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The Agony Booth

(Q is for Quinn) Quinn gets spanked in public for charity
"Hey! What's that?"

Fred pointed up ahead. Quinn couldn't quite see what Fred was talking about. They were walking down a row of booths at "The Alt Experience" - the music festival they'd been waiting for for months. Quinn, her boyfriend Fred and a bunch of their other friends were there together. While the stage was being reset between bands, they went around the various booths with people hawking all sorts of cool swag. Quinn and her friends were college aged. Quinn herself had long black hair. She was dressed up in a leather miniskirt and tight white T shirt and ankle boots. She had an eyebrow ring and was wearing dark black, almost gothic eye makeup and dark lipstick.

As they got closer, Quinn could finally see what Fred was talking about. It was a small booth with a platform on it, almost like a stage. A staircase lead up from the ground to the platform. Standing on the platform was a girl in a very sexy dominatrix outfit of black leather with a push-up boostier. There was a banner above her that read, "The Agony Booth - spanks for charity." A sign explained that 10 minutes with "Mistress Tina" was $10, and all proceeds benefited a local battered women's shelter.

As the group approached, Mistress Tina cracked her whip above the crowd and taunted them, carnival barker style, "Who dares to spend 10 minutes being my slave?"

Quinn laughed out loud and said, "Oh my God, that's freaky! But what a great idea. I love that it's for charity."

Fred chimed up, "Well, if you're so hip on helping charities, why don't you go on up there?"

Almost at once everyone else in their group chimed in with their approval of the idea. Quinn started getting nervous. She was not so sure she wanted to go up and get whipped by this woman. Her friends started chanting, "Quinn! Quinn! Quinn!" Other folks nearby started joining in. Hands were pushing her towards the staircase. She bit her lip and walked up the stairs. Mistress Tina approached her with a cruel looking smile on her face. She said, "$10, bitch!"

Fred chimed in, helpfully, "I've got that! Here you go!" He had a huge grin on his face.

Tina reached down and took Fred's money. She got in Quinn's face. Quinn started to shake. She wasn't at all sure about this. Mistress Tina moved to her side and discretely whispered into her ear, "Don't worry. I won't hurt you. Just play along for the crowd." She backed up a bit and gave Quinn a little smirk and winked.

She moved behind Quinn and roughly shoved her towards a set of stocks by the edge of the stage. Quinn stumbled forward, catching herself on the edge of the stocks. Before she knew what was going on, Mistress Tina had secured her hands. Tina's earlier reassurance hadn't quite sunk in, and her nervousness was quite apparent. Mistress Tina cracked her whip again above the crowd, making Quinn jump.

Quinn said out loud, "Please, please don't hurt me!"

Tina barked, "Quiet!" The crowd oohed at that.

She put the whip down and went to the back of the booth to a rack of equipment. She slowly perused the various options and finally said, "Ah. This one, I think." She picked what looked to Quinn like a wicked looking paddle. It was made of two leather straps attached front-to-back to a wooden handle. She approached Quinn and tapped the paddle on Quinn's skirt, then reached back and brought the paddle down hard. The paddle made a tremendously loud "SLAP!" that startled Quinn enough to make her shout out, "Oooh!" Quinn had been spanked before, but she suddenly realized this was different. The paddle Mistress Tina had picked... It didn't really hurt. It made a tremendous noise, which Quinn realized was just the two leather straps slapping each other. But the side of the paddle Tina was using to actually hit Quinn was subtly padded. The paddle's bark was much, much worse than its bite.

Quinn now understood what Tina had said. This was a show to impress and stoke the crowd. She was a marketing tool for charity. She smiled and cried out "Oooowww!! Ooooh! Mistress! I'll be good!" She winked at Tina to make sure she knew.

Tina made a great theatrical "Ha ha!" laugh and brought the paddle down on Quinn's ass again, making another loud slapping noise. Quinn made another "Ooow!" and started to shake her ass.

They kept this up for a few minutes while the crowd whooped and cheered. After a few minutes, Mistress Tina said, "Let's raise the stakes, slave!" and she flipped Quinn's skirt up over her back, revealing her panties to the crowd. Quinn's eyes got wide. She was embarrassed for a moment, but in truth, she knew that skirt had been showing her ass all night anyway. She wore the panties she had to make sure she didn't show too much.

Mistress Tina renewed her "assault" on Quinn's panty-clad ass cheeks, while Quinn kept up appearances, with appropriate "Ooooh!" and "Ooooouch!" reactions and shook her ass.

Meanwhile, the crowd was positively cheering. People were lining up for their turn. Other folks were tossing money into the tip jar at the foot of the stage.

Mistress Tina stopped spanking and ran her hand across Quinn's ass cheeks, subtly dipping a finger between them, rubbing Quinn's pussy lips through her panties. Quinn gasped for real this time. Tina grabbed a hank of Quinn's hair and pulled her head back and kissed her roughly on her mouth. Quinn closed her eyes and kissed back, not entirely play-acting anymore. Tina broke the kiss and whispered, "Oh my God, you're good, baby."

She loudly shouted in the direction of the crowd, "Time!" The boys in the crowd all groaned. She released Quinn from the stocks and helped her up. As Quinn walked to the foot of the stage, she wrapped her arms around her and they kissed one more time. Quinn held onto the railing as she walked down the steps. Her legs were suddenly decidedly wobbly.

Fred grabbed her when she stepped off the stairs and gave her a hug and a kiss, "Wow, baby. You had it going on! You must have liked it! Did she hurt you bad?"

Quinn smiled, "No, I'm fine. It was kind of fun." She didn't mention that the spanking was really just for show. "Maybe later on..." She cocked an eye and left that thought unspoken.

Fred just smiled as they walked past the huge line leading back from the front of the stage as Mistress Tina shouted, "Who's next?!"

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