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Teacher's Revenge

Caught on tape, my ass pays the price
Being trapped in American History class isn’t exactly my way of spending a beautiful spring day. Luckily, my iPod was the perfect distraction from Ms. Mahoney’s lecture.

When I saw my classmates head for the door, I knew my 45 minutes of torture was over. As I exited with the rest of the herd, Ms. Mahoney tapped me on the shoulder.

“Miss Kaitlyn, you need to pay attention in class and stop daydreaming. Moreover, please take those headphones off; it’s just rude to have them on all the time. Haven’t we had this discussion before?”

“Yeah Ms Mahoney, you’ve discussed it before over and over again. I’m really getting tired of it. I do my homework. I pass my tests when you throw them at me. You really should be happy with that.”

“Miss Kaitlyn, you barely pass your exams and you only do your homework when we threaten to talk to your parents. We’re really running out of alternatives here. How can we teach you when you simply refuse to learn?”

I rolled my eyes and clicked my tongue (I knew she hated that so that’s why I did it).

“I think it’s time that I meet with your parents, young lady. I will be advising your Guidance Counselor to contact them. Maybe, just maybe, you can be salvaged.”

“Great, now my fucking parents are going to try and take away my privileges for a month. Fuck this Ms. Mahoney, Fuck you and Fuck this school!” I said as I stormed out of the room.

I flipped her “the bird” on my way out.

I walked out of the building and through the teacher’s parking lot. Ms. Mahoney didn’t know this, but I knew which car was hers. When I found the “bitchmobile,” I knelt down, unscrewed the cap on her tire stem, and took out all the air. I did this to the other three tires as well so filthy cunt had four flat tires. I knew she lived about 30 miles away and had to pick up her kids from daycare. She’s going to have an “itty bitty” problem doing that now. I was going to inconvenience her life just as she was doing to mine.

I got on the bus and went home with my iPod blasting my favorite tunes. I pat myself on the back for a job well done. I wish I could have seen Mahoney’s ugly face when she saw her flat tires.

The following morning, everyone was talking about how Ms. Mahoney’s tires were slashed in the teachers’ parking lot. When her class was over, I let her know that I was sorry to hear about her most unfortunate incident. She told me the tires weren’t slashed; only that someone let the air of them.

“Either way, I’m sorry all the same,” I said, feigning sympathy.

“Thank you, Kait but the security cameras in the parking lot caught the incident on tape and the tape was turned to the Southern City Police. The person who did it is in very serious trouble,” she said with confidence.

“Oh Shit, the security cameras, I forgot about the security cameras.” I said to myself.

By this time, my adrenaline was pumping. It was either “fight or flight” and flight looked like a good idea. I was near the exit door when Mrs. Ryan, the school secretary spotted me.

“Kait, I was just on my way to see you. Please report to the Principal’s Office- right now- don’t wait!” she said.

“Oh fuck, now what do I do?”

“Maybe they think I did it and they want to ask me about it.”

“Easy enough, I just say I didn’t do it. After all, I’m innocent until proven guilty,” I said as I conducted an endless conversation with myself.

My heart pounded, as I got closer to the principal’s office. My eyes were burning while my mouth was dry from the anxiety.

When I got to the Principal’s Office, Miss Mahoney was there as was Mr. Reynolds, a teacher I had “some words” with a few weeks ago. My guidance counselor was sitting at the Principal’s desk. Standing next to her was some well-dressed Asian man I’ve never seen before.

“Kait this is Detective Liu Chang from the Southern City Police Department,” Miss Mahoney said as she introduced us.

“Hi Kait, nice to meet you,” he said with a smile.

“Have a seat, young lady,” he said.

I nervously took a seat. I didn’t think what I did was that serious, but everyone in the room saw it differently.

“Kait, I’m going to get to the point. We have proof that you removed the air from the tires of Ms. Mahoney’s car.”

I said nothing.

“Now, you know that there are consequences for what you did,” he added.

“Yeah I guess so,” I said as to not incite him, but I didn’t feel I should apologize either. After all, Ms. Mahoney is a bitch.

“Well, I’m going to give you a choice. You can face a two week suspension from school or you can get paddled for your actions,” he said as he slowly paced the room.

My mind was racing. I needed to make a decision. I couldn’t take a suspension because my parents promised to buy me a brand new BMW for graduation and I didn't want to lose that. Paddling sucks, but I guess a few whacks on the ass from Ms. Mahoney isn’t as bad as losing my Beamer. Besides, I could always say she paddled me too hard and my parents could sue the school. It all works out in my favor.

“Think it over,” he said.

After a few minutes, I told them my decision.

“I’ll take the paddling,” I said relieved, knowing that I’ll have my car on graduation day and probably millions from the lawsuit I was contemplating. I was going to be rich!

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yeah, let’s get this over with. At least a paddling won’t last for two weeks,” I said.

“No, but the effects will,” he mumbled.

“OK, so when are we going to do this?” I asked.

“Right now,” he said.

I looked at Ms. Mahoney, but she was staring down at the floor as if she felt sorry for me. My guidance counselor briefly left the room, but returned with a paddle. The Asian guy took off his jacket and hung it on coat rack.

He exhaled as he rolled up his sleeves, shaking his head. I sat still, waiting for my next instruction.

“Bend over the desk,” he instructed.

“Who’s going to do this?” I asked softly.

“I am,” he said.

“I thought Ms. Mahoney would do it,” I said feeling embarrassed.

“Don’t keep me waiting, bend over the desk,” he said again.

I bent over the desk, my face flushed with embarrassment.

“Lift up your skirt, please,” he instructed.

Oh shit, this paddling isn’t going to be as easy as I thought it would be.

“But, I’m not wearing panties,” I announced humbly.

“Lift your skirt up, please,” he said again.

I heard the sighs from Ms. Mahoney and guidance counselor as I pulled up my skirt. I bent over the desk and gripped it tightly. He picked up the paddle and placed his hand on the small of my back as he paddled my bare behind in front of everyone. He gave me about ten strokes at a time. It was both humiliating and exciting. I felt my sexual arousing growing with each stroke of the paddle

He paused, then resumed with another ten strokes.

I was facing the window and the shades were slightly open. I could see my classmates at the bus stop, other’s were just walking home. Oh shit, if I could see them, they could see me!

I saw my schoolmates look through the window as I lie across the desk. It didn’t take much to know what was happening. I could see them laughing and pointing at me. They were clearly enjoying the show at my expense.

My spanking continued with another ten strokes. I spread my legs apart, giving Detective Chang a nice view of my little shaved pussy. I hoped he’d notice and he did, but not the way I wanted him to.

“Keep your legs closed, Kait!” he ordered.

“Listen to him,” Ms. Mahoney added.

I ignored her.

“You’re embarrassing yourself more,” he told me.

I didn’t care.

I wanted his fingers inside me so badly. Fuck, I wanted his cock inside me. If he wanted to take me right there I would have let him.

What a dilemma, I had a pinching ass and a swollen clit. I didn’t know which one to rub first.

He continued again with another round of ten as I heard my schoolmates laughing.

“Are you sorry now?” he asked.

“Yes sir,” I replied.

Truth is that I was sorry that I was aroused and couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

He placed the paddle down.

“That’s enough for now,” he said.

I turned around and got a good look at my punish-er. I noticed his smooth skin and short- graying hair. He was wearing blue pants and a blue shirt with a grayish blue tie. He had to be in his 40s at least with a thin build and almond shaped eyes. He seemed so professional; I couldn’t help but picture him in bed.

“Are you going to respect your teachers, or do I have to take you down to the station with me?” He asked.

“I don’t know, I guess it’s not my say now is it?” I replied.

“You’re asking for a trip to the station,” he said.

That’s not the only thing I’m asking for.

“Can I go now?” I asked

“No, you’re coming to the station with me,” he said as he put on his jacket.

I lowered my skirt over my red, stinging behind.

I had a sore ass, a throbbing clit and I was going to the police station with the hottest man I’ve ever seen in my life.

I was one happy girl!

(To be continued)

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