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The Assistant Takes Control

His Ass Is Mine!
Today begins my third week as an assistant in a semi-busy real estate office, and things are no more organized than they were when I started. Of course, I do my job and keep the office in top shape, but thanks to my realtor, they never stay that way for long. Despite his incredible good looks and mesmerizing charm, he needs constant reminders to keep up with his daily tasks and appointments.

“Hong, Mrs. Smith called. She’s been trying to reach you for a week now!” I yell from my small office in the corner while Hong helps himself to another glass of filtered water.

“Oh yeah, I meant to call her,” he replies sheepishly. I can tell he’s not taking her situation seriously. She needs to sell her home as quickly as possible and time is running out-thanks Hong‘s endless stream of procrastination.

He walks towards me with that boyish grin than always manages to melt my heart. His lanky, 6’2” frame towers over me by a foot. His black hair, fair skin and small eyes have captivated me from the first time I met him. I was honored when he chose me as his assistant and even though he confessed to me that he was disorganized, I never truly believed HOW disorganized he really is.

“I need you to keep me in line!” He admits again half-jokingly as he sips his water. He needs structure, organization and most of all, discipline. Although it’s not an official part of my job description, I need to teach him the meaning of accountability.

“Hong, come to the conference room with me, we need to chat about Mrs. Smith’s file. She’s ready to change agents, and I don’t think she’s bluffing.”

“Do we need to talk now?” Hong asks, ready to put off yet another conference.

“Yes Hong, NOW!” I reply sternly.

“OK, OK,” he replies as he follows me to the small conference room.

“I’ve received several complaints about how you do not respond to clients, show up late for appointments and take twice as long to complete your tasks. This is completely unacceptable!” I chastise him.

“Do you know how many calls I get in a day?” He asks trying to present his weak defense.

“Do you think our clients care?” I reply curtly.

“We have a responsibility to give our best 100% of the time,” I remind him.

“I do, I do, I’m just so busy. That’s why I need you to keep me in line,” he says grinning.

“All right, if you want me to keep you in line, then that’s exactly what I’ll do,” I reply as I stand across from him.

“I want you to keep on top of my ass,” he says with a small chuckle.

“Oh, I will keep on top of your ass, starting right now. STAND UP!” I command him.

He stands up, giving me a great view of that very nice bulge in the front of his jeans. He looks at me with a smile, almost like he’s tempting me, teasing me. He is preying on my deep desire for him.

“Come here, and place your hands on the table!” I order. He does as he is told, still with a smile.

“Now bend over!”

Hong glances at me and winks before bending over the table. I look at his small, firm ass that is minutes way from being punished.

“Drop your pants-now!”

He purses his lips as if he’s not sure if he should follow my order, but then he quickly unbuckles, then unzips his jeans, letting them fall to the floor. His pale blue designer briefs leave little to the imagination but so much more to crave.

“Hands back on the table!”

He resumes his position as I stand behind him. “Maybe this will teach you to be more responsible,” I say as I slap his behind.

“Mmmm, maybe it will,” he says in a tone that leaves me to wonder who really is in control.

I land another stroke, then a third, then a fourth as the only sound in the room is my hand against his barely clad ass.

“Hong, I can’t have people complain to me about you. I only do this because I care. Do you understand?” By this time, my voice is quivering.

He does not respond, only sticks his ass out a bit more, spreading his legs a bit wider. I tell myself that my job is to make him responsible. I had to justify this somehow.

I place my hand on the small of his back as I spank his ass harder, rubbing it after each stroke. My hand is starting to sting, but I am more curious to see if my message has been received. In one motion, I pull down his briefs, exposing his now reddening ass.

“Mmmm,” he moaned as I slid them down.

I paused a moment to look at his ass, now turning a light red. What a hot ass he has! I wanted to kiss it, lick it, but I knew it needed to wait even though I couldn’t.

I took a deep breath and resumed his spanking.

“Do you understand what I mean, Hong?” I asked, losing track of my words and thoughts.

“Yes, ma’am,” he replied.

“Yes, ma’am,” he moaned softly.

I continued to spank him, not only because he needed it, but I couldn’t keep my hands off his beautiful ass. My intention was never to hurt him, just teach him proper business etiquette in the most unprofessional way.

As I watched his skin go from a light red to a more crimson color, I grabbed and rubbed his very warm ass cheeks as my hands tingled from the warmth.

“Can I call Mrs. Smith now?” He asked breathlessly. I was afraid I might have hurt him.

“Go ahead,” I replied.

Hong turned around and faced me. I gasped in delight as his erect cock was in my full view. I needed to drop to my knees and suck him as my body quivered from the site of his arousal. Hong took the cell phone and dialed her number. What a sight it was as he held the phone to his ear while stroking his beautiful cock in front of me. I couldn’t help but pull my skirt and panties down. In sexual desperation, I started to rub my clit right in front of him as he spoke to Mrs. Smith. I rubbed fast and hard, circling my tingling nub as my arousal was building from the moment I saw him. Hong, on the other hand, kept a very professional tone on the phone as his conversation with our client continued.

“Yes, Mrs. Smith, my assistant is here. Actually, she’s coming right now,” he said with a wink.

I let out a soft moan as I climaxed. My wetness coated my inner thighs. Hong smiled and handed me the phone.

Mrs. Smith never knew what had happened as I knelt before Hong and took the call.

(To Be Continued)

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