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Scott gets spanked again,
This continues the story of 22 year old Scott being spanked by his Mum, Sheila.

22 year old Scott was shell shocked. His Mum, Sheila, had been scolding him over what had happened for what seemed like forever and still he could not believe his joke had backfired so badly. It had only been a joke, just a joke. He had placed an advert on a web site that he thought was really funny, which read,

“I need a spanking and want people to watch. The highest bidder gets to spank me and the next three get to watch. I am 44 years old, attractive, and look great in the nude, which is how I will be spanked.”

He had put his Mum’s email address on. She hardly used it so she could easily change it afterwards, and no one would know her address or contact details and anyway she wasn’t going to answer any of them so what the heck. He would enjoy watching her get more and more annoyed at the emails that were bound to arrive. He expected a couple of dozen replies. He didn’t expect over two hundred. His Mum was still explaining it to him. No she hadn’t answered any emails but she was going away and so left a holiday message that included her home address. Yes she knew that wasn’t very clever. Now she knew anyway.

Scott was thinking hard. Why would she put her address on the out of office message Scott wondered? No one does that do they? How was he supposed to know she would do such a silly thing? Unbelievable he thought. Yet here were the “winners.” Sitting in the living room watching him having a strip torn from him by his Mum. It was so humiliating.

Sheila was annoyed. Very annoyed. She knew she hadn’t placed the advert. It had to be someone who knew her email address and only he and Becky, his 18 year old sister, and a few friends including the ones in her club knew it. So that narrowed the culprit down to Scott, and maybe Becky, just possibly Becky. She really hoped Becky was involved because this would be just the offence that would lead to her disciplining her daughter again. She so wanted that control because her daughter was lippy, always back chatting even in public, and showed her no respect. She wanted that respect back and just needed one time to prove her daughter had earned a spanking. Still, right now she was going to deal with Scott. His bottom she knew well.

Sheila decided she needed to teach Scott a lesson and when Scott had entered the living room he was horrified to see three men and one woman who all looked his Grandma’s age sitting opposite his Mum who was looking particularly cross.

Four friends of Grandma’s were ideal. All lived only a few miles away. However, whilst Sheila was scolding her son she said one of the men came from 300 miles away in Manchester, another even further from Scotland, the third from across the Channel in Holland, and the woman, who won the bid, came from Germany. They had travelled for hours to get here.

Scott looked from one to the other astounded. Then his Mum snapped,

“You placed the advert didn’t you Scott.”

Scott looked wide eyed at his Mum. He was speechless. What should he say? Surely he should deny it, but he looked at the four visitors who had travelled so far and felt a pang of conscience. He felt so bad and looked across the room at the visitors and said a quiet,


Scott looked back at his Mum who was now very cross. She was nodding her head and pursing her lips, her breathing was heavy. This did not bode well for Scott.

Sheila turned to the visitors and said,

“Well I am sorry you had a wasted journey.”

The woman was the first to speak. “That’s not very satisfactory. After all we have paid our money to the web site.”

The three men murmured how they had done the same. Sheila kept the charade going.

“Shall I repay you then?”

The woman again answered, “But what about our travelling time and costs?”

Sheila said, “Well I can’t afford all of that.” She looked at the visitors then at Scott and asked,

“What if Scott is spanked? Would that work for you?

Scott said quickly. “Mum you can’t.” The thought of being spanked in front of strangers startled him.

Sheila turned on her son and said smartly, “So it’s OK for me to be spanked in front of strangers but not you? How does that work Scott?”

Scott blushed and didn’t have an answer.

“Right, that’s settled Scott.” Sheila got up and went to the cupboard, opened the door, and got out a hairbrush and cane, ones that she had used many times on Scott’s bare bottom. She put the two implements on the floor as she usually did, moving a chair in to position, and sat down. Scott had been here dozens of times. He would have a birds eye view of both implements when across his Mum’s lap whilst she hand spanked him, and then would hand the hairbrush to his Mum when she demanded it. The cane would be left there as a reminder his Mum had yet to use that on him.

“Get undressed Scott,” his Mum commanded. Sheila looked at the visitors and explained, “I always spank him naked, it makes for a far more memorable punishment you know.”

The visitors nodded their heads, and one said, “Quite so.”

Scott knew he had no choice. He had admitted he was to blame, and in the cold light of day even he had to admit placing the advert was a very stupid thing to do. Then he thought of Becky. Should he say she was to blame as well? No point really as his Mum only spanks him. He might be older than Becky, 22 years old against her 18 years old, but only he was spanked by their Mum. Becky had never accepted being spanked once she had left school. So he decided against squealing on his sister and will just accept his punishment which after all was well enough earned. He undid his shirt buttons and took it off, putting it over the back of another chair, then undid his jeans and stepped out of them putting them on top of the shirt, and stepped out of his underpants putting them on top of the jeans. He stood there in his socks, a last vestige of decency.

Sheila glared at her son and said sternly, “Socks as well.”

Scott groaned but raised each foot in turn and removed each sock before putting them on top of his underpants, unaware of the smiles of the visitors and his Mum who saw his balls rock back and forth as he balanced as he took his socks off.

“Face the wall Scott, hands on your head.”

Scott was almost relieved to be able to face the wall and not have to look at the visitors. He wasn’t so happy with the conversation that took place.

Sheila asked, “Well we have to decide who will spank him.”

Scott spun around and said, “Mum, you must do it.”

Sheila stood up, picked up the hairbrush, walked over to Scott and ordered, “Turn around my lad and face the wall.”

“Mum,” Scott repeated as he turned back to the wall, seeing his Mum holding the hairbrush.”

“This is not your decision,” She said sharply, putting her hand on Scott’s back, lifting back her arm and then hitting Scott’s right bottom cheek with the brush. Five more times she pulled back her arm and hit Scott’s bottom on alternate bottom cheeks as he gasped at each one and his bottom turned a darker pink.

Scott listened to the conversation, not inclined to interfere again and his stinging bottom was a good reminder. His Mum and the woman visitor were discussing who should spank Scott bearing in mind she had won the auction for the right to be the spanker. Finally though she agreed she would watch Sheila spank her son. The men also accepted that as they weren’t expecting to be the spanker anyway.

“OK Scott, all decided. I get to spank you in front of these nice people. You can stay there for a while whilst I make them some drinks.”

Sheila winked at the visitors as she walked to the drinks cabinet and they smiled back. She asked each in turn what they wanted and poured a drink out. Scott wasn’t to know, then, they were all friends of his Grandma, that although there had been lots of emails she didn’t answer one of them, and in any case she would not have been so silly as to put her address on any out of office message. His Mum just wanted revenge for what she had suffered. Having to read a myriad of quite descriptive emails, some rude, some upsetting, many even describing how the spanking will be given but then not making a bid. However when she went on to the web site and read the advert she saw some spelling mistakes only Scott would make, although wondered if some of the wording had been by Becky, as the language was more like she would use than Scott. She would find that out later on. For now Scott needed to learn his lesson.

Sheila sat on the chair and called over to Scott,

“Right, come here, it is time for you to learn how naughty you have been.”

Scott turned and saw four beaming smiles, and one very cross looking Mum. He resolved to ignore the visitors. It was his Mum he had to be concerned with as she was the one who was about to discipline him. She spanked hard, that he knew. She had a knack of using the hairbrush in such a way that he always cried. The cane was used less often but as it was placed on the floor in front of him he knew this would be one of those occasions. He feared the cane as it was just so painful, but the stinging feeling afterwards was always enjoyable. As he pondered those pleasant memories so he got an erection. The visitors weren’t expecting it and when there was a murmuring in that part of the room Scott looked over, saw them whispering but looking directly at him. He followed their gaze but knew immediately the erection he always got when about to be spanked had already arrived. He now had an erection as he stood naked in front of four visitors, before his spanking. He immediately covered his penis with his hands, only to hear his Mum shout,”

“Hands on your head Scott.”

Reluctantly Scott put his hands back on his head and whilst he tried to twist his body there was no hiding his penis. He blushed a deep red as he closed his eyes wishing he was far away.

“Isn’t this what you were expecting me to go through Scott when you placed the advert?”

Scott wanted to scream back that it was only a joke but he daren’t. He had to accept that if you follow through what he had done logically then yes his Mum would be across someone’s knee having her bare bottom spanked. It was so obvious now.

“Get across my lap Scott,” Sheila ordered, and Scott moved quickly, bending down across his Mum’s lap, almost happy to be there as only his bare bottom was on show now and not his erection. Sheila felt the hard penis press down on her thigh as it always did but was far less concerned about her son’s self respect. Sure she didn’t need to embarrass him quite so much but she wanted him spanked in the nude, just as the advert promised.

Scott looked down at the floor but immediately saw close up the wooden backed hairbrush and the long thin cane. He looked across at the visitors and again saw four smiling faces looking at him. They were whispering to each other and Scott knew were discussing the spanking to come. Well what else would they be discussing after all?

Scot felt his Mum’s hand on his bare bottom rubbing him in circles. The spanking was about to start. He couldn’t help his erection stiffen but at least only his Mum will know that as it pressed down firmly on to her thigh. There was a moment when Scott knew his Mum’s hand was raised, he looked at her calf and saw it tense, also feeling her thigh stiffen and knew her hand was on her way down to spank his bottom and sure enough a split second later he heard the smack and felt the spank, which was quickly followed by the next spank on his other bottom cheek, and then spank after spank on alternate bottom cheeks.

Scott could cope with this part of the spanking well and as though to show his defiance looked across at the visitors as the spanking continued. He no longer worried about the fact he is 22 years old and still spanked by his Mum. It had happened so often now, being spanked in front of family or close friends of his Mum or Grandma that it was no longer the issue it once was. He no longer felt humiliated. He had after all brought this on himself when he was caught out by his Mum all that time ago. What he hated though was the lack of control. He enjoyed deciding when he wanted to be spanked, thinking about it ahead of time, looking forward to a chat with Rosie in her flat before she put him across her lap and spanked him, stopping when he appeared to struggle to give him time to recover, rubbing his bottom as he recovered. That was when he used to pay to have Rosie spank him.

Mum was very different. There was no warning. When he was naughty, broke one of her rules, it was get undressed immediately, face the wall with his hands on his head for 5 or 10 minutes, his only thinking time, then across her lap for a spanking in front of whoever was there at the time. Up to now the only people who had watched him being spanked were close family and friends and not strangers like the visitors here. Maybe a public spanking will become the norm he wondered but it wasn’t as bad as he had feared so when he looked at the visitors and they weren’t laughing any more and in fact looked surprised perhaps at the severity of the hand spanking Scott became overconfident and looked at the woman who had won the auction and started to wonder what it might be like to be spanked by her, and as he thought this his penis got stiffer, so much so his Mum felt it, saw him looking at the woman and knew immediately what he was thinking, and decided that was just the lesson Scott needed. She kept spanking her son as she thought how best to deal with this opportunity.

Just then the living room door opened and Grandma and Becky came in, Grandma acting surprised but Becky really being surprised. Scott squirmed around and saw the new arrivals, realised they had seen him spanked plenty of times, and squirmed back again and looked again at the woman. He really was picturing himself across her lap.

Becky was open eyed as she looked around at the visitors. She knew she had seen some of them before. She stared at them until it came to her. She had been at her Grandma’s once when a group was meeting and she was sure some of these visitors had been there. Why she wondered were they here now?

Sheila was still spanking Scott and started spanking the tops of his legs so soon his louder gasps were filling the room. Becky looked at her brother in the position she had seen him in so often and wondered what the reason was this time. She asked her Mum and wasn’t concerned when the answer came back,


Becky took a seat and decided to watch. She saw the cane on the floor and had only seen it used a few of times so reckoned that might be worth watching. Sheila continued to spank Scott harder and harder and Scott’s bottom was bouncing around as her hand spanked different spots on his bottom.

“I’ll have the hairbrush please Scott.”

Scott took a couple of seconds to respond and Sheila smacked him hard several times on the backs of his legs as he scrabbled around frantically trying to grab hold of the brush and when he did he handed it up to his Mum as quickly as he could.

“That’s better,” she smirked, well aware she was making no allowances, and never did. Discipline always came first. The visitors gasped as the hairbrush was brought down sharply time and again on Scott’s already reddened bottom. They were of the age where the slipper was used at school and all had received it, but they got a dozen or so spanks, not the several dozen Sheila was applying so meticulously to her son’s bottom. Scott squirmed around as he was now clearly less and less able to cope with the hard spanks, and the visitors murmured again when they saw the first tear trickle down the 22 year olds face.

Becky was used to it, and quite bored as she waited for the cane to be used. The visitors though were absorbed in the exhibition of discipline the likes of which they had never seen nor endured. Still the hairbrush was brought down hard on Scott’s very red bottom, his bottom cheeks bouncing merrily around, always returning to their position in time for the next hard spank to fall. Scott’s legs were kicking but never came close to hitting his Mum. He knew that would have meant an even more severe spanking later on. Sheila kept spanking Scott until she counted the best part of 200 spanks with the hairbrush before stopping, rubbing Scott’s bottom as he cried, his chest heaved as he made loud sobs and he struggled to recover. He could no longer make out the visitors through his tear filled eyes. As he did recover and his vision cleared he looked at the floor and saw the cane. He groaned so loudly all heard him. Scott knew his punishment wasn’t over but he lay there recovering as his Mum continued to rub his bottom, at least until she felt his penis stiffen again and she knew he was ready for the last part of his discipline.

“Time to stand up and bend over for the cane Scott.”

Scott groaned as he levered himself up gripping the corner of the chair as he balanced and slowly stood up. He was sideways on to the visitors who were in awe at the sight of Scott’s erection. They really didn’t understand how being spanked could cause an erection, but Scott did know, and Becky did as well.

“Bend over Scott,” Mum ordered. He groaned again but obediently did as he was told.

Sheila then looked at the woman and said, “Jennifer, as you won the bid would you like to cane Scott?”

Scott looked across at the woman, his mouth open, but his penis erect.

“I would love to Sheila,” she responded loudly.

Sheila knew from Grandma that Jennifer had been the headmistress of a sixth form college and in her day had caned many a student. Jennifer stood up, took the cane from Sheila, and went to stand beside Scott, tapping his bottom lightly with the cane as she instructed in a headmistress strict tone,

“Right Scott, be very still, keep hold of the chair, and you can cry out as loud as you want but do not stand up. Is that understood?”

“Yes,” Scott replied, sticking out his bottom as he always did when his Mum was about to cane him, a hangover from the days when Rosie caned him. Jennifer tapped his bottom another couple of times before pulling the cane back and landing a stroke across his bottom that made him gasp, wriggle his bottom, raise one leg, but he managed desperately not to stand up. Jennifer gave a nod of approval as she tapped his bottom a few times again, and this time used slightly more strength and Scott gave her the response she expected, again using all his strength to stay in position. Jennifer looked at the two straight red lines that spanned both his bottom cheeks as she again tapped his bottom, giving Scott no respite as he waited for the third stroke. He heard the swish of air and tensed his bottom cheeks but even so he was being stretched to his very limits. Jennifer was well experienced at caning naughty bottoms and had quickly got the measure of the 22 year old.

The fourth stroke had Scott gasping and no amount of bottom wriggling eased the pain. He didn’t feel the next few taps of the cane as he was stinging so much and when the fifth stroke bit home he shrieked out in pain. He was just thankful his grasp on the chair was so tight he stayed in position, but knew if the chair had been lighter he would have lifted it clear off the floor.

Jennifer waited for Scott to finish his wriggling, still tapping his bottom, and delighted in saying firmly,

“Now for the last one Scott which you know must be the hardest.”

Scott groaned as Jennifer tapped his bottom another six or so times before the tapping stopped, a second passed, then the swish followed by the thwack and the searing pain as this was most certainly the hardest stroke so far.

Becky was watching quite awestruck as although she had seen her Mum cane Scott, Jennifer caning him was quite exceptional, and had a markedly different effect on her older brother. He had never shrieked like that before and she supposed the whole tapping method was effective in building up anticipation of pain, and painful it clearly was. Becky was quite breathless when her Mum came over and said quietly,

“Can I have a word please Becky?”

Becky nodded absentmindedly when at the same time Mum said sternly to Scott,

“Face the wall with your hands on your head until I say you can get dressed.”

Scott did as he was told standing facing the wall, his hands obediently on his head, his forehead pressed against the wall, still sobbing, watched by the visitors who smiled at the sight of his red burning bottom.

Becky followed her Mum who sat down and when Becky was going to sit in another chair Mum just snapped,

“Stay standing Becky.”

Becky was too surprised to argue and stood looking at her Mum.

“Becky, you know why Scott was punished?”

“Why Mum?” Becky replied innocently.

“Because of the advert.”

Becky licked her lips but stayed silent.

“You do know which advert I mean don’t you Becky.”

Becky looked at her Mum. This was a different tone than she had used with her for years. This was the tone she used to use when Becky knew she would end up across her Mum’s lap. She hadn’t used that tone for many years. Many many years in fact. The discussion continued and Becky felt more and more isolated as she knew the others were listening but she dared not look away from her Mum.

“You drafted the advert didn’t you Becky.”

Becky was now twisting her fingers around each other and holding her hands to her mouth as though in trepidation unable to stop these involuntary movements that convinced her Mum she was right. Becky didn’t even consider it a question. Mum was stating a bald fact and Becky knew it was true. She couldn’t help herself as she nodded her head, her eyes wetting over, she was on the verge of crying as she waited for the instruction that was bound to come. She wanted to say to her Mum that she will go to Aunty Steph and have her spank her very hard, anything rather than have her own Mum spank her because she knew once she was spanked the first time then she will have to submit to her Mum’s discipline just as Scott did. As though reading her mind her Mum said sharply,

“You can still go to Aunty Steph when you want to be spanked, but I will deal with you in future when you are naughty.”

Becky gasped and asked, “You know I go to Aunty Steph to be spanked?”

Sheila looked stern when saying,

“She is my sister, of course she told me, and I said it was OK to spank you if you wanted to be. This is different though. Now you will need to keep to my rules.”

Becky replied pensively, “Rules?”

Sheila snapped back, “Yes Becky, rules. These rules.”

Sheila showed Becky the same rules Scott had to keep to. She glanced down the list and saw several she would never be able to keep to all of the time and so knew she would be regularly spanked by her Mum. She looked across at Scott and saw his very red bottom and knew her own would be turned that colour by her Mum

Sheila snapped,

“Do you understand my girl?”

Becky immediately looked at her Mum, swallowed hard, and mumbledg,

“Yes Mum.”

Sheila did not show any reaction although felt an almost overpowering feeling of success. She was going to have control over her daughter at last and she was going to enjoy getting her revenge. No more arguing. No more back chat. If a rule is broken then her 18 year old daughter will be put across her lap so fast and spanked so hard that maybe she will behave afterwards, like she did when she was younger, and if she didn’t then no matter, it would just mean yet another spanking. Sheila really didn’t mind how often she spanked Becky, but spank her she would until she behaved, and then she will be happy again with a daughter who shows her respect. Now though she was determined to make her daughter understand who was in charge.

“Get undressed Becky.”

Becky was distraught as she thought about all those times she had gloated to Aunty Steph that Scott was disciplined when their Mum said so whilst she was only spanked when she asked to be, gloated how her Mum would have to catch her out before being able to discipline her and how that wasn’t ever going to happen, and here she was, caught out, about to be disciplined, and knowing she was bound to be spanked regularly by her Mum from now on. She sniffed as she knew all spankings were given naked. They always had been. Even now in front of her Grandma’s friends.

“Quickly Becky because you are getting me really annoyed by going so slowly.”

With a sudden respectful urgency Becky undressed making sure she didn’t look at any of the visitors. Her blouse and bra were placed over the back of the chair and as she swiftly unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Becky looked at her Mum and knew at that moment that control had transferred. She was now subject to her Mum’s disciplinary control. Becky quickly stepped out of her knickers and put her skirt and knickers on the chair as well before standing next to her Mum. Seconds later Sheila tapped her thigh and Becky immediately bent down across her lap. She was used to seeing the floor come up to meet her as she was so often across Aunty Steph’s lap, but this was different. Her Mum was going to give her a very different spanking. A hard discipline spanking and the first of many. She felt her Mum rub her bottom and readied herself for her first spank, well the first spank from her Mum for many years anyway, and sure enough the rubbing stopped and she tensed her bottom just as the first spank smacked down on her bare bottom. Her days of avoiding discipline spankings had ended.

The spanking continued and Becky’s bottom was soon stinging under her Mum’s relentless hard hand but even so Becky still heard her Mum snap,

“Scott I told you to face the wall not watch me spank your sister. Jennifer will give you six more strokes of the cane.”

Scott groaned. Jennifer smiled. Sheila had been so impressed with the way Jennifer had wielded the cane she was quite happy to watch again, which she could easily do whilst still spanking her daughter. Moments later the room was filled with Sheila happily spanking 18 year old Becky and Jennifer cheerfully caning 22 year old Scott, and both gasped and shrieked in pain.

Jennifer enthusiastically gave Scott six more hard strokes before letting him scamper back to the wall where this time he pressed his forehead against the wall and cried. Sheila kept spanking Becky until she decided it was time for the hairbrush. Becky groaned as the brush was lightly slapped against her bottom and at least breathed a sigh of relief when her Mum said very seriously,

“You won’t be caned this time Becky, but next time there will be no allowances. Now stick your bottom out and get ready for me to spank you with this hairbrush.”

Becky shot her bottom out. Would she do it so readily when she was to get the cane she wondered? She was breathing heavily as she waited for the hairbrush to thrash her bare bottom. She was used to the hairbrush as well as Aunty Steph had used hers on her so often. When Aunty Steph said stick your bottom out Becky did so without thinking, looking forward breathlessly to being thrashed by her Aunt knowing her vibrator was only a good hard spanking away. Becky wondered if her Mum would mind if she used her vibrator afterwards but remembered being told she had caught Scott masturbating after a spanking and she gave him another spanking there and then. Becky knew everything had changed and she would have to get used to it. Becky sobbed as the spanking took over all her thoughts. Mum was spanking her so hard. So very hard. She knew her bottom would be red and sore for ages and ages after this.

Sheila looked at her guests and mouthed a thank you. Jennifer mouthed back her own thank you. Jennifer was hoping she would be invited again to spank Becky or Scott, she didn’t mind which. Sheila was thinking she might learn from the ex-headmistress and decided she would certainly invite her over when she knew either Scott or Becky are to be spanked, preferably both so they could each spank one of them. Sheila looked across again at Jennifer who was smiling back at her and she got a pang between her legs realising she found the older woman rather attractive. Very attractive actually. She liked her no nonsense attitude. Maybe she would ask her to stay for dinner. She knew Scott was wondering what a spanking from Jennifer would be like, and maybe he will get the chance to find out.

Meanwhile Sheila continued to spank Becky with the hairbrush knowing her daughter was struggling badly whilst Scott was still facing the wall crying. She was confident both would become better behaved over the coming weeks as she stepped up how strict she would be and as she looked again at Jennifer she wanted to learn from Jennifer, all sorts of things.

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