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Summer Vacation

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Summer Vacation By

My name is Clyde and my wife spanks me. She even lets some of her friends spank me. This incident happened to me this summer. My wife hadn’t seen her sister for a year, so we decided to visit her. Her sister’s name was Kate, and she lives in a near by state. When we packed up to leave, my wife put in the trunk a small bag besides our main suitcases. At the time, I didn’t know what was in the bag, but I found out later.

But to get back to the story, Kate was single but lived alone in a house. It had a guest bedroom, where we stayed while we were visiting Kate. Kate is about two years younger than my wife was, and she works as an insurance agent did. This allowed her to clear her schedule to be with us more, during our visit. It was about a seven-hour drive to Kate’s house, so the first night we got there, we basically said hello and went to bed.

During breakfast the next morning, my wife and Kate had a lot of catching up to do as far as what was happening in each other’s lives. During the conversation, Kate mentioned that she thought I acted really exemplary for a husband. My wife said, “He acts real good, because if he acts bad or is naughty, I spank him.”

Kate asked me, “Clyde, is it really true that she spanks you?”

“Yes, she really spanks me,” I replied.

“I even let my friends spank him,” my wife said. “Do you want to see how I spank him, and maybe spank him yourself?”

“Yes, I’d be interested!” Kate replied.

“Clyde, get that small bag I brought with me and meet us in her living room,” my wife said. So I got the bag from the guest bedroom and went into the living room and pulled down the shades. I didn’t want the whole neighborhood to see me being spanked. Soon the two of them entered the room and Kate was still asking my wife questions about my spankings. “I usually spank Clyde once or twice a week,” my wife said, “depending on how good he is. I think every husband should be spanked. They show a lot more respect to you that way.”

My wife then pulled up a wooden chair from the dining room and said, “Clyde, undress now and then come over here for an over the knee spanking.” Although my wife and her friends have spanked me, I still get embarrassed when I have to take off my clothes in front of another woman. But I know that if I take my time undressing, my wife will make my spanking last longer. So I hurry up, and soon I am standing naked, next to my wife. “Have you ever spanked a man before?” my wife asked Kate.

“No,” Kate replied. “Will you tell me how to spank him.”

“Sure,” my wife said. “First you hike up your dress or skirt and spread your legs a bit. Then you have Clyde lay over your lap so that his penis is between your legs. Then you press your legs together to keep him in place.” Then over my wife’s lap I went, and I was held in place by her thighs. “Then you cup your hand and spank him going from cheek to cheek. like this.” Before long, my spanking started. “If he starts to move about too much, you just clamp your legs together tighter. What’s nice to see is his bottom turn from a white color to a pink then a red color. His hand spanking usually lasts about five minutes, and then I spank him with paddles and other spanking implements, bending over something. Do you want to try spanking Clyde, now?”

“Sure, I’ll try,” Kate said.

“Clyde, stand up now and go over to Kate so that she can spank you,” my wife said.

When I walked over to Kate I noticed that I had an erection. She noticed it too because she said, “Look at this! I think Clyde is enjoying his spanking.” She examined my erection for a minute or two then said, “Now lie over my lap for a spanking from me.” She hiked up her skirt and soon my penis was trapped between her legs.

Her spanking was real light, until my wife said; “You can spank him harder and faster than that.” Then I could really feel her spanking me. After about five minutes of this, my wife said, “That’s enough for now. Clyde, stand up and empty the contents of the bag onto the coffee table.” The bag my wife brought along had most of the paddles and other spanking implements that she uses on me. My wife looked around the room for something for me to bend over and said, “Clyde, why don’t you bend over the dining room table for the next part of your spanking.” This was a large wooden table, which put my bottom up high in the air for them to spank. I gripped the other side of the table so that I would stay in place.

“Grab a paddle or whatever you want, and stand on one side of him,” my wife said. “I’ll stand on the other side and then we both can spank him at the same time.” Soon I felt the two paddles on my poor bottom at the same time. After a bit, they changed over to other spanking implements to see what effect they would have on my poor bottom. I started to move about because now the spanking was really heating up my bottom.

“That’s enough of a spanking for Clyde for right now,” my wife said. “So Clyde, stand up now and then stand in a corner in the living room.” As I stood in the corner, they talked some more about how and when my wife spanks me.

“Since you are going to stay with me for five days, I hope you will let me spank Clyde some more,” Kate said.

“I think I can arrange that,” my wife said. “Clyde, before you get dressed, go over to Kate for another short over the knee spanking from her.”

So over her lap I went, again. “Yes, I do enjoy spanking you,” Kate said. After about another three minutes of spanking, she said, “You can stand up, now.”

When I stood up. I had another erection. My wife noticed it and said, “If he is like this at the end of his spanking, I usually milk him. Do you want to do the honors?”

“Sure,” Kate replied. “Get me a hand towel or wash rag from the bathroom.” Then Kate stroked my balls and penis until I came into the wash rag.

“You can get dressed, now,” my wife said.

As I was getting dressed, Kate said, “I’m sure glad you brought Clyde with you. I’m going to enjoy spanking him during your visit.”
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