine could be. When Dave told her he would be leaving at the end of the month to go to college, she told him he could go at the end of his shift and she told Jim that he would drive the van and deliver the orders too from next week onwards.

The following Saturday, Jim had to sort the orders and for the first time was sent out alone in the van. Apparently he got lost, and was 20 minutes late when he got back. Janine was furious and told him to expect to have some pay docked. All of this took place in the back shop where I was doing my paperwork and I could see how upset Jim was.

“I’ve never done this before,” he pleaded. “Please don’t dock me any pay, I need the money.” She gave him an strange smile and said she’d have a think about it.

Jim and I chatted as he got the next lot of orders together, I put my hand on his back and told him I thought it was unfair. He gave me such a big smile, thanked me and then set off, desperate to catch up on the lost time, but that only made things worse as he mixed up two orders in his haste.

While he was out, the phone rang and I heard Janine apologise and then she cursed. She glared at Jim when he got back to the shop.

“Mrs. Price has just phoned to say she’s got Mr. Preece’s order, so presumably he has her order. Go straight back there now and sort them out.”

She turned away grimacing and Jim quickly went to put things right. By the time he’d finished all his deliveries he was nearly 45 minutes late and I heard Janine point out, he had used more fuel than he should.

Janine took me on one side and told me she needed me to be her witness as she was going to discipline Jim. She told me she was going to offer him the choice between losing some pay or taking a spanking. I told Janine that I wasn’t sure I was the right person to act as witness but she dismissed my objection and told me to wait in the back shop . She said she would call me into the office when she was ready.

Nothing more was said to Jim until Janine began to shut the shop at 1.00 o’clock. She told him to wait in her office, and then she let everyone else out before shutting the shop door.

I watched her go back into her office and I crept up to the door. I heard her say “Right, I have decided that you will either be docked some pay or I will punish you right now. What is it to be?”

Then I heard Jim’s voice “Please, I’d never done the deliveries by myself,” he said. “Won’t you let me off this time?” But she said nothing and I could tell she did not plan to give in to his suggestion.

Jim then said, “I’ll take the punishment.”

“Very well, as this is your first punishment, I will give you just 6 strokes of the cane. Strip down to your underpants, I’ll be back in a moment and I expect you to be ready.”

I quickly moved back as Janine came out. “He’s decided to accept the spanking to avoid losing any pay,” she told me.

“I like Jim,” I said. “I’m not very happy about witnessing his punishment.”

“Do you wish to suffer the same fate?” she asked. I shook my head and then followed her into her office.

“Angie has kindly agreed to be my witness. I want to be sure you cannot claim I did anything wrong.”

I stopped in shock at the doorway, Jim was wearing just his Y fronts and I couldn’t help looking at his great body. We’d always got on well and had good fun; I think he was even thinking about asking me out and now I would see him being caned by Janine. My eyes traveled down his torso and I saw the bulge in his underpants starting to grow. I realised he was getting excited at the thought of two attractive women looking at him being punished while wearing no more than underwear. He gave me a resigned look and a smile.

“Bend over the table,” instructed Janine.

He reluctantly obeyed. I watched open mouthed as Janine walked round behind him and pulled down his pants. Jim leapt up and tried to grab them, but she pulled them off and tossed them across the room. He stood there in surprise and Janine and I could not help looking at his growing penis. Janine picked up a springy plastic ruler from the table and struck his cock.

“That had better be under control by the time I’m done or I will punish him too."

Red faced with embarrassment he glanced over at me and found me staring open mouthed at all this.

“Bend over.” Jim did as he was told. “Spread your legs further apart,” directed Janine.

He bent over the desk and I saw his cock was pressed along the top but she slid her hand down past his stomach and forced his hard-on down between his legs so it was trapped against the edge of the table and in full view.

“Six strokes.”

Then she asked me to make sure I could see everything. I moved round to get a better view. I could tell from his expression that having me this close to him and knowing I could see his erection was incredibly exciting.

'Swish,' Janine brought the cane down across his bum, 'swish,' the second stroke crossed the first. These must hurt but Jim was refusing to react. 'Swish,' Janine’s third stroke landed at the top of his lovely muscular thighs making him yell and he leapt up, his penis waving back and forth as he rubbed his bum. I longed to reach out and stroke his rigid cock which looked enormous.

Janine gave him a sharp tap of the cane across his erection, “Put that away, and bend over. Now you’re going to get an extra stroke for moving before I told you.”

Again she forced his cock down so it was trapped into place by the edge of the desk. Swish, swish, the strokes continued across his tight bum, swish, and one final hard stroke, swish, left him gripping the desk.

“Stand up and turn round.” Jim tried to cover his cock, which was fully erect and throbbing. “Put your hands away,” she ordered, and he put them by his side, releasing a good 8 inches of cock which sprang up. I couldn’t help stare as Jim looked down to see the two red marks already across his shaft.

“I see you have not heeded my warning. I think we should give him six strokes of the ruler.” Then she turned and said, “Angie, would you give him the first three strokes, please?”

As I looked at Jim realised that he was getting more and more excited by the whole experience and especially now that I would be spanking his cock.

Hesitantly, I took the ruler and Janine instructed Jim to put his hands behind his back. Thwack, my first stroke hit the shaft, thwack, a little harder as I became more confident and thwack another on the shaft.

Janine ran her fingers along the length of his cock, “That wasn’t very hard Angie, give him another one and then let’s see if I can do any better.”

Thwack, I struck his cock harder and he yelled rubbing his cock to ease the sting but I could see he was still aroused and wanting more.

“Stand still,” said Janine, stroking his cock again. “We haven’t finished yet, have we Angie?”

I was jealous of her touching him and I wanted to stroke this magnificent erection.

Jim’s cock was rigid and still throbbing, even more so after Janine had touched it. Thwack, and he yelled as the first stroke landed across the head of his cock. Thwack, thwack, two more strokes hit home across the tip and made him flinch.

He obviously thought it was all over as he went to pick up his underpants.

“Stay where you are,” she said. “I’ll tell you when to get dressed. Angie, I think you should give him one more on the tip of his cock for moving before I told him.”

I was getting into this. I could see that Jim was enjoying this in a perverse sort of way and I smiled as I took the ruler. I moved round, so close I could smell his body, as I ran my fingers under the shaft and stroked the tip of his cock, then thwack I hit it hard across the tip. Again he yelled, but stayed still, not wanting to encourage any more punishment from Janine.

Janine ran her hands over his bum and around his cock, admiring her handiwork. When she stopped I did the same stroking along the full length of his cock and rolling my finger around the head until juices started to run and he smiled at me.

“Right, get dressed. And remember, you will be punished like this if you give me cause in future,” said Janine cutting into our exchange of looks.

She handed him a small brown envelope. “Here is your pay,” she said. “I trust you have learnt your lesson.”

As she said this, I saw her smile wickedly and she patted him on the bottom. Then she turned to me and began to lead me out through the office door, “Thank you for your help, Angie, I have a feeling you enjoyed it.”