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Taken in Hand by my Wife's Sisters

Sally's sisters could not wait to get my clothes off, touch me and spank me
I was just 20 when I married Sally and we didn’t find it easy keeping our heads above water after we got our first house. We often found that we were short of money by the end of the month. Despite this we both sometimes bought stuff when we shouldn’t and we needed to find a way of controlling our spending.

We’d tried a bit of role play spanking and enjoyed that but I wondered if a proper spanking might be worth trying to make us change our ways.

The next month end was the same so we sat down to see how to make ends meet and I told her my idea. ”Sally if you buy things that we can’t afford I think I should give you a proper spanking. And if I overspend you spank me. What do you think?”

Sally looked surprised initially, then started to get excited.

“No, Sally,” I explained, “this would be a proper spanking to make us stop spending, not foreplay. Have a think about it and let me know”

The next evening Sally said she’d been thinking about my idea. “I agree to you spanking me if I overspend without your approval.”

“Good.” I said, pleased that we seemed to be making some progress.

“But I want my sisters to help me to spank you if you overspend.”

My mind reeled. “What? You told Alison and Jen about my idea?”

Sally said she was sorry but she needed to know what they thought about it. Sally reminded me that I’d said this would be a proper spanking and that she wasn’t very strong so she and her sisters felt it was only fair to make things even.

I didn’t want to spoil the progress we’d made and after all it was usually Sally who did the overspending.

“All right.” I said, “I agree.” I had to admit the idea of Alison putting me over her knee was giving me a hard on.

Two weeks later we were due to go to a friends party. On the Friday night Sally came home with a bag and tried to sneak up to our bedroom.

“What is that? I asked.

“Nothing.” Sally said, making for the stairs.

I opened the bag and held up a new dress. “£55 pounds for a dress! Right, we agreed. After supper you will take off all your clothes and I will spank you hard.

After we’d eaten I closed the curtains as our front room looked straight out onto the street. I fetched a short whippy cane and a leather tawse and told Sally to get undressed for her punishment.

She had a gorgeous body and I enjoyed watching as she took off her work dress, stockings and finally her bra and pants. Her breasts were perfect, firm, and big enough but not over large. Her nipples were erect. My eyes ran down her body past her flat stomach, her shaved mound and her beautiful legs. I was growing excited and so was Sally.

I became even more aroused as I watched her walking across the room stark naked. She brought the implements to where I sat in the middle of the room on a dining chair.

I bent her over my knee, slipping my hand along her thigh and between her legs and then began to warm her bum with the tawse. Sally started to wriggle as her cheeks grew red but I kept going. Sally was crying for me to stop.

“Stand up Sally and apologise for wasting our money.”

“I’m very sorry, Jim, I won’t do it again” she cried, rubbing her bottom and giving me the pleasure of seeing her tits move from side to side.

“Right, now bend over the table for the cane.” I instructed.

“Oh please, no more. I am sorry.”

“Bend over the table. I am giving you six strokes but it will be more if you don’t do what you are told.”

Reluctantly, Sally bent over the dining table. I moved her legs apart and when I noticed her juices were flowing I slid my fingers inside her. She moaned and pushed down on my fingers.

I was not going to be distracted……... yet. I picked up the cane and swished it in the air, making Sally flinch. Swish, swish, the first two strokes landed dead centre. Swish, one across the top of her legs, swish across the top of her cheeks and I ended with two strokes diagonally across her cheeks making her clutch her bum and dance round.

Sally was so pleased this was over she ran over and hugged me. My cock was hard and she was wet; we didn’t need any more foreplay. I tugged off my clothes, we fell to the floor and I pushed my rigid member into her, sliding in and out, feeling her tighten round my cock till we came together shouting, exhausted.

Now Sally and her two younger sisters, Alison and Jen talked all the time and Sally told them pretty much every detail of her punishment and the aftermath. They reminded her they had offered to help with my punishment and Sally promised to let them know as soon as I made any inappropriate purchases.

A week later I came home with new car mats for my pride and joy Golf GTi. Sally and I had a row and she reminded me that I had punished her for buying an expensive dress and that I had agreed to be punished if I spent unwisely. Then she reminded me that I had agreed that Alison and Jen would help her punish me if the occasion arose. They were due to come over for lunch in a couple of days so I had a little time to prepare myself for the ordeal to come.

Half an hour later the door bell rang. I opened the door and there on the porch were Alison and Jen.

“Hi, Alison, hi, Jen, come in.” I said, my heart sinking.

“Hello Jim, is Sally around.” said Jen “I think you may have guessed why we are here.

Sally appeared holding my car mats.

“What are you doing with those?” I asked.

It was Alison who answered. “Sally has told us that you agreed to punish each other if either of you bought anything you couldn’t afford.”

“Well, I er…..I mean….”

But Jen cut me off. “We know that you spanked Sally on her bum with a leather strap and cane when she bought that dress to wear for the party.”

I turned to Sally to find out what was going on but Alison said “Sally has decided that you should be punished in the same way as you punished her, and we are going to help her.”

“We don’t need your help, thank you.” I said, trying to take charge, “Sally and I can manage on our own.”

But Sally wasn’t going to let me forget our conversation. “Jim, you agreed that if you spent money on something we couldn’t afford, that Alison and Jen would help with me your punishment and you are going to be punished.”

“Right, Jim, fetch the strap and the cane,” said Jen “or would you rather we called some more of our friends to come over and make you?”

I could see that she meant it. “No.” I said, feeling the blood pumping into my cock at the thought of what was to come.

I returned with the tawse and cane and found the three of them waiting. They’d cleared a little space in the middle of the room.

“Take all your clothes off Jim.” Jen was 19, the youngest but the bossy one of the three sisters.

I looked to Sally for support but she just smiled. Slowly, I removed my clothes, keeping on my underwear.

“Take them off.” said Sally or we will be forced to punish you more.

I hesitated for a moment, “Right,” said Sally, “instead of two strokes of both the strap and cane from Alison, Jen and me, we will each give you three strokes of the strap and three strokes with the cane.”

“No, please, I’m taking them off,” and I slipped them off. I stood there totally naked in front of three attractive fully dressed girls, my cock was growing and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

Alison and Jen were enjoying seeing me naked and their eyes started with my erection then took in the rest of me and back to my throbbing cock. I could see from Sally’s face that she was pleased at their reaction to my body.

It was Alison who spoke next. “I think that we ought to punish Jim’s cock too as he seems to be enjoying this just a little too much. What do you think, Jen?”

“You are so right, Alison.”

Jen took control again. She sat down on a dining chair, pulling her short skirt right up, revealing slim brown thighs which she parted. “Bend over here, Jim.”

She took hold of my cock as I went over her lap and locked it between her bare thighs. I was unable to move. Jen picked up the tawse and thwack, brought it down hard across my arse. Thwack, thwack came two more stinging strokes. I tried to get up.

Jen decided to keep me trapped. “Alison, I’ll keep him here, you can get a better swing that way.”

Alison came around the back of me, stroking my bum, then thwack, thwack, thwack her three strokes landed in quick succession making me cry out.

Sally moved over to stand where Alison had been and I remained pinned between Jen’s thighs. Sally parted my thighs and thwack caught me across the crack of my arse. I yelled. Thwack, thwack two strokes across the cheeks and only then was I allowed to stand.

My erection was thicker and harder than before and Sally’s sisters seemed in no rush as they studied my body.

“Now Jim, come into the middle of the room, bend over, legs wide apart, with your hands on top of the coffee table.” instructed Jen.

I did as I was told but Jen was not happy and slid her hand up the inside of my thigh and forced my legs further apart. With each touch from the girls I became more turned on and I began to realise just how exciting I was finding this.

Jen reminded me that I was being punished for spending money that Sally and I didn’t have, just as I had punished Sally for her spending. I said nothing, thinking that was safest but instead Jen made me stand up straight and flicked the tawse, catching me across the shaft of my cock.

“Yes, yes, I understand.” I almost shouted.

“Good.” said Jen, “I’m glad you do. Now we will each give you three strokes of the cane and I still think we will need to punish your naughty cock too, won’t we? She added, stroking her fingers down the full length of my erection.

Alison took her place to one side of me. I felt so vulnerable bent over with my cock throbbing in full view of my wife’s younger sisters. Swish, swish, swish and I leapt up clutching my hot stinging bum. I stopped as I saw every pair of eyes was locked onto my penis as it swung while I rubbed my bum.

And then, when I thought it could get no worse, I realised that our neighbour, Sally’s friend Kate, was standing outside in disbelief looking in through our window. I tried to cover myself and got a stinging stroke on the thigh for my troubles.

Sally went out and had a quick word with Kate and then to my shame she brought her in to watch. I wanted a hole to open up as Kate entered the room and took in the scene. Me standing in the centre of our front room totally naked with red marks around my bum and Sally’s sisters standing next to me with a garden cane. Sally told Kate what was happening and that she was welcome to watch the rest of my punishment.

“Could I have a go too?” asked Kate, taking off her jacket. I realised it was no use arguing as it would only get worse.

Sally bent me over again while they all watched. My bum was now red hot and each stroke magnified by the ones I had already received. Swish, right across both cheeks, swish a diagonal stroke and swish across the top of my thighs. I remained in place wanting this to be over as quickly as possible.

Jen moved into position, ran her hands down my back, around my red cheeks, around the muscles of my thighs and then stroking my cock she eased my legs further apart. Swish, the first stroke caught me inside my thigh, swish across my left cheek and swish across the right cheek.

I could see that Kate was getting excited by my punishment especially as she had now been handed the cane. She took her lead from Jen and stroked inside my thighs, ran her fingers round my balls and along my throbbing cock, rubbing the juices around the head. Swish, her first stroke took me by surprise and I yelled out getting a cheer from the others. Egged on by this, swish, the next stroke stung across both cheeks and swish another in exactly the same spot.

I was made to stand up and face them all and I felt their eyes roam over my firm body and my penis now rigid and throbbing.

“Thank you for letting me join in.” said Kate getting ready to leave, but Sally stopped her, explaining Alison’s idea that they spank my cock too and Kate’s face lit up as she put down her jacket.

To compound my humiliation they decided I should be made to lie on my back along the dining table which stood next to the window. Again I received a stinging swish of the cane on my thigh for pointing out that anyone walking past would see everything. Reluctantly I climbed into position and lay there hoping no one else would walk past, my 8 inch penis rigidly pointing at the ceiling.

Sally came over with an old fashioned wooden ruler. She ran her fingers up and down my cock before sliding back my foreskin. “Two strokes from each of us, I think.”

Thwack, on the underside of my shaft then thwack along the shaft. Jen took up the ruler, thwack another along the shaft then thwack one on the head. Jen then began to stroke my cock before Sally took the ruler from her and told her to let Alison have her turn.

Alison couldn’t wait and moved up swishing the ruler and making me flinch. She too was not going to miss this opportunity to stroke her brother in law’s erect penis and ran her fingers around my balls and up the length of my shaft before thwack the first stroke hit the underside of my shaft, then thwack another on the head.

Finally Kate was handed the ruler. She put her hand round the shaft squeezing gently until more juices ran from my cock then she slid down the foreskin until it was tight. Thwack, a sideways stinging stroke on the head followed by thwack, a stinger right on the tip and thwack, one more for luck. I reached up, clutching my cock as they moved away giggling.

“You can get dressed now.” said Sally.

But as Sally moved off to the kitchen Jen moved back and holding my cock firmly in her right hand whispered “This is just the beginning Jim, Alison and I will make sure that Sally tells us when you are to be punished again. We must help her out, after all we are family.”

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