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The Birthday Present

My girl gives me the sweetest present ever.
Walking along a dead hallway, your heart pounding, your palms tingling, your body expecting, is quite some feeling.
I love the surging electricity that floods your mind. All the possibilities flying through you about what might lay beyond that door.
Nothing else seems to hold more than a second of interest, nothing holds me like the thrill of what's to come.
All around me they buzz on by, the workers, the overnighters, the dull business type drifters. Me I'm alive with all the possibilities, alive with a wet appetite for sex.

The girl messaged me earlier that day.

I've got a surprise for you. A birthday present.

We've been together for a few months now and she's really turning out to be a bit special. Her will to please, her dedicated submission, her zest for adventure it's all a perfect package. So now I walk the haze-filled hallway and start to dream of what she's got me.
I talk a lot, that's one of my problems. When I'm comfortable with someone all my world comes pouring out of me, I just can't help it. So this excites me because I've told her loads.
She knows about my desires, my total depraved side. The drink helps obviously, it leads my tongue along the road to that great open field where I reveal everything.

I reach the door and knock. My breathing is calm and I hear the approaching body on the opposite side. Then it opens and I enter.

There she is, sat on the edge of the bed, her pretty yet fragile frame waiting silently. My girl closes the door and run's a cautious hand over my shoulder.


And what a surprise it is.
The smile is plastered across my face like a goon and I pull the girl round into my arms.

'Thank you, my girl.'

'Happy birthday, Sir.'

She knew I had a thing for Asian girls. There's something very delicate about them. An air of purity and innocence wrapped in a thin veil of deep other worldliness. I know it's cliché crap but I'm not pretending to be the highest moral body on the planet.
I like Asian girls because of the innate romance they bring out in me.

'I even wrapped her up for you.'

She moves over and straightens the pink bow that's attached to my present. I survey my gift. The beautiful girl is dressed in baby blue. The colour is perfect against her porcelain skin. As she moves shyly the colours flash a stunning neon, it runs up and down her lush legs, the stockings singing to me. Her body looks amazing in the lacey lingerie and I feel the want start to rise in me.
My girl let's her gown fall to the floor and reveals a matching outfit.

'Do you like, Sir?' she asks.

Of course I do. I love it when she listens to me. When she constantly takes mental notes of every little thing I say. She's so good at remembering even the smallest detail. I had mentioned my love of Asian girls just in passing some weeks ago and now look, here she is presenting me with a stunning vision just as if I'd dreamt her up myself.
They both stand and I kiss them with a hungry greed. They whisper happy birthday in my ear and I instantly spring to life.
There's that second when it comes across you, the bug bites, the dominant grows a head and barks at you to act. It's like a dormant part of you which happily sleeps until it's time to feed. It's been so long that I've forgotten when I first felt it, that electric throng boiling up, that moving from one part of me to another but it's here again.
Nothing feels like this, nothing even comes close to the rise in my pulse the flexing of my muscles. You could see it as a changing from the normal everyday me who everybody see to the dominant wild thirsty kink driven man who sleeps inside.

'Stand in the centre of the room. Back to back,' I order. 'You're going to masturbate for me, both of you.'

The words fly from me before I even have a second to think. The demand is made and I expect it to be obeyed.

My girl guide's my present to the centre and position's her carefully.

'It's a race.' I add, 'The first to cum get's to suck me off.'

As I settle back on the bed I loosen my trousers and reveal to them both my already erect dick. The eyes of my present grow wide, the shyness beginning to ease a little and I'm once again filled with the protective desire.

'Now begin,' I say.

My girl immediately responds to my command and her hands slip to remove her panties. Then she's all too happy to dance her fingers across her already sodden area. I study her like I always do, my skin tingling, my mind racing.
The pair of them look like sisters. Identically dressed, both playing to my tune. I run my fingers up and down my shaft, feeling the pulsating urge rushing through me.
Ahead my girl begins to groan, her body flickering with short spasms.
Yet my present is more sheltered. Her fingers have slipped inside her panties but she's shielding herself. I can tell that she hasn't been in this type of situation before. I study her body further, dreaming of tasting her, of having her. I want to know her strength's, her fears, her limitations. I want to see the marks on her skin, the palm print burnt deep on her rear.
I close my eyes and I can still see the blue flashing before me. Then the cries of my girl bring me back to reality. Her head is thrown back and she's staring up at the ceiling. She's won.

I call her over and she passionately wraps her lips around my eager dick. I love it when she sucks me, she does it with so much vigour, it's like she only really feels alive when she's doing it. She quickly goes to work and I stretch out to further fill her.

For a few minutes it's just us, like it's been since we met. Such a wonderful connection. Then I look up and see my present, it must be the nerves because she's still stood in the centre of the room running her fingers over her clit. My girl is taking me deep into her mouth and I know she's waiting to feel my hands on the back of her neck, waiting for me to force her to take it right to the back of her throat. But I'm watching my present, I'm trying to see the signs in her that she wants to be pushed. It only works if it's wanted. Both sides need to comply and let themselves dive into the beautiful unknown.

Stopping my girl I stand from the bed and approach my gift. I tower above her and reach down to feel her sweet pussy. She gasps as if no one has ever touched her before. I hesitate, waiting for her to pull away, to say no. She doesn't move, I feel her pulsating and decide to act.

I pull her to the bed and order her to bend.
A firm spank lands against her rear and she lets out a whimper. SPANK! Once more.
Her virgin rear marks up immediately and I grow harder.

'Onto the bed,' I say and guide her onto her back. I can see the shocked tears in her eyes.

'Spread your legs,' I order, firmly parting her thighs. 'We'll make you cum, if you can't do it yourself.'

I pull my girl round and plant her face deep into the pussy of my present.

'Lick!' I demand. 'Eat her till she screams!'

I stand back and watch the two of them. Her young frame, naive and untrained, struggling to cope with the reality, struggling to let herself go. I can only stand back for so long as I stroke my hungry dick. I want to be in my girl and I rush forward to grab her hips. I feel for her wetness and trace it to spread open her rear, then I plunge my solid dick inside.
Just the insertion brings about trembles of pleasure through my thighs and I begin to pound hard. I want to cum at the same time as my gift. I press my girls head down firmly encouraging her to bury her tongue deep inside the new pussy. I can see the colour flushing her face, the craze on her eyes.

'Scream!' I shout. 'Let yourself go.'

The three of us are now fully lost beyond the point of no return. A mass of desire and need writhing around. I pound away harder, trying to go as deep as I can, my dick feeling just about as hard as it has ever done so. I look down to see my present arching her back, her arms reaching up at imaginary bodies. She's on the verge, all three of us are.
I breathe in the delicious air and cum hard inside my girl, lingering as her muscles squeeze out every last drop.

However, my need is not yet over. I pull my present up by the wrist and wipe away her sweat-covered hair.

'Now you'll suck it out of her,' I whisper.

I can see the shock in her face. But there is not a sign of denial. My girl lay's exhausted on the bed and I pull her to her knees. My beautiful present lowers her lips and sweetly begins to lick and suck my cum from the very place I had just so powerfully deposited it.

I sit back and watch. I feel proud as they both begin to grow into their roles. What a great birthday it's been.

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